I have two stories to relate that hopefully will kick off a parenting thread.

Firstly, today my young daughter said to me: "Dad please, if a brown person comes to the door NEVER let them in - they might be a MUSLIM!!! Muslims want to kill white people".
It occured to me that if only the poor girls in Rotherham and the other fifty million towns where kids have been groomed by towelheads had been told by their parents enough times "if a brown person tries to talk to you walk away and don't say anything back - they might be trying to trick you or hurt you.", perhaps they would have had some intuition that might have protected them.
We teach kids to be cautious around roads and other hazards - please teach your kids to be cautions around shitskins.

Secondly, from about the age of two my daughter would sometimes say "I want to be a boy" or put on her most masculine clothes (shorts and tshirts) and say "I'm a boy wearing boy clothes".
I threw those clothes out and bought her all new tshirts that I told her were "girl tshirts" and that she shouldn't pretend to be a boy - people will think she is "weird" and no one will be her friend.
Three years on she is perfectly normal, loves to wear dresses and make herself look "beautiful"
I just imagine what damage could have been done to her if a someone had got in her ear at that time and said "yes, you are a boy" instead of "NO! you are a GIRL - get used to it"

Anyone have other parenting stories to share?

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My advice OP is to be careful with the redpills you give to her. If you force her to take redpill it will just make her resent you if you are not careful and throw away everything she has learn from a young girl especially around teenage years when they rebellious little shits. Just be careful when throwing redpill at her and make sure some kike-loving faggot doesn't spew leftist propaganda to corrupt her mind.

I sure hope my children will be boys, easier and much more interesting to raise.

You have to prevent her from going to college

Yeah man I reckon all the programming has to be in by then.
I generally am careful with the pills, but I figure kids are learning from you all the time anyway. If you conceal your thoughts from them they can't read your mind.. if you smile and laugh with nigs your kids will think they are your friends.

Just join Islam. Silly westerners care too much about material things and having adulterous relationships or bumming each other.

We happily settle down in nice families and breed like rabbits. We will win purely on numbers, our protocols also give us a stronger character than your weak butter knives. How many far right people do you know that would die for their belief system? Yup thought so.

Racism is also against our religion so we aren't stuck in your ever dwindling so called inbreeding genetic purity.

Don't worry you can live in peace once we've won, the global power structure currently in place will need some changes: interest based monetary system will have to go (sorry Jews and banker scum, no more freeloading).

Join team Islam and help us win the game. Three wives extra free (while stocks last) XD

Jesus man don't stress me out.
Hopefully the lunacy has died down a bit in fifteen years.
Otherwise I'll send her to college in Russia.

Stick a hijab on her, that'll do the trick.

How do you guys spell it again? Bacha Bacchi or something like that? You know, the little dancing boys you guys like to fuck so much.

My brother's kid pointed at an african kid and said "that's the kid from earlier", referring to another african kid he was talking to. It was not the same kid. He couldn't tell them apart.

Because one slide isn't enough, right cunt?

t. mordacai blattstein

Bless you op

I'd recommend you point your little one in the direction of Islam, it'll steer her clear of all this gender identity nonsense.

Plus she wont be out drinking and getting shafted in the bog down the local.

It will not. However, there will be much less fags and crossdressers because more parents are feedign their kids saturated fats, even vegan parents. Though you should be starting your own college or k-12 education.

Lmao. That's because we never had to learn how to differenciate between different subhumans because they didn't matter. They still don't, but our grandparents drank the koolaid of multiculti and now we're in the gutter. Only violence is left now, sadly.

New here? We call those things NIGGERS.

When children say this, it's fairly harmless. I myself wore a princess hat to school one time because it was fun. I was 7 I guess at the time? Point being it was just me seeing girls behaving differently and trying it out for myself. It was make-believe.
I shudder because I know a child who got put on HRT when she was 10 because she exhibited behaviors similar to your daughter. This girl has gone from girl, to boy, to girl, to "they", to "nonidentity" back to girl again. I'm sure she'll be one of the 40% tragically.

