Brunette Master Race

seriously, what useful thing have blondes done if not off the back of their wiser more world weary brunette relatives? whilst blondes were living in caves and sacrificing goats brunettes were invading lands and inventing civillisation.

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Whatcha sliding moshe?

As long as they are White, brunettes are welcome in the ethnostate

Fuck brunettes *stabs a brunette*

Actually. It was often the reds (mixed blonde and brunette) that made Europe what it is today, er, some thousand years ago, er, before the jews came.


mods deleted a half-decent OP on not talking to fedniggers and instead leave up these obvious slide threads.

remember jews made up the dumb blonde joke and there's nothing wrong with aryan women.


Where are we with Italians… white or not?

the romans found northern european to be worthless and only used them for slavery and prostitution. kind of like modern day slavs.

If the different haplogroups had war, which haplogroup would win?

Thanks mods

– Caesar's Gallic wars
The south fears the North. Although in this scenario, Ceasar was able to rally his men to victory in battle.

there are no blondes past puberty OP.

Communists didn't exist then retard

This. I hate when they say my wife isn't a "real" blonde because it's not fucking yellow.

sounds like denial buddy. You are having a partly muttified wife bro. There are real blondes out there, believe it or not.

kill all anglos krauts and frogs

I live in the best of both worlds, I may have brown-hair but a blonde beard.

DadAnon had blonde hair as child, turned light brown in puberty

Had 1st son, blonde as baby, going thru puberty now and hair is getting darker, but still blonder than user.

Have new baby. He is blonde as well. Also both sons have piercing blue eyes.

Oldest son is German/Norwegian/Scottish (born to true blonde Nordic woman)
Young baby is German/English/Scottish
(Born to darker haired English heritage woman, who oddly seems "fairer" skinned than Nordic woman)

What is with being blonde and blue eyed as a young child, but then have both darken as user aged? Could it be diet linked? Or is it *shudder* simply a sign that my line has some miscegenation that poisoned the well?

I pray to merciful all Father, let my son's keep their beautiful fair hair and blue eyes. Turn me into a shitskin - just let my boys have that blessing.

Wishes they were the superior Auburn Master Race.

It's the other way around you retard

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