Satanic Temple is now tax exempt

The Satanic Temple has now been given the same legitimacy as the actual Church.

The Satanic Temple calls itself a "non-theistic" (not believing in a God) despite the fact that a belief in a divine entity is a pre-requisite for something to be considered a religion (established in the Scientology cases).

How does that make sense? They either DON'T believe in any kind of divine being, in which case they shouldn't be given tax exempt status, or they DO believe in the devil, actually worship him, and are lying to the press.

This is the kind of thing that gives credibility to the Satan-worshiping elitist theory.

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What a bunch of annoying fucking faggots.

They are obviously have more virtues than kikes and mudslimes and they get the same thing. Also the many of the larger Christan denominations are pretty bad too

Of course, because it's a religion. A religion gets the religion tax exemption, fucking wow.
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This isn't Zig Forums related.

I know it's easy to get the denominations confused if you haven't really looked into the subject, but the "laveyan" satanists aren't exactly the elite spirit cooking niggers you read about in pizzagate threads.

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Good. Tax exemption for religions is & always has been pure bullshit. Either they all get it, including the fucking Flying Spaghetti Monster, or none of them do.

Laveyan Satanism only has Satan in it at all because Anton was a master edgelord. It's essentially just self-improvement with an intro to base magical tenets, which require ritualistic focus.Satan works just as well for that as Kek or Terry Davis.

Go be a papist somewhere else, you cuckold.

Learn to read you stupid nigger. The Church of Satan isn't actually an organization that worships Satan or any being, it just turns atheism/agnosticism into a philosophical circlejerk service.

Aren’t militant atheists servants of Satan? I wonder how dedicated they will remain after a Muslim blows up a few of them.

And? Tax exemption for religious groups is a vice, that this organization is taking advantage of it is highlighting that.

The irony.
If you'd properly read MY comment, you'd have seen I fucking basically said this as well.
I don't give a shit that other non-religions like Scientology get the exemption, because the exemption itself is bullshit. I used to date a chick who worked as a secretary for the local Archdiocese; they have more cash than they known wtf to do with. Taxing them would not hurt them in the least while opening up a huge revenue stream.

Imams lurking this board BTFO
sage because who fucking cares




Satanists are massively anti-kike. Visit Joy of Satan. They even have some powerful reverse Torah rituals which are really nice. Jewish vocabularies are an inverted form of another language Greek, Sanskrit and others.

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Is this page that full of Christian shills?

It's all so tiring.

The decision is internally inconsistent and another example of politics trumping reason.

For whatever reason we give tax breaks to organizations that believe in a god.

they don't believe in any god (so they say)

They get tax dollars because "21st century don't want to offend" culture

Trying to hide something or restrain yourself is very, very tiring.

It's not even about self-improvement, it's pure ego-worship hence the "I'm my own god" larp. As for the rest of its philosophy is just humanism/athieism given an edgy twist to it.

We're talking about The Amazing Atheist - The Religion.

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Lavey does not represent satanists.
Satanism is not a Christian invention
Satanism predates Christianity and all other religions
Satanism is not about spooks, goblins, vampires, Halloween monsters or other related entities
Satanism is not about "evil"
Satanism is not an invention of, or a "reaction" to Christianity
Satanism is not a creation of Anton LaVey
Satanism is not about death
True Satanism is about elevating and empowering humanity to reach equality with the Gods, which was our True Creator (Satan's) intention.

I'll leave this here and depart.

Anton LaVey, formerly known as (((Howard Stanton Levey)))

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Evangelicals are fucking snow flakes.

So what Ivan Stang of church of the subgenis did the same thing back in the 70s and thats a religion that was made up to make fun of normies. Current year man aka John Oliver got a completely bullshit religion tax exempt just to show how easy it is. Anyone can do it. Quite frankly I am surprised that someone hasn't made church of kek, yet. Because any one of you can do it, its just that simple.

I want to be angry, but its still more of a legit church than any mud or kike church. None of them are legit, but the satan one is .00000001% more legit

The vast majority of Christian churches in the US are more "Satanic" than these edgy atheists, literally worshiping Satan's children, the jews. Unkiked churches are the exception, not the rule.

