In order for our ideas to grow and take hold as a movement we require solidified properties and meeting areas of our own which cannot be denied or disrupted like every other venue.
We should be working to purchase and secure social areas, fitness gyms, and temporary living spaces to benefit this cause.
Apart from that, it will bring us actual legitimacy in meatspace outside of the current distant splintered activist groups which can seldom meet up im large numbers.

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Other urls found in this thread:


Yeah but then the sand niggers will have somewhere to bomb

If we gain sympathy from the public and locals beforehand then they will back us if we were to hypothetically strike back harder against whoever attacks us.
Positive local presence ALWAYS overrides media propagandizing against your group.

As if I would want to hang out IRL with you cunts

bumping good idea
plz lets have comfy lounges

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Damn that looks comfy. We should have coffee and alcohol too.

You're not thinking realistically, why waste money on property where people can link you to?

They're not going to let you off if you gloat about being a far-right group. They'll do everything legally and illegally to kick you out. One issue is that they'll look for unenforced laws to kick you out. Another issue is that they'll try to vandalize it; their cronies will tell their police handlers not to investigate the crime and prosecutors would drop their charges.

Just be a lone wolf and get into a position of power.


Look at how OP posts. It's clear opticscuck shit and another form of meetup shilling.

If every ideology competes to do this, prices will increase as slums gentrify. Not bad, slaves.

You can't out-sneak the kikes.

Quote fucked up
"It is part of the Jews to be sneaky and sly. The genius of our people has ever been joyous strength, robust forcefulness, directness, manly courage, and flaming heroism. When the Jews, with their economic terrorism, jails, bullies and hangmen, scare the White man into laying down his cudgel and goad him into trying to out-sneak Jewish tyranny, the Jews have completely emasculated the once-strong White man, and doomed him to dishonor and defeat. The White man can NEVER win by sneaking! "

This. Go to school. Get into academic, government, business, or other public positions. Use your position to acquire resources to fund a family and slowly take the system over for our interests. Either we win that way or we collapse it from within, and if it collapses we will have stashed away enough resources to survive.

Play smart.


Larp as Nazis goy in real life. It will work.

If this was still in the 80s maybe your point would have some validity.
People are only able to get in these positions BECAUSE they are working against the interests of whites. You're putting the horse before the cart.
We will never be able to subvert the system's institutions.
Our option is to create a separate infrastructure which can survive separately and independently from the system.


shut the fuck up wanglin

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Oh so you're one of those faggots. You've earned a sage.

Start a girls school. Teach only European history and design. Then women will be skilled when they becoem mothers and help out with problems instead of cause them.

Yes you can. You and your participants will be a sitting duck if they're linked with that property.
Given what happened in Charlottesville, he didn't succeed at all. Having a white demographic doesn't matter if they're brainwashed into being against their own interests in academia and the media.
They're not going to write "Nazi punks fuck off", they're going to do fed-tier shit like swatiskas and genocide threats so that they can turn the public against you. The fact that you don't acknowledge that possibility after Covington and Jussie Smollete proves that you aren't up for this plan yet.

Attached: merchantmask.jpg (252x291, 15.5K)

Keep trying Schlomo. No one normal is going to become a Nadzee for you.


For the record. Fox jews reported cvile as "race riots" just yesterday.

Oy vey you made fun of my Nadzess.

The majority of whites who were polled post-charlottesville sided with the 'white supremacists' so I don't get the point you're trying to make.
I don't get how charlottesville was even part of this conversation though.
The only folly was that it was in hostile territory and the organizers were retards but on the ground it was an overall win on all fronts.

Alright settle down back in your alt-kike discord channel, weev.


Attached: cbe1f452dececd747e4f4162b4de43ad66713490.jpg (391x441, 107.44K)

Normal people were also siding with outright skinheads after the battle of sacramento hit the news in 2016.
Optics arguments have no basis and are just meant to scare whites into not organizing IRL.

You're oversimplifying it.
Optics don't matter to leftists as they control the media, but that's good since you don't want mentally ill fags and trannies to joining you. Optics will convince normal people and it matters to them.

Cville is exactly why grouping up IRL is bad.

The point is that he failed.
Charlottesville took place in West Virginia, that's why I brought it up.

