What is being called The Führer's "suicide note" has apparently resurfaced and is up for auction. When I first saw this I thought they meant his Last Political Testament and Personal Will as that was literally the last document he dictated before his suicide hours later… But apparently this is a letter that was sent a week before his death? I wasn't familiar with this… This article also makes the dubious claim that The Führer both took cyanide AND shot himself which has never been proven, only that a physician recommended this a foolproof method to ensure death, so take that for what it's worth.

From Fox News:
Adolf Hitler’s ‘suicide note’ goes up for auction


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Other urls found in this thread:, ADOLF_0003.pdf, ADOLF_0005.pdf

I assume that one perverted kike """artist""" will buy it and draw tranny dicks and cloacas all over it.

Oh fuck… I could see this happening… Oh no, don't say that..

Attached: main-qimg-0c3de2c2afcdc472bc001f41d91bf4ba.jpg (82x81, 4.11K)

>kike buys (((forgery))) and literally/symbolically desecrates it
Highly plausible.

I meant the same guy who desecrated some of his old paintings. Or some other loser cut from the same cloth.

Jokes on them

thousands is nothing to some kikes

Oh yeah I forgot about that. Fuck me.

Well, either way the closest thing to a suicide note he wrote was his literal FINAL Political Testament… I don't understand why these kikes want to paint a letter towards the end to Field Marshall Schörner as his "SUICIDE NOTE". Perhaps to drive up the price?

Price and because that makes it more sensational and something normalfags actually know the concept of.

I suppose you're right. I still have never gotten over the shock after initially getting redpilled and seeing how the media blatantly fucking lies and makes shit up like this… Not even spin, just factually fucking wrong shit. Crazy.

I really hate these kikes!

Hitler didnt kill himself. He surrendered

Germany didn't surrender and neither did hitler which is why germany is still occupied.

Careful user, meme magic is not to be meddled with

The Führer never surrendered… He chose solidarity with his men and his people unto death… The Flensburg Government surrendered to the (((Allies)), not the Third Reich or The Führer.

They can draw tranny dicks on a thing, but they can't draw cloacas on the idea of a thing.

Ya they would not capitulate, now were continuing the fight.

I have a question and it's bothering me.

If hitler shot himself why did the russians later claim a skull to be hitler's which had no physical damage and ended up belonging to a woman?
If they knew who had killed themselves even if hitler's body had been burn and disposed of, the fuhrer bunker didnt have a crematorium. And even a burned body/skull will show physical damage of a bullet wound.

I really don't think hitler killed himself, he escaped the bunker ore he was murdered.

There documents from the other ss confirming that he was dead when they were going to antarctica with the potential of communists making it up to make hitler look bad or escaped to fight another day as confirmed in the cia documents so they kept their eye on him and the others so he wouldn't pull any shit.
There is also the he was killed, but by the bombing.

Uh huh.

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Damn that is one ugly rat.

Indeed, mein kamerad. The Final Victory of National Socialism and The Führer will come… It is inevitable.


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Hail victory and hail hitler!


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Heil Hitler
His love will cover the world
2020 is our user, its time to reveal our collective powerlevel

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2020 is our year*

Hitler died in South America in the 70s. If it was a legitimate writing of Adolph Hitler it would be in a history museum. Some of Göring's properties are on display at West Point.


Either it’ll be a gay jew who will poop on it for art or it will be bought by that mysterious very white looking “Argentinian” who bought all the NatSoc relics in that other auction.

yes goy, take the blackpill. your Fuhrer committed suicide, so should you, because as
you can see, alo hope is lost and we Jews run the world.