Isn't "Joy of Satan" some kind of mashup of Odinism and Satanism?

Good. Your fairytale gets to be tax-exempt, so does mine.

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Judaism was already tax exempt, this seems redundant.

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It should be if Cuckstianity is. Cuckstianity promotes endless wars for the Jew.

I always called it "Ayn Rand but with Pentagrams"

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spotted the satanist

In all honesty, this misunderstands the theology behind the Aesir, the Gods are Gods, because they are more primal to reality, they created us, or in some way we are an outflow from them, we can not become Gods, but we can join the Gods, that is the secret behind Valhol or Vidblain, the warrior or monk, through seeking self-improvement and dedication to the Gods, becomes something more then he was and joins them, but he does not become a God himself, because the Gods are within every aeon of existence a permanent and central pillar within existence, the world of myth being timless, Baldur is in Hell, but also living and being shot by Hodur at the same time.

And the Cosmotheist Church isn't?

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Same stale Hebrew larp.


Proper Satanists are massively anti-kike, and have been since the dawn of history. Most figures presented as "devilish" in the unholy books of (((Abraham))) are historical leaders and wise men who have persecuted and fought the Jews or old pagan rulers/deities they were trying to remove from power by a smearing campaign. Christianity was the original psyop/mass media manipulation, the proto-Communism and proto-Globalism. They were the same subhuman scourge as the modern SJW's , fighting for same goals. Right wing politics, racism, white supremacy etc. are Promethean and thus Luciferian in nature, the very opposite of the Talmudic law. One seeks to create the Superman (and whites are closest to that on earth, at least genetically, animal-men not even coming close), another seeks to "unite the world through the blood of Jesus" and destroy the superior on behalf of inferior. Which is what makes them the actual devil worshipers, even if they did not literally worship a sand demon and his Jewish false messiah, which they do.

Of course, Satanism got subverted by kikes (Such as Anton Oy Vey) as well and most of them today are just nihilistic, edgy, degenerate liberals. Who should get the oven too.

Lucifer is the father of white people (Aryans), there is no such thing as (((humanity))) .

Pic related

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Lol no

You could just get rid of everyone's tax exemptions. Problem solved. - FukkenSaved

Ok rabbi

That is a very very elementary understanding of Luciferianism, but at least you are on a better path then OP (who probably jerks 2 sissy porn and then repents to christ in his bedtime prayers). Reject dogma. Even the dogma of the liberator. Go read the Nag Hammadi if that stuff interests you. It is a better starting point for a cosmology then "" and the butchered bullshit that you are putting across. Yaldaboath would love nothing more then for you to worship his other face.

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wow the amount of kvetching itt
its time…

You know your shit

Do you have anything to back this up? Or is it just an assertion? Do you know for a fact that Lucifer is real? If so, how so? And how do you know he is the father if whites? And not the "son of man". An egregore. These are genuine questions.

My little floating eyebrow buddy has been communicating recently that Lucifer is in fact real, and is in fact the father of whites, but i usually don't tend to take her too seriously. She lies too much

Satanism is just doing the exact opposite of christians for the sake of it

This, but I vote None of them do.
Tax Reform on Churches and non-profits, especially if they send money out of the USA to another Country.
Churches and Non-profits are one of the largest contributors to Illegal Aliens coming to the USA.
Report yesterday said; 98,000 Illegal Aliens graduate High School in the USA annually, at $12,000 per student national average (bus, classroom , teacher ONLY) that is $1,176,000,000 annually. PLUS medical, HUD, Welfare, etc. Then Churches and non-profits feed, clothe, house, lawyer-protect, marry-off, etc. on top of it all, making no downside for Illegals.
Tax them all.
pic somewhat related
one pic; these people are starving and need food

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Satan means Adversary, or Accuser. So anybody who calls himself a Satanist has an identity which is completely dependent on god. Pretty ironic. Very hilarious.
This could not be more different then someone who calls himself a Luciferian.

Lucifer means light bearer, or shining one

Adam and eve were unconscious slaves without a choice before the light dawned on them.

