Slurring retard calls pewdiepie racist

slurring retard calls pewdiepie racist

This is hilarious. She can barely pronounce words. Spends the whole time talking about how memes and words like negro are used to spread racist right wing ideas. She accidentally says that journalists do "news production".

short clip:

full video:

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You say that as though it's a bad thing.

We should meme pewdiepie as being a descendant of some high ranking NSDAP official

"Racist", what does that mean, you prefer your own race over others?

What works for Israel works for me.

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you can embed videos here

the jew fears the pewd it seems

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this is now a honk thread

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no, i don't




I hate it when people say that between every sentence. Also hate it when Indian techs say "okay" between every sentence.

What a useless cunt…
Any comments on the viddy yet??

why are you a nigger?
I'd have made a clip if you posted timestamps.

Had a quick look the guy she says was wrongly labelled as antifa - we had proofs including him wearing communist badges on his clothing. Lying juden is scared her hasbara tools are being used to expound truth that exposes her lies.

what are you talking about? how?

I'm 4 minutes in and I'm already lmao

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Kekus maximus

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Who could be behind this?

mere coincidence

Irony really is lost on these faggots. We're gonna need a bigger helicopter.

Another ugly, overweight, marxist bitch spewing pseudo intellectual garbage. They're a dime a dozen these days.

cohencidence buddy

Do you ever wonder if the audience get tired of listening to their bullshit…they are sitting their like wooden dolls

It's too bad Sam Hyde didn't show up at that auditorium armed with a sub-machine gun.

He probably would have gotten away with it too!

skip to ~46:35 in the yt video.
and no, most of them are so deep down that those speeches just reconfirm their believes.

I genuinely pray to any God or benevolent force out there that they will ban Pewdiepie from YouTube.
It could easily be one of the biggest wake up calls out possible.

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She should at least learn how to pronounce the fucking word before labeling everyone as one

she has such a struggle with saying words, and gets a lot of pronunciations wrong. it's hilarious.


who is this kikehag and how can we ruin her life for the sake of kek

He's not. Why should we care about an eceleb?

Why is PewDiePie such a target?

Given the beliefs she espouses, the fact she has subconsciously accepted all these symbolizes is rather amusingly hypocritical.


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no idea

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Game journos hate Youtubers for taking away their audience, plus basic virtue signaling

Zig Forums is right again.jpg

mere online banter, triggering the libs

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Imagine getting lectured by this fat marxist vegetable, 1 hour of boring reality deteched ancedotes from a literal rag wearing brainslush pleb with a macbook. It's surreal people are actually willing to listen to this.

I bet 100 shekels her untouched whale hole stinks like ganja and rotted out lead pipe.

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Evidence needed

damn 8/pol/ is going slow this morning., whats going on?

The 11th century AD saw the birth of the modern university. The men
who studied in them begat the renaissance, modern science, the age
of exploration, and the globe ruled by the White race.
The 19th century saw the beginning of women being permitted
to enter universities.
What harm could it be, they said.
One hundred years later we have women who can't even
pronounce big words studying poetry written about the vagina
for their PhD and lecturing apparent grown adults on
pan-sexuality among the natives of Borneo.

Oh, boy. How long have you got?

For brevity's sake, I'm just going to call the type of person who makes a big fucking deal out of PewDiePie a marxist. There's more to it than that, but as a shorthand it works.

Marxists have a satanic hatred of established order and natural law. If you look at a picture of them, they're always fat, slovenly, ill-favored dwarves and retards. They have ugly faces and/or slow minds and/or severe perswonality disorders, and as a result they can't fit in or succeed in normal society.

In the past, such people would have spent their useless lives as village assholes and nobody would ever have heard from them. Today, post Marx, they have what amounts to a trade union to organize them and collectively attack their betters.

Marxists have spent 150 years "deconstructing" everything good in the world. The desire to flip every value and institution upside-down morphs into a plain hatred of success, and eventually a hatred of the good in general. Destroying what is good thus becomes an end in itself.

