Any ideas?

Somewhere on the internet,
there is a person who has a brain like Eisenstein.
That person is being completely ignored by the ignorant, misinformed
sub-genius, pseudo-intellectuals.

The majority of "Geniuses" can score 140+ on the I.Q. score because
they have skill focused their training to be a better information regurgitation,
and they have been prescribed stimulants that cause them to perform
beyond their natural limits.Those people are NOT coming up with anything original,
and they simply compile memories that they regurgitate for the rest of their lives.

What should this person do if they have every learning disability in the book,
solved the world's greatest mysteries, connected all stem fields into one unified theory,
started a political revolution anonymously, achieved high levels of athletic ability,
perfect marksman skills, advanced driving skills, advanced sailor, advanced diving skills,
welding skills, can invent anything, advanced pilot skills, ability to create nuclear devices from common household materials, sky diving, generally stronger and smarter than 99% of people,
discovered sunken ships, figured out how to earn unlimited money without having to work,
refuses to earn money in that way because it is unethical, has everything he needs already, lives a humble life,
refuses to join the military, refuses to be involved in the criminal world, refuses to become a politician,
does not want to become a spy…

At the exact same time, this person has the inability to communicate said accomplishments in a way that people will believe because of personal codes of conduct, and no one will believe this person without this person drawing too much attention to him/her self.

The world of academics does not speak the same language as the common English vernacular,
and they will not listen to anyone who does not humor them with flowery bull shit.

This would render said person ignored by both the average conceited imbeciles and the greedy distracted "Geniuses" who have sold out to a cushy university life or a Corporate job.

The pseudo intellectuals on the internet would only try to debunk this person's claims;
rather than ask questions or fact check.

The academics assume that this person is crazy when the person disagrees with their dogmatic/archaic education.

The world of academia would not give this person the time of day; because they are the intellectual elite. They have become vane and conceited.

If this person shares all of their ideas openly, they will be stolen and used for evil.
If this person tries to own the ideas and take credit; the ideas will simply be ignored.

What should this hypothetical person do?

This person could easily solve the geopolitical tensions if he were willing to be exposed.
At the same time, this person wants to help the people of the world anonymously.

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A brain like Eisenstein?
So extremely clumsy metaphors and innovative-for-its-time intercutting?

Spoken like a true ass hat…

Either build the biggest most impressive sand castle he can before it's washed away by the sea forever or spend the rest of his life destroying sand castles for the sheer thrill of it. But I'd tell anyone that even you.

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Those damn Hipsters are worse the the freaking Yuppies…

Idiocracy came true, and fight club is a new book of the bible.

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yeah, its a problem

You obviously missed the entire point…

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Yeah, somewhere, for sure.

ops talking about me


Yes, I stopped reading right there.

Congratulations, we found him, his name is Christopher Langan. Langan&cat=web&pl=opensearch


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Why do you keep squawking?

Become Industrial Designer
And end your life of faggotry.

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Jesus fuck that spacing is beyoned reddit tier

You should have known mentioning that kike was going to derail the thread before it even began. The autism has it's uses but that strength is wild and easily triggered in the wrong direction.

Write good fiction.

Bath salts.

Sometimes, you have to bait people to get attention on the internet…

Know your own power level kid.

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Clive Cussler already did it…!L7pTjI7T!lXwcQmZwxEcj8Np5tXUSRg