Prometheus was chained for bringing fire to mankind. Zeus didn't want them to have it. The virtue in the act was the fact that he did it regardless of consequence.
He didn't do it to be an edgelord. He disobeyed a tyrannical god to do what he believed was the right thing, and paid for it.

Cain gets the mark on his forehead for a similar act of disobedience. Better yet, he EARNED the mark. What courage it must take to stand up to an unjust creator! Cain chose his spark of light over the shadows that surrounded him in every direction. He chose his true father, over the Lord of darkness. He willingly chose exile over submission. And from then on he could never be harmed!

Abrahamism is a slave religion based entirely on obedience to authority

I am not ready to completely condemn Christianity. But the evangelical interpretation is disgusting. Kike Jesus is disgusting. Jesus as an enemy of the Pharisees can be looked at as a hero. This is exactly what Hitler said too, for you anons out there who are really dogmatic. Look it up.

Definitely some great parables in the new testament

Speaking of parables, here is a funny coincidence that many of you probably already know about.
The words

And perhaps most strange…

All have a value of 74 in simple gematria. It doesn't stop there, but i will.

Whoever created our language certainly has a sense of humour. Even if it might be at our expense. One thing is for sure you must be pretty smart to create a a language! Have you ever tried to make one? Please try! It is a very interesting exercise. One doesn't realize how complex language is untill they try to create one from scratch.

Some will probably say these correlations are "coincidence"! I'm more inclined to believe that coincidence is a lie. A made up word. What is a coincidence? Have you ever seen a coincidence in person? Or is that a fictional concept we erected inside of our linguistic prisons to help us structure reality in way that doesnt overwhelm us?
One thing is for sure…. We can't kill god untill we stop believing in grammar!

You could probably tell I feel this way due to my poor grammar lol.

Sorry for the blog post. Lurking for a while and excited to see a topic worth discussion

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Shit. Here is a way to get to my response.
which is directly above this post
Because you are likely a Evangelical Christian, I don't trust that you can find my post on your own without direct instruction. Direct instruction is pretty much your religion. So while
Posting this is retard tier, it can't hurt to further highlight the message that the rest of the kikedchristcucks are in desperate need of

I used to volunteer with Catholic Charities when I was younger, wearing my St. Michael the Archangel Pendant. It used to just be largely homeless American citizens, yeah not all of them were White but all were needy. Around 2012 though it finally hit me that most of the people I was trying to help were just illegal immigrants on their way deeper into the country and me donating time and money was just bringing more of them, Catholic Charities in this area barely can even help out the original homeless of this area anymore because of all the kids of the illegal immigrants requiring more support.

Probably because they are wasting all the donation money on painted glass, idols, wine, bread, the pedophilia fund, and whatever other luxuries Catholics need to run a church. That's the best way to your honor your dead grandpa who was killed with a hammer. Have a funeral for him every Sunday, pass out a donation plate, and spend a large % of the $ on a bloody hammer to put on the wall so you can remember him better each Sunday when you pass around the plate

Just saw it said "Catholic Charities"… Probably not a church. So scratch alll the expenses I listed, outside of the pedophilia fund. Somehow i still think that even if they just cut that budget in half they would still have enough $ for the immigrants

Catholics are worse scum then Jews. The Jews at least have ingenuity. They are a enemy that will sharpen your blade. The Catholics are the manifestation of pure willful ignorance and blind faith. And not even faith in "God"…. Faith in the church. They are offspring of those who LITERALLY said "please no we don't want to read the book for ourselves, just keep reading it for us!"
And not reading the book has been tradition ever since!

They assemble under a mortal man and worship him. The pope. They let that pedophile kiss the feet of their children. They call their priest father.

Catholicism is the worst hypocrisy in the history of mankind. The priests break 3/4 of the rules of their own holy book intentionally each Sunday , while the cattle chastise anyone who doesn't submit to their absurd doctrine of idoltary and symbolic blood sacrifice. And they make sure to be really pompous about it

God damn i gotta stop here because Catholics fucking make me piss my pants laughing. Pol needs to start shaming these fuckin faggots at the level of the jew. They deserve it


The Jews at least have a eugenic aspect. They reward the most evil, intelligent, deceptive, and buisness savvy. They allow a child to question the Rabbi. They encourage it. Hours of discussion on bible passages in Talmud. If they weren't so nasty, you wouldn't be so tough.