nevermind pesky little details, such as us Jews' countless cases of anti-Nazi forgery, such as the fake Hitler's skull fabricated for Stalin, and the wooden doors and disconnected chimneys and lampshades and auto-masterbation-death contraptions. amd whatever yu do, do NOT read amy of the declassified JFK files, and certainly do not investigate nor cite the 2 CIA files found which show the CIA believed Hitler escaped to Argentina. we have no idea why obscure Hitler files from the CIA in the 1950's were even bunched into the JFKFiles, but maybe once the CIA believed its JFKFiles were a permanent blackhole which nobody would ever see, then CIA began hiding other dox unrelated to JFK in the mountain of papers in order to abuse classification to use JFK to cover Langley's other dirty forbidden criminal amd treasonous secrets., ADOLF_0003.pdf, ADOLF_0005.pdf

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Someone going to make vote for hitler in 2020 as an operation thread it will made for the lulz and a tribute but mostly for the lulz.

The more I think about it.
Jfk did admire hitler and contacted him and proabably had conversations is their a small chance that america did had a national socialist president but was a closeted natsoc?

Why do people open their mouthes when they know nothing about what they are saying?

There are kinds of documents, relics and artifacts of The Third Reich that are in the hands of private collectors/sold on the black market, dipshit. The only shit on display is things that were stolen by the Allies themselves. Tons of that shit was taken by ordinary soldiers or Germand themselves and hidden away or sold to collectors. You just assume anything with historical significance is in a museum? How retarded are you?

Pic related: The Blutfahne, or Blood Flag - the flag that was soaked in the blood of the member of the NSDAP carrying it who was shot dead and fell onto it in the Beer Hall Putsch, and the blood of others killrd beside him, is a perfect example… Considered by many, myself included, to be the most sacred relic of The Third Reich and National Socialism. The (((official))) account is it was last seen in the closing days of the war and was probably destroyed in an air raid.

We know the Soviets didn't get it because it would have undoubtedly have been thrown at the foot of Lenins mausoleum as were 100s of banners, flags and standards stolen by the ratfuck Russian commies. I dabble in collecting objects from WW2 myself and for years and years if has been rumored to still exist. I was by multiple trustworthy sources (Big wig collectors/dealers, people who are highly respected in the collector scene ) that the Blutfahne is in the hands of a private collector in Bavaria. It is all extremely hush hush of course and this person must have serious fucking clout or money because to this day the big dealers won't really talk about it. But that's OK… Just to know it exists is enough for me

And don't be such a gullible faggot - The Führer did not flee to South America or anywhere else - he died at the very last moment of The Third Reich, choosing death along with his people instead of harried retreat and cowardice. You sully his name and his sacrifice with such crackpot bullshit

Attached: BF Scan.jpeg (591x822, 124.95K)

You wear a tinfoil hat out in public too or just online? Those CIA documents were just them following up on possible leads and rumors which all proved false and that photo in the first image was just some dipshit telling people he was Hitler in South America… He looks nothing like him either. That shit was debunked decades ago

Also even if he did escape would it be cowardice to retreat and fight another day?

hitler suicide is a jewish meme. they fear the 3rd reich lurking below the fire and ice. they can not kill him in war or kangaroo trials so jews create jewish hitler lore and fantasies.

fun fact jews:
the fire rises

Attached: Nothing Wrong.png (780x260, 107.36K)

In my opinion, yes. It was destiny… He had to be on stage as the curtain dropped. He could not abandon the German people to their fate in order to run to South America and do… What? Get a bunch of South American Native/Spanish/Portugese mixed mutts to continue the fight?

Thr Führer said many many times (especially in military conference transcripts which you can read in the book Hitler & His Generals: Military Conferences 42-45) that a soldier, regardless of rank, when in the situation he was in, must fight to the last man or bullet and then "fall on his sword'. This was one of the reasons he was so absolutely aghast and livid at the traitor Paulus surrendering the 6th Army at Stalingrad instead of shooting himself. He regarded suicide as a simple and obvious thing to do in this circumstance - one single second and then you are forever released from misery and disgrace.

