Christianity is slavery part 2

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he's right. catholicism is a different denomination in christianity and it started in 70 AD. there was also the adamites, eboinites, nazarenes, etc that were different sects in early christianity. anyone honestly saying they weren't divided from the getgo is either a loon or is completely ignorant of history.
the official excuse by jews (for the fact that it was actually a pagan temple) is that they did it to "mock" christians. that's one pathetic excuse if I've ever heard one to lie about and convolute history.
they never really did either. the Jews have caused far more destruction than any pagan worshippers or any other religions in all of 'christian' history. they kicked them out because they actually wanted to protect them because the masses were so distressed by the jews that even the government couldn't keep them from harm in their own countries. they kicked them out to save kikes from being killed. if that wasn't the case they wouldn't have murdered anyone else with a different religion during christianitys rein over europe. people of different faith's and even different denominations in christianity were hunted down mercilessly yet the jew still lives to this day. it's all just a scam tbh.
After Rome was subverted by christianity, this did indeed happen. See: codex theodasianus.

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Christianity was proto-Bolshevism designed to spiritually enslave the goyim of Europe. Bolshevism proper was designed to destroy all beliefs and exert absolute power

How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

Thanks for the christcuck-free first post

If you're D&C, you're anti-white. If you're anti-white, you're our enemy.

Anyone have the corrected image of OP's pic?

Kill yourself you filthy jew piece of shit.

So you're claiming that white nationalists are actually a cohesive group??? That has never been true after ww2 ended. The op of the previous thread essentially advocated for unity of everyone that was of non-coercive religions that have nothing to do with white nationalism. If you actually read it, it also advocated for an alliance of white nationalists despite them being from a coercive religious group. He advocated for an alliance within an alliance and simply did not want to submit to stupid two thousand year old scriptures written by fucking kikes no less. You're claiming that that's d&c but if you started forcing religious doctrines on wns would that not cause d&c??? The last thread was pure genius because it advocated for forced unity and tried to cram us all together. Also, you're pure fucking delusional if you think christkikes haven't latched onto our movement. You're also purely delusional if you actually think that wn christians don't think that their loyalties are predominantly with christianity not actually being white.

The bible also states to destroy any religious faiths that isn't christianity and also to murder people of different faith's. How in the fuck can you claim that christkikes aren't d&c artists???

You posted this exact same thing, word for word, in about four threads this week (and maybe more that I didn't see)

Funny, because you literally worship a fucking kike on a stick. You dumbfucks also did everything you possibly could to make sure that Jews were a protected class of people and also killed fellow whites for no other reason than: they didn't get the jewish scriptures right.

Oy vey.

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So you're saying those things didn't happen? So christianity was just a big old happy family? The absolute state of christcucks LMAO.

Yeah, Catholicism isn't the original Christianity.
It's not really surprising, also your post is disingenuous.
Catholicism is a mixture of Christianity and European Pagan religions, that's why Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, that was a pagan holiday. Christianity, just like Shia Islam in Persia, adapted to the lands it spread to.
Rome didn't fall because the Christians subverted it, it fell because Constantine split the empire into two, the Eastern Roman empire was where the riches and taxation came from. It left the West bankrupt around the time the German barbarians invaded. If it was Christianity, it would have fallen right there and then.

Pagan posters constantly do this, they withhold the full story because if you knew the full story, you can see how fucking retarded their arguments are. Communists do this all the fucking time with true socialism.
How about you talk about how you tortured Christians to death by feeding them to lions? How about you talk about those same Pagan Germanic barbarians that conquered Rome being the ones that converted to Christianity and returning to their homelands to spread it to Germany and Scandinavian?
And if it's so cucked and a Jewish controlled religion, how do you explain the Spanish Inquisition, user? How do you explain Martin Luther's "The Jews and their Lies"? How do you explain the official doctrine of anti-semitism in Imperial Russia? How do you explain the Pope's crusades against the Muslims and the anti-Jewish laws the Papacy had put in place throughout the centuries?