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Did you know Quantum physics is a lie.
Quantum physics law comes from the missing time of a 1/4 a day a year. Every 4 years we a a day. How is that possible? shouldn;t we add 6 hours to our time every year.
The thought of it is idiotic.
I brought this theory to Harvard , Yale, and many other Mathematicians. The problem is that most of the professors of Mathematics wrote books on Quantum Physics and it disproves their books. Many professors have told me I am right but there is nothing I can do.
This is how time works.
To explain this it revolves around the theory of Relativity. Albert Einstein, in his theory of special relativity, determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and he showed that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels.
In lame means term Gravity = time.
As the earth moves around the sun we move closer and further from the sun, which changes out time conception.
This leads to the famous "twin paradox" in which one twin is rocketed at high speeds flies across the galaxy and back home. Even at a velocity close to the speed of light, the journey would take tens of thousands of years from the vantage point of Earth, but because of his high relative motion the astronaut would age more slowly than he or she would than on Earth, and would return home only a few years older. His twin would be long dead.
In a 1905 paper Einstein predicted that because of the rotation speed of Earth, clocks would also run slower at the Equator than the poles, but that turned out to be wrong. See Einstein actually understood time. I think with a little bit more time Einstein would have figured this out too. E=mc2 and set the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, as the cosmic speed limit - allows for time to stop. So if you are going slower than the speed of light it will move you forward. Everyone is a time traveler on our ship earth.
There are 26 hours in the day.
13 hours of light 13 hours of dark
1 hour = 52 min
1 min = 52 sec
1sec = 52 nanosec
3 times 7 = 21 + 1 for god=22
7/22 = PI
364 days a year times PI = 1144
Perfect rotation! It is in the math.
Every four years we get a free click. The day with no time.
28 days times 13 months = 364 days
12 ages/ 1 age = 2166.7 earth years
26,000 earth years around galaxy
125 years a click = 1 min on watch
Time is infinite if it is right.
Remember we have to take in the account of moving slower than the speed of light. The faster you go towards the speed of light you gain extra time. Once you exceed the speed of light you can travel backwards in time. So all of you hopeful time travelers you will need to build a craft that can go faster than the speed of light to go back. This is almost impossible, but can be done. In order to go back you need to bend space which allows the astronaut to move faster than the speed of light. In order to bend space you need to create your own gravity. I have drawn a replica watch of earth’s correct time.
This also complete Kepler's theory that God exists.
Kepler thought everything was perfect and it was impossible unless their was a hand in it. He proved it to the point of out rotation.
This is the god formula.
This will never be told and be hated by every liberal college of fake arts who lie to make money.

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Everything you wrote is taught at school in US except for the "Quantum physics law comes from the missing time of a 1/4 a day a year. Every 4 years we a a day" part. Explain more, please. I once designed a new clock and it was very similar. It started at 0 though.

Hur dur smart people cant figure out how to succeed at basic capitalism theyre so smart must be someone else fault. Langans totally ostracized from the intellectual community coz hes so smert. Not cus hes a raging egomanical asshole nobody likes.

Every 4 years we a a day
Every 4 years we gain a day.
I missed typed. I wrote a lot without proof reading.
Yes it is taught, but Mathematicians refuse to believe.
My math is Correct.
Everything you wrote is taught at school in US except for the "Quantum physics law comes from the missing time of a 1/4 a day a year.
In quantum physics time is explained by plancks of time. The quarter of day we miss every year.
Please read

Thank you for the interesting post,

To clarify, the calendar and quantum physics actually have nothing. Do do with each other.

The orbit of the earth and the rotation of the earth don’t match up exactly.

Your theory simply is not correct.

When you learn more about the history of the calendar, you will learn more about the level of control the the church and ruling elites have.

Quantum physics is an incomplete part of the puzzle.

It is only a fraction of the information that we need to explain the universe,

To clarify, the calendar and quantum physics actually have nothing. Do do with each other.

Not true. Proof
The orbit of the earth and the rotation of the earth don’t match up exactly.

Please have proof of your statement.
Lunar orbit has nothing to do with gravity but the gravity of earth. You are not understanding what I am saying.

Your theory simply is not correct.
Please show your math.

When you learn more about the history of the calendar, you will learn more about the level of control the the church and ruling elites have.
I am sorry I thought you had a realistic question.
Quantum physics is an incomplete part of the puzzle.
Learn about Kepler. I believe Kepler was smarter then Einstein.

It is only a fraction of the information that we need to explain the universe,
You sound like a hater.
Is my theory going to upset your intelligence level by your friends?

It is very simple,

One rotation of the earth does not equal 24 hours.

One orbit around the sun does not equal (24*365)…

If you look at the earth's orbit from two different points of perspective; both points of perspective will not agree. ( Special Relativity )

That does not change the fact the 1 day does not equal 24 hours.

The entire point of the calendar system is for agriculture; the ruling class (being a bunch of 100 I.Q. people with a 4th grade education) takes the calendar religiously… they have no comprehension of the mathematics involved. They are 2 dimensional thinkers… ( Does it work or doesn't it, logical fallacy of false dichotomy.) The church is also as rational. The majority of the church members also look at life religiously. They honestly assumed that the perfect creator would create perfect symmetry. The members of the church who knew better had to appease the ignorant church leaders and monarchs; or else they would be killed or worse…

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Time and Space are both an illusion…

Radius and Circumference ratios are an irrational concept.

