Antifa gets pro white cop fired

All he did was do his job while being a Pagan.

So being a proud white Pagan male is enough to make you lose your job in Murcia now? Land of the free? Give me a break. Abrahamists continue to exploit religious freedom while followers of native European spirituality continue to be discriminated against by the (((establishment))).

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(((They))) fear the revival of native European spirituality and the end of Neo Judaic cult christianity.

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don't care about cops

The Kike System Screams and Collapses by the day

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Do you really expect any sympathy from us?

Yeah no.

Nigger should have done his job and gotten his pig buddies on board long before now.

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Take the pagan pill.

Pagans deserve it

you have any source beyond a youtube video?

Zog bots and christians are actually hilariously similar when you think about it.
And we all know zog bots get the second to the worst treatment when the time comes…

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wew lad

Christians are far more oppressed than pagans faggot. However, this guy was fired for being pro-White, not for being pagan, and you know that. Antifa doesn't give a fuck about pagans, because no one cares about pagans. Antifa is just anti-White. Have you ever actually dealt with antifa OP?


These ratfuck Judeo-Bolshevik scumbags need a fucking bullet through the brains, each and every single one. I am sick of these fucking faggots running roughshod over anyone who doesn't subscribe to their twisted and demented worldview and I can't wait till someone pulls a Saint Tarrant at a faggy Antifa riot.


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lol. no one gives a fuck about that actually.


If this guy decides to use his tactical skills against ZOG, make sure you start a thread about it

Jew confirmed.

cia asset joe rogan, two days ago
skip to 2:10
pro tip the fire is already lit.

Religion is for NPCs who can't come up with their own ideology. Prove me wrong

*tips fedora*

fuck chr*stcucks, but there is nothing a pig can do to redeem himself but resign and disavow his profession

you can't type christcuck or what?

*tips menorah*

Type out a summary for us. No true user will give that filth a single shekel click.The only thing we will give Joe Rogan is a head first trajectory directly into a wood chipper.

It's an intentional shill so someone can screen cap it and say: "see all the chirstcuck spammers are really kikes! can't even type it out!"

Honestly American evangelicals deserve it. They are the single biggest group supporting Israel. They pour an incredible amount of money and power into supporting Israel.

Kill all Abrahamic religions.

If you click an embedded vid like that they dont get views. They only get the view and the shekel if you actually watch it on jewtube, embeds don't work. Also:

Do you not have a internets?

I just filter Tor in every thread these days.

"South in the sound a hear of groning in the combat with Vifell the mighty.
Lo! From the depths of the forest, there strutted unshapely giants,
Greater of stature than men they were, and shaggy and wild and ferocious!
Hand-to-hand battle was demanded for our daughters and Kingdom!
No one would venture this combat, for no one the steel was possessing
He, Iron-skulled stood, potent, his skull transfixed, Viking alone, who but late in his fifteenth year had completed.
Entered into battle, with hope in his arm and named Angurvadel.
Cleft in the midst at one blow the slipperiest dark fiend, and rescued the light haired maidens!
Viking, bequeath your sword, to the home of your fathers at once.
Faintly the runes will show, when peace reposes over our nation."
-Frithjof Saga

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Jews hate Jews for Jesus even more than they hate regular evangelicucks. They can't really say it, but they'd happily shove every last one of them into an oven themselves. It's a real fracture point we're too dumb to exploit properly.

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frankmason you?

Fuck off. You are not European and you will never be. Find your own culture. You are Empire and you’ve been the scourge of our lands for thousands of years.

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If he was “pro white”, he was a corrupted race traitor. Pigments do not need defenders.

In order to have a good society, we need to teach self-enslaving people who submit themselves to the abuse of others to reach once more for the joy of kindness. I want all the world to feel as I feel, and reach for eternal life in this world.

Jews for Jesus aren't religious Jews anymore, you fucking mong. They're apostates who make a point of trying to convert their kin to a religion the Jews hate more than Islam. They're traitors even by kike standards.

Read a fucking book, nigger.

You want a typed out transcript? This is honestly a first.
One of the most autistic requests I've seen in my life tbh.


There’s no point standing against Jews. They either are or aren’t conspiring. If they are, the solution is to turn the other cheek. If they aren’t, the solution is to stand in brotherhood. With a bit of grace, the two can be done simultaneously.

