Abo Canadian shot while robbing a farm - gov still shilling "racism" 3 years later

This is a good example of the state of our country. An abo got shot to death while robbing a farm and our government is still in "it's anudda shoa" mode even though its 3 years after the event. The gov is now shilling a documentary about the "tragedy" of his death at the hand of a racist property owner.

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i keep forgetting there's natives in canada

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Checks out. Soultreans are the true first nations.

Goddamn, never saw uglier injuns before, with full beard too. Look more abbo/ainu than injun.


they're australian abbos

The one on the left (obviously a white/abo mix) really shows you how much they have in common with Indians. If someone told you he was pajeet, you wouldn't even raise your eyebrow.

Canadian pance shitting chugs are such disgusting assholes that even niggers look down their noses at them with contempt. At least nigs can be into cool threads, expensive shoes and owning a flashy car. Yes I know they're idiots but chugs can only look up to them like gods they're so far beyond the capabilities of chugs.

Yeah no.

Abos are evolving.

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Just occurred to me my filename might give the wrong impression. This is what (((Google))) gives you for searching "beautiful aborigines." It's part of a series I call: HONK HONK Searching for Clown World.

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Injuns are expensive. Excruciatingly expensive. Similar to juden, but in a less subversive way. It's more like being tortured for sport than bled for a phony neanderthal ritual kike murder. Despite pop-myths of spiritual harmony with nature, I am confident the animals do not actually like or respect them, similar to animal aversion to niggers. Injuns resent this though and so cruelly force themselves onto the bestiary, with our weapons in any season without any accountability to conservation. They shouldn't be allowed to own guns, or trap with our steel, or fish with our boats and gear.

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Course they are lol

Only in countries where they weren't killed off by settlers like NZ or AUS. In the US, we keep them in their reservations hopped up on firewater and dreams of the 1700s where they were 'rulers' of America. No documentary or amount of normalfags that claim to be 1/16th Jeep Grand Cherokee will ever bring them back to relevancy, and in 100 years or so that's about all that will remain of corn niggers in the USA besides commemorative photos of sitting bull in western US tourist traps.

We call them 'chugs' in Canada. Their kids live riding around on quads and making a shit-ton of noise in white neighborhoods near their reserves.

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Since this will serve as the designated Canada thread, and I didn't feel like creating a thread for it, in Winnipeg there was yet another "Hey Rabbi" incident. This time it was owners of a cash-strapped Kosher cafe.

Nice reading comprehension mong.

I said that a nigger who knows how to buy and maintain a wardrobe of cool threads and kicks and a hot car is far far beyond the wildest imaginings of the average pance shitting chug.

Think about that.

Ever see a clever chug performer? Impossiburu

In 100 years, all that will remain of the corn niggers will be half a billion of their spic descendants cutting the living hearts out of the last 10 million whites in North America.

In 200 years, they'll all have converted to Islam, and in 300 they'll be eaten alive by the 6 billion Chinese who inhabit the continent.

There is not a single one that i would fugg, not even an octon, not even high on absinthe.
Holly fucking shit.

The news media blurred out the evil swastikas so I cannot yet laugh at their quality, but here are the owners kvetching about the incident:

I've found a layer of redpill where I don't even get aroused looking at "beautiful" women of other races. It almost never happens now that I feel anything more than I would appreciating a building, even for nips.

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Please stop calling Canadian native ‘Aboriginal’ because you confuses Aussies a lot.

Stop calling them "Native" because that narrative is built on a lie. Indian or Savage works.

You guys are so far behind the times. It's "autochthones"….

….aw hell. Chugs..


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Who are the first habitants in reality?

Typical CBC scum. They shut down comments pretty much site wide because people kept shitting on chugs and immigrants non-stop. So now a tax funded crown corporation limited free expression.

Europeans. There is a lot of evidence for this, search the term Solutrean Hypothesis.

For the U.S. in particular, there's also the issue of the "Mound Builders".
>Humanity has often wept over the fate of the aborigines of this country…. To follow to the tomb the last of his race and to tread on the graves of extinct nations excite melancholy reflections. But true philanthropy reconciles the mind to these vicissitudes as it does to the extinction of one generation to make room for another. In the monuments and fortresses of an unknown people, spread over the extensive regions of the West, we behold the memorials of a once powerful race, which was exterminated or has disappeared to make room for the existing savage tribes…. What good man would prefer a country covered with forests and ranged by a few thousand savages to our extensive Republic, studded with cities, towns, and prosperous farms…and filled with all the blessings of liberty, civilization, and religion?
Andrew Jackson, address to Congress 1830.

CBC airs shows about Drag Queens too. Tax payer funded degeneracy. Pic semi-related

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I was talking with a friend of the coins designer. He's some sort of Jew that survived 35 years with AIDs.

Science has gone too far. The cost of those drugs (to the taxpayer) must be astronomical.

What's important about 1969? Was that when the first synagogue opened in Nunavut?

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I'm less concerned about the cost of the drugs, but where (((they))) are getting all that 'special blood' from.

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Checked. Fags confirmed to cost $5,000 a month.

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I wonder if HIV or AIDS is engineered to create the medications in order to make the profits.

If that's true, they're pretty patient. The first death in the US was in 1968, and it's believed the SIV infection crossed to humans in 1936 or so.

Decriminalization of sodomy. The coin is to mark 50 years of LGBT progress.

(Checked and hailed)
At that range over 35 years we're looking at
$840,000 - $2,100,000 wasted on the faggot, which brought Canada nothing other than degenerate art.

For that I think they'd just use something more common, like Flu or as of late, Measles.

Most of them look like fucking gibbons.

Yeah Inuits are the only people so nigger even orcas want to kill them, and orcas in the wild love people!