So, your looking at this all wrong…

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That does not change the fact the 1 day does not equal 24 hours.
NOT true…
PI proves it.
It called Jewish PI.
I sure that will make you mad. Not my fault.
Christian pi is based on Time of earths rotation.
3.14159265359 = 365.33
3.142857 = 364 even

No, Pi does not equal 3.142857

How can you even continue if you can't tell me what Pi equals?

I have a solution for Pi that I do not want to share because the implications are catastrophic.

You LITERALLY can't even tell me what Pi equals… you have to give me a ratio and an incomplete calculation to represent Pi…

A Pi ratio, or and incomplete calculation is NOT Pi…

Attached: 220px-Gollum.PNG (220x218, 88.14K)

Jewish Pi is a lazy fix that works for Carpentry.

My solution defines the boundary between reality and nephropathy/symbolic numerical language.

Mathematics is a 'created' model/a representation of reality; students who study mathematics for too long begin to lose the ability to distinguish reality from mathematics.
Please read before trying to act smart.
I don't think you understand what I am saying.

Copy and paste this in your search.
Then come at me.


Was meant to be a joke about delusional math nerds…

The search confirmed my statement.

Pi is an irrational number, that is it can never be represented as the ratio of two integers. … (The rational number 22/7 is an approximation to pi - 3.142857(1)… as opposed to 3.141592(7)… ) … The value of PI is 3.1415926 or 22/7 but the answer of 22/7 is 3.142857
Actually this was written in 2017 after I slammed two Harvard and one Yale mathematicians.
I am right and you will be a follower who can't think for himself.

That is what I meant by, " You LITERALLY can't even tell me what Pi equals…"

You can't explain Pi, you can only represent Pi.

You aren't telling me anything Original. Therefore, you are the follower?

What I am saying comes from my own analysis.

I can define the boundary between theoretical mathematics and reality.

I am willing to help you find the answer too, but I will not spoon feed this answer for reasons that I've already explained.

I have real answers.

Do you want to try to make got'cha points all night, or do you want to learn?

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Great meme. Haven't seen a single post about the Fed here in the last 5 months. It is a winning issue that should be focused on. "Libtard PWNED!" can't reach a majority of Americans. Almost all Americans are oblivious of what the fed actually does. If they weren't, they would be holding pitchforks.

The FED is actually very simple… when compared to theoretical physics…

There are cartoons that explain it… the problem is that those cartoons get censored. The Corporations will NEVER expose their papa FED because the FED allows their para-monopolies to receive unlimited funding and too big to fail status.

Thanks for the compliment,

What is the significance of Pi ? Curious to hear what you have to say. I am here to learn. Whether you are a genius or a retard makes no difference to me, ethier way there is something to learn. That sounds super fuckin humble brag but i really think this is a lesson Zig Forumsacks need to learn instead of just calling everyone a nigger faggot. You can jump right into it. Think i will be able to follow along (up to a certain point)

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Pi should only matter down to the tangent of a plank length.

pi equals 7/22
364 days a year times PI = 1144
Perfect rotation! It is in the math.
Full circle without Placks of time.

I think I done talking to a lame man.
I think you are not learning.

Pi deter mends circumference of a circle or rotation
This guy is just arguing to argue with out accepting new ideas.
It like arguing with someone with a book written by some one else. Like arguing Christianity to a Muslim.

Plank length is made up to proove the calendar time.
Plank would not exist with out the christian time table.

I argued this with the smartest men (never a woman) And always win.
Everyone agrees that I am right, but I can never prove it cause I am a nobody that everyone hates.

It's particle physics. You can't define something smaller, only it's presence, which becomes conditional. All those decimals stop. It's a thought experiment.

N o it is not.
PARTICLE PHYSICS IS physics that studies the nature of the particles that constitute matter and radiation.
Do you not understand special relativity?. Do you think Einstein was wrong?
Please explain.

There is a finite size to which a circle can be measured, because there is a finite size that can be measured… physically. True or false? At which point are you measuring a probability for which size of circle? You can define information as useful at least and cut off insignificant figures to reality. It is field theory and information theory and it doesn't like geometry. Things become fractal and probabilistic and figures become insignificant. Do the math for me.

7/22 = .3181818
Are you high

You got me I wrote it wrong. 22/7
I miss typed.
This I can do with.
Good job. I am terrible with writing.

Attached: w.png (200x300 10.96 KB, 10.68K)

Actually your statement is false.
Do your own math.
22/7 = 1.132587 times it by 364 = 144
pi 3.1416 times 365.25 = 1447.4694
Not perfect. Time is Infinite and pi and time should be infinite.
It is not hard to understand
There is no 6 hours a year that we add every 4 years without this formula.
You can try and argue but you are a worthless repeater of knowledge gave to you by books.
Thanks for you memorization and not thinking for yourself. Get a brain..