West Virginia and Virginia are 2 different states.

ask your mommy and daddy to explain property taxes and maintenance assessments to you

then youll understand why these properties went into receivership and wont post again til you are a grown up

No. It is grouping under the label of "white" organized by actual jews and planned as an attack against genetic Europeans anfd their nations that is bad. Form European groups. Slavic, Illyric, Germanic, and so on, these are unfuckwithable.

How many of those people were doctors, judges, and lawyers?
If you aren't afraid of organizing IRL, then post your name, credit card information, and address on this website.

Thanks for correcting me user, but my point still stands. Actvism isn't like DayZ/Rust where you buy property and craft shit, people will play dirty against you IRL and it's not worth the stress. Put that stress into obtaining a position of power.

Just to make things clear, I'm not criticizing that. I'm criticizing the OP for stating that that he wanted to be an explicitly far-right group

Also polling anonymously is how you get the most accurate results about controversial issues.

Look at muslims, the vast majority of them won't outright go out there with their real faces and names to defend radicals, but they will privately acknowledge that they support the actions these radicals carry out when they happen, and turn a blind eye when it happens.
This is a vanguard movement and you can't expect any more than 4-10% of the white population to openly back it.

Lel. Don't be gay.

Every time a legitimate apolitical 'free speech' lawyer pops up they get instantly blacklisted as if they were a card-carrying nazi but good luck with that if you're trying.
You're also making the false assumption that we're equivalent to the left in the 1960s and we just need to make a 'long walk' through the institutions. The truth is, they already had control over them and the long walk was just a victory lap where they decided to be more blatant about their goals.

And those upper-middle class 6 figure lemmings you think are so important will be the very LAST people to support white solidarity. You need to appeal to those whom have nothing to lose which the system has spat on the hardest.

Yeah natsoc is ded center. Op is a faggot. Make socialist groups and don't say nationalist. See what happens.

I don't get how hairsplitting on ethnic lines is going to help you evade honeypots.

Sure, you can make various movements which are more in-tune and tailored to various aspects of european history but these would be better served as subsets of a central movement.

Fuck off jew. Form your own groups in Palestine. The European people have a right to self determination.

Yes, it's more accurate, but they are not openly assisting them like leftists do with their own groups.

They get blacklisted by other leftists, not by right-wingers and normal people. Darren Beattie had a better outcome than Paul Nehlen and Patrick Little combined.
Takes less than 6 years to shut your mouth and obtain a degree in Law or Medicine. If you can't do that, then you lack the restraint and patience to handle a political movement.
"Those who have nothing to lose" are unmotivated podcasters who rant about jews in every single episode, eventually throwing WNs under the bus over a minor disagrement. This has happened in practice repeatedly. You won't get soldiers like GLR, you'll just get losers like Jason Kessler, Chris Cantwell, and John Patler who inevitably attack those who have contributed the most. Stop reading WN theory and look what's happening in WN movements.

The people who will give the greatest contribution to the movement are those who have achieved high status.

I'm talking in the US, not in Europe

They've had about 50ish years to prove it, from the John Birch society onward
where are the results?

Dying to a bomb sounds better than dying to a mob of marxists. I'd rather die struggling for my people, than a lethargic death due to laziness.

This. The folkish wave is an inevitability.

If you don't know about them and their role, then it's an indication of them succeeding. Things could be a lot worse like Sweden, but there are plenty at the top who hold the brakes.

The people who have "nothing to lose" always up being the first to stab their comrades in the back. People who have their reputations at stake will do anything to defend their allies. I've experienced this multiple times in the movements I've participated in. Chris Cantwell, a heroin using loser, doxed the Radio Wherwolf staff and took down their payment processor. Jason Kessler doxed his UTR2 participants because he wanted to find "people who would show their face". You'll discover that nihilsts who have no regard for the well being of their life will have no regard for the lives of their allies as well.

If you disagree, that's a-okay, but that means you'll figure it out the hard way. If people who "had nothing to lose" were great, we would be getting drug addicts and bums as altruistic heroes.

Let's see your results before you go and tell everyone about what they need to do.

Great idea OP. Be sure to post about when you open your own one.