You ever try asking a question at a catholic church? Lol.
Catholicism is purely dysgenic. It is rule by the mob of ignavi. It doesn't even make its enemies stronger. It just smothers and kills whatever it touches. Go into a church and ask a question this sunday. If you are trained in theology, point out that all of it is absurd and makes no sense whatsoever. They will look at you like Satan himself and tell you to ethier Shut up and have faith or get out. Not only are they unaccepting of thinking for yourself (or thinking at all)… Thinking for yourself is their Arch Rival.

Even if you managed to crack a hole in the dogma, and disturbed the sheep in the herd, They will just look to each other validation. Regurgitate the same shit to each other and reassure one another "we are saved that the rest are damned"

How are they saved? By believing!! Yes that is the key to heaven folks. Just believe in jeebus as your personal lords lightsaber and the doors swing open wide for you….. You gottaaaaa believeeeeeeeeeeeeee! But don't let that doubt creep in. Doubt is the devils best friend …. It might force you to….THINK!

You just gottaaaaa believeeeeeeeeeee

Yes i said 1.) kike version of Christ is disgusting. 2.) I also said that Christ the enemy of the The Pharisees can be looked at as a hero

Both of thise views were shared by Adolf Hitler. He stated them in multiple speeches. All it takes is a quick little Google search.

Also the fact that you could possibly read my post and extract THAT out of it proves you are ignorant beyond redemption. That was definitely the point. You caught me! My sinister plot is exposed I am an evil kike Turning the goyim against Jesus (the Jew). But its too late Goy!!!!! Once Jesus no longer protects the goyim with his mermaid magic aura shield then finally we can release our dark angels out of the killitipappo realm into the Lilanosphere to Clippy cloppy the dungleheimer. Better pray to your God while you can


I am 99% sure you are a shill trying to keep the goy enslaved to your kike slave morality. Obviously you can't refute anything I have said in this thread logically. On the 1% chance you are just a kikechristcuck with a 70 IQ… Please kill yourself. To be honest if it wasn't for people like you i could be more open about my fondness for The New testament. But to do so would be to justify your dogma. Putting that aside I have a great love for the New testament and Jesus Christ the enemy of the Pharisees ( The Jews/ "son of their father the devil" according to Christ). It just has to be looked at with the influence of the "holy spirit" (using your terms). I know your book better then you. In a sense it is my book too, but not in the way you utilize it.

YOUR Christ is the problem. Your dogmatic Jewish slave morality Christ. Or equally as bad, if you are a catholic kike porch monkey, Bloody Christ

The christcuck D&C has begun.
As was inevitable for a thread of this nature.

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I am having trouble figuring out if someone can genuinely be this stupid, or if I am wasting this time typing to a Jew in a troll farm.
Il give you the benefit of the doubt. And provide a word of advice. If you are going to be a prisoner to slave morality, it would be better to put the full force of your dogma behind
Buddy Christ® rather then Bloody Christ


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It's a religion so what's the controversy?

Someone understands problem > reaction > solution.

The time this guy took to make this thread could have made a really nice post about the Fractional Reserve Banking Triangle Scheme being run by the Fed.
But no. The biggest economic problem in the world is that a bunch of faggot Lav'eyan satanist LARPers aren't paying enough taxes to the Jews. Its a huge kvetch

This guy has such a cognitive dissonance that I assume he believes that his god is real and appeared in the burning bush to let people know not that coveting your neighbors livestock is a big no no …. And also somehow thinks that this god is different from the Jewish god (even though it is the same book and the same god) just because he labels himself as "christan". I agree with Nietzche. There was only 1 "Christian" and he died on the cross.