I made a mistyped again


All I wanted you to calculate was the significant figures of pi given the diameter of 30 billion light years worth of plank lengths. The real question is how large that number becomes as dark energy asymptotically rips apart your Einsteinian reality and what that means when expressed abstractly.

A circle is arbitrary.

The same mathematical paradox exists in all dimensions. The paradox being that all numbers are the same; all pieces of matter are slightly different.

Each particle in the universe is completely unique; therefore the sum and actions of each particle are all unique and arbitrary.

There is no reason to get super specific and technical… unless… you want to collaborate on a project.

Therefore, Mathematical generalizations cannot apply to reality universally. Each calculation needs to be a unique occurance.

The numerical constants need to have probabilities; not certainties.

The entire notion of counting from 1 to infinity is bunk…

Literally. 1 + 1 cannot equal 2… ( It would equal something 1.9999999 or 2.000001)

Time and space being an illusion, a common misconception, of being that perceive the world from a 3 dimensional perspective…

The ENTIRE CONCEPT OF MATHEMATICS needs to be changed…


A child could have the argument that you're having…

But Planck is determined by 3.1416.
Quantum Physics is False.
Go ahead and lie some more.
You don't have crap without your Planks of time. I say Planks of time does not exist.
Why would I calculate nonsense?
Of course if you make shit up without calculations and reason you can make anything up.
The question is so you understand gravity?
Gravity = time.
Tell me one more time you are smarter then Einstein.

Oh boy we got a live on.
Yes, math matters. It is the one single thing we base everything even speech of off.
Our math need to be correct or we are stupid.

"Math" is a series of rules and symbols.
There is a lot you can do with Mathematics.

The current mathematical paradigm can't do a lot of things. The applications are too limited.

We need a new form of Mathematics to explain Pi or to Divide by Zero.

Attached: Kepler.png (220x228, 71.9K)

some say, that birds don't exist and yet you see..

do you listen?

The Chinese are probably just building some dooms day weapon to hold the world hostage…

Attached: karl-marx-template.jpg (300x300, 26.53K)

You are right
I am re-explaining PI
I am saying a perfect circle is 22/7 times diameter.
By saying this proves quantum physics is bull.
It also changes the time table to what I am saying and making time infinite like PI.
Time should be infinitive.

| 22/7*D |

Perfect circles don't exist in reality…
So you're describing the prime circle; while there is no prime circle in the entire universe…

Only in our imagination.

Even in our imagination, the circle is only as perfect as we can imagine it.

You need to include a degree of error.

Attached: att.jpg (361x469, 101.3K)

If you incorporate the a degree of error down to Planck's wall, that is about as accurate as mathematics can currently get to.

You could make a more accurate system using probabilities ratios that resemble the fundamental quarks.

If you were to break down the universe into its prime factors, you could make an equation for each subatomic particle.

When those subatomic particles entangle, you have to make a way for the equations to interact while operating on different physical dimensions.

That is the gist of how you can solve all of the mathematical paradoxes.

You still don't get it.
The earth moves in an egg rotation.
It moves in and of gravity from the sun. Yet it is perfect.
Time and Pi should be infinitive.
22/7 is also called child PI. It was used by Egyptians, Romans, and the Mayans.
It was changed by the Vatican to prove the time table. Bet you didn't know that.

Do you not get it.
22/7 = no planks of time.
Do you not get the math?
It is exactly 364 days. no missing time. We move in an egg shape that makes us go in and out of time. Time equals gravity. Perfect circle and time.
NO PLANCKS!! Quit bring up your quasi planks of bull crap of 365.25 days,.

It seems like you're the one who doesn't understand…

Perhaps that compulsory education system has your brain locked into a 3 dimensional box…

Perfect doesn't exist… Even the elliptical orbit has flaws… For example… get our of your chair and jump… Congratulations.. You have skewed the "PERFECT" "EGG" rotation… If it was perfect; now it is not…

You keep asserting these irrational notions like "Pi" and "Perfect"… Those don't exist in reality… Only in the Greek's wet dreams…

Where does the .25 days a year go then?
Please explain.
Why don't we add it up every year and not every 4 years.
Where is your 6 hours a year of planks at?
Imaginary world of lies?
You are a repeater and you mad cause you don't think for yourself.
It's because we are moving in and out of time in out rotation around the sun as we move closer and further from the sun. Special relativity.

