Still I keep walking

Since you are white supremacists you people here need to know how it feels to be an outsider. Today I walked through a nice hood – excuse me a "white" hood gets to be called neighborhood. Innocently walking along a public side walk (which I help pay for), listening to my music, and observing, taking it in. I watched as the nice cars pulled up to oversized homes, mothers unloading dozens (dozens!!!) of grocery bags with their happy children smiling and laughing. What right do they have to be happy while people like me suffer? Still I keep walking.

Some of you are even gardening. Like really you got it so good you have time to decorate your lawn. You aint even working, and yet somehow you've got all this (stolen) wealth. What right do they have to be happy while people like me suffer? Still I keep walking.

Then some of you start observing me. I look at you, and you looking at me with angry eyes, or worse, you just look away as though you could go back to pretending I don't even exist. You treat me like I am not human, like I don't belong. Still I keep walking.

There are hundreds of these homes, thousands dotted across the city, millions in America. All propped up by stolen wealth from the developing world. Built by exploitation by people who clearly aint working so hard because they got time for gardening. My gradma be 85 and she still gots to work her ass off every damn day to scrape by while these rich folks got 2-3 cars each and all the food in the world! It aint right man, you know it aint right. why you keep doing it? This is how the other half lives, the world closed off from people like me like you need some special access code to enter the level. Still I keep walking.

Could you walk in my shoes? Don't delete my shit bitch ass mod. Let's have the conversation

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Just join Islam. Silly westerners care too much about material things and having adulterous relationships or bumming each other.

We happily settle down in nice families and breed like rabbits. We will win purely on numbers, our protocols also give us a stronger character than your weak butter knives. How many far right people do you know that would die for their belief system? Yup thought so.

Racism is also against our religion so we aren't stuck in your ever dwindling so called inbreeding genetic purity.

Don't worry you can live in peace once we've won, the global power structure currently in place will need some changes: interest based monetary system will have to go (sorry Jews and banker scum, no more freeloading).

Join team Islam and help us win the game. Three wives extra free (while stocks last) XD



This nigger done gon lost the plot. Sheeeeeeeeeiiit.

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I pay for the trash on MLK blvd to be cleaned up yet it is still there. Guess you have more privilege than me you faggot larpnigger.

Maybe you don't have time and money for gardening because you're walking in overpriced nike shoes.




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For anons who have never lived around Africans. He means "and looking in car windows and sheeeit". Don't be fooled.

Maybe you don't have time and money for gardening because your subhuman father kept on walking when you were born.

Maybe your grandma is horrible with money. Maybe you’re horrible with money.
Stop spending your money on designer items and weed.
You would have a car too if you didn’t waste so much money like you waste time.
Stop being such a stupid nigger and take some responsibility for yourself.

You should walk your faggot ass back to kikechan nigger.

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Sick burn from torfag.

Aw sheeeeeit. Gotta have them air jordans and fat blunts!

Is there something to slide?

The Air Jordans are designed by "Whites" in Oregon. Only 2-3 out of the
Only like 2 africans ever designed a J.

I'm poor fag

always cutting eyes at me

yeah, I have no idea what you've go through with those mean ol whities giving you the evil eye, but that sounds infinitely better than the shitskins I have to deal with

No shit sherlock
You mean all like all those working class whites who have to bus through the ghetto on a daily basis?

You're a pampered little college nigger. Nobody is going to buy your sob story here. Take that shit back to Black Twitter where it belongs.

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Arabs are not good to our people, not my game.

Just walking, those your racist opinions

gotta respect the diss. Still aint changing why you got all the money and we dont

Still can't tell the difference between whitey and moishe, eh little buckwheat?

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This is a kike LARPing as a nigger. Nigger subhumans can't figure out how to post on Zig Forums

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Boohoohoo maybe if you weren't a spic you wouldn't be a poor failure.

You don't. You hate whites. You should fuck off to somewhere where there are none.

Troll thread you morons

Not 'good to your people' fucking hell man, they slaughtered more of 'your people' than anyone has tortured murdered and raped in all of history…now I hate niggers but that was a fucking understatement.


lol love that gif…that is how I feel when I have to deal with subhumans

Get out of the white neighborhoods nigger
We will never feel sorry for you
You are not human, this is why you feel so inferior to actual humans
Jump in front of a moving train or embrace your cultcha and get yourself shot in a drive-by


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You were actual probably glared at because of your weird obsessive hateful glares at white people gardening.

Fuck white people and their ….umm, not dropping everything and bowing down to me and giving me all of their possessions when I walk through their neighborhood!

We already walk in your shoes. Stop making sweeping generalizations. If you're allowed in, i.e. not a gated community or armed guards didn't turn you away… the people in those "nice houses" are wage-slaves. I've been working hard for decades, can remember when my community was a mill town, meaning we were the means of production. Not stealing from the 3rd world. 70% black and we got along just fine. We had a shared sense of purpose. The CEO only paid himself a 50K salary and reinvested the rest.
International raider David Murdoch swooped in faster than we could unionize, bought our factory, and shipped all the jobs to Mexico. The end.
You're just a zoomer and don't know that the global elite are behind the curtain, yet. Any class envy for suburbanite wypipo is childish.

