Soulless American and Korea cagey wagey golem jewslavey now work longer hours than Japan and Germany

Americans workaholics as Japanese and other OECD nations vacation.

>In an incredible reversal attributed to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe's policies, Japan, once considered the most overworked nation on earth, is now working less hours than Americans.

>According to OECD data, Americans worked an estimated 1.800 hours annually compared to the Japanese at a rate of 1.700 hours per year. Germany clocked in even lower at a mere 1.400 hours per year working. Overworked countries at the very top — Mexico and South Korea, were clocked in at the truly astonishing number of over two thousand hours worked per annum.

>The new changes in Japanese work culture was the result of Prime Minister Abe's plans to help stimulate the Japanese birthrate (which has since been picking up, surpassing Germany and other OECD nations), allow parents more time to spend with their children, and assist local economies in Japan with tourism.

>Americans however weren't so lucky. In the US where there is no federal or state statutory minimum paid vacation or paid public holidays, Americans are now working more hours than ever before. Contrast with Japan and Germany where 10 and 20 days of paid leave annually are required by federal law.

>The debate of work hours has spanned decades since workers rights started making inroads in the 20th century but what it should be is still a matter of fierce debate among voters, employers, and policy-makers.

How does it feel to be the goodest of goys, yanks? You are lower than slaves, insects, and cattle now. Truly the jews fear the Samurai.

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Fuck off moshe.

HOLEY FUG, I'd commit sudoku if I had to work that many hours. The ABSOLUTE STATE of the United Slaves of America. The yids really fucked their heads and kids buttholes bad. No wonder Americans are such conditioned kike slaves fucking over the world for kikes since WWII. The Nazis gave the world the eight hour work day. Americans give the world wars for ZOG and tranny kids dancing for shekels in adult strip clubs. Fuck this timeline. Oh well you better get ready for work before Mr. Nosesteinberg docks your pay again.

> instead of multiple image posting

SK is probably one of most kiked countries in the world, which is why their (((pop culture))) is so promoted globally. Out of all Asians, they are probably the worst, not even chinks come close.

"When you're doing what you love you'll never work a day in your life"

Pulling 12 hour shifts, even if you love every second of it, is simply not sustainable. Hours must be cut back again, and pay/buying power must increase in the age of increased production. And illegal shits and their refugee buttbuddies need to get, so they can't steal any jobs.

Tbf, medieval people only worked 8 hours a day but it was the (((capitalists))) who extended that time

1800 hours divided by 50 weeks is 36 hours a week, leaving two weeks for vacation.
Doesn’t seem outrageous, not that I’d want to be a 9-5 paycheck-bitch regardless.

Fake news.

between 1985 and 1995 I worked two full time jobs for almost that entire period. It was miserable but I mastered my life in that period, I developed immense self discipline and I saved a big lump of money that allowed me to retire at 55. I missed all the partying and pleasures of life though. Just making dinner when I finished a 12 and then an 8 and went home too tired to sleep so I'd have a few beers to knock me out for 5 hours till it was time to get up and go back to work was the austere pleasure of the week. I look at others who had it easier than me and I don't feel envy.

Every day it becomes clearer to me that we all have our crosses to bear in this brief life.

i wonder how these numbers exclude all the niggers without jobs.


1800 (hours/year) / 40 (hours/workweek) = 45 workweeks/year

The average American has 7 weeks vacation per year? WTF?

Kill yourself boomer filth
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You’re in a terrible amount of danger

Don't worry, I'm sure their richest dick pic hero (((Bezos))) will save them by giving them the 20 hours a day Americans deserve! Just look how happy his employees are!

Amazon seeing a rise of suicidal and depressed employees

>Emergency workers were called to Amazon warehouses across the United States at least 189 times for suicide threats and mental health breakdowns between 2013 and 2018, a new report has revealed.

And soon they'll be in cages too!

It's the American Dream!
Thanks, King Nigger.
Thanks, ZOGnald.


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>their (((pop culture))) is so promoted globally. Out of all Asians
Not sure what you are talking about most of the Asian media I see netflix cut deals with is Japanese both live action and animated

An eight hour work day comes out to over 2000 hours per year. This is false propaganda.

Even the occupied Axis govt is still better than the american ones.

Agreed but redundant much?

Propaganda doesn't have to be untrue. The word just means to provide information manipulatively or subjectively. Gluing up posters of fit and happy white children and implying that the nuclear family is the reason they're so happy is pro-tradition propaganda, even if we know a strong family structure produces happy people, because it could be argued that 'happiness' is measured in other ways or comes from other factors e.g. wealth or environment.

It's exactly 2080 h/y. However, the OP quote may be backing out vacation and holiday time.

The word propaganda doesn't mean 'bad'. There is good propaganda and bad propaganda. Stop getting your definitions of words from kikes and their media.

12 hour shifts are fine. I work for the railway and we routinely do straight 14s for 8 days at a time.

If we stop allowing people to just own assets and collect profits, we can all be rich enough to be working 15 hour weeks. Instead of some faggot building a Billion dollar yacht, all of those engineers, and workers and carpenters could be building infrastructure that actually benefits humanity.

Think about it, The Hoover Dam is infinitely more productive for us than some monument to Financial Capitalism's Parasitism.

You can post multiple images, newfag. Now go back to 4chan

How the fuck do you have zero paid vacations? Our great 19-20th century intellectuals were right, Americans have a slave mentality because they're half judaised and half niggerfied.

He can't post images, dumbfuck. Neither can I because Jim wants it that way apparently probably for the best given the spammers.

Seething slave.

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If it helps, imagine the yacht as a ditch being dug and filled very enthusiastically by a lot of people.

Sumbody gotz 2 pay 4 da niggergibs

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These stats were true in 1989, Tornigger. Off to the catalog to find out what you're sliding.

Well congratulations to Japan.

It must be nice to live in a 99%+ ethnically homogeneous nation, shame I'll never know that feel.

It can't be helped. Jewfags have been invading this board lately trying to convince people to take in rapefugees and that they've been here forever. Pathetic.

Strangely enough, Japan also only ranks 30th in suicide rates per country, with the U.S. being at spot 34 and nations like Belgium and Russia being much higher on the list.

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Honestly americans should be kept in cages.

What the fuck is going on in Belgium, Lithuania, and Estonia?

Work round the clock. Report as salaried 40hr/wk. Actual median is 100-120/wk. Get home once a week, if a break in the storm. Otherwise use break-out bags for 8yrs, multiple sets. Can't keep any of it, and no women in sight. Yet can't stop; Sloth is not permitted.

"Worker" "Rights" don't exist. Only demographic shift/replacement masquerading with skin and sex badges on their sleeves, role-playing as "workers" and "professionals," using communism to fling their shit and simultaneously take gibs. "Workers" and "Rights" don't exist, and perhaps they never did. All metrics are Ads, and are gamed by the degenerates, to promote the cheapest and most unable.


16 an hour is fucking nothing especially for that


Rounded, it's true.

Boomers can't be having their Social Security Slaves escape, right? Someone needs to pay for their pills and RV.