“The FBI has been a long-time valued partner of the Jewish Federation, ADL, SPLC through our Securit



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i don't know how trustworthy this guy Eustace Mullins is, but I liked this read. archive.org/details/adl-fbi-conspiracy-exposed-eustace-mullins

FBI is literally American (((KGB))).

He's pretty baste. Oddly, a lot of black people like him because they're not awfully fond of Jews.

what's the number of jewish fbi, cia, glowing alphabet soup employees? 6,000,000?

His short articles and booklets are very credible, but his major books were toned down to appeal to patriotards, and even included some lies about Hitler. They're still good, so long as you can read them with a discerning eye. And then there are those interviews he did in the last few years of his life, where he told the hosts whatever they wanted to here, which I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

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The ADL was Obama'd into a Muslim supremacist organization


They have become professional Jews selling a Jew stamp of approval to terrorists.

They've never done this before. I smell desperation. Wait until there are 6,000 unprovoked Jewish attacks every fucking day………. the smell of piss you be all over your laptop or cellphone when you read the news online.

Gas yourself, Moshe. The ADL is first and foremost and jewish supremacist organization and arm of the Mossad, but part of its agenda is White genocide, so of course they'll defend non-Whites in any capacity that advances it. But when one of them steps out of line, they'll still attack, as we saw with Ilhan Omar.

This isn't even anything new, the ADL has always claimed to be interested in "civil rights", even though it was founded after justice was dealt to a jewish rapist/murderer who tried to frame a negro for his crime.

Your post is more proof that gamergay was a mistake.

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how come jews always smoke cigarettes?

Why do our national intelligence agencies cooperate with a foreign government's institutions. Seems to defeat the purpose of having an intelligence agency.

Not only are they an institution of a foreign government, they've been caught obtaining confidential information from law enforcement for their spy operations, yet they continue to influence those same institutions.

"100 Years of Hate" by Valdis Bell is essential reading. Alex Linder also produced an audiobook of it.

>“The court papers also added to the mystery of Tom Gerard, a former CIA agent and San Francisco police officer accused of providing confidential material from police files to the Anti-Defamation League… …Bullock said it was Gerard who sold official police intelligence. Bullock said he split about $16,000… evenly with Gerard, telling him at one point, ‘I may be gay, but I’m a straight arrow.’…

>“Gerard fled to the Philippines last fall after he was interviewed by the FBI, but left behind a briefcase in his police locker. Its contents included passports, driver’s licenses, and identification cards in 10 different names; identification cards in his own name for four different embassies in Central America; and a collection of blank birth certificates, Army discharge papers, and official stationery from various agencies.

>“Also in the briefcase were extensive information on death squads, a black hood, apparently for use in interrogations, and photos of blindfolded and chained men.

>“Investigators suspect that Gerard and other police sources gave the ADL confidential driver’s license or vehicle registration information on a vast number of people, including as many as 4,500 members of one target group, the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee.

>“Each case of obtaining such data from a law enforcement officer could constitute a felony, San Francisco Police Inspector Ron Roth noted in an affidavit for a search warrant.” (“New Details of Extensive ADL Spy Operation Emerge,” Los Angeles Times, 13 April, 1993)

>Now we’re up to 4,500 felonies. Was the ADL brought to justice for even one of them? No. And what was revealed in the Gerard case was just the work of one ADL operative — and one group which the ADL had targeted! Evidence seized from Bullock’s computer indicate that the ADL was using him to compile data on individuals belonging to over 950 groups – and Bullock is just one agent. The rest of that iceberg must be most impressive.


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drumpf just said he is a champion of 2a rights and they are not under attack while "we're here". What a fucking jew nigger. He'll probably sign the background chack bill if it makes it through the Senate.

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Washington State Patrol Officer 'L. A. Rider' is a CIA spook and Mossad Agent.

Thanks for stating what is already known kike.

Why don't you tell me to read "A Cow Jumped over the Moon" you filthy fucking kike

Alex Linder
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Disgusting jew face poster, filthy fucking kike. More than likely an FBI agent

What, nigger? The Goy Talk link is to the audiobook and the American Mercury one is the link to the original article. You can also download it straight from VNN: vanguardnewsnetwork.com/Massive/AudioBooks/ADLHundredYearsOfHate.mp3

no link you post is worth a shit, gas yourself

The ADL isn't sending their best.

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Keep killing jews.
Keep killing federal agents.
The whole country must be ruled by White Men only, and nobody else.
Genocide all enemies.

Bet they know who set fire to the national archives.

Explains why leaks showed they let that nigger faggot jessie go but local law enforcement was pissed about it.

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This website actually has almost no users. It’s just me and the people whose hatred makes them mine to control as they astroturf about a far right movement that doesn’t exist in any serious numbers.









Honesty is the only true defiance. Scientists have it - try telling a scientist that physics don’t work as they’ve discovered in their experiments. Scientists are never slaves for long. The difference between a scientist and a slave is precisely that capability of honest defiance. Not that slaves are never defiant, but slaves AS slaves can only squirm upon the hook. It is the act of transcending the hook which causes someone to no longer be a slave. Speak truth even when people punish it, or find an environment where you can.

There is a fundamental lack of dignity which underlies people who abuse others. It makes them really funny and self-destructive. Like corrupt people and criminals, abusive people can be strung along pretty much forever, and made to hate everything that might potentially safeguard their happiness.


If you want a movement to expand, it must be founded on truth.

Racism, for example, is simply not.

Race is iterated mate selection (socially constructed) plus epigenetic influences (socially constructed) plus present prejudices (socially constructed). Over a sufficiently long-term POV it’s all a construct, and by conscious effort we can favorably reshape that construct. Racial prejudices are a tool that unfavorably shapes that construct - so bigots to protect their prejudices must scream, shout, and whine when people talk about race being a social construct. It’s a truth about how the world works that is profoundly inconvenient to dishonest people.

None of that screaming, shouting, and whining actually changes the truth value of race as a social construct. Therefore, what the attempt to defy truth actually achieves, is that truth-oriented people go elsewhere.

Everyone is a little bit truth-oriented. Most people in order to function in their lives are more than slightly truth-oriented. Where the most truth-oriented people go, everyone goes eventually.

I’m not talking about locations. I’m talking about worldviews.

Kek. Science is cucked right now it takes a damn chink from an oppressed commie shithole to show us that

>It was a triumphant moment for the young scientist. He was up for tenure and his research was being featured in back-to-back articles in the country's most prestigious science journal. Yet today, Dr. Lahn says he is moving away from the research. "It's getting too controversial," he says.


Even stuff like this constantly gets you banned

And now read this and prepare to rage hard


But seriously, please read the above article

Science isn't about truth or science anymore, it's all the same agenda just more of the same.


Eh, anomalies like that just indicates the big priorities are elsewhere. You know how in civ only one thing gets researched at a time? IRL never ever falls to one advance progressing at a time, but progress on earth still has finite dispersion. The tangles clear when higher priorities resolve.

Meatvats are coming online, f’rex, and SpaceX is still in the space race. That’s where attention is.

But it isn't judging by the percentage of scientific funding. The whole fixation with space is fueled simply on romanticism, engineers, and pop science public lemmings rather than actual science by scientists and as the megacorps, universities, and the Chinese progress with their AI and genetic modification ambitions it'll be the "it" issue of the decades to come.