The Führer fell with his men in Berlin, my friend. But he is not dead. He lives on inside every single one of us. He guides us. He predicted a golden renaissance of National Socialism one day in his Final Political Testament and his final words before going into his room with Eva and shooting himself, the final words spoken anyone who left that bunker heard was a reply to the question "Who will we fight for now?" His answer: "For the Coming Man"

Will there be another? Only time can tell. Are all of us, collectively, are that Man? Perhaps

I can theorize what hitler meant by this. When he killed him self and due to the collective conscience which summoned hitler back in those days got all fractured hitler may live in us and are probably fragments of hitler which spread to other races and people's with a common goal of defeating the jewish tyranny.

He's dead, whether in Germany or South America, he's dead.

Now what are you going to do? That's the problem. Not Hitler.

You got the doomers when hitler was living during weimar, the anons that are black pilled which is possibly self doubt and anons like me who hate faggots who give up and self defeatist who have no sense of struggling against a worthy enemy.

That is a nice thought. I think there is some truth to that. Others have suggested he simply meant whoever took over after him, but considering he had just appointed Donitz as the new head of state I don't know why he would have been purposely vague like that and not have just said "For Donitz"

Would be an interesting theory to look into.

Yeah that's a gross photograph.

Ah yes, this paragon of life and honor, setting a good example with suicide…

See, this place is kept enslaved to the man because of that. I’m not the only puppetmaster, just the only one who holds the door open to potentially let people out. The other puppetmasters don’t want you dancing. They want you to follow the Fuhrer’s good example and kill yourselves. They’re slaves to hatred just like you people are, and by holding the door for your lot, I’m also holding the door for your controllers.

Because I don’t want you dead, I’m just enjoying the fucked up mating dances in this sandpit. But other people do. They’ve abused themselves as profoundly as you’ve abused yourselves, and have lost insight into what it means to dwell in their pattern.

The Führer was the very embodiment of honor - what he did - following millions of his people in death - was the only honorable option. He was a physically broken man by this point and would not have been able to fight the Soviet hordes himself and risk his body being mutilated and on display like Mussolini.

Anyone such as yourself, who either subtly or overtly, attempts to sway others away from The Führer I view as highly suspicious. Shills abound here and while perhaps you aren't one… You may be.

Fuck off kike.

Also I think hitler also got injured in one of the (((assassination))) attempt against him.

We all are just going to believe it because you said so. right?

First thing they will do is desercrate it. It’s promotion is probably a desecration. If Hitler did commit suicide, his last thoughts were self reflection into how he lost his way. That’s why everybody here needs to pat ourselves on the back, pull up your pants. The mockery of his love, the mix up of social advancement with the realities of war have all tarnished his legacy. He was the greatest man to live. His fire inspires us all even the descendants of his enemies. The sacrifice of the German people will never be forgotten. When the materialism and selfishness of the world and our own people is beating you down remember, to truly earn the fuhrers love and understand him you must never give up. So is the fathers eternal love, it never disappears, it reappears with every passing day. Become an esoteric Hitlerist and inspire our people, they will try to hurt you, they will demean you, the women will outright reject the greatest show of strength and sacrifice as weakness. Comrades the time has come to channel the energy of the allied soldiers of the west, North America especially. To unite the father and the warrior. If you pass a memorial to the boys who were tricked into destroying our best people be sure to hail. Make sure someone sees you. Allow our boys entry into Valhalla. Allow the spirit and hope of the German people to pass into you. Break the seal and show these people who seek to destroy everything. Love, true love, the love of the father, the fanatical love and tragedy of the warrior is timeless.
“ When those millions who condemn us join our ranks and hail us, for what we have created together, a hard won new German realm of greatness and strength. And of Honor and justice.”
Any SS tier spirit warriors I encourage you to allow the spirit of God, the straight truth to pass through the boys waiting at the gates to Valhalla who will gladly pass it through. Reveal the contradiction and restore truth. Inspire our people. Inspire yourself.
14/88. God is on our side. Eternity is on our side. The only thing that can stop us is our fear. Do not let these unnatural weaklings rule by forcing you into our field. We dominate our field. They are scared. We are pushing. Dominate the moral and spiritual realm. You have been gifted with the greatest responsibility in history.
Release the allied soldiers who were tricked and now forgotten as there country is plundered. This dishonour must be met with righteous indignation. With the force of both in the spiritual realm we are unstoppable.
Embrace the struggle!
The black sun rises.
We already know death
And we know with the jews even the devil has a stake in souls.
Save your people. Do something! Be a fanatic!
Move in the spirit of the eternal! Know the natural order! All of the earth defies this false reality!
Stand and fight however you can!
You are not alone! You are not weak you are the strongest! You have the fire! Use it! Do it for the boys who died without a sound medicated when they were the biological alarm.
Honour the sacrifice. Honour the struggle. Money is a fiction.
Don’t play by their rules. Reveal contradiction
Embrace struggle everyday