Poor fags being angry at slightly less poor folks.

You didn't build that. Their sky high property taxes paid for it.

You're a cargo cultist who has no understanding of why this is a nice neighborhood in the first place. It's nice because people work to keep it that way.

Wrong. Every time more laws and regulations get passed it increases the disparity between the rich and the poor. The rich are the intelligent people who can navigate through the complexity of modern society and the poor are the people who aren't smart enough to understand how it all works or are just too drugged and drunk to care. You voted for this and you're too stupid to realize it.

i live in an islamic ghetto as a white in my own country
you've just walked in the shoes of my life
cultural diversity decimates social trust
diversity + proximity = ethnic conflict
go back to your own
humans are supposed to be tribal


White wealth was earned with blood sweat and tears. Something you and your people don't understand. You see wealth and your monkey brain just wants it without doing the work to get it. I've lived amongst your kind all my life. The majority of you are lazy, ignorant, ghetto trash with no self-awareness whatsoever. You can't earn money without spending it all, you value appearance over substance and you hate what you can't have. Grow up. Evolve. Maybe in a thousand years you people will understand whatself awareness truly means and seek to better yourselves without blaming others and the world for your problems.

I've been homeless before, I've been through a lot. I don't give a fuck if you think your shitty life is from discrimination, you need to work harder and make better decisions.


Go back to reddit and larp as a nigger there, soycuck.

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The mentality of the lefties.
My life got much better when I stopped to think like an envious little bitch.

Some men I saw where in their 30s. Women in their 20s. What they been workin a shift since pre school. Fuck outta here with that bullshit. This wealth is generational. Like we all rich white guys and we hire and over pay our young rich guys cuz fuck everyone else right?

you need money to make it nice. LMAO my yard does not even grow grass right its in patches and shit all over. in your hoods, it looks like carpet.

The irony is the people in that neighborhood were likely liberal.

Also poor people spend on average 10 hours a week 'working'…so my average WORK DAY (or slightly less than average) is all they work ALL FUCKING WEEK…I work like a fucking slave, physical and mental hard labor (BOTH) and this nigger has the time to take a stroll through MY NEIGHBORHOODS and gets all envious of the shit that I SLAVED WITH BACKBREAKING LABOR to get…

and let me tell you, he was walking through a middle class to lower middle class neighborhood because casually roaming nigger isn't allowed in upper middle class or wealthy neighborhoods…

My family migrated to the United States from Mexico with nothing and we ended up with a McMansion too. We ended up getting semi-deported because my mother's papers weren't in order, but the materialist life-style away from my home country didn't appeal to me anyway. I know plenty of poor people here in Mexico who have time for gardening. We're kind of light skinned. But why do you think you can't make it? Aside from past bad decisions that screw you now.

u talking jews? they whack and you leave them alone cuz they always rockin and shakin on the subway, really freaky. but most of them live like me. If they rich, you don't know it.

There is a law…it is illegal for felons to garden.



user. If the waters do not contain hippo and gator then you are in the wrong place. Go home. Make your people and your land great. Stop pretending to be a European. You are African.

/sarcasm Zig Forums…

You guys are still uncertain what that is, aren't you?

Poor chimp got glared at by the mean rich people. When a white woman walks through a poor black neighborhood she is likely to get raped and killed.

Based white people keeping their own lawns.

I (the Mexican) admit that serious racism against blacks exists. It might be something I caught from rampant idpol (I saw a psychology today article about collective narcissism being infectious), but I once saw a black guy walking down my neighborhood and I had a bodily reaction, like I was getting ready for a fight.

But yeah, it's not like I jumped him or anything.

Perhaps they worked hard in school so they don't have to work hard later in life? You know, them having higher IQ and all ?

Your nose is showing moshie

Whites have higher IQs that jews. We've gone over this so many times.

In california, nobody can stop you from gardening. There is a right to farm act or some shit. Not a landlord or housing authority or the gvt can shut it down. It is for feeding yourself so you can grow quite a bit.

*than [I blame the nigger OP]

now thats how natural selection looks like.

Common Kike Education, huh?

a monkey out of the zoo

Dvorak keyboard. Also no, thankfully not American.

Your correction is wrong, learn to English nigger.

Get back to work pig.

Nobody calls anywhere "hood" except you. Fun fact; "hood" is short for "neighbourhood". Black neighbourhoods get called "hood" by their own residents because dumb fucking niggers cannot be fucked with using a three syllable word.

I think you gotta keep in mind that that's just how a lot of white people live. Poland never had any colonies, in fact they WERE colonized. They still kind of live like that, don't they?