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Oh and also, pic related is blatantly fucking wrong. The Islamic Caliphate in the East, the Abbasid, was splintered and couldn't invade shit due to the constant infighting and civil wars. The Mongols actually helped reunify the Islamic world after that. What stopped the Muslim advance into Europe, however, was an entirely different thing. That was the Umayyads, the siege in pic related happened in 1258, five hundred years after the battle of Tours in 732 that halted the Muslim advance into France and therefore saving Europe from Islam. It happened four hundred years before Genghis Khan was even born.

This isn't cuck school, Moishie.

You're a fucking retard. Christianity itself was supposed to stem from pagan religions and was supposed to replace them. Instead we got a fucking dead jew on a stick.
And your just using semantics at this point. Constantine himself was a Christian and drove Rome to the ground.
Never happened.
A kike larping as a pagan is still a kike you fucking nigger.

*Precedes to cherry pick shit.

Oh? What was it supposed to be then? Do you have a single fact to back that up?

No,all the things you quoted is CATHOLIC Christianity.The Orthodox Christian Church never had RAIDS on other Christian cities because of schism, the Orthodox Church NEVER tortured people in the way like Catholics did.And I'm proud to say, no 1 Orthodox Priest kissed nigger's feet on live television.Orthodox is our Mother church that was attacked by Vatican,their vandalism was brutal, they were killing Orthodox kids, women and young men, just because of their schism.All of you Catholics and (((Prots))) should convert to the Church that your Ancestors were believing into before Catholic plague.

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There are literally 3 threads on the front page attacking christianity.

All of you Grindr Greg faggots needs to fuck off. The few pagans we had on here were pretty decent people. This avalanche of shit is just intolerable.

Wew that's so retarded that its not even worth explaining.

Literally what I fucking said but "o-oh shit I forgot to put in the jew on the stick part"
Constantine's decision was not religious based, it was because he wanted a more fortified city that he could use to deal with the Persians. If he was so fucking awful then Constantinople should mean nothing and we should allow it to stay under Muslim Turkish rule, right? Fucking Pagan niggers.
Did happened.
quote an actual fucking source next time
Here's a Wikipedia page for good measure.
And sucking cock still makes you a faggot, faggot. But please go on.

That's literally what you and every fucking Pagan larper has done on 8/4/pol/. You faggots cherry pick every thing and that's somehow representative of 2000 years of history. Christian persecuted Jews and Muslims before, that's not something you can fucking lie about, which is what you Pagan niggers do all the fucking time just like the Communists do.
Pagan niggers literally know fucking nothing about the history of their own fucking continent.

Their delusion truly knows no limits.

Got no arguments pagan LARPer?

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>yet one (((antichristian))) thread

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Saint Stalin.

Now that's one big ass joke.


Always kill jews like OP.

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Also another thing the jews infilitrate the church.

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The jews ARE the church.

Early christians? All jews.

Peter, jew.
Paul, jew.
Jesus, jew.

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No Torshit, you're not advocating white unity when you say christcuck every five seconds. Forced unity? How do you enforce forced unity on the internet? Latched onto our movement? They've been involved since the very beginning. More loyal to religion than race? Isn't that exactly what you are? When you constantly antagonize people, eventually you create they enemy you always wanted.

Considering you're the one trying to make a new religion, that pic means the opposite of what you think it means. Read the text.

That's a big assumption to make, but that's what christmutts do best. Please show me the post where I tried to make a new religion.

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I really don't care about christianity, all I know is that joos hate JC with all their guts, because he was the first to out them in their devilish nature. He was the first truly NEET and joos also hate that, that they couldn't buy him and co-optate him. So there must be something right about him.

I never needed religion to know right from wrong until I became literally jewed/brainwashed by school, it was when all the problems started. You are put in the same place with literal animals that hold you back from developing your natural gifts. Religion makes you blind to all this bullshit and this is what is wrong with modern religion, it prevents you from critical thinking and telling black from right.

Even protestants like Martin Luther were OK, because they would still tell you the truth about them. If there is some religion that do not mention them, be wary. Muslims today are totally in love with them because I'm sure they know it is happening all over again. The semitic nomad is open the gates of Europa to their ilk so they can enjoy protection for their barbaric ways.

