Greta Thunberg confimred puppet of Soros

Greta Thunberg confimred puppet of Soros
This article highlights how the woman marked by the red circles acts as Greta's coach.
Her name is Neubauer and she's part of (((One Foundation))), an association sponsored by people such as Bill Gates and Soros.

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Sweden set the wheels in motion for this kind of entitled, ignorant young girl when they banned corporal punishment in 1979. The stereotypical Scandinavian Socialist weakness, combined with passion for perceived justice, is enhanced by the lack of boundaries being enforced from childhood. Families and nation come second to Marxism.

Confirmed - aw, who am I kidding? This place doesn’t make typos. Did you see in that other thread where an user cracked a joke about making a typo and a perfectly sane frend treated it as a sign of mental illness?

This place is owned 98% by self-harming narcissists. You Big Tuff Men are really funny to wind up because you punch yourselves soooo hard when it happens.

Not sure what you're sperging about, but thanks for making me notice the typo. I simply typed the 'm' a bit too early.

It was obvious from the moment I heard about this. A developmentally retarded boygirl from Sweden, claims she is constantly living in a dysthymic nightmare because of climate change, parroted in front top EU and British politicians for months, constant news coverage. You have to be the most bluepilled sheep on the planet to go alone with this, even if you believe in climate change.

Yeah just don't mind the fact both her parents are famous celebrities and her mom is a globalist pawn who sings at Eurovision and talks non-stop about environmentalism, immigration to Sweden, migrant rights and sustainability bullshit

You’re not welcome, lol. Nice projection, bitterboy.

Yeah, she's that German "Fridays for future" whore.
Here is her German wiki
The interesting thing is, she was an ordinary geography student when all of a sudden her "career" took a turn.

Women should never be involved in anything ever


It was obvious from the start

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Climate cultism is part of Agenda 21 , you newfriends have a lot to learn, we recognized the kikery behind it at the very first glance.

retards still don't get we're still warming from the last Ice Age ending and will continue to, you can't change that because nature does it no matter how much some faggot little crybaby goes shedding tears

I thought we were in a global cooling tbh


Here's another interesting vid. (copy-pasta)
Marc Reisinger details how he met Greta on the street in Stockholm during one of her climate sit-ins: “I heard you’re telling students to study the climate. I’d like to interview you on this topic if you agree.” He sensed her discomfort, perhaps fear, then she pulled off her wool cap at which point a middle-aged woman appeared, pulling Greta away, saying she had something else to do. All with the help of a bodyguard dressed in black watching the scene. The video showing this encounter has English subtitles:

We'll eventually get another Ice Age but right now we're still coming down from the last one, just like the other Ice Ages we've had

so that was a pre-arranged signal

Uploaded the vid as mp4

Yeah, I would say it was the signal to get her out.

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Historically it seems Thunberg is a "Norman" name, relating to the Jersey Islands but Normans have a rich history with the jews.

It appears to be a Swedish ornamental name combining thun (home town/field/meadow) with berg (cliff/rock) from Old Norse.

There is but one future for Sweden.

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Pic related. She must be one of graduates.

We jedi must look at turning these Sith padawan to use the Force for good instead.

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If your jewdar remains this broken on DOTR, you'll swing too. Girl is as nordic as it gets.

She needs the wooden spoon.

Its difficult to know without a "Þ" in the character set but in Norman "tun" has a special meaning in the language relating to the place of "tuft", Jersey Island.

The National Socialists of Germany found a lot of strange artifacts relating to the jews and Freemasonry on Jersey Island when they occupied it during the Second World War.

Well yeah no shit.
You really think some little kid would do all this on her own?

Oy vey chaim put your hollyjew away

yid and antifa golem enforcers

they know how to play the "I'm just a harmless old man" card…

I get PTSD from looking at these demonic entities…

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Deep inside the Soros war room.

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FILTERED for being a dumbass

Watch this thread get Shoah'd in 3…2…1…

What's the interest in this little girl? She's supposed to matter how? My awareness of the girl only extends to knowing people have posted pics of her. Why? No idea.

she is being put forward (now with video evidence) to fool people that "cute young smart girls" are the leading force behind social justice. and it seems to be working in sweden. a while back she (read her handlers) got most of sweden riled up about "global warming" and got a big portion of school kids to skip school and instead be good socialst protesters instead

Such a surprise.


we're fucked.

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wrong hat

So we can all see from this video that she has handlers but it would be good to get the Soros link confirmed by more than one source. The photos are suspicious but we need more.

Godin I fucking hate these jews.

They're only schools - we can appeal to their rebellious side when they get home.

100% signalling. As she pulls it off she looks to the woman to see if the signal was successful. As the woman ends her interruption Greta looks down at the cap in confirmation, reassured the signal functioned as intended.


are you subtly asking for spoonfeeding

you mean young teenagers don't jump onto global media under their own steam? naaaa, u serious?
It's a little boy in drag.

This is not coincidence.
This is what happens when you make the same modifications to the same underlying template (try to make a young man look like a girl.)
The structural sameness leads to sameness in your finished product.
A sameness rings like a bell.

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Are they waiting for more popularity before announcing Greta as a MtF queer?

Yall realize Greta looks like a mutant because she literally has autism, right? I really doubt its because she' being fucking mutated by (((them))). She controlled and shes full of shit, but saying she looks like a frog because shes being mutated or some shit is retarded, shes just autistic

please kill yourself

your mind on Television

Will never work. Autists will see the truth and rebel.

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Fuck off nigger. No one cares about corbis.

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According to her mother Greta can see CO2 with the naked eye.
It's over for us guys. pol BTFO. How will we ever recover

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