OP has issues. I am not a 'White supremacist' because I work like a fucking slave to support all the turd world subhuman niggers that have invaded our nation. I am a White supremacist because Whites/European (non-semites) are literally supreme in everything they do…we are the founders and builders of civilization and monkeys, semites and subhumans CAN'T BUILD CIVILIZATION or anything of the sort. We are supreme because the whole weight of the entire civilized Earth rests on our work, our effort, our ingenuity, our discoveries, our procedures and manufacturing, our laws, our governments…everything good or worth having is a product of OUR LABOR…

Yeah, I have gardened in California before, subhuman hispanics have NO IDEA AT ALL WHAT PRIVATE PROPERTY means, they stole almost the entire harvest…came at night and took almost everything…no one can 'stop you from gardening' but it would be a waste of your fucking effort if there was subhumans and niggers around because they are a clueless as a fucking rat with opposable thumbs…you might garden but the subhuman filth of the turd world is just going to destroy everything your do…

>neighbour (noun): a person living near or next door to the speaker or person referred to: our garden was the envy of the neighbours.
Blacks don't have neighbours, they have niggers. The long form should be niggerhood.

IQ is 'Intelligent Quotient' but it only measures pattern recognition. It does not necessarily align with "success" in life. Africans fail at these tests because they never grew the larger brain other humans did.

EQ is 'Emotional Quotient' and is also important. Only Europeans and Japs test well because they are the only people who can experience empathy.

The irony of you incorrectly correcting that person's grammar.
no…it's than

Look at the countries your own people have left for you. They are shit holes. In 10,000 years of human history, Africans never built a raft. Never sailed the ocean. Never discovered complex astronomy. NEVER.

Whites have done all that, given your undeserving people a share in the spoils, and you should be groveling at our feet for it. Microwaves. Modern medicine. The internet. Concrete. Telephones. Automobiles. The very idea of Liberty.


From what a quick search shows the only thing sub-saharan Africans (i.e. black people) have excelled at is metal working.


They can't comprehend they live in a White world, they assume that they could create all of that with some magical inheritance of wealth that wouldn't come from conquest and colonization…
They cannot live among us and will eventually be eradicated or deported

But obviously they're good at music too.

lol amusing

B-BBUT we wuz kangs!!!!!!!

Go back to Africa or get hanged, nigger.

This is the dumbest larp I have ever seen

Also, if you're going to pretend to be a bigger. Try sounding more retarded like this: yo main I be goin throo da white neybuhood like daaaamn dis white bitch got a fine as nam saying? Yo gimme yo shit mufugga blacks built dis shit. Ima rob house and fuck yoo gud. Shill.

You and the majority of your people are spoiled children who have been far too long without a proper spanking. Good little slaves of the jews as you have been since your loinclothed ancestors were brought over by them. Good job continuing the cycle nigger.

They're good at the bastardization of White musical forms and ideas.
Much like how they abuse language with their own version of it.
So I guess in reality, they're good at stealing and claiming superiority for someone else's work.
I agree with that statement 100 percent.

That reads like our artistic renditions of how niggers speak. You have to look how they speak on twitter, it is somehow worse than how we make them out to be.

How could niggers communicate on the chans? They don't have emojis to use incessantly to flaunt their retardation.

See? We can't even find as retarded as they are when we're trying to. Amazing.

Unless your walking to the job centre it sounds like you have plent of free time. Try getting a job, no one hives oit homes and cars, people have to work for that.

Not this stupid ass pitty me nigger piece of shit

go to the welfare office and receive your free gibs from the jews bitch

How would they even get past the captcha?

I tried to find authentic niggerdom on twitter. They never use correct capitalization beyond what their phones autocorrect for them.

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The 'gibs me dat' kikes stealing to 'gib dat' to the 'gibs me dat' niggers and spics and poos and bugs and fuck it…gibs me dat of the entire rest of the world other than Whites. I think you White Europeans know what I am about to suggest…


Poly-rhythm and micro-tonality are African inventions. Syncopation exists in traditional European music too, but it takes up more cultural space in African music.

White Men can do whatever we want. Every other race must be genocided.
Starting with the jews.


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Jews are Neanderthals

TORpedo spammer:

"Finna". "Finna try dis 2 jobs "


I think if you look deeper into that you will see that the semitic part niggers who colonized and devastated Rapefrica were the ones to teach niggers metalworking. I have never met a nigger who was good at it though. Source? I mean exactly what metalwork were niggers known for…it isn't like they developed folded steel that was the Celts.

Holy fuck OP is such a faggot shitskin. Why the fuck is this thread allowed? Fucking reported for off topic.

Eat some of the black cock you worship, you lefty white LARPer. You're not a shitskin. Shitskins can't spel that well not form coherent sentences. You are the cancer of Zig Forums.

It's called seeding your lawn lazy nigger. Not our fault you niggers are too lazy to get a bag of seed from home depot or Wal-Mart and throw it around. Of course it's not like y'all can grow anything anyway. Next to the abbos, you've got to be the most agricultually deficient race. Maybe you should try making your community better instead of walking around our's and glaring about jealously.

well *that* is getting memorialized, I bet.


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Sorry nigger this thread has to go is not tolerated here unlike cuckchan.