Children are exploring their environment, it is entirely appropriate that you guided her engagement and growth. It's tricky to balance between guidance and forceful direction. I wonder how to raise children to not fall to degeneracy when they rebel.
All children in their teen years will rebel, it's part of human growth. That's the tricky bit.

I don't try and program my kids. Instead I try to teach them critical thinking. I told them from the start that santa was a myth but that they they should just keep it to themselves because other parents are tricking their kids. If I see brainwashing on TV I'll try to give them baby red pills to get them questioning it. As they get older, I'll make it more political. You've got to get the right balance between protecting your kid from brainwashing but also not getting them into trouble. In some countries kids get taken away from their parents if they're racist.

Do you even know what words mean, user?

Homeschool her or all is lost. She will be in drag queen story hour with kikes telling her about the holocaust and how she should fuck shitskins to make up for it before she's even in high school. They have every institution lined up to brainwash her 8-9 hours a day, where she will be surrounded by brown people due to our postracial society and lose all her defense mechanisms.


Or tell her "Those aren't boy clothes, those are your play clothes and you're a girl." No need to throw out her clothes for fuck's sake, you tyrant.

One funny thing that I've started to teach my daughter after she insists on not mixing up her food on her plate. She says, don't mix my food on my plate. Noodles go here, vegetables go here, meat goes here. If different food touches each other it's bad. SOOOO perfect learning opportunity for her. Race mixing is bad. Your genes are strongest when you don't mix, like your food. Kids are naturally red pilled.

80% sure this is bait, but it's the 20% that scares me. I really don't want to believe in a shitskin could be this retarded

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Throwing out the clothes is a bit unnecessary in my opinion Make tomboys great again I get why you did that though. My mom said she did something similar, but those type of feelings subsided quickly.

Checked and Heil'd

My brother went out to do the chickens with his 7-yr old granddaughter. They chased the rooster around and caught him. When she asked why he explained that they were going to slaughter him because that's what you do with all the boy chickens. "But grandpa! Wait! He doesn't have to die! Why doesn't the rooster just change his gender??" TRUE STORY.

I’m sure an internet assembled ideology will serve your daughter well. She will surely tower over children with real traditions.

Sometime between gassing the kikes and gassing the christians, we will be gassing you mudshits.

she should only be going to school for things like: Pharma, med, nursing, engineering (if a brain builder), or else something that can be profitable: ie business with a plan of opening a dog grooming business or something similar.

Only send her into humanities if she wants to get a PHD and subvert the system like Kevin Mac, but most women aren't cut out to do that.

is this a common neurosis among white kids? I was the same as a kid. I was utterly disgusted if different foods on my plate touched. I didn't realize that other kids feel the same thing.

Kys torkike.

bumping this for the white race


Why are you letting them watch TV? Why do you even have a TV?

Reminds me of this story. My wife was talking with another mum at a play group the other week. The other mum was jealous that our 3 year old son still has 2 hour naps. My wife says oh yes, at 12 o'clock we just read a book, then go up stairs and go to bed. Other mum says "he sleeps in the bed too?!". Turns out this other kid was trying to have a "nap" downstairs in front of the TV…

Walking down the hall one morning to eat breakfast overheard my daughter telling her eldest brother "I'm glad I'm not a brown person"

Caught my eldest son doing roman salutes in the backyard a few months ago.

Forgot to add, one of my younger sons likes to carry a toy gun in his pants as if he is carrying concealed, occasionally he will "freak out" and pull his toy gun screaming "black people are here!" while looking out the window, even though no one is here.

Best thing about this post is I can tell you live somewhere nice.. because seeing a black is rare enough to be remarkable for your son.

Holy fucking shit… Homeschool or die. 3 year old boy and 9 month old boy and a good woman fighting the good fight behind the wire in occupied territory in Oregon.

I bring my kids out and we all watch my wife clean the roosters after I chop their heads off. These boys will never see the inside of a jew classroom.

We have a /parenting/ thread though, I believe?

You first, christcuck!
I'm a torfedora tyvm.