I hope you ripped the exif details for safety reasons.

Welp guess we should all give up then, because if we stand up for what we believe in we could face hardship.
It's better we just post on Zig Forums all day and do jack shit about the future of humanity. After all, everybody else but me is a coward right?

Attached: neet pepe meet people.png (1317x452, 266.95K)

Once I get the funds to I will

Oh look, another thread suggesting that Whites dox themselves and publicly organise in handy locations for easy surveillance & eventual v&. Hey there Agent!
The actual "doing stuff offline" plan is to follow the WAR strategy = Leaderless resistance, 5th generation warfare. Lurk on Zig Forums and train yourself to an acceptable level (including weapons manufacture so you're never without untraceable tools). Recruit another friend (or three) that you've known since childhood. Train as a fire team, a real RWDS. Then just start working through enemies in your area - there's no shortage. If you can, sure - get front organisations set up to help local Whites (and act as potential recruitment points), but this will NEVER be a legal political movement while the ZOG exists. You're a criminal - start acting like one. Be invisible until you strike, and when you do strike make them bleed. Start right now - pick your first target (eg a local kike loan shark, nigger drug dealer, Leftist academic to give you some ideas). Create your plan, take them out and repeat. When ready (sufficient experience), head to /list/, find a HV target & drop them. There's your offline organization.

finally a good torpost

What poll? The 'rally' was Jew promoted to portray Whites as nazis. And you stormfags will always larp for them.

Attached: ce728d9c150767539df6192d1c068468aaa3e0f4ea29449ecf359b85ccbcf176.jpg (589x474, 48.19K)

Must be why Jews draw swastikas on their own buildings. Anyone that larps as a Nazi is a traitor helping the Jews.

Good idea. Imagine a National Socialist/fascist Zig Forums that would be absolutely wonderful.

Attached: 4chan_pol_logo.png (500x500, 299.96K)

80 years of failure. I wonder why?

Attached: ZJhWw1.jpg (1280x856, 151.68K)

I'm dreaming of establishing Zig Forums Headquarters in Berlin (just like the National Socialists of 1930s) or in Moscow. Zig Forums then would become a legendary movement.

Attached: 57a0ba8813667c1eee0df110e10951be3670ae5ecb9a4d3b3bdd27cea29bd4a9.png (1889x1889, 288.89K)

Notice the poltards of that era promoting the holohoax just like they do today.

If the meetings aren't about accelerationism and planning violent actions against leftists and jews, it will be useless.

OP here.

I agree with this criticism somewhat but the property should only be bought by a man who's ready to lose everything by being associated with it.
The 'headquarters' wouldn't be anywhere that serious planning of direct action would be carried out. If anything it's a tool to boost morale and show a sense of power.
You have a public face and an underground militant wing which operates independently, but the public face is there to force the system into negotiations.

Shut the fuck up cherrypicking kike.
Imagine being so limpwristedly weak that you're willing to give up the most historically significant symbol of our cause because some hollywood kike tried to subvert it in the 1970s.
You're a weakling who is incapable of doing anything besides ceding ground to the enemy.

The IRA had a militant wing and a political wing, as does hezbollah today.
If the system tries to take down the political wing, the militants will bite their hand off in response.
If the system tries to directly fight the militants, the political wing will offer cover, money, and support to protect them. Legal gray-area stuff.

I think we might be on to something here.
If the political organisation has nothing to do with the illegal activities, then there is nothing of importance to be won from attacking them, as the RDWSs are decentralised and completely anonymous. This way, the political organisation can act as official mouthpiece of the anons, but has no real power within the movement, so it is no longer a critical weak point. Not sure about the financing stuff though. If you finance anons who then shitpost irl, then I am pretty sure you committed a crime as well by financing them. The organisation must be solely for the purpose of speaking to the public / government. Also, any user that is part of the organisation should stay completely clean, so that the organisation is not hunted down.

Start the coffee club membership. The Aussies loved the high quality coffees to the death. The profits from this business can be donated to the social centres.

Good idea OP. I actually been thinking about starting a gym with a very Roman/Arno Berkers atheistic. I want statues and posters of things that’ll be subtle/esoteric enough that gets attention from our kind but scare normies away and not too extreme like nazi symbols as to get (((media attention))).

