The Problem with Mass Murderers

The vast majority of them are simply illogical, emotional beings lashing out at symptoms of the problem, and not the problem itself.

Instead of shooting up the muzzies in your country, kill the politicians bringing them in.
In fact, bankers and politicans are the only people mass shooters should target as they are ultimately the source ot the world's problems.

Imagine if Brevik killed Merkel, or some other SPD members? Now that would send a real fucking message.

ITT: we discuss viable targets lone anons on the edge should target.

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I don't think neither the Christchurch or Norway incidents are false flags.

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Everything that has ever happened is a false flag, WW2 was 99 percent crises actors

Digits so it must be true.

The problem is those who'd want to do such things are daunted by the sharply steepening difficulty level assassinating anyone with actual power carries with it. Event then politicians themselves are just symbols & targeting them is as useless as a bunch of muslims whose mosque is unguarded because they themselves are unimportant.

Not unless you kill a fuck ton of them.
Imagine someone shooting up g20

I bet you call the guy fumigating your house for termites a genocidal madman, huh?

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dont forget the ssri drugs they get fed

For every rat you kill, two will come to take it's place. It's system itself that needs to be destroyed, and for that you need acceleration.

(My point)
[Your head]
I bet you're American too.

Your point is shit, faggot.

Thing is, when someone does it copy cats are sure to come up.
People forget that before the first shots of the American Revolutiom were fired the sons of liberty were doing for 10 years what kight be considered terrorism today.

Underrated shitpost.

Better to imagine Bilderberg. But that's why these kind of gatherings have security tighter than a 5 tear old's anus.

Tell me more.
If this shit is what i've heard it is what's stopping 100+ anons armed with semi auto rifles going in there and fucking shit up?

There is no such thing as the "perfect" target. Politicians aren't completely stupid, the small chance that they might be assassinated has already been factored in. Maybe it might work if there is a specific policy that they have specifically made their pet project.
If the goal is fear and retaliation, then you don't want your target to be gang bangers or criminals because those fuckers get killed everyday and by the time the media has worked it out the news cycle has passed on by.
Why not sabotage? Burn down the refugee infrastructure before it's even used?

It would not change shit, politicians are puppets.

Where are the meetings held?

Not even trying.

Your thoughts are irrelevant to truth.

You have no proof

It is in Europe, you moron.
Who lead them?

Before or after the kikes get to them?

They exist thus everything is a false flag?

Are you a jew?

In that order.
In minecraft.
It's easy to say hurrr jews, but unless it's someone high profile, i.e. that CNN asshole or that old kike that funds BLM and antifa and migrant caravans, you'd be better off sticking with the above. And chances are, if someone did, the judge, politician, or banker would be either a jew, a crypto, or a shabbos goy, anyway.

Bilderberg is one of a handful of gatherings the ones with actual power who aren't publicly known attend. Bohemian Grove is another.
Even if you managed to get near either gathering with that number you'd be dead long before getting to the participants, they really are staffed by nearly 99% of the world's elite security personnel.

That makes me an idea, how about false flagging the Bilderberg?

Before; the kikes certainly strip all the tread from those tires.


You’re brain damaged. Proof was posted in threads for both events. Go read the manifesto, fuckface. He openly admits it.

Every act of fighting for freedom is considered terrorism today, in fact, the word itself is a newspeak made to scare goyim into complacence. Things that were commonplace since the dawn of history are turned into a boogieman for the last man over the past couple of decades.

If someone managed to kill every Bilderberg group and Trilateral commission member, it would cause an immense blow to the enemy as they are the Jew's technocratic executives, and as such, more dangerous than any rabbi. In fact, such people deserve much worse fate than the kikes.

Here is a suggestion of some Minecraft character names. Remember kids, Zig Forums is a board of peace and we are all joking here. honk honk

That is what you implied though, kike.

And no proof was posted.

Everything ever was a false flag

What Brenton did wasn't brilliant but he was undeniably one of us.

Okay, leave.

Please keep posting the same strawman. It makes you yids easier to out.

It's hosted in a ton of different places, the question is how do we find out in advance?
I will. Fuck does it matter.

It's worth a shot. Being "elite and well trained" is just a meme and matters fuck all in an actual firefight.
Especially with a numerical advantage they will stand fuck all of a chance.

Its hard to kill politicians and bankets because they have security. Assymetric conflict is all about exploiting soft targets.

What did the kike mods delete?

Maybe, but people are generally too afraid and weak to try anything other than what you pointed out.

Soft targets are soft targets because theyre soft you massive niggerbrain

It takes time, money, and most importantly effort to make puppets. We're lucky to live in a time where campaign donations are monitored strictly.

We call them strawniggers here newfriend, and they are also false flags and probably kikes too.

You'd have to have one of the mods with permissions to the Minecraft server on your team. The proverbial inside man.

Most of the time this is accurate. Not this time. You don't get in a position to sekritly run the hidden world's agenda with shit vetting skills.