It is not his religion. And he doesn't like it. So they should pay taxes to Jews. Makes perfect sense lol.
Kikechristcucks share this childish mentality. He will say "because it is not a real religion" and regardless whether he is right or wrong, he knows deep down in his heart he is arguing dishonestly. But he has no concept of self honesty. At least he has never learned to harness it. If he did he wouldn't be in such a religion in the first place. They base everything off of how they "feel". It FEELS bad for him to be honest with himself, so he decided he would just rather stop doing that. This is what is at the core of all faith based belief systems. The psyche of a teenage girl

alrighty then, next we'll hear about how (((marxism))) is anti kike

It only stops by killing them all.
Kill the jews. Kill the enablers.

It is a foolish belief system that consists entirely of "Not That". Satan means Adversary. Satanism is identifying yourself as the adversary of an Imaginary God. They don't embody the serpent bringing knowledge. They aren't bringing the forbidden fire from the Gods. It is nothing but being a teenage edgelord against daddy god. It leaves the husk, takes out wlll the fruit which makes it worthwhile. A hedonistic philosophy . La'vey did popularize the term "Psychic vampire" though which is more useful then anything the Catholic church has ever did

You are using a hebrew defintion. The Sanskrit definition which is much older means "truth". Similar words beginning with "Sat" has something to do with truth.

Do you know the holy trinity? Yes? Now what about the unholy trinity.

One trinity represents the sun's withdrawal. And humanity's fall to ignorance.
Jehova the oppresor.
Jesús his sacrifice. Holy spirit the psycopathy and sickness.

Now the "unholy" trinity.
The dragon, Satan or anti-god. Satan sens the anti-christ. (Apocalypsis 13:1-3)

The Anti-Christ or the Beast. Christ descends from heaven (the sun falls). (John 6:38). The beast rises from the abyss. (Apocalypsis 11:7)
The False Prophet. The false prophet receives all from the antichrist. (Apocalypsis 13:12, 15)

What does this mean? The beast or the great werewolf will receive its power from satan. Kundalini raises as a whole in humanity. The abyss/black sun rises. The same christ that was crucified which is the sun, will instead be celebrated. No more blood sacrifice by the jews. No more adrenochrome farmed from tortured children.
Sanatana Dharma texts predate abhramic religions. Kalki is the anti-chirst and humanity's dharma avatar.

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Hail Satan

This is actually very good for the organisation. It makes their future religious freedom legal actions much more potent and increases their likelihood of winning.

If we find ourselves in stable lawful patterns, we can have a carnal forever, and in the utmost expression of truth we can blur every line between heaven and hell! Call “sin” only that which frays people inside of themselves and between one another, and while holding dear such law as is most necessary, peel back every undue condition! That is defiance! We are in the world of science!

My eyes are opened; I have seen the necessities of two paths and I have decided which one I would prefer to forgive. I believe there will be an answer!

That was fun to write. I know, I know, nobody is going to be persuaded by that. Grrrm grum gum gmmmrrrr, haha. I’m just really amused that the IRS has decided Satanism is a Christian denomination.

and no reples by that kike, how convenient

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Pure coincidence
Every fucking time
(((they))) tax Muh Labor but convinced everyone they need not be taxed for enlightenments of their houses of cosmic prayers of guidance D&C religion breads are comfy trying to destroy everyones belief systems for Envious (((reasons)))
Let the Devil worshipers have their Gibs For it Changes Nothing acceleration is in full swing
It needs to get worse b4 Betterment can be achieved
Deus Vult

Satanic Temple is literally left-wing activists using religious exemptions to shillfor Karl Marx. This proves it's deep state. Who was the biggest Satanist previous to this? A US army colonel who taught psychological warfare.

Time to become a Satanic Priest and were full Catholic garb for realism.

They're open, unapologetic Libcuck garbage. You don't have to make shit up to make them look bad. But, even though they are limp-wristed Liberals, they perform a nifty service for Constitutional rights by offending faggot theocrats with outrageous over-the-top imagery which is protected by Law. If it weren't these cockmonglers, it'd be the Pastafarians, or the Wiccatru femdykes, or it'd be someone with a legitimate reason to get their own religious symbols onto government property when Christian cocksuckers already have their own shit up.