Involve her in culturally European or "conservative" things, such as range shooting, sports, cooking, etc. Otherwise she will go along with what the rest of degenerate girls do.

She will be taken from you by the state the first time she pops off like that in public, you evil worthless bigot.

Also make sure you listen to good music while she is young and around you, and if possible, get her into classical music and get her to learn an instrument.

Parenting is important.

You are engineered to breed like a bacterial infection, ahmed - built to scour the resources and life from this world. But that is your weakness. The kikes aren't on your side - they've wired your body with a genetic kill switch. They'd need a way to dispose of you once you've murdered everyone who can put up a fight against their Greater Israel.

Guess what. We have reverse-engineered the kill switch. Breathe deeply, as you realize that your doom is assured, and your numbers will only form more screams of agony as your bodies melt.

PS: Nice taqqiyya, but we know your (((peace))) is just a yoke of slavery and massive taxes because your kind cannot work and are dependent on a massive slavery system to wipe your own asses. Thats how lazy you are.

Fuck off saracen swine, you clearly don't belong here.

Taken away and indoctrinated by the jew state.

You can't escape feelings. You can't escape the feeling of a child's lip on your nipple, says the woman.

She feels pleasure from breastfeeding. For a woman, pregnancy, breastfeeding, giving birth, and playing with her children is essentially her fetish. Fetish is the word I use, because even though it's not actually a fetish, that is how pleasurable it is for her. It feels too good, and she feels absolute bliss, on the same level as doing the most beautiful, forbidden thing.

It's not wrong, of course. This is natural and normal, and that's the issue.

She is brainwashed into thinking that it is wrong, so she is avoiding having children out of GUILT. She can't talk about this with anyone, because it's taboo, apparently. But her body doesn't lie: Breastfeeding is literally orgasmic, and is likely one of the most wonderful feelings she will ever have, and she will helplessly have thoughts about her child while doing it.

She is being manipulated by guilt into not having children. She's going insane with it, because she's trying to deny reality, and because she still needs to feel that sort of feeling, as she is a biological being, she chooses cheap sex, degenerate kinks, and whoreish behavior. The alternative in her mind is to slip into the ultimate perversion, and cum helplessly as her children lick and suck on her.

Motherhood is the ultimate satisfaction, and women are guilty and shameful for feeling such feelings about it. People talking about, "the most naughty thing is to hold hands in public," are hinting at this. Doing something normal, such as feeling romantic love, feelings of pleasure with children as you do normal things like breastfeeding, and merely having a straight relationship with marriage, children, and all that it entails, is too pleasurable for women.

They live in such a degenerate culture where they simply try to do the right thing to avoid such feelings. So they do anything except motherhood. They are essentially going insane and will die without children due to this.

My guess is that they accidentally got fed propaganda that was meant for degenerate males who would want to kidnap children. They saw morals or ethics that only men were supposed to see, and have completely lost their minds with guilt, shame, and fear.

But I have no idea what to do about it. Taboos, censorship, interpersonal anger between men and women, and an inability to speak openly about the situation of Aryan birthrates in general will cause this issue to eventually collapse into absolute, utter degeneracy, and then our civilization will fall. But I just don't know what to do, or if it's even true. Yet, I fear that it is.

Islam provides no benefit to the white man. Kill yourself


Your numbers are limited, kike. The hatred and anger the world has for you is not.

Fuck off sandnigger. Muslim makes your mind like a slave. I'd rather be a joozcuck than join your shitty religion. I want a peaceful life, not a faggot life's that just getting brainwashed to hate and killing all non muslim that never even disturb my life.

I mean islam. Islam is religion for slave. Aryan germanic paganism is better.

Same here.

What's the opinion on vaccines. Since they were developed, the needles created, and near forced by Jews, I'm highly suspicious of them.

If you'll ever start feeling doubt or running out of strength to fight, watch this, rub salt in your wounds and become mad as hell. This is what they're doing to kids.