Attached: 94298358-9172-465D-8432-0DEAE21EE29D.jpeg (220x256 70.63 KB, 36.17K)

Are they authenticated? If so, one of you National Socialist richfags lurking Zig Forums needs to buy them.

No, believe it because it's true. Look into it yourself, do not just take an old declassified CIA document in which they had to exhaust every lead (No body after all), even though they knew he was almost undoubtedly dead. These claims were never taken that seriously but due diligence is due diligence.

Indeed he did. He had also been given anti-gas pills that contained nightshade by the boat load daily and all kinds of other drugs by his crackpot doctor Morrell, who unfortunately The Führer had complete faith in virtually until the very end, when he was accused by The Führer of giving him opiates the whole time (He was, among many other things) and was dismissed from the bunker. His remarks to his generals in the bunker that he was a physically broken man and wouldn't be able to fight himself but would still choose to go to his death as his men were by shooting himself were indeed accurate.

Attached: Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-1972-025-10,_Hitler-Attentat,_20._Juli_1944.jpg (799x536, 73.95K)

That annoys me as his art was decent. However his (((suicide note))) which I believe is a forgery being bought by someone with more brains than money only to be vandalized annoys me far less, its desecrating a monument to hitlers loss.

After 80 years they are still trying to smear him!

Sounds totally legit.

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Any proof to this? I like the idea of all those Antarctica theories but they seem to be based on wishful thinking whenever I research them.


Does anybody have the Vienna art comparison with hitler and the jewish art pieces?

After looking at the listing on the auction site itself, I am actually inclined to believe this is legit but the media is reporting it in a totally inaccurate way. Of note here is these telegrams were apparently not widely known and this is the only written document from Hitler saying he would never leave Berlin (Even though its fucking obvious and we already knew this). Also thr telegram from Schorner is in large print indicating this was a copy made for The Führer.

This is no 'note', it is two telegrams, one sent by Field Marshall Schorner (A fervent National Socialist and gallant and brutal man on the battlefield, to his enemies and his own men who did not do their duty) to The Führer urging him to leave Berlin and go south to continue the fight. Of course these kikes don't give the full text but here is the excerpt:

The second telegram is The Führer's reply to the Field Marshall. Excerpt:

This is also in large print indicating it was typed and given to The Führer to read before being transmitted.

It also includes some letters of authenticity yada yada from the Allied soldier who apparently found these in the Reich Chancellory and I guess had been sitting on all these years.

Is it fake? Perhaps but I don't think so… There is nothing here we didn't already know and we knew Schorner and The Führer had this telegram exchange, just not the actual text of the telegrams.


Minimum bid is 30,000.

Attached: 42394c_med.jpeg (427x599, 153.5K)

Damn that's depressing

Adding in some color to brighten up everyone's day.
Heil Hitler!

Attached: f4.jpg (220x256 709.56 KB, 131K)

Where's the body, kikes?

Indeed, quite depressing… However I believe in fate and destiny and I believe that the events of 1945 were necessary in order to bring about the radiant rebirth of National Socialism The Führer predicted in his Final Political Testament and His ultimate and inevitable Final Victory.

