My name is Nigger and I hate jews!

Jews are vile and repulsive subhumans that corrupt and destroy every thing they touch. The only good jew is a dead one. Give me your most absolutely abhorrent examples of their God-accursed subrace so that we all remember how fucking much we hate them and why.

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I'll post some webms to get us started!

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Release the pressure: the thread

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inb4 JIDF tries to derail thread

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you don't fully understand jews until you understand gypsies

Jews are cool, ignore the liars who say otherwise.

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I'm quite convinced that Jews and gypsies are one and the same. Imagine how disgusting you need to be for you to be exiled as a subhuman from India out of all places. Gypsies also see everyone doing honest work as below them, only steal/beg/cheat, have weird black magic rituals, and they are heavily promoted by Jews. There must be something between them as their mentalities are identical.

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Jews are already full of hate. To hate the jews is to increase what is already too much.

The jews hate us, and if we love them in return, they'll look like assholes and the normies will see through their bullshit kikery.

no hate, no violence. understand your enemy.

I'll kill you if I ever see your face.

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Hasn't worked for two thousand years. Why would it suddenly work now?

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More repulsive jews pls

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What are some instances where Israel screwed over European and white-majority countries? I see the USS Liberty as a constant example, but Israel paid the U.S. millions in return.

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Water controls fire.

Peace and love have worked in the past, this is why the jews haven't been strong until now.

Humor is so much more powerful for a movement in our position than hate. Make our enemies laugh and the piss will be taken out and they won't want to fight as hard.

If you want to be as full as the ocean, first be as empty as a valley. Then you can receive the rivers.

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Gave the US millions (of our own money) back. FIFY
Without the US Tax Donkeys to bleed, that sewer wouldn't even exist. And, in addition to all the gifts and 'aid' money the US bleeds every year, the soldiers who die for ((their)) wars, the 'free' military equipment the US gives away… in addition to all that, EVERY SINGLE "LOAN" made to Isn't-real has been 'forgiven' by act of Congress. (There is a reason 'congress' is a synonym for getting fucked.)

Stop talking.

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is he dead?

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looks like several people and at least one of them was quite fat

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Nah he walked it off.

Given the lack of attention this thread is getting, it's pretty clear (((who))) is behind the nigger hate threads.

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If you don't hate jews, even privately then there's something seriously wrong with your brain

Nice deflection, autist.

Contribute more. Remind everyone why jews are hated.

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Kikelicious lmwao

My name is Kate Hikes and I HATE KIKES

Success breeds jealousy


What the fuck is this kike doing?

swinging a chicken over his head before he slits its throat; just another barbaric custom of theirs.

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This is how you do it OP.

A stereotypical badger?

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the "jew"

fair dinkum. that's fugged.

Here's a fuckable yenta, just for a change of pace.

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oy vey


The joke's on her. Liking Arab men is a form of antisemitism.

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Here you go.


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Moments like this make life worth living.

But anyways, here's Maimonides (Moshe ben Maimon, fl. 11th C.) on circumcision. Funny enough, in their own texts Jews are more truthful about this issue than gentile Anglosaxon doctors in the last century:

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You're an epic faggot bruv

My name is Jill Kews and I hate niggers
Am I doing it right?

This is Zig Forums, every thread is a Jew Hate thread.

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Savannah Cummins is a woman you ass

Good thread OP, have a contribution

Only Niggers love Jews.

It's literally insane that we aren't openly killing these psychopaths in the streets. Peak clown world.

Where the jew tells you God got it wrong

Yeah, it's really joggin' my noggin.

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This thread is anti semitic goy

Anyone have the video of that one Jew explaining how Jews see all white people as the enemy?

Avoided my federal ban to give you props my nigger

She has a point. Whatever the topic, you'll always find the jew debasing and spoiling whatever is good in the world, eating away at white accomplishments, so that they can make a few shekels and further deceive themselves that their victim status is entirely justified.
Jews are the true niggers of the world being led by the nose by a small group of wealthy individuals who exploit their genetic gullibility..

haaaahahaha my fuck

What the FUCK is that pile of dead bodies at 0:28?

torturing a chicken before they sacrifice it.
Usual vampire shit they get into.

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Fuck likes!

Kikes, sorry guys fat finger

They crucified me this one time and now I'm back for revenge.

No they stopped doing that centuries ago. Wait, how many thousands of kids go missing every year?

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you do not need to hate nits, you just need to wash and cut hair and shave more often. and don't forget to burn old things.

Fuck this putrid (((Neo Con))) rat.

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I would happily put a bullet in his head.

Oh well apparently confessions aren't acceptable when derived via torture. Too bad someone didn't alert the Nuremberg tribunal.

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One shekel has been deposited to your account Chaim.

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Each time some cunt supports the kikes they only make 28 cents for the bullshit they say.

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A fucking badger

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That is the biggest insult, thinking some money (that probably originally came from the US anyways) would make up for the lives shed.
They think of us as cattle so of course they would think that is more than enough.
Blood for blood.

"i hAtE jEwS. i bLaME tHe zOg bEcAuSE mY fAtHeR lOvEs bLacK cOcK aNd iM a FagGoT" is what you should change this threads title to. "wHiTe pOwDeR"

You idiot's are just as evil aa the "jEwS" you say you hate so much. The ruling class is all religions and ethnicities you simple minded fucks.

"jEwS aRe viLe AnD rEpuLsIvE" what the fuck do you think you are?

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Keep bumping Schlomeys. Every thread that isn't a Kike exposure thread is a slide thread.

I'm an atheist you low iq sister fucker. Why do you retards call everyone you don't agree with a jEw!

Interesting. This one sounds like a kike, but from the language and manner of posting, it almost makes me believe a Somalian nigger is behind this post.

Regardless, back to the ovens (or fields) with you.

97% European , you fucking hateful sister fucker.

I'm the kind of white person that hates everything you stand for.

"bAcK tO tHe oVEnS"
Says the faggot who fucks his own mother.

Jews are a species of parasite.
Your answer was very jewish btw.

You mean a cuck? We noticed.