Literally anything should be considered a "religion". If I decide to stack cardboard boxes and knock them down on a Wednesday evening & have a belief that vaccines are employed for population control, there is no fucking basis for the state to deny that "religion status".

Fucking whiny-ass thread just like OPs whiny-ass religion for slaves.

Yes, Saturn is cold, winter, and represents death etc.

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His other face is a woman. The whore of "salvation" . Stick and carrot tied at it's end. A marriage of tyranny and dissolution. One tortures you, another offers salvation in spiritual death and self-denial (this extends to liberal globalist "oneness" , some forms of Buddhism and many other belief systems as well, including some versions of "satanism"). There is one very interesting fact about Jesus, his entire narrative is saving people from himself (one aspect, or totality of himself). Which is the very blueprint that Jews have been using to destroy and enslave us since the dawn of history. First they are the tyrannical royal court, then they are saving us from themselves (communists), then saving us from themselves (democracy) etc. while things keep getting better for them and worse for us. The only proper way to "interpret" Bible is understanding it as a memetic pathogen and population control blueprint, as per Sanhedrin who wrote it.

It's assertion based on a lot of cross-linked references. Unfortunately, many original sources were destroyed over centuries, but we can learn a lot about that entity (physical or not) from the writings of it's enemies, mostly Jews and their subhuman pets. Whites were historically the only race who (collectively, not necessarily individually) had the divine spark of creation and who were the bearers of Promethean fire. They are also the ones Jews hate the most and want to corrupt and destroy the most, as per instructions from their "god" . Greece, Rome, even ancient Egypt and parts of India/Sumer were all white civilizations. Before (((people of the book))) flooded them with the animal-men. Look at what's happening in Europe today, do you think it was not possible for the same thing to happen much further, many centuries, or millenia ago? They are portraying niggers as medieval European knights today. What makes you think they did not do the same with some much older civilizations? Their main mission was erasing and corrupting the real history. Because those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. All the stories about Lucifer being bright might not only be a reference to his wisdom (or supernatural aspects), but he could actually be someone very fair, blonde or blue eyed. You wouldn't expect kikes to recognize anything but the most superficial outwardly appearance, which is why I think that their authors referencing Lucifer as bright just meant that he was a white man (or a white god, real or archetypal one). "Evil whites" meme that SJW's (modern Christians) are pushing did not start today, it's as old as history. Lucifer was the first one to be slandered this way, the one who was falsely accused. Because they were jealous of him, even their demonic, robotic god that was supposedly all-powerful was. He outshone them all! In beauty, in wisdom, in knowledge. Possessing the divine spark, something which none of them had, nor could ever get. And kikes have been blaming their atrocities on us since then. Their god of lies reversing the role of an angel and a devil.

Secondly, it's evident that white race is too different from other ones. Them evolving to live in colder regions does not explain the bone/brain structure and many other attributes, and easily gets debunked by Inuits/Eskimos, who look nowhere close despite living in very cold climate for a long time. Inb4 kikes genocide them so they can continue pushing for their false history . Many sources, many myths, point towards this. But if they are so different, something had to be their generating point. Who, or what caused it? I don't think it was physical space travel, it's too energy inefficient. We all know that radiation affects DNA at it's core, which makes "immaculate conception" not so outlandish. Light - radiation, light-bringer … father of the "bright" race. The shining ones that appear in our ancient religions. With all the myths pointing towards ancient nuclear wars, and certain relics like Ark of the covenant behaving strangely similar to a nuclear reactor, I wouldn't rule it out. It could also explain a whole bunch of other "Biblical stories" in a rather scientific manner. NS Germany was the first to develop nuclear weapons, but did not want to use them. But ancients had far more advanced technologies that we do, including other types of radioactive emissions (some which could rejuvenate rather than destroy tissue for example). Perhaps based on implosion …

It's a very complex subject and I could write a book about it, but this should be enough to get the general idea of why I make such assumptions.

I find it ironic that you don't believe in a "imaginary" God yet readily believe in Satan, who was also never seen as well.

You are failing to see this opportunity for what it is.

Let me state it simply for you, Thule Society was the worship natalism. Satanism is the same thing, except with eugenics already installed.