According to the Soviets, what was left of The Führer, Eva(Braun) Hitler, Dr. Josef and Magda Goebbels and their children were all shoved into two caskets and then buried, exhumed, moved and reburied several times before being exhumed, burned to ash and scattered in the Rhine in the 1970s.

Amazing. It's objectively true too given the confessions

>"We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not."- Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)

>"Germany becomes to powerful. We have to crush it."- Winston Churchill (November 1936 to US-General Robert E. Wood)

>"Germany's unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an own exchange system from which the world-finance couldnt profit anymore. …We butchered the wrong pig."- Winston Churchill, The second World War (Bern, 1960)

>"The war wasnt only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn't want to."- Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)

>"Should Germany merchandise again in the next 50 years we have led this war (WW1) in vain."- Winston Churchill in Times (1919)

>"This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany."- Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)

>"Not the political doctrine of Hitler has hurled us into this war. The reason was the success of his increase in building a new economy. The roots of war were envy, greed and fear." - Major General J.F.C. Fuller, historian, England

>"We didnt go to war in 1939 to save Germany from Hitler…or the continent from fascism. Like in 1914 we went to war for the not lesser noble cause that we couldnt accept a German hegemony over Europe."- Sunday Correspondent, London (17.9.1989)

>"Now we have forced Hitler to war so he no longer can peacefully annihilate one piece of the Treaty of Versailles after the other." - Lord Halifax, English embassador in Washington (1939)

>"The enemy is the German Reich and not Nazism, and those who still haven't understood this, haven't understood anything."- Churchills chief counselor Robert Lord Vansittart (September 1940 to foreign minister Lord Halifax)

>"It will be the Polish army that will invade Germany on the first day of war."- The Polish embassador in Paris (15.8.1939)

>"We made a monster, a devil out of Hitler. Therefore we couldn't disavow it after the war. After all, we mobilized the masses against the devil himself. So we were forced to play our part in this diabolic scenario after the war. In no way we could have pointed out to our people that the war only was an economic preventive measure."- US foreign minister Baker (1992)

>"What we didnt want to comprehend in the German (anti-Hitler) resistance during war, we learned completely afterwards: this war wasn't led against Hitler but against Germany."- Eugen Gerstenmaier, President of the German Bundestag since 1954, member of the resistance group "Bekennende Kirche" during WW2

Remember; the russians found hitlers body AND they found and rebuilt all the death camps. The death camps were totally real, and so was the part about hitler taking cyanide and shooting himself. That totally sounds like something hitler would do, and is not just soviet propaganda because their hate for hitler was so strong that he is still living in their heads rent-free. Hitler will never die, not as long as there is even a single jew on earth left to curse his name, Hitler will remain immortal.

Thanks for the info.

So if Hitler killed himself how come there wasn't a body?

If we are a new age rome we would have either brought him back to the united states and paraded him through the streets of New York. Or we would have let him be crucified at Nuremberg with his brethren.

Instead we said that the holocaust happened and he wrote a note a week before he killed himself. Both supported by lack luster physical evidence.

His bunker got bombed didn"t it?
Or at least from what I heard.

Then how do we know he killed himself with cyanide and a bullet through the brain?

Did they did him out of the rubble and give him an autopsy?


Attached: 42394e_lg.jpeg (2000x2839 1.03 MB, 1.45M)

I think their was a source on how he really died but I cant seem to find it.

Well he fact that there are so many conflicting reports shows that something fishy is going on.

Also sorry about the typos, been forever since posting.