These people are far harder to reach

security can't sense that which is tasteless, scentless, and colorless

Aren't there checks way past the point where you can even get close to Bilderberg? They are all shuttled into rooms like a dance.

lol okay nigger

Franz Ferdinand was targeted by a squad, and so was one of the leaders of Iraq before Saddam. Funny story about the latter, the assassins (one was Saddam) stood around the target's car in a full circle and ended up shooting each other through the thing, leaving Saddam with a wound that made it difficult to walk for life.

But where is the proof?

What if someone were to skyking into it? (In minecraft)

Blitzkrieg those niggers.
Anyone on here rich enough to hire a PMC?

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Nigger, the Royal Taster has been a concept for easily several thousand years.

It's a 6/10 without the stream, which WAS true brilliance.
But he was still our nigger. Disowning him by calling him a false flag is extremely dishonorable.

What a shame. Though I'm certain in the future someone for more intellegent than I will think of something to get past our shortcomings.


I certainly didn't, and it's a solid 10.

An Evil Nazi would never make an impact by killing any of those ppl. Maybe one of you evil neo Nazi scumbag virgin incel basement dwelling losers would shake things up by targeting, just off the top of my head, one of the outfacing scapegoat figureheads on the Federal Reserve Board, especially because most Americans don't even know what that is. But that is a stupid thing that only a LARPing faggot loser who jerks off to hentai would do. So don't do it! Make sure nobody does that, we need to keep our image clean. When has violence ever been the answer?

You haven't been keeping up with the latest schizo-research, or you'd already know that double-secret proof was already posted (but the mods deleted it) that exposed this as a sloppy job mossad and false flag.

Brenton Tarrant is no murderer. Murder is one human being killing another. Shitskins and all Muslims in general, in addition to kikes, are not human. They are lower than beasts and therefore cannot be murdered. This is not opinion, it is objective fact. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will understand that Tarrant was simply removing unwanted pests.

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btw it can never be reposted, if you missed it, sorry

We'll have to agree to disagree.
But a 9 or 10 would have needed to be ultimately effective. Brenton's been (largely) memory holed, like all the others. One can hope he gets out like Mandela just as predicted while nodding sadly at the recognition of how retarded being that ultimately naive is.

You either do it and tell NO ONE
Or don't do it at all
Reminder that this was memoryholed HARD
Every person that you try to get involved in a plan is someone who could rat you out

This is how leftards think.

holy fuck i forgot about this.
you know, sometimes i wonder if there is an underground national socialist militia trying to pull strings against the kikes and their tactics.
if so, fuck i wanna be a part of that.


weak people are easily manipulated, or activated– it is basically what AM talk radio is for. Think about how many leftists can not name one law Trump has broken but think that he is a criminal and yet can work a job and raise a family and not know how retarded they are from the manipulation.

i mistook the irony posting for Chomsky shit


That is what you implied though, and no, you leave.

We ain't talking about weak people.

Brenton is far from being memory holed.

What he did was not naive.

"Elite security" is mostly a psyop. There is no perfect defense. I wonder how many of those are Israeli contractors, eh. What if they are pushed into a corner and decide to let their shabbos goys down the toilet.

For any lefties lurking, here is a list of your "evil capitalists" (and globalist government mafia enabling them), wouldn't you rather peacefully protest against them than right wingers who don't have a slightest semblance of power in the world? Where is your revolutionary spirit, eh.

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Here is not the wider world. It's only still in active RAM at all because it's barely been a month since & the vid is memeworthy. It has served none of its other objectives thus far.

Those wouldn't be the effective ones to truly eliminate anyway.

A mountain fortress in Switzerland typically with armed police controlling every road in and out.

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it's held somewhere different each year afaik.

Changes every year but this should give you a rough idea

We need to form small independent communities so that they can't be infiltrated and can't be taken down all at once. Support each other and start taking back neighborhood after neighborhood.

Imagine if OP wasn't an all talk, no action faggot.

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They are the ones who keep this clown world going, those who you perceive as "truly effective" are powerless without those willing and capable of enacting their will to the fullest. Liquidating the executives would be like severing the spine of the golem, leaving the brain exposed. Why do you think criticizing kikes is allowed on Zig Forums, but those who actually enforce their Talmudic laws are never mentioned?

Look at that list, so many non-Jews. Yet, they are the ones who are making globohomo and white genocide a reality. A Jew can never do it on his own. Without the traitors serving them, they would be laughing stock, even the so called "elite" families. A bunch of neanderthal apes who are relying so much on centuries old power structures that they even got their sense for jewing deteriorate, taking the very poison they have made for someone else. Jews are solely responsible for this monstrosity, but it's becoming greater than them, it will consume them too.

Those who see the real problem are too smart to actually do anything that would endanger them.

Those who do not see the problem are too stupid to see and do what they thin is rational.