I don’t care if it makes money. Anything I do for the cause will make me happy. Shit posting just isn’t enough and won”t ever get us to win.

Precisely. This is the most effective strategy for a vanguard movement as it has been wholly successful at bringing far larger and more powerful entities to their knees. We won't be able to take them over and win the nation back, but we can force our enemies to lose.
Moreover there are definite legal ways to funnel money and supplies toward the militant wing before shit hits the fan.

The lone-wolf style actions are for null unless you have a public authoritative voice stating "These are concise demands we have for the future of our society, if they are not met, those who are victimized by ZOG will end up taking matters into their own hands"
There is no crime in the organization saying that the acts of radicals are merely an inevitable result of anti-white policies and culture.

If the feds make the hamfisted move to take down the official organization and arrest it's representatives, then they are effectively eliminating the peaceful negotiation table and giving the hypothetical militants a green light to show no restraint and go on full attack.

Attached: codreanu.jpg (474x632, 24.06K)

What's preventing us from claiming ownership of abandoned masonic lodges nobody gives a fuck about?

They're absolutely ravaged inside but since they're solid concrete there's no real damage. Plus the architecture is fucking aesthetic.

Attached: ohio2.jpg (650x433 148.82 KB, 132.04K)

Hmm.. nice.

Also abandoned train stations
Can't you claim de-facto ownership if you're squatting in one of these places?

Attached: trainstation.jpg (700x520, 106.76K)

So many good ideas for the future.
Really, we can do so much..

That's when you fire up the legal attack dog groups modeled after the ADL, SPLC, etc.
Call it something with "semitic", or some shit in the title so it's half protected by the confusion caused by kikes attacking it. Word tricks like "Southern Poverty" and "Anti Defamation", as you cause poverty, and defame others are the camo cover to the normies who can't seem to see through the most obvious bullshit.
Play the game to win.
Or stop playing altogether, and start gassing.

heh. Let's call it something with diversity. Diversity and social justice protection centre

that's called adverse possession. if it's vacant land not owned by anyone important you can get away with it. if the owner is important or it's a grandiose building like what you posted then the state will kill you.

I am still very partial to the thread (I can no longer find) on the concept of Volunteer Community Service groups with a VERY Aryan presence.
Strong, clean cut Chads with tools. Well organized. Skilled. Coordinated visual presence, a la Hitler's propaganda art/uniform genius.
Take care of run down White communities. Paint an old widow's house, prune the hedges at the Library, etc.
Start early in the park with calisthentics. Get the locals involved, inspired, and healthy. This presence makes it very hard to attack you when entire neighborhoods love you.

kek. Use the rainbow flag as the graphic.

Attached: ecofas.png (581x960 10.83 MB, 24.01K)

If the state cared about their historic buildings they wouldn't have left them to rot. We must try.

This is the way forward. We must humanize ourselves in real life to combat the dehumanization of our ideas at the hand of the media.

Attached: oc.jpg (960x1280, 833.23K)

One of many websites highlighting abandoned buildings and landmarks.

if anons want to go for outposts in urban and suburban areas i applaud them. we cannot survive without numbers.

myself i will focus on rural areas where land is cheap. accumulate land and build a farm and never sell to (((developers))) who will build expensive houses with cheap unsustainable trash materials and flood your community with niggers trapped on a loan with a usurious rate. plus as a numbers game, small towns and rural areas are easier to gain political control over.

any thoughts?

Attached: DSJPC.png (5108x1992, 221.04K)

Sorry for frequentposting, but I think with this , we could finally steal the rainbow once and for all.

JBS never names the jew nor supports racial identity politics. They chase jew golems and prop up muh constitution for all. Their 911 edition focused on Muslims, not dancing jews. WN cannot evolve from JBS. JBS is a timesink at best.

Fine then I'll name a more fitting comparison
Liberty Lobby

Willis Carto had 43 years to try clean cut Americanist-branded countersemitism and Nationalism which ended up barely making a footprint after all those years of hard work. He was a very smart man who kept only respectable faces and names on board but was still treated as if he were a flag-bearing Nazi all the same.
If it were the way forward we would have already solved the problems facing us a long time ago.