The Führer shot himself through the head, we know this for a fact based on eye witness accounts by Rochus Misch and Hanz Linge among others. After Hitler said his goodbyes, he and Eva retired to his study and shut the door. Everyone stood in silence until they heard a shot and then waited a bit until entering… They described The Führer as slumped over to one side of the sofa they were on, blood running out of his temple and down the sofa/end table next to the sofa side he was on. Eva had her knees drawn up to her chest sitting upright with a scrunched up look on her face and had the distinct smell of Almonds, which is what prussic acid (cyanide) smells like… Hey then carried both bodies up into the courtyard of the Reich Chancellory and used a shell crater to put the bodies in, covered them with petrol. Goebbels and the other men reportedly saluted The Führer one final time but were driven back into the shelter of the bunker doorway by more shelling, forcing the to light some cloth and toss it from there onto the bodies. According to the ones who saw them, they burned up much much more than Goebbels and his wife eventually did, probably owing to more precious petrol being used on The Führer and Eva.

So based on those accounts which I have no reason to doubt, we at least know the Führer shot himself. The idea he both took cyanide AND shot himself is based on conversations he had with a physician about a 100% sure way to ensure death… He feared the glass cyanide vials Himmler had given him may have been a trick to only put him to sleep and allow him to be captured… Something he absolutely could not allow to happen, whether he was alive or dead, especially after hearing of Mussolini's fate. Likewise he was mindful of the possibility of the shot to the head not fully killing him. He reportedly had the physician test a capsule on Blondi who died immediately after. He asked the doctor how to be sure and he suggested biting down on a capsule as he shot himself through the temple.

So, we will never know for sure if he did both, but we do know he shot himself. Some kike publications and authors like to claim he was too cowardly to shoot himself and also took poison but that is fucking bullshit.

Pic related, Dr. Goebbels and Magda's bodies and those of the children (Who were drugged with morphine then had cyanide capsules crushed between their teeth by either Magda or the physician in the bunker… He claims she did it but he would since he lived for many years after the war and wouldn't want the label of a child killer… Others in the bunker have claimed Magda was unable to do it herself and the doctor did indeed do it. The children were not burned.

As mentioned in an earlier post, these bodies along with the little that was left of The Führer and Eva were all boxed up together and then secretely buried and exhumed and moved in East Germany several times till finally being fully burned and scattered.

The reason you didn't see photos like this with the little remains of The Führer and Eva is because there was very little left that would even be discernable for photos and they weren't even 100% on it being them at first… More importantly though Stalin wanted to be able to accuse the Allies of helping escape/harboring The Führer for propaganda purposes.

Attached: the-corpse-of-dr-joseph-goebbels-former-minister-of-propaganda-in-B9R1NE (1)

So you have eye witness accounts. Those are easily fabricated.

No reason to burn the bodies. You're nuts to believe this is real.

Why would honorable men like Misch and Linge lie? The Führer wanted his body burned so that he wouldn't fucking be strung up and mutilated for kike cameras… No reason, seriously? He would never allow that to happen. The Führer and Goebbels in particular were absolutely mindful of how they would leave this world and how posterity would look back upon it and the disgusting desecration of their bodies would be a horrifying thought to them.

Pic absolutely fucking related, it's The Duce.

So what's your theory if you think the obvious timeline of suicide and then burning on The Führer's express orders to those in the bunker before killing himself seems so far out and implausible to you?

Attached: mussolini_e_petacci_a_piazzale_loreto_1945 (1)

I think the allies burned the bodies and forced Linge and Misch to lie.

I don't find that at all plausible, the Allies would absolutely want his body to parade around in front of the world. Hitler's capture alive or dead was #1 priority for both the Allies and Soviets and Stalin in particular was quite disappointed he wasn't able to be captured alive or had an intact body as a trophy…

Stalin and the Soviets are the same ones who seized 100s of German battle standards just to have the Red Army carry them and throw them at the feet of Lenin's tomb during their victory parade… The so called "Discarding of the banners" - see video.

Having Hitler's corpse to do similar things with would have been 1000x even better for them and would have been exploited for maximum humilation of The Führer and the German people.

Alright let's test his dna then. If we recovered his body then we surely still have it correct?

Unless we discarded it for no reason at all lmao

I'm getting a feeling you believe that holocaust happened as well.

