102 Million Americans Without a Job

"Nearly 102 Million Americans Do Not Have A Job Right Now – Worse Than At Any Point During The Last Recession"


Wouldn’t it be horrible if the number of Americans without a job was higher today than it was during the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009?  Well, that is actually true.
As you will see below, nearly 102 million Americans do not have a job right now, and at no point during the last recession did that number ever surpass the 100 million mark.  Of course the U.S. population has grown a bit over the last decade, but as you will see below, the percentage of the population that is engaged in the labor force is only slightly above the depressingly low levels from the last recession.  Sadly, the truth is that the rosy employment statistics that you are getting from the mainstream media are manufactured using smoke and mirrors, and by the time you are done reading this article you will understand what is really going on.


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But have you seen the black employment rate bro

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That's a third of the population.

Just update your LinkedIn, and email the higher ups directly!

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Wow, almost like all of America's elderly and sub-16 children don't have jobs.

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The IllumiNEETi is rising. Laugh if ye will, nigger.

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Also reminder all the boomers are fucking retiring.

Let's go with sherlock holmes route.
1/3 of population not employed.
Men, women and children. Excluding elderly because they don't want old men.


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Double based.

And all of their jobs will either be offshored, automated, or given to Jose the illegal spic with 3 years of free college and 25 promotions in past year.

Most people just think "if we cut the funding to assistance programs, there'll be less on assistance". But a funny thing happens when Trump or anyone else does it: the deleted budget comes out of the employment end of it, not the gibs pool itself. So instead of the typical 1 social worker trying to vet & deal with 10 applicants at once, you get 1 dealing with 30-50 at once & just rubber stamping everyone not an obvious fraud from some stupidity in the paperwork. All vetting gone out the window.

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Nice try Trumpcuck

Labor Force characteristics clearly show these are adult aged men and women

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The highest concentration per capita of leftists is in the public sector. All public sectors of all countries in the world are bloated. The question is always how bad the situation is, not if it exists or not.

Removing leftists from job positions changes their comfort zone and can potentially lead to red pill by force with zero violence applied. Remember that we are in a time in history where it is common for rich people to pay more than a fifth of their salaries to the government, when several generations ago any talks about taxing more than a tenth would be called nonsense. Government breeds corruption, regardless of who is in charge.

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You fucking morons.
102 million are receiving unemployment benefits.
That's nearly 40% the work-force (18-60 adults) in america, numbered at about 240 millions
Shit is FUCKED sideways and no way to improve anytime soon.

Yang Gang

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Go away.

No thanks. Accelerationism is a bullshit theory.

no those are 102 million that aren't on the work-force, doesn't mean they are collecting unemployment. Do you know how hard it is to get unemployment?

45 million are retired
14 million are in school or job training.
15 million are on disability

Yupp, it's been circling around the interwebz lately that 50% of americans at poverty line. This makes sense.
Pajeets getting the jobs in USA I assume and girls.

I'm guessing it's mostly the rich americans we see here and that are unaware of the situation in their own country. In denial brainwashed.

Imagine the jurors we would get if each district assembled a list of elected juror positions and would-be jurors campaigned for the roles. The wannabe jurors would pander to people’s prejudices, energize voters by plying them against each other, prove their records on the bench by bullheadly ignoring the facts of each case while juryizing as the voters expect them to…

They wouldn’t rule dispassionately for the good of the system.

That’s the gist right there of why politics operates so resoundingly for the few against the many. Politicians do all those things, and then glorify themselves as the walking avatars of freedom. The multitudes have been stripped of representation! So who cares if great swathes of people aren’t employed? Who cares if opportunity is dying and progress is stagnating? Who cares if deplorable commoners suffer? A few thousand famous people get to have all the champaign they want, and their children will never suffer.

If we had sortition and paid our legislators according to the economic conditions of the nation, the economy would flourish.

We don’t even have to commit unreservedly to sortition - bicameral legislatures are an excellent innovation for negotiating compromises between two electoral systems. We can retain political parties as reservoirs of tribal knowledge while reducing their right to vote themselves privileges at the expense of the public.

(((YOUR))) adjective declaration gives it away schlomes.
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102 millions who aren't in work-force

You want to know how much are in unemployment?

unemployed persons was essentially unchanged at 6.2 million.
(3.6 percent), adult women (3.3 percent), teenagers (12.8 percent), Whites
(3.4 percent), Blacks (6.7 percent), Asians (3.1 percent), and Hispanics
(4.7 percent) showed little or no change in March.