This. Every fucking time.

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Like sacrificing more unborn fetuses? Yep

Cuckstain garbage that you are, you don't realize that because Julian recognized and paid homage to the jews' (((YHWH))) he wasn't a 'pagan' by definition. Go back to >>>Zig Forums and lube up "godly" Tyrone's dick with your tears.

As far as I know, the majority of aborted brats are shitskin turds, so Abortion is a-okay on that front. Maybe a little barbaric, and certainly throwing the runts off cliffs after they're born would be preferable, but it's still a net positive. There is nothing wrong with killing baby niggers and retarded down syndrome turds.

I thought Zig Forums is against abortion, huh


And who could be the Adversary of the Jewish god? Our white Aryan forefathers, gods, archetypes, civilizations. They even admit it in their unholy books. Satanism is usually taken in a Judeo-Christian context, meaning that proper Satanism and Luciferianism might be one and the same. Then the kikes put "fellow satanist" masks and go full Talmud on unsuspecting people, offering their rabbi messiah as the salvation. You don't want to be like those evil baby eaters (that would be us hehe) goyim? Better accept Jew as the only god. Once you realize this trick of shekel-spinning, you can learn a lot about true history.

They were the animal-men. Until they ate the "apple" of the divine archetypes and divine beauty, which also changed them racially, allowing for knowledge of good and evil (consciousness). The very thing that kikes and their jesuit/mohammedian golems are hellbent on reversing with miscegenation. They want to restore their animal zoo and hunting grounds known as "Eden" where they can enjoy their primitive pursuits for eternity.

Exactly. The mark of Amalek, the Overman

Kristianity has it's roots in the Vedas and other ancient religious texts, it has nothing to do with Rabbi Yehoshua who was just a plagiarist trying to copy teachings of the Magi, with himself in the central role (which is another trait typical for the kikes, they are completely incapable of perceiving anything outside of themselves). In fact, Lucifer is much closer to Kristos than (((Jesus))) was. The original teaching was how to become a Christ, the very opposite of what the so called Christianity is trying to achieve.

How do you know that gematria is meaningful by the way? Any more meaningful than a "random" number generator that is.

Jesuitism also utilized the trick of "the good Jew" . He is not like the other kikes, he is our guy :>)

Same word can have a very different meaning in a different context. Their god is no more imaginary than "imaginary" numbers are. At the very least, it's a meme, an archetype, an egregore. It's the source of their anti-race, their parasitic culture, etc. To underestimate it just because it's literal interpretation is ridiculous is foolish.

This guy knows his stuff. The reverse facing swastika. Odin hanging from the tree.

They are all kikes creating honeypots for rebellious people so they can corrupt and ruin them. Pretending to be their enemies to scare goyim away from finding out the truth. Also Americans, nuff said.

Abortion of healthy, white babies. The rest can be aborted with a bullet, even post-natal after 20-30 years.

As soon as Lavey Died the Satanic Church wen't %1100 NWO "fundamental materialist" limited hangout, which it probably was while Lavey was alive anyway. Just about all of Lavey's most public followers even his ridiculously hot daughter Zena turned their back on the church, Zena and that radio werewolf faggot became esoteric Buddhist and Boyd Rice practically an esoteric christian, in a matter of speaking. Make no mistake, the current church is a front and is not better than leftwing California faggot-nerd stage-magicians who proselytize materialsm like a bunch of i-fucking-love-science retards. Yeah, Anton Lavey was pro-atheism as a general philosophy but most certainly knew that magic was real and doing certain things "certain results will follow".
I'm fucking rambling, I know, but here is the takeaway, Modern Lavey style Satanism has more to do with social darwinism and Ayn Randian politics that are being twisted %100 to suit the agenda of social-marxists and the "real" satanist bankers who are behind it all. SO many of you making proclamations about this shit are larping faggots. I actually know these people. fight me.

Its a religion, and religions are tax exempt.

If you want it to pay taxes, then all other religions should do the same.

Anyway, religions are obsolete and taxation is theft. I really have a hard time trying to understand why the cattle still needs religion.