Real men shoot up Synagogues

It's probably laundering.

Its funny. Hitler shothimself but no skull was ever found with fracture damages and the russians paraded a womans skull around as hitlers.

Already been done, dental records from a jaw bone that the Russians still have by third party researchers:

The rest of the body is gone, there is nothing to test. You can say that's fake too I guess…

Of course the Holohoax didn't happen.

Why are you so adament that The Führer would never have killed himself/ordered his remains be burned? He states he has chosen to die with his men in his Final Political Testament… Or do you think that is fake too? I can't understand why you would think The Führer would shoot himself but then not care what happened to his body, knowing his enemies would mutilate and circulate photos of it all over the world thereby lessening his eternal image in the eyes of the world.

Full text of Political Testament:


Attached: 019684d2c67b9461b02d395cf86e651c(2).jpg (1140x1623, 403.42K)


That skull that the russians said was hitler's was a woman's though.


That article came out last year. How come it took so long to do it? Are these claims just as creditable as him having one ball, a micro dick, homosexuality, and syphilis?

Those are all from independent studies as well.

They didn't parade it around, they didn't even reveal they had any remains till after the Soviet Union fell. They gas researchers access to a jawbone and supposed skull fragment that were thought to be The Führer's. The teeth on the jaw were conclusively matched to The Führer's dental records. The skull was found to be that of a woman approximately 30-40 years of age, which possibly could have been Magdas or simply Soviets being retarded and mislabeling it.

can we see hitlers dental records to independently confirm?

Nigger I am pretty sure you're just trolling now, you keep coming up with bonehead shit to retort with… Ask the fucking Russians why they didn't allow researchers to do it till then. Finding Hitler's dental records also undoubtedly contributed. But most of all probably because they were sitting in a box somewhere in Soviet archives and probably lost for years… They had nukes and shit come up missing in the chaos of the Soviet collapse years so I mean it wouldn't surprise me if this shit sitting in a box in some archive was lost track of

That sounds sketchy as fuck m8

How dare you question me for questioning it while you believe anything and everything on the subject without public physical proof.

You would need the jaw bone itself not just the records. You'll have to ask Putin for that part.

Attached: Heusermann.jpg (797x697 172.91 KB, 129.65K)

I'm just trying to show you that you're not applying the same line of questioning that should be applied to anything that has to deal with Hitler. Especially things that are post war.

You are blinding believing. So what I'm saying is you're a dickwad.

then its fake.

I don't believe everything without proof, far from it… All the information in this thread is the product of me studying and researching The Führer for over 10 years… Most of this stuff I didn't even have to look up to recall… The questions you're coming back with are getting asinine and are "Well what if Hitler was actually a space alien and he flew off in his UFO? Can you prove he didn't?"-tier

I'm not doing that. You've just propped up a strawman. All the questions I've asked are within the realm of possibility and critical thinking.

10 years of research. Wasted, by cherry picking kike propaganda. What a fruitless effort.

…it's fake because Russia won't give you access to the jawbone to verify for yourself?

Do you not believe anything without seeing it happen in real time in front of you? If that's the case I am surprised you even believe The Führer exisfed and isn't just a made up figure and all the photos, footage, eye witness accounts and writings are all fakes.

Listen bud, your circumstantial evidence does not pass peer review. Too many coincidences and a lack of physical evidence buries your beliefs.

I'm sorry, but no at this point the shit you're coming up with when the most obvious and plausible timeline of events backed up by numerous eye witness accounts is not at all reasonable.

I keep giving you details and information and you just come up with something else. This shit is really tiresome so whatever, believe… What ever it is you believe happened, That The Führer shot himself but the Allies burned him or he flew off to Mars to meet Aldarans or fled to South America or whatever retarded crackpot shit you think (which you have ZERO evidence for, not even eye witness accounts)

You are cherry picking literal propaganda and trying to pawn it off as hard evidence. It's sad.