Also, I don’t think Jews especially tend to conspire.

Wishful thinking. Jews For Jesus is only an annoyance for the orthodox jews that unironically believe all of the text in their sand books. Jews For Jesus is useful to the jews because it allows them to collaborate with any flavor of zionism.

All forms of christianity are in service of zionism. Christianity is inherently zionist.

Oh no the bet people who cuck to niggers and will be the ones to take away your freedom get fired.

Every time. Stop watching marvel films and convert to Christianity.


The christniggers fear the trees

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No. (((They))) don't fear Odinfaggots even slightly.

They fear people waking up in general. They do fear Christianity reawakening into a large vector against International Jewry as it once did, which is why they've been trying their best for 100 to neuter it, because it's still got so many followers in that domain objecting to globalism. But beyond that, it's about people waking up in general (across the belief systems).

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You're that same fucking faggot from the Berkeley professor thread aren't you?

fucking lmao

They would be afraid of pagan reawakening, but I think it's unlikely to happen. At least not anytime soon. Christian reawakening would scare them too, but that is doubtful as well.



Stop talking about yourself.

You’re really that pathetic, aren’t you. Fuck off, yid. You failed. You were exposed immediately.

Ban tor permanently.

There is nothing wrong with white pagans.
I know countless white guys who are pagans and tend to be more devoted National Socialists than the Christians I have met.
(((One guy))) posts that Pagans deserve it, others call him out because that talk is typical of Christians with a dual loyalty trying to stir shit.
You immediately start calling them Jewish for hitting back after they defend a white Pagan from an anti-White poster.
You're the fucking kike here, buddy.

Exposed immediately.

Wow , just stunning and brave. This reads like one of those "Shot for being black" things niggers love to spout for upcummies. Pagans confirmed for white niggers.

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Let them fight.

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Is this ironic or is Varg actually this much of a retarded larper?

DAS RIGHT! DAS RIGHT! Yeah cry christ boi!

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Staged bullshit, propaganda, psyop, call it what you like.

Every time one of you liars spews your garbage I will post this to remind you of what kind of force in Europe Christianity has ALWAYS been.

4 universalist religions: judaism, christianity, islam, and marxism. All were invented by jews.

These are the mental gymnastics of the average kike shill

Cathokikes voted against hitler
Cathokikes moved numerous times to stop local europeans from lynching gypsies and jews. Remember the Hunchback of Notredam? Who gave the gypsie girl sanctuary? Do I actually have to post the number of times and places the catholic church stepped in to stop natives from lynching jews? Do I?

jews read and quote the old testament, like you

That mf isn't white he looks Italian. He's a wop.

this kind of gay shit is laughable and tells that most of you never go outside he's just a midget MMA commentator who promotes healthy men. It's sad when fatty neckbeards like you trash that, even if he's a midget.

No its an ideology you faggot, and it's premised from Judaism
You too will be killed soon

Joe Rogan is somewhat of a retard but he is right here

The only real God is the one who says Jews are the Best. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't deserve a job. Especially not in the police force. They have an obligation to protest Jewish interest

No. Jews aim to ruin tor for the goyim.

He's a sodomite, he pushes drugs, subverts truth, and fucks subhumans and faggots.
He's just another fucking traitor.
Fuck him, and fuck you.

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By who? Christcucks? Nah, pretty sure christians are too occupied sucking that based black cock to ever rise up and fight.

Same fucking thing you tool.
It made prophecies about the future in hopes of manipulating peoples behavior in the present, same as christianity, judaism, and islam. And it is universalist. It's almost like you are trying to find any little error instead of addressing my points; you do agree that all 4 of these universalist ideologies were created by jews, right?

Join the Fight for Fascism NOW!
End Cultural Marxism!

Sauce on gayness? Pretty sure he's married with kids.
He pushes healthy fitness and he smokes weed. 85% of America smokes weed bro. Gtfo here.

all white people should be killed and replaced by superior, high IQ asians and jews

Get those antifags killed.
Kill the enemy in order to win.

eastern religions are the only reepilled ones, hinduism, buddhism, daoism, confuciusism are all pretty based

judeochristianity is a tool of the globalists to keep the common man down while they pick our pockets

Found the pothead
CBD is okay tho

Cold take

What the fuck op. Learn to make a fucking thread. You gave no fucking info at all.