Source: bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm

Plus what said and you get those numbers.
45+14+15+6 = 80 millions who aren't employed.
Now try to guess where are 20 millions coming.

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Honestly, other people have pointed out decent reasons for the numbers in thread. I just had fun writing something more novel than the usual asshatery around here. I really do believe in bicameral 50% sortition, tho.


Fun fact: in Russia only 48 millions of 146 million population have work. BASED RUSSIA.

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Lulla bye bye, babe. That ain’t apt.

Russia might need the 50% sortition thing more than America. Somewhere ought to try it. “Not” fascist cronyist governance leading to fascization of the public has been unpleasant bullshit.

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Do you believe the largest numbers ever immigration is a bullshit theory? Because that's exactly what's happening now
Border Patrol Agents Feel Betrayed by the Trump Administration
- Breitbart
Foreign Workers Outpace Native-Born Americans in Job Growth for Six Months
- Breitbart

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Nah I'm sure more tax cuts and wage slavery will wake up Whites

Foreign Workers Outpace Native-Born Americans in Job Growth for Six Months
There are literally more foreign born people filling jobs than American Born citizens. For six months straight.

So keep blaming them for the unemployment??? I think not. Nice try cope nigger.

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Lol, I told someone to do that in another thread just this morning. Starting to feel the enslavement yet? Negate this one too, pet.




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Who I was blaming for unemployment?

I only pointed out where the numbers are coming.
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I bet the definition of Americans includes all the imports. More immigration, more mouths to feed. That doesn't necessarily mean more jobs to go around.

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Every time I get a a job, I have a 2 year window, then I get laid off due to "budgeting concerns." I then spend about a year unemployed despite putting in dozens of applications at dozens of places of work. I sink into depression, wonder if I should off myself, get a call-in for interview, get hired, and the whole process starts anew. This has happened 4 times in a row. Im not even joking. Im hired now, but that window is closing fast and it's slow as fuck now, so Im just waiting for the ax to drop. Sometimes I wish I was just a NEET and would be spared this gay shit.

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You naive bastards who call them either "legals" or "illegals".

If it isn't of your race, it doesn't belong in your country.

Keep your chin up, slugger. You just gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps, shake your boss firmly by the hand and prove to him with a go-getter attitude that'll you'll make more money for him than those other layabouts and you'll be able to to continue contributing to my Social Security… Until whatever you do gets automated.

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Thanks, dad. I appreciate it.

Daily reminder to not be retarded.
Lfpr increased during the recession. There's a reason it's not brought up often (besides to mislead).


Nearly 102 Million Americans Do Not Have A Job Right Now

327,167,434 - (73,939,840 + 51,038,120) = 202,189,474

OP's faggot numbers put the actual unemployment rate in the United States at 52%. Unless the kikes at ZeroHedge are counting children and the elderly as potential workers.

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Hell yeah

I bet that number includes people who don't want a job, people to young, old or crippled to hold a job and contractors(who have a job even if they're not official employees).

102 million people is a third of the population, if a third of the work capable population was unemployed America would look more like India.
More bullshit subversive propaganda meant to depress you and make you hate America.

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Feels. But you're yet to understand your dependence and contribution as a completed illusion. Jobs?, careers? These mean you suck the phallic to shove into another's monumental mouth, the perpetual ability to shove it in yours. Is this hard enough? Will not the soup who examines and chooses, decide for their identity already?


If you legitimately believe that 33% of the legal, adult population in the United States actually has no source of income then you aren't qualified for sapience. Please press a pneumatic hammer into your forehead.

I have a new year's resolution to not tell people to kill themselves and you almost made me break it.

I don't think you've seen how bad cities are. If you factor in retirees this actually makes a lot of sense, especially considering (((finance))) has been keeping the economy "running".

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And how many of those are working age? Does this figure include the disable or the retired?

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i WANT ALL YOU GOY TO THINK THAT IMMIGRATION IS ABOUT WHITE GENOCIDE and not to drive down wages for the koch Bros and mall the other corporate donors.

If everyone knew the real goal of immigration was to drive down wages then nobody would support it. So you guys post some swastikas and all that. Seig Heil is that how you spell it whatever.

Rolling for recession

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The ZOG regime working behind the curtain is poisoning our daily experiences as Americans by promoting diversity (low-IQ minorities everywhere), feminism (women with no manners), and LGBTQ (mentally ill perverts), and now they have to audacity to tell us how their social experimentation is affecting our job market? Like no shit things are falling apart, who honestly cares about this society anymore? Our national community has stalled, and we are witnessing freefall.

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