I am proving it does exist.
It does exist gravity makes a perfect circle every time'

Did you know the moon moves exactly 364 days around the earth and every 28 days for a 13 moon cycle.
Gravity is time and perfect. So is the earth.

Can you elaborate?
This sounds like floating point integers.

Hi op
Sorry for the thread take over,
I saying something different. I not saying the earth is flat or some stupid like that.
I saying gravity makes a perfect circle even in a egg shape because of special relativity. It may be an egg shape but time is perfect and corrects itself with gravity.
I know this is a new concept and I get laughed at and told by many and told I am wrong.
But I have never lost an argument to anyone on earth. The last thing they say to me is you will never change time cause you are nobody.

Please ignore my spelling errors.
Not my specialty.
I am really not good at talking to people.
I have no Charisma at all.

Youve lost the entire argument in this thread. Your english is horrible and nothing in existence is perfect except for the sum of all existence.

Gravity does not make a perfect circle except in the flawed gravity equation…

Gravity only makes a perfect circle from a perfect sphere…

The current Gravity equation is broken…

If you don't believe me, well you just need to learn more about physics… I'm telling you the concise truth,

Attached: download.jpg (223x226, 9.53K)

Only a coward attacks grammar and spelling.
Honest people make typos and errors.

Dishonest people who are concerned only about their shallow appearances triple check to maintain the illusion of superiority.

Attached: download.jpg (219x230, 6.35K)

assumption based on a lack of knowledge you are not supposed to know about.
do not underestimate the storage potential of pi kneel gland or become another penguin.

The sum of all existence is equal to the sum of all that does not exist.

The lack of existence is equally as real as existence.

This is something that science has not taken into account yet.

Basically, you can't have a unified theory without incorporating the effects of ant-matter.

Anti-matter is what balances matter. It is like the Through of a wave or the neutral of a circuit.

Without nonnative energy, there can be no positive energy.

There is most likely an inverted negative dimension.

Attached: aang.jpg (309x397, 47.42K)

You're and idiot.

Actually I am defending my typing errors. I make most the mistakes. Did you read the posts. Example

You are proving me right.
Do you not understand?

Hats off free thinker.

Quit coping and pasting and come up with a legitimate argument
No quantum physics Planck crap
A Real argument.
plancks do not exist in my formula.

This post is being backed logged by the Jewish christian conspiracy.
Should bum,p to front page but is back on the 4th page.
Why is that?>
Cause I am telling the truth?
I posting time to prove in a min

look at the time
Jews own you
Go ahead and believe their lies

Attached: xxxxz.png (1353x426 118.24 KB, 86.61K)

Did you know I made pepe a clown. So niggers can call me a honky.
Honk honk I see a black man
Get it.
I flip this community cause I hate stupidity.
I will never stop!
I hate all of you!
Like I am not that creative to fuck everything up/
Oh yeah.. I got Trump elected. Why it was funny. I was the Meme war..

Invented concepts meant to describe the flow of time are not deeply tied to the physics concept of spacetime. Changing the calendar, and time units is superficial and meaningless.

Also 7/22=/=π
Nor does 22/7 (moron)
or "3.142857"

π = 3.1415926535897932384626433832… and can not be expressed with a fraction. It is an irrational number that can be derived with multiple methods from the simplest of geometrical abstractions.

All you need to derive Pi to as many digits as you please, is a good idea of what a circle is, and a bunch of computation.

Pi is also not really much more big of a deal in time as it is in anything else. user, you're engaging in detached numerology, and self-fellating fantasy. Fucking with clocks/calendars is for childish morons. Everybody understands that time units are totally arbitrary. (except Planck time)

Understanding spacetime, and quantum physics is a whole different animal.

I wish folks could look past the superficial, unimportant agglomerate phenomena, and obsess over the actual base rules of the universe. We are just the emergent results of the self-referential (iterational) behaviour of a physics convention whose basic rules are relatively quite simple, but whose underlying details are totally out of our grasp.

But this isn't what time-cube faggots obsess over. They fall in love with dumb bullshit word magic and numerology. I wish you would just fucking kill yourselves.

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He will never listen…

Why wouldn't stark just always use a remote control suite?

This thread was fun for everyone…
Why the fuck did it get bump locked?!?!?

What fucking ass hole piece of shit bump locked it… You're a giant faggot…

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