Can a Kek find a job?

I keep hearing about the Trump economy but, but I can't find a good job. I got an advanced degree, but can't even get an interview. Where can I find a job for a white boy like me? Where can any of us keks find jobs where we don't have work with the Left.

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there's always demand for kebab removers, fren.

In which subject?

inb4 gender studies

Even if you found one you would have to watch as 30-50% of your income is stolen by jews.

Need anymore proof the jew fears the IllumiNEETi?

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Have you considered a career in honking?

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And seize the means of production.



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There are tons of websites like these warning everyone not go to law school. The economy stinks for law grads.
I work in a non legally related industry dealing with legit crazy people all day. It stinks, and i don't know who to blame.

Kill yourself nigger.

Did I not just tell you I am white.Yikes dude! Learn to read! I bet you grew up Ebonics.

I wish it paid. Doing political black ops pays. You just got to have the right connections. Sadly pepe does not have organized party yet.

You don't need school to be lawyer
Law school will help you even if you do not become lawyer
If you work with "psych" then you should look at tech industry as project manager or some sort of "human cognition research" role. If you are smard you can argue for such a thing.

t. Unemployed Electrical Engineer here.

I was a model student, and still I didn't get a job out of college, had experience working with chemical engineers refining diesel asa part time job in college, and still, I had to watch as women and niggers were elected for the jobs given at the on campus job fair interviews, when they were nowhere near my level of competency, for diversity and inclusion.

Got a job working with crackheads and mexicans picking cotton (actually changing oil and doing maintenance on a cotton picking combine, like picking the cotton form its headers when they jammed, etc.) After months of abusive 12 hours days for which my physique was unsuited and upon which my intelligence was brutally wasted, I finally managed to make an old woman that lived out near the farm where I worked to feel enough sympathy for me to hire me, as she was a manager at a state wide electric utility.

Then, a few years later and they dissolved the entire group and moved the company operations center to another state, so I became a freelance software developer / contractor.

Did this for a few years until Trump got elected, then like you say, working with the leftist tech industry with all the diversity and inclusion become too dangerous and spiteful, and I was shunned and belittled and I quit before they could find a reason to psychologically and emotionally abuse me more in any way.

Now, I live on borrowed time, and this really is the problem at large with our movement presently. Most Kekites are going into hiding and debt, living from week to week, being hunted and exterminated by the angered established Jewry.

I really have no solution, the best I have thought of is pulling an Alex Jones and going into the supplement salesman game, but so far that is only making me a penance compared to my previous earnings and I will never marry or be a respectable father at my present rate.


O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,
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You do to be lawyer with job.

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For this I shall have time enough to mourn.
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If you are not making a phone we can shitpost and start racewar from you are wasting your life and our time. All connectors must be surface mount. Phone must snap together. Think sprue-mounted twist-off parts for toys. Fucking do it.


I found a job at a startup. Position opened right after the tax bill passed. I went from nearly homeless to making 70k a year now. Look on Indeed for startups

Start a patreon or something and create tutorials to create electric weapons (coilgun, plasma gun, emp, tasers, lasers, …) for Zig Forums. I bet if you manage to create tutorials on how to build low-budget weapons, you'll get some people to fund you.

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Just pass the bar exam and walk in and give boss a firm handshake!

While we're at it you can be a doctor without going to medical shcool!

Just walk into hospital and give boss a firm handshake!

Change your name to Juanita Lopez.


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Got it.

I have thought of this, but I can't manufacture silicon small enough without millions to purchase fabrication tech.

I have made a phone call from a GPD Win 10, with a USB GSM modem. I installed a ring 0 anti-executable driver that prevents the harddisk from reading any executable code not previous specifically approved by me and I bought the modem and signal processors and antennas, etc separately and put them together so that it would be much more difficult to make the system hackable, the hardware combination being obscure and the GPD being secured by the anti-exe.

But, the thing barely fits in my pocket and looks stupid, no one will use one until the Jews on TV tell them what it is, or at least that is the impression I receive from others who know of it.

This is a real idea.

What's your degree? Not even an interview means you're applying for the wrong jobs, or you need to fix your resume.

I'm just being realistic. Your delusional sputtering will get OP nowhere.

You should consider getting into instrumentation or industrial electrical, in some instances they make more than EE degrees and are constantly in demand, you need to know PLC programming and some experience with motor controls.

put jewish on your resume.

This place has truly gone to pure shit. Not one faggot in this shithole checked these digits?

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Don't forget

This is a kike shill thread. Too many NEETs opting out of the economy. Anyone who is too dumb to see this please kill yourself

Personally I gave up. I don't have a cunt to use to land a job and move up the ladder. After so many rejections I just don't give a shit. Gonna wait till the market collapses and go into day trading.

Want some mad cash? Create a sexbot simple skeleton. You don't even need it to look good. Just do shit like minor movements on the legs arms and heads. Doesn't even need skin or AI. Just something people can use to put underneath silicone. Then once cash start getting thrown at you like mad you can make improved model upgrades.

Checked n kek

Yes, I want a job.
But where can you find a good job when you are discriminated against on the basis of your national origin?
To think that all these years, I could have generated hundreds of billions of pounds for them if they have given me a chance. It was a mistake not to hire me. I am so bored all day.

Ironically, I have a recruitment business.
I hate it.
My clients are the companies which didn't want to give me a chance because I am female and from a V4 country.
I have been through all phases of neetdom: Reading up on ufos, learning a foreign language for fun, mediation, esotericism. One year, I went on a holiday every month to Monaco, Switzerland, Scandinavia, France, but it got boring.
I don't know how other neets spend their time.
I am not a real neet, as I have a business, but it feels like that.
My abilities and skills are underutilised.

Everyone who graduated from my university department did well. They have interesting careers, they earn $300k - 500k per year, and they are never bored.
In one way I didn't achieve much, but from another perspective I achieved more than any of them…

God you sound so stupid, also are you a aspie or have some kind of social awkwardness because where I stay the recruitment and HR jobs are filled with females.