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She's going to be riding black and brown cock as soon as she leaves home for university

Its gonna be a d sad day when op's daughter realises papa is just an ignorant hillbilly probably around the age she finds out not all dads love their daughters that way

fuck off

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Imagine a world in which being brown skinned was superior and there would exist racism against white skinned people!

In this thread a mudslime calls white people inbred.

Your lack of self awareness is likely due to repeated 1st cousin marriages that would make the hapsburgs writhe in envy

The idea that this shattered slavepit should spawn is suicidal. Not suicide-inducing, no; this is a pit of self-slaughtering criminals, the ones who believe it alike with the ones who do not. We do not live in such a primitive era. Artificial wombs are advancing alongside genetic technologies, and yet this place is still either pigment-slaved, convinced others are pigment-slaved, or else convinced others are convinced others are pigment-slaved.

Breeding the extreme in this matter is hyperconservative nonsense, like a certain other practice I’ll not name here which triggers premature sexualization in children if it’s inflicted on them and they’re subsequently convinced to keep it secret.

Progress advances on wings of honesty. We must know what shadow falls upon us.

This has been a slow growing redpill for me. A 'big braned' part of me wants to think that it's a conspiracy theroy that they are trying to ruin our future and make us sterile and family life destroyed through cultural marxism or whatever you want to call it. I like to think I'm smarter than dumb conspiracy theorists in a belief that it's mostly capitalism or generalized perversion rather than a deliberate plot to ruin white women (and thus the next generation).

I am startignt to think, the more I see these interracial white teenage girls, which fills me with rage (not jealous incel rage, rage for the same reason the thought of a muslim burning Notre Dame fills me with rage) that this stuff really is propaganda with a clear goal outside of trends or capitalistic broad appeal.

Hello Zig Forums did you came to lurk?

Fuck off ahmed.

We don't need a desert death cult to:
It's all within us, in our culture, to begin with.

Why poison their minds with irational rules?
Have some faith and teach them to value truth. Most poz can only take hold through massive amounts of propaganda being consumed without thought.
If you just give your children the tools to lead self-sufficient lifes and a love for truth, they will turn out fine. On the other hand, if you feed them lies and irrationality, they will turn spiteful as soon as the Illusion is broken.
Also consider home schooling or at least put effort into finding a good schooland get involved in their education. Most schools I have seen teach obidience at best, likly just inducing apathy.
Tell them about the dangers of this world but don't be hellbent on making them hate it. An optimitic mind is far more productive.

One of the hallmarks of an emotionally abusive liar is that they link gun ownership to violence. The truth, iterated across generations, is that violent people when given guns fail as breeders. They shoot each other; they die young or render their children broken in mind; they live and die as slaves.

Societies who value peace ought to require compulsory gun ownership. If gun ownership is compelled, rebellious pacifists will pride themselves on not having guns, while civilized pacifists will have weapons with which to reduce crime. For a sincere pacifist is not likely to cause a crime nor are they likely to prevent a crime, but they are so very unlikely to cause a crime that the second factor outweighs the first.

Only compulsory ownership can be counted on to get enough guns into the hands of the public to achieve this. It is otherwise a very difficult cultural working. Guns frankly suck and aren’t much fun, so funsies cannot be relied upon as a mechanism of progressivism in this policy.

Also, if mothers couldn’t abuse their children, this place wouldn’t be bigoted. I really believe that. The font of hideous prejudices in my childhood was my mother. My father only hated gays. It was a retarded pointless hatred. Such things tend to be. He was more persuasive on other topics.

My mother tried harder to make everything she said persuasive, but that meant a lot more wading through shit to get to the gems. Even then - god, one of her rants about professional licensing was unforgettable. It was nasty. I don’t think she was right to favor licensing laws, and I’m sure having the right answer was an accident if she was. She didn’t have good reasoning. That encounter pushed me towards libertarianism.

Don’t rant at your kids. You can prove points to them straightforwardly when it matters using the tools of patience and evidence.

Unless you want them to convert to Islam, I suppose. If you want that, rant hatefully about Islam, so you can be a proper hyperconservative driving society towards corrupted stagnation.

What a cohincidence.