This is the origin of Modern Art. It is ugly and hateful on purpose, in order to kill the good aesthetic and replace it with something so plain and ugly that even untalented retards (like them) could succeed at it. Modern music, starting with jazz, is also of this tendency. Modern architecture, modern dance, modern literature, modern communications methods like TV and movies, modern sculpture. . . it all has to be made as ugly and hateful as possible.

This extends outside the art world. Modern sexuality must "deconstruct" the transcendant glory of the spiritual connection between physically attractive male and female couples, and become instead a grimy, slithering mess done as casually as possible between interchangeable machine people, ideally of some oddball gender combination. Modern families are born in fornication and divorce, and they must be as full of fags as possible. Modern politics is a surreal adventure in which Rhodes scholars pretend to be country bumpkins to win approval from niggers and spics. Once elected, public service is never about a Roman-style patria, but feathering the nest and getting away with pederastic sexual assault.

Everything good must be made bad, and everything bad must be promoted as good. Blasphemy, adultery, child neglect and abuse, drug use, self-abuse, masturbation, profanity, laziness and sloth are – in the right context – celebrated as brilliant and admirable. Love and family, hard work, personal struggle toward self-improvement, fitness, racial and familial exclusivity, natural gender roles and the nation state are all bad, and if they cannot be destroyed outright, they must be filthied up and made as dirty as possible.

Where does PewDiePie fit into this? Simple – He's everything the marxists hate. He's young, blond and handsome, where they are short, squat and ugly. He's funny, and they are not. He's rich, while they don't know what money is made from or where their parents go to get it. PewDiePie has an amazing waifu, while the less said about their sex lives the better, I think. He is also unapologetically successful, which draws the honking geese like flame to a moth. They feel a magnetic pull to tear him down because he is not a titanic loser, which makes the losers of the world feel inadequate and small.

I don't want to make out like Pewds is an Aryan Ubermensch, though he plainly fucking is, but rather to alert to a tendency that has spread all over the world like a second skin. PewDiePie is just a high-profile character they're working on, nothing more important than that.

Of course it goes without saying that what I'm calling marxism is really just Judaism with pretensions to glory. Every single thing I've said about the ugly, sick-minded marxists is basically the same for Jews, who spread their filth as if by instinct. The yids know they will never really produce tall and blond beauties, or make people laugh at good, clean humor (Jew comedy is all about diarrhea and visits to the gynecologist). They know they can't make beautiful paintings or moving music, so they splash horse cum on canvas and call is "The Ascension of the Blessed Virgin," or some shit. They can't make lovely music, so they write one after another Nigga Muhfukkka Bitch Sux Muh Dik Make Munny Get Fuxx Nigga! rap songs and have their friends over at MTV turn it into a Grammy-winning ballad. This brings them a single evening of peace, when they can sit with their trophies and feel for a short time as if they've risen to the level of the European man in creativity, but the bubble always pops eventually, and they're reminded of what they can never be. PewDiePie is a daily reminder of this for them, and so he must be torn down.

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good post

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pew news is unironically a huge threat to cnn

remember lads, sub to pwediepie

Can't fucking stand women in academia.
Brainwashed fools.
I hope they censor the internet completely so people go underground and start communicating in written communication only.
Drive it underground kikes.
Do it, it can only help us.


Her answer to that guy's question is something else.
All of what she said could be applied to Zionism.
Hypocrite bitch.

Zig Forums was white again

Shill your bullshit elsewhere kike.

oy vey annti semite meshugga its a coincidence AGAIN goyim


Data Society written on laptop
Friend of Joan "will lunch be served?" Donovan detected

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It's worth listening to the question at 46.40 where somebody basically asks whether labeling 50% of the country as ex-strem-ists with opinions not worthy of consideration may be contributing the the problem. I don't know how he was allowed near the mic.
She immediately goes down the (jew-inspired) 'think of the victims' line without acknowledging or addressing his point at all, just basically saying that those 50% are advocating for violence against minorities and should be shut down (and therefore contributing further to the divide the questioner highlighted).
What a waste of carbon


Great question that the lving statue of a useful retard couldn't address because it never crossed her mind what she's actually fucking doing. Never. Absolutely pathetic


half way through this truth-hating diatribe and it has convinced me to start coding again….