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Sockpuppet Team A isn't even trying to hide anymore

Sockpuppet Team B are still pretty convincing

take this message to your superiors



but OP acctually made a point on the anti-jew laws.
I also dont really understand what you mean by backfired. I mean the jew didnt really suffer and Europe was very seriously damaged.
Christianity is essentially a drug.
Addiction. Eternal sin, and salvation by jebus.
Trip/Trance. Short term comfort given by hopes of positive death. (Short term in the sense of generations, so a short term is 1 human life, christianity doesnt teach to prepare the world for future generations)
Depression because of abscence of the Drug. If you are christian and lose faith you fall really hard. (See what happend when atheism came)


Muh D&C is a kike psyop, they are trying to make us united with people who follow a subversive, Jewish, self-destructive religion, who would stab us in the back the first chance they get, and who could never do what it takes to fight for their race and nations because they are rendered both spiritually and physically impotent by Christian slave morality. No form of Christianity is compatible with genuine racism or nationalism, and some quotes picked out of context do not change that.

Zig Forums is supposed to be a vanguard movement, where people unable to give up their brainwashing can only be a liability.

They are indeed spiritual Jews, which is why their pilpuls are identical.

Why not ditch Semitic influences completely then? Why literally worship a Jew? You seem to eat up a lot of garbage over few supposedly positive elements that you can easily get without all the rest.

All Christian actions against the Jews were inspired by their ancient enemies who managed to take control of certain groups at certain periods of time (just like they took control of ours). That does not make Christianity, on a whole, any less Jewish.

Orthodox literally believe that the more of a subhuman you are, the more you suffer (without any cause or struggle), the more "god" loves you. It's BDSM - the religion. It's truer to the original Christianity than Catholicism, which only makes it worse. It's not a coincidence that it was the Orthodox countries where communism took hold first.

Because the Christians purged and exiled Jews several times in their history, they never gotten along. Sure, some tried getting along with Jews, but a vast majority saw them as Christ Killers, how do you explain the Spanish Inquisition? It was policy of racial purity under Catholic dogma, in 2000 years of Christianity's existence, it both persecuted and tried to befriend Jews depending on how it is. It's not that simple.

Because Christianity's Semitic influence is purely Jesus being a Jew and there's so many secs of Christianity, Catholics, Coptics, Orthodox, Protestant etc that they each have their own interpretation of the Bible. The point of the story is essentially a peace loving political dissident who's killed by an uncaring and unlawful force. The Jews killed Jesus and that's a key part of Christian animosity towards Judaism. Semitic influence in Christianity is a contradiction, the only people who try to push "Judaeo-Christian heritage" are Jews like Ben Shapiro trying to imply that Christianity and Judaism were the foundations of European culture and history.
Also, there's still speculation on rather or not Jesus was ethnically Jewish or not, Mary might have a been a Greek woman from previous Greek attempts at colonization.

I'm sure the old testament being an official integral part of christianity has absolutely nothing to do with its semitic roots. Yup. Nothing at all.

Pretty natural use of an "oy vey" by (((you)))


The truth remains the truth

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Bullshit, islam was specifically created by jews BECAUSE christians abolished slavery. Which was their most lucrative business.

Ecclesia and Sinagoga, the middle ages meme about the evil of jews, is more than any pagan religion ever did to counter jews. Once you leave Christianity, the jew will no longer consider you an adversary: they are essentially atheists who believe in a super soul within their nation, so fedoras mix well.

Why do you think that de-christianization was the main tactic of the jew, before mass immigration? It's christians they're after, not whites. So far they have never had any trouble taming whites into puppets, like Sweden. Germany, you say? They held for 10 years. Christians held their own for millennia. It was Christians who expelled them from 300 states, not LARPagans.

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The principle of unity of christianity was always supra racial. It is absolutely blatant and undeniable when one looks into it. Racial jews would explicitly be accepted as long as they converted to christianity. This is written explicitly even in Papal bulls. And this, along with their "ecclesiae christianae benignitas", made sure jews were allowed to stay on European soil, ultimately, even despite the individual states often expelling them or killing them, not to mention often defending them from angry Europeans.
Christians cultivated their own demise by their unwillingness to deal with the problem as it should've.

kikes are desperate. everyday tons of anti-christian slide threads. probably because people practicing christianity is starting to tick up again in US after a long decline, has them freaked the fuck out.

varg btfo

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The hatred of the jew and the golem for anti-degeneracy is bottomless. They will forever rage against the one religion that condemns them for their niggerly lusts.

