Maria Butina Sentenced to 18 Months

Gun rights activist Maria Butina was sentenced to 18 months prison for being a Russian agent. The case against her was politically motivated and frankly ludicrous.

This has received almost zero attention from the controlled conservative media. This was the most sympathetic article I could find.

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Okay. What are you going to do about it?

For being an unregistered Russian agent. It is a crime to help people from another country because jews. They want war between Slavic and American people.

Wife material. Everything she's been put through has been an atrocity.

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They kept her in solitary confinement for months.

She got kike friends, it'll blow over soon enough

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why would a russian agent openly flaunt with a russian name, makes no sense..

and? Russia get over 300K spies around the world, it isn't a problem for GRU/SBU/FSB

That is a human rights violation, literally Saudi tier

I agree, and it's distressing that hardly any alternative media outlets are covering it.

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I would not be surprised if its to destroy the evidence that jews genocided russians.

This was the best article I could find.

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poor woman, I often tell immigrants don't ever attempt politics, all you're doing is putting a jew bull-eye on your own forehead. They don't listen, they seek, narcism, value, and legitimacy, stupid assholes, what was this woman thinking, you can't go up against the jew narrative, and law enforcement. With time served what is she looking at? 6 months left of her sentence, and deportation. SeeYaa, take up BASE jumping in China next go around.

With most countries, it is a non-issue, but Russia became the great villains especially 2-3 years ago. Of course, you can be a real agent for Israel, and nothing will happen.

this entire thread stinks of ESL

yeah yeah yeah I know a well connected jew with the Gambino crime family from south Florida. Cock sucker would go everywhere and say the most outrageous shit in public like an Applebees or a Chili’s restaurant, even Ruby Tuesdays wasn't safe. The guy would talk about the dumb goyim wholes who worked there and how little they would show their pussy for, not how much, but how little, Used to get a kick out of seeing if a waitress would flash her tits or pussy for no more than $65 dollars

Gov't should start registering all the dual-citizen lobbyists and pro-immigration activists as unregistered foreign agents. It would be in the nation's interest to have their foreign ties and financials disclosed.

*Gov't should start investigating…

Notice the Chinese police didn't draw their weapons, bash her fucking face in, place her in a choke hold, call for mental evaluation, handcuff her, it really shows you the true freedom of
China compared to the USA, and also, notice how when they did place hands on her, it was reserved, they didn't fuck her up. She is Russian, and a friend of mine, at least was for several years before I deleted my kikebook. Cool girl, from a freezing freezing cold part of Russia.

Since jews run this fucking board this thread will be bump locked at a 85th post position or deleted completely. Jews monitor all online content globally.

FOIA requests to see if certain people/orgs have done their due diligence of registering as foreign agents? We'd need a lawfag to assist, but I'd bet we could snag a few, or make it awkward for the Feds.

codified by law, not to discriminate against religion, jews have this game down bro they've been doing it for 1,000+ years. Your a sheep thinking…… "due diligence" "registering" "oreign agent" "lawfag" "snag a few" "or make it awkward"

why don't you go into the woods, jerk off on a maple tree, and tell us what happens afterwards
that is the current state of the USA government

If you don't kill jews, nothing will change.

That women is NOT in jail because of alleged russian ties.
She's in jail because she SUCCEEDED in having Russia loosening gun control.
It's not anywhere near acceptable, but whatever she was doing it was working.
Threadly reminder that the biggest fear and the one thing our dear global elite truly hates is plebs having the means to stand up for themselves.

There are many directions to take this in.

And that could be another angle, a potentially explosive one if it is found that the Russian government was supportive of her being punished.

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fucking blow your head off you god damn nigger.

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Seems to me the US has been doubling down on it's own shame and embarrassment year after year because the US populace is filled with retards. Most Trump supporters treat him like their favorite football team and can do no wrong, it's not like I'm going to stop being a fan of the San Francisco 49"s anytime soon………. even though the entire team now comprises nothing but niggers. Go 49's……………..!!!!!!!! Niggers can rape my daughter. So be it.

I think that woman being executed tried to steal another woman's baby, killed the mother, killed the baby and was caught, then sentenced to death………….. do you seemingly have a problem with that Jew? You kill arabs as a sport.

It is because they fear White Americans and Russians talking to each other without their filters.

holy shit. you get called out on how stupid you are and you degrade to calling me a jew? nigger, china is a fucking police state.

neck yourself schizoid.

Trump's admin is a joke.

By this point, Trump supporters are the NPCs.

And because Russia is allied with Iran, the enemy of Our Greatest Ally.

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nigger this, nigger that, this nigger, that nigger, I am white as fucking snow jewboy

You referenced a video, here it is, what would NYPD officers do if she tried to jump off the George Washing bridge between Nj and NY? What would they do if it was a bridge upsate in NY, what would police do if it was a bridge in podunk, anywhere, USA……… everyone here knows the answer… they'd have fucked her up, necked her, arrested her, just like the Russian woman was, for promoting the US 2nd amendment, go fuck your self spin fag jewboy

Sure you are bud.

Reminder: You choose to stand out.

fuck you ZOGbot, I have nothing to worry about other than an oppressive jew control government, sorry fuckface I'm not an agent of Zion.

