'Columbus Day' now 'Indigenous Peoples' Day' in Maine with governor's signature

'Columbus Day' now 'Indigenous Peoples' Day' in Maine with governor's signature
AUGUSTA, Maine —

Columbus Day is officially Indigenous Peoples' Day in Maine after Gov. Janet Mills signed a bill Friday making the change into law.

The proposal passed with bipartisan support in the Legislature.

The move does not affect the federal holiday of Columbus Day.

Democratic Rep. Benjamin Collings of Portland sponsored the bill renaming the state holiday celebrated on the second Monday in October to Indigenous Peoples' Day.

At least five states have done away with celebrating explorer Christopher Columbus in deference to Native Americans, though the federal Columbus Day holiday remains. Communities including Bangor have adopted Indigenous Peoples' Day.


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maine is like 90% white but its filled with fucking boomers. this is boomers fault

Could it be NYC,CA, other refugees?

please watch the video. bookmark it. I demolishes any argument of "white man stole the land"

indigenous people's day can suck my balls


Columbus was a cryptokike, for the record.

Why does there need to be a day at all for a guy who never set foot in America? Indigenous niggers day is equally as retarded, this faggot country has too many special days for special faggots who don't deserve it


He didn't even discover North America, that's South America

The southern half of the state, where most of the population lives is liberal and is often called North Massachusetts. Aroostook County is the conservative part, but it's sparsely populated.

I agree. I just wish there was some definitive proof.

The Caribbean is consisted part of North America.


They have to wipe all traces of that which they despise

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yes, but would you prefer they keep the name or change it?

if he was a kike then by all means change it

They won't be able to destroy all.


In other words, conservatives tend to live more responsibly off the land, while liberals polute and over-encumber the environment through their urban thraldom to capitalism.

"they deserve it"

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I really liked Owen when he spoke out about the Florida gay club terror attack.

He was the only person who said that it was the biggest Islamic attack against gays in history. It's true, but the media wanted to silence him for saying that.

So much for Maine being "based"

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Good. Take everything away from whites. Only a total loss of status and power will cause maybe a teeny tiny minority of whites to not be gigantic cuckolds. And that’s still a maybe.
Fuck whites.

Yeah fuck cumskins lol

Trips confirm lel

Who said it's based? It's a blue state.

boomers hate whites.

Everyone on those "which state should I move to" threads

White people are indigenous to north America though.



The goyim know

yeah, and WE WUZ KANGS

Don't forget that whites aren't indigenous to Europe, liberals claim they migrated there.

They are retards.
Maine was heading for "based" status when LePage was gov but its back to being a typical blue boomer new england state.


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You are a retard. Did he put a Star of David on his sails?

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don't derail.

He failed to find a route to asia.


oh ffs meant to reference

i'm done now

The feathernigger are a whiney bunch. I remember my sister graduating from Portland U.

That wasn't even the worst part of the graduation.

Columbus day was always retarded because the fucker missed. Discoverer's day sure. Columbus the lost pastanigger? Nah. Besides even if he did count he certainly wasn't the first.

He didn't own those ships, nigger.

Also because niggers gonna muh dik no matter their hue

Celtic day?

Columbus was a jew.

Sage negated, Chink.

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Doesn't stop Columbus from being a jew.

We should have exterminated the Indians 400 years ago. This is white Lebensraum

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Kill yourself nigger.

Hopefully this cunt holding the state hostage with globohomoism will accelerate more Mainers into 1488 mode. Other than that goal - there is nothing good to be expected from her time in office. Le Page was a fucking based /our goyernor/ and I sincerely hope he runs again next election. He will win in a second (less, after more White Mainers wake the fuck up). It ain't perfect, no state is, but if you stay north of Waterville - it's as good as an area can get for White majority that's anti-left, at least.

If more anons would come join us, it would be that much better.

Based shitskin chose the right target for once. Kill all faggots.

Columbus was a jew. Who cares if they change the name.

Ok, we get it you dirty derailers.

Fucking rez niggers. This is very disrespectful to Italian American friends of ours.

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Get out, idiot.

Columbus was a literal kike anyway.

Omg. Bill Whittle.
It's been a long time since I heard him.


fake news

Kill Gov. Janet Mills
It is that simple. Always kill the enemy and their goons.

No he wasn't, torfag.

Nice try, kike. You're not getting out of this.




and this article:


The tl;dr would be that Columbus was a Marrano Spanish Jew and he took a ship full of Jews to leave Spain on the very last day that Torquemada said "all Jews must leave or else I'm going to start up the Spanish inquisition". The Jews however wanted to exploit other people rather than build their own colonies and settlements which is why they did not permanently settle down as farmers and instead set up the transatlantic slave trade as is documented 1 minute and 14 seconds in to this video:


The most evil and criminal crimes against Natives are by Jews

From the slave trade to this, there is absolutely nothing more evil than the Jews.

Of course he was a Benosed One, he was a savage rapist and slaver.

This cunt celebrated her day in such a way that I found undignified. I think it had something to with Imma womyn.

Hey, I live in that part of the state. I'd say most of the liberals are more libertarianish anyway. They don't want to harm others and don't want to be harmed by others. They have the kumbaya sentiment.

if anything we should have a leif erikson day, at least we know he's white

Columbis never discovered America. There are numerous records that America was known by civilized society for hundreds of years, especially in Arabia. The first to settle America after the Orient was The Vikings, hence why some call it Amerika or 'Erika. Reguardless, the first people to arrive on the soil were the refugees of Atlantis by wy of France.