You will never afford a home until boomers die

Young People Can’t Buy Homes Until Older Owners … Move On
There will be a period of about 15 years during which baby boomers downsize and die. Don’t expect much housing supply until then.
By Conor Sen
April 25, 2019, 7:00 AM EDT

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Kike real estate developers are the problem.
Chink investors are the problem.
You are the problem.

Main problem is its expensive to avoid "diversity" but no one will tell this bitch that. You have to price the niggers and spics out.

Also, the federal reserve gave banks a bunch of free money to buy up the homes foreclosed on during the housing crash. So they artificially restricted the supply.

Also, banks artificially inflate the prices, buy low sell high. (hand rubbing).


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There wont be houses to buy because they are replacing boomers with niggers.

She should get married. She also has every fucking right in the world to shove an ice pick in that realtor’s ass.

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the fundamental unit