No kike friend will help her when (((they))) are actively undermining the NSA to eventually strip America for guns. This was probably one of many covert actions to destroy the other big lobby in Washington.

She did absolutely nothing and was pressured into “confessing” by the desperate Mueller team.

They’ve repeatedly done this to people. This appears to be the new standard torture in place of water boarding.

cuckservatives don't actually give a fuck about gun rights, they just virtue signal that they do, when push comes to shove they always cuck

I guess her problem was not being a jew.

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Fucking disgusting ass cabinets. Poor taste in everything it seems

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Is that the actual context? Based chinky if true.

pussy deep state cuck trump does nothing to help this poor girl or General Flynn

No. And Russia is not more corrupt than the USA or any Western country. Only difference is that in the West it gets hidden more. Western people don't even realise about it because it is removed from them. Everyone works with everyone, CIA and Silk Way. Doesn't matter if this lady was a spy or not, actually what the Americans are known for doing is running whole operations where none of them know they are working for America's interests, because obviously they can't let word escape and they can afford this, with their money.

The most strongest form of mind control is done with torture, combing physical and mental stimuli, time is something that affects the physical and the mind both. The reason why captured POWs and spies aren't allowed back to their homes is because if they have been subjected to this torture with such a goal, then that torture will override their wishes, and they are now under control of their captors. This is why the Americans kept some Islamic gentlemen in the Guantanomo Bay and tortured them for years and then suddenly released them back into the wild. Think about how powerful you must be to not flinch when your hand is on fire. It can be done but not easy.

Trump was never genuine from the beginning.

One of the strangest things about all of this is that there are actually more voices on the political left that are talking about Maria than there are on the political right. Not big numbers for either side, but still more. She herself was a gun enthusiast and overall conservative and friend of Republicans and the NRA, who never did shit for her. One possible reason, but it can't be all of it, is that the American conservative movement is so in tow to Israel that they avoid taking Russia's side on anything except on select issues, so they just brushed off Maria.

Leftist news outlets like Mother Jones have been the worst, but that's no surprise.

Her casefile should be a matter of public records user. Any luck finding it?

Spot the jew.

Soy incarnate

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The Russian Murdoch Chan?

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Ron Paul has written an excellent shorter article defending Maria, and pointing out how ludicrous this whole situation is.

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Real Russian gun rights activists has nothing but hateful words for her and now they are celebrating her becoming felon. She was nothing but professional political activists, controlled opposition riding hot wave (and she bet wrong). "Russia of Right to Bear Arm" never said "no" to all new restrictions pushed by Russian MVD (and btw Butina didn't own any gun, """"nice gun rights activists"""")

She was super liberal whore cunt. Did you know she tried meee tooo her professor cos he didn't give her free pas during his course?
Hope she would be thoroughly raped by wild sheeboons in the prison.

Don't worry. Barr will cut her loose any minute now.

Trump's already freaking the fuck out about North et al spilling the beans on the Torshin / Putin – CA – NRA connections. If she doesn't die in prison soon, they'll spy swap her for Snowden or Assange.

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….do they not know what american prison is?

I am pretty sure she pissed of some high kike/shill at the (((Federal Reserve))) and was jailed as punishment by the (((tribe))). (((They))) hoped it would not gain as much media attention as it already did.

Any Russian/Slavic anons with no GF? If so, send her some letters of support. -) Try to find out if she is willing to contribute to the continuation of the White race.

Congrat on not being a loveshy faggot.

Pure coincidence!

Shills are salty.

Trump could pardon her, but he is too afraid of being accosted by Jim Acosta regarding Hillary's Russian Piss-gate fantasy.

You KNOW "Russian hookers pissing on hotel bed" was a Hillary/Huma brain storm.

ex spy Mr Steele "so you want me to make up some dirt on Trump? How about he took money for a Trump Hotel from Russian mob?"

Hillary/Huma "No, something about hookers hired to piss".


Im not sure about that. It was posted on 4chan 6 months before the election.

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One of the most interesting things is how conservative media is handling this. Libertarians like Ron Paul; dissident leftists like Michael Tracey and Aaron Mate; and intelligence experts like James Bamford and Philip Giraldi are supporting her. But conservative media isn't doing shit. When they report on her, they do so with no pushback.

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For their narrative to work they need to shut her up. They can either have her snuffed in prison, or send her back to Russia to have Vlad keep a lid on her.

If she starts talking it all comes crashing down: The NRA, Fox News, the Shouty Boxes of AM Talk Radio, the money backchannels to the GOP, Trump's massive debts … everything.

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Then he's worthless, as if we didn't already know that.

Plus, if he really was doing 10D chess, he would do it because it would bait the media into going crazy over Russiagate again for a few weeks. People are so thoroughly disgusted with the media and that narrative, and drawing attention to this woman who was forced into solitary confinement for months due to Russiagate hysteria would make all of them look really, really bad.

Rachel Maddow could actually lose her job if ratings keep plummeting. Her credibility is in the tank.

I doubt she knows anything about anything. Maybe she could say what we already know, that the top brass at NRA live a lavish lifestyle.

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that is some rare pokemon right there


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