It is not watching Brenton Tarrant gun down muslims in a mosque that is 'radicalizing'.
It is not watching historic speeches of Adolf Hitler that is 'radicalizing'.
It is demonic globalist anti-truth like this that is 'radicalizing'.

What they don't get is no intelligent person believes the official story of 9/11.
All distrust in the government, the media and any other "trusted" source of information stems from that immutable fact.
We live in post-9/11 world and as a result many, many people have awoken and when they discover one obvious lie, they continue to question and uncover many other lies.
9/11 was a sloppy job and as such it is the gateway into all "conspiracies" and a glaring example of government and media corruption.

Is that why you have to click okay constantly in windows?

Checked. Look at the size of that negress. Does she just carry a stool around with her? Is that large sack behind her filled with food? Being that overweight seems difficult to achieve.

Whoops. Wasn't hard to guess even without her admission, I'd recognize that cadence and verbiage anywhere.

yeah well if you're not a fucking idiot you're gonna right click -> copy link location -> ctrl+v into freetube anyway

Always meme irresponsibly
Reverse search says the guy is Ulf Ola Olin Finnish SS
PewDiePie being kicked off YouTube would activate 90Million of GenZ.

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whatchout, ninjas

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Most of them think he's not racist tho. If he was kicked off they would only be at r/the_donald tier, seeing someone deplatformed by accusations of racism. It could work as a pipeline, but I doubt it unless you think he'll go full 14/88 as soon as he's lost everything of course

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Irrelevant. We're not racist (or misogynist) either but that never stopped mis-labelling of us. We simply hold truth and facts above feelings, whereas they deny reality if its truths are too uncomfortable for them.
If PewDiePie is ex-communicated from Jewtube GenZ will understand that anyone who doesn't think like a good goyim will be targeted for life deletion. Gradually they will begin to hate ((('progressivism'))).

Look again. That's a person wearing a denim jacket. That's how fat that bitch is.

fuck off with your kike memes

Because he isn't. Fuck off with your eceleb worship.

You're retarded.

I wanted to try and spruce up your wonderful musings as much as I could offer.

“Make sure you don’t miss your bus.” — PewDiePie

Look at his sister and tell me she isn't of the tribe. Then look at their parents being involved in business.

He has a sister?

You deserve those digits.

Nice, an angle is opening. An angle I've been waiting for for quite a while. I've been trying to push it, but it looks like it's actually manifesting.
The more often this is done, the better for us.
Now it comes down to preparing for when there is more of this thinking. How to create the perfect format to get across this point to zoomers?

Checked and heil'd. Granted pewdiepie is an e-celeb and can't push things too far, and also does some annoying shit too, but he does far more good than most out there. I honestly believe PDP really is one of /ourguys/, but he plays it very smart by dropping genuine redpills every couple of weeks, but then backing off before they really come down on him and without giving them anything to truly hang him with. Even if he isn't one of /ourguys/ and is just being edgy to stir up controversy and get media attention and therefore more viewers, he still does a lot of good work. Even if he didn't start out redpilled it seemed years of dealing with jewgle and the corporate media jews has flipped him if he wasn't Zig Forums tier already, he is nowadays.


Oh man.
This is great.


after digging for a few minutes trough my files I didn't find the picture I was looking for.
so have something sweet instead

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Thanks user, not often I have a genuine lol

He finally figured it out.

very true! she should be immediately deplatformed and banned from all events.

Did someone give him a copy of this

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user, I-


oh boy

he just came out saying he DOESNT SUPPORT MASS SHOOTINGS

what a crazy guy? surely this will put a stop to everybody calling him racist


kill yourself

Pewdiepie is weak for Brendon Tarrant's shoutout

The lack of self awareness in this bitch is astonishing.
Even by female standards.

Christ, he looks like some operator has a gun to his hot Italian wife's head off camera