Killing myself in a few hours

im killing myself in a few hours. im going to stream it. ill post the link in this thread once the stream is up. ill talk about politics and i also have an important last message i want to share. this world must be hell.

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Are you a white European or not?

Don't do it, get help.

What a fag lol

You're a fucking faggot if you don't at least kill a bunch of nigger before an heroing.

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You won't do anything you nigger.

Dude don't. Please do not kill yourself. Let's talk.

if you are not also taking some kikes with you, then you are an even bigger failure and you represent the ultimate betrayal to your Volk and you are probably a mill stone around the neck of your race's progress so we are glad to be rid of you, faggot nigger.

No. Fuck you. If I don't get to kill myself, you don't get to kill yourself.
Unless you aren't white. In that case do a flip faggot.

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Thread will be deleted because it's 0 effort and you will not kill yourself but instead gorge on Cheetos. If you want an audience to meme you, better post a link now. Let the webcam run. As long as we have a link we can't lose you.

If you are you are forgetting your duty to have children, fight, and save the white race.
Duty before pleasure. Dedicate your life to becoming a tool to save your people instead of wasting it.

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Don't talk, act. Other anons have paved the path of an hero before you. WWBTD?

If you simply cannot be convinced to not kill yourself at least let me send you on a suicide mission

These guys think they can just get attention after Tarrant produced an IRL FPS action video with 50+ confirmed kills. Who are the kidding?

Don't KYS user. Kill the (((financial elite))). Or their pawns the (((media))).

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Aww. Well, okay. Earth will carry on in your absence. We’ll do our best, user. Sorry it wasn’t enough already.

Hanging around the broke-to-bigotry people in this place takes a lot of fortitude, I know.

Better go for that highscore dweeb.

inb4 OP is a fag and does not deliver.

Couldn't even wait for 2020 or 2025 therefore sage.

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And y’all wonder why I think you project that slave-race BS

Don't kill yourself, birthrates are low enough as it is without you leaving team White.
Take your anger, disappointment, sadness, hurt, emptiness, loneliness, and turn it into the rage of rational reason that makes the world in your image - as your ancestors did before you. You live not for yourself, but for them, and those to come.

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Nobody speaks for the tens of thousands who asphyxiate themselves each year out of despair.

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you dont need to do this seriously

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Thats not how you get to valhalla

You better live stream it and take out a Synagogue when you do

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