If you want to try that I'd make a different thread.
This seems far too trollish to take seriously.

Made a thread for it:

So take what they did to Milo or Fields, or anybody identified as right-wing, and apply it to a building.
All calls for visibility are glowing in the dark. No visibility until the government sees us as human and actually prosecutes people who physically attack us.

dont forget erotic enough

Why repeat the point of organizations as a failed solution? That's like saying all the ways not to change a flat tire. It solves nothing, except seeing your posts. Just come out and say it:

Attached: BROSHER!.jpg (200x175, 7.73K)

that's some wishful thinking there pianoboy

no thanks I'll just stay in the shadows, do shit undetected, and continue pretending to be (((your))) friend back at the office

We need a Zig Forumsice Headquarters.

this is the far-right social center retard

Attached: viper political compass.png (882x960, 574.49K)

It sounds cool, but is way more trouble than it's worth.

The leaders of the communist revolution used to meet up in each other's private apartments and operated in an underground manner.


This, and no one here should want to either. WN1.0 ended White political interests and the opportunity for truths to be brought to Whites overtly with a bullet for Rockwell. WN2.0 was an endless session of boomer fantasy of playing political and delivering a low key mail order revolution for the price of of a monthly sheckel contribution, while developing private White gatherings. WLP saw through the era as a time of inaction and the cracking down of ZOG on the naive idealists. One of the blessings of the internet and what might be called WN3.0, is that we can evolve independently, free of subversion, to raise the highest White consciousness. No payments, no federal entrapments, no boomers playing dress-up. Politics are over, can't vote your way out of the slaughter house. Also it's nice having a guerilla meta-political force growing in the nebulous of White societies while not offering a hard, target rich environment for our racial enemies to attack, burn and jail. The USA and international ZOG has shown itself as a vast system of death to the European man. Imagine a Waco, Tx., Ruby Ridge, McVeigh or some such example where no matter what Whites involved lose hard and the ZOG grasp extends its reach. Another release for Whites is the collective time sink and squander required to keep a shitshow of retards and feds in line, expect much unnatural conformity and larping as drama unfolds over hhyper autistic debates of the specifics of monetary policy and which hairstyles are regulation for "muh optics"

Casa kike is a larp and a poor one at that. As if their association with alt kike members mosley and dugin weren't bad enough, they choose the dumbest name paired with the worst symbol imaginable. A fuckin turtle.

Attached: Glow.jpg (221x228, 11.11K)

ok retard

Only the glowiest of nigs say this kind of shit.

I like this idea.
This seems like a good way to kill jews in the long run.

Anything other than killing jews is a waste of time.
Anyone who disagrees is a jew, either racially or by conversion.
Stop wasting time.

First, I love this idea. Second, I am a constructionfag and to make that structure borderline usable (Roof repair, interior floors/walls etc., plumbing/electric/HVAC, WINDOWS) would be about 350-500k only counting the front area and not what is connected behind it. The windows alone would be about 100-125k, exterior doors another 50k. Look at the arched openings and how large the doorways are. The budget you guys have in mind is huge, easily 1 million plus if furnished. Third, how many of these places will have a historic designation and will therefore be limited in their usage. Fourth, unless you are in an impoverished, culturally enriched area like Detroit, the city isn't going to be poor enough to sell you these historic properties at a reasonable price (if they would be willing to sell them at all). My pricing may be a bit skewed because I live in south florida and we charge a lot, but quality construction isn't cheap and you would need a professional to tell you what needs to be done. You would also have to get it zoned as a private residence if you didn't want to deal with ADA compliance which I would guess is a major reason for these buildings being abandoned. As soon as it becomes a public place, you have to have wheelchair ramps, elevators etc.

Sorry to be blackpill, but there is a lot of shit to deal with when it comes to these things.

I want to end on a whitepill so here's an idea. We could use this as an opportunity to get people together to form construction companies and then get lawyer anons to find a way to look for gibs towards restoring historic properties. Give anons jobs, make places nice again, organize and network. If you can, get your license. Trades are where it is at.

nice selfie, faggot

We need to have screens that display our redpills outside. Also, we should just have a giant Batman-esque projector with the swastika on it.