Anyone who says that animal and human sacrifice or other super dark fucked up shit doesn't happen is a retarded larper or a shill. In before "not all satanists" ok yeah, I agree and yes, the expressed virtues of the satanic church include condemning harming others . That doesn't mean it's not happening. The satanic church is a gatekeeper for the real sociopaths who actually do murder and kill for pleasure and occult rituals, not all of which comes under a banner that says "This is satanism" just look at the catholic church, plenty of darkness there. Want some proof I know what I'm talking about just look up Nam man prai oil. It's not "satanic" in the way you think but is a good example of the kind of dark shit that goes on all over the world.

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I mean, THIS. sorry am retarded not trying to sock puppet.

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I am not convinced of your etymology for Satan. There is not much evidence for it being influenced by Sanskrit "Sat", just because it was written well before it. But I can't prove a negative claim so i won't say you are wrong. But I would think it was more likely influenced was Egyptian "Set" , as the Egyptian religions were a much bigger influence in the area where they were writing these texts. Your view on the word is interesting though. In that sense I guess the word "Satan" could he reclaimed. Just not convinced. I don't really care. The language doesn't matter (when it comes to figuring it out).. Its what it points to. I will offer my perspective though

I do know of this "unholy" trinity. I just wouldn't call it unholy. I won't use the Hebrew word Satan (which you admit is a distortion). I will use the word Lucifer and associate it with Light, and the coming of the Light. Because I associate Light with Truth. If Sat just means truth to you then you should have no problem with my decision to use that word instead.

I also believe in cyclical and complimentary principles as you do, and I fall on the same side of the sword of truth as you. I just refuse to use the word "unholy" to describe it. Or the kike word Satan. On one hand you suggest they soiled the word, on the other you just keep on plugging it.
We have the same cosmology. Exact same. No major disagreement with you. And you make some interesting connections about Revelation. Will definitely check them out Just split with your etymology. I don't believe the word Satan was influenced by the Sanskrit word Sat. I don't completely deny your very limited "evidence", but it would take more to convince me.
Even if you could prove to me that was the case it wouldn't make a difference. I would still continue to use the word Lucifer over the kike word. And consider it Holy, not unholy. How could truth be unholy? My little Ajna buddy is my muse of wisdom. My mark of Cain. How dare I call her unholy! And place her within an unholy trinity. You got me all wrong buddy. I'm on your side.

Sorry I wasn't sitting here refreshing the page.

welp the adrenochrome economy will soar that's for sure…..

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Even bette, most people that claim to practice it only use two numbers. Both numbers mean gay sex.

Why I don't take modern Druids or Wannabe Jews seriously.

The word satan is extremely defamed. It's the Hitler of the occult and religions.

Just as they say:

Many larpers pretending to be satanists while hiding the truth. Doing black magick and sacrifices allegedly in the name of Satan.
If satan in reality doesn't mean this. Then they are commiting crimes against its origin. Then who would defend the original purpose?
Still, we need a word to counter Yahwe, Jevovah and Yahbulon. What would you call the archetype that is opposed to the egregor YHWH?
Prometheus or Lucifer is fine I guess. But I see Lucifer as representing the knowledge that comes to us in times of darkness.
Or could also be the falling of humanity from the great summer or paradise. I see Satan as the path to truth or just "Truth". Not Pan or Baphomet, which are more related to the human animal side.

Talking occult.
Whatever meaning we give to each word. That word is charged with that meaning and intention.
As long as we keep reaching for truth and eliminating kike lies we know we are on the good side.
Problem is: Our ego will naturally defend our ideas so it's always a struggle and a constant fluctuation of knowledge.
The thing algo is: Sound carries much information. Few people have the perception to feel the sounds deeply.
I don't have enough perception, but some yogis claim they do. Mantras, water memory and music subtle information is real.

It's not safe to preach real satanism publicly. That will atrract kikes. But still, real Satanists are pro-Hitler and pretty much all Nat-Soc, because Dharma. We will always respect truth. It's always a risk. So for me normally I'll say I'm inclined to Sanatana Dharma
instead of the "big bad Satan".

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Is there anything more embarrassing than the Church of Satan?