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Yeah? Why should I give a fuck about ancient Rome throwing christians to the lions? All you fucks ever do is point to events and say: wow that happened they must be bad!!! Without even looking into WHY it happened. Ancient Rome was polytheistic and didn't believe that there was only one god and believed that people had the right to worship who they wanted. So… what ticked them off so much anyway? Could it have to do with christians wanting to change the country to a monotheistic one? Or that they were murdering 'pagans' and destroying their places of worship? Also, they started the great fire of rome and immediately afterwards they started persecuting christians. So it was clearly ancient rome REACTING to dumb shit that early christians did.

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Timmy Twotonez

It's called the Old Testament because it was retconed by the New Testament, the one that's actually about Jesus and his teachings? All it does it just tell the stories of the Hebrews up to the coming of Christ and his teachings. Like a pre-text. Not like you'd know that or even care, you'll just spew your shit because anything and everything is black and white.

Too retarded; Didn't read

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christianity is the fox news of religion

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riiiiiiiiight and they just kept it purely for historical reasons…which is why Augustine argued jews should be kept alive for their ability to explain it…how convenient
you christmutts and your damage control always crack me up, no shame whatsoever

This, people need to look into the history of Judaism, Islam and slavery. Pics very related. The unfortunate side is that it shows that Christianity had already began to dull their racial consciousness though, as the church only banned the selling of Christians into slavery, not their pagan brothers, who fell victim to the Jews

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Spam thread.

what? how can someone have such a terrible interpretation of the history of rome? christians didint start their violence until after Jesus was correctly identified as sol invictus
meaning, if you really support paganism, you would support christ dummy, hes stronger than thor and is the unconquered son.
further, how can someone from galilee be someone from judea? do you even know where we get the term "jew"?

Unfortunately paganism had already dulled the racial consciousness to the point where they were selling their racial brethren as slaves since forever.

And you don't know it.



Why would we need to keep making new images when the ones we have so fittingly reply to every single tired argument you try and make?

Whoa, this board gets worse every time I go on it.

but user, that was basicly my point. As a christian you cant really hate the jew. And even if you do, you still fear and respect him
Nietzsche wrote on this.
Christianity was meant as a slave revolt against the masters(mainly aristocrats) and jews were also masters(not really, but that is how they were portrayed by jebus). But certain jews that became saints and the son of god himself are your friends. So they are above you but still your friends, unlike those evil aristocratic goyim.


Congrats on being a shill.


I'm afraid you are entertaining a false dichotomy.

how so?

See . Fuck your morals, nigger.

Christianity is a rebuttal of what we call Judaism today. The fact that jews have attempted to subvert Christianity and European heritage does not make it philosemitic in any respect. Even if the majority of the white European population went pagan, jews would still convert to paganism as a form of crypsis and then try to claim it as their own.

They know that. They're paid to lie.


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you do not really believe this, do you?
even the name "Jesus" is semitic.

Lots of kikes speak a variety of European languages and go by such names. Jewish evolutionary behavior seems to be lost on you.

It seems to have found its way into you.

primitive christianity is nothing more than ancient judeans disagreeing on true judaism + opening up the religion to the goyim
if kikes hate christianity is also because it took an originally ethnocentric religion and opened it up
the opposition of christianity to judaism is fully within a semitic religious background, starting from the basic ancient shared judeans myths of the old testamente
you aren't fooling anyone

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I merely entertain the possibility that the Hebrew language and ancient Israelites had nothing to do with the people we know as jews today. It's important to look at things from an evolutionary perspective.

That's because of your assumption that kikes originally came up with semitic religions. You see them as a creative people instead of as subverters.


Yes, we were jews.


So why even get mixed up in that religion? Why do we need a savior?

ah yes the classic "ancient judeans = good" meme
let me guess, they were white, based and totally redpilled too, their spread and destruction of late declining Greco-Roman antiquity was totally a false flag

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Gay anti-Christian shill thread

If that's the case, then the jews you know today didn't have jesus crucified.

What if the jew on a stick only have 200 years, instead of 2000?

Notice how much out-of-place the jew on a stick stands inside the cathedrals.