That's why you need a combination of both


OP understands something important. Finally, somebody does. I don’t like violence, and I don’t approve of it as a method, but effective targeting is the difference between soldiers and broken men. I don’t think we need soldiers - I think politics organizes in functional opposition to threats. But soldiers still fuck things up less than psychos.

you can't /thread yourself

I'll drop the real red pill, that jewish anti discrimination groups like ADL and SPLC are given millions in funding by neurotic jews terrified of the holocaust actually happening, and they deliberately provoke right wingers and muslims and other groups to hate jews in subtle ways so they they can justify their existence and continue to receive funding and perpetuate the myth of jews as a persecuted minority in our society.

You're just their pawn and the best way to defeat jews is with kindness.

What if the Smart person realizes he has nothing to lose?

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Politicians and bankers? No. Kill billionaires.

Armies organize at the definition of their foes. To have an army, you must convince people that someone hates them. You must build in people a “reciprocal” hatred and convince them they are truly only “returning” hatred. To make someone unrepentantly hateful, you must absolve them of their hatred, so that they blame the whole of it on someone else.

Soldiers and psychos both suffice as opponents. So when you present a point of focused opposition, your opponents will coalesce against you. And if you can frame someone else as a soldier or psycho, opponents will coalesce against them by the same mechanism.

Unless they can defuse the issue by being blatantly and persistently not a soldier or psycho, that is. That’s why I adore pacifism. If anyone lies about me, the opposition that forms against me is eventually a vehicle prepared for my use, because I am No Warrior.

We can all live in peace if we learn the skill of being No Warrior. Consistently and for years, as necessary, to de-escalate every malign and combative organization.

Aww, no. Just wealth tax ‘em. Killing people wastes skill and knowledge. All lives matter.


Holy dubs demand that (((they))) explain themselves.


Movie was one of my favorites. Bless those fucking micks.

Rats on high specific position of power are much harder to replace, even worse if they are being targeted.

For all those lones, Maga Boomer and Timothy McVeigh are the ones with the acurate idea.
Imagine if they had suceded?

follow jesus' example. wear dark brown leather henschel hat so its not a 'hate crime' but instead Indiana jones enthusiast.

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Long post, I don't care.
We need to play this like an RTS game. Let's look at our circumstances, as black-pilled as they seem, and make a plan based off them.
With our current numbers and organization as it lay:
We can't out-finance the jew.
We can't overpower the zog.
We can't out-breed the hoardes.
We can't vote our way to a better system.
The noose of censorship and matrix-level control is constricting more with each passing day. We are in our FINAL FUCKING breaths. Don't despair, but be emboldened to achieve victory over death of our people.
How do we win? With violence? No.
Yes, small groups of militants have been mentioned. Someone continues to post about powergrid disruption, but that isn't the right way to go about this. It will face backlash from the zog powers, and we will lose while the public cheers on our oppression and heavy censorship.
We win with organizations? No.
We can't win through the jew's current system of finance and industry. They will out-jew us at every turn. Many have been deplatformed. It simply wont work.
We win with the 14 words? No.
We can't out-breed the hoardes. The wall isn't going to appear and we can't go to the border and shoot them. By all means, have a ton of kids of course, but that won't make us win.
This is how we win:
We become the majority. We infiltrate society. Our memes have immense reach because we know how to change people's minds. We focus our efforts on GROWTH. Over fucking growth. Instagram is a prime target and is currently being taken over by zoomer nazis. That's great, but will lead to censorship. Our growth must be focused on the culture of our nations. We will win by culture, NOT military victory.
Imagine, just for a minute, if all white men and women were redpilled (by our standards). the laws wouldnt matter. the power structure wouldnt matter. Everyone would be in position. When things change over to our goals, it would be EFFORTLESS as flipping a switch because so many people are on board. It won't be that easy, but the closer we can get to a majority, the better.
What can you do?
Infiltrate every nook and cranny of the nation.
We know there are white pride commanders in the military. Become one.
We know there are nigger hating cops. Become one.
We need judges. Become one.
We already have the tradesmen on the fence. Become a leader for them.
Remember the theory of surviving nazis starting Legendary films? Do that. Make propaganda. Make movies. Make tv shows that change the culture in our favor.
Make music. Hide redpills within it.
Teach history. Guide your students to think for themselves and they will find their way here.
We will win this fight if we can win the culture of our nations back. The jew is a tiny fraction of our nation, but in key positions. If we take out some of those positions, not by force but by occupation, then we can influence our culture in the right direction. If we lead our brothers and sisters to the light, they will be more immune to the propaganda of the current culture. Teenage rebellion? We get them to rebel against the current culture, and paradigm shift into traditional values and white pride as the counter culture. We take would be antifas (who are just punks wanting to be revolutionaries) and make them revolt against the establishment's culture, not the establishment itself. When the day comes to become our own yellow vests, and the cops are also us, and some of the politicians are us, and some of the military are us, and some of the judges are us, we will win because when the horn blows:

I agree with this. We've spent a lot of time receding. When we actually put on an effort we literally changed the course of world events in a couple years. Demoralization

You're LITERALLY a complete Autist Kike Stain Apologist Dipshit Fuckwad Cumrag Sperg Maniac. Global fucking reported 20 times for being a perpetual lost cause

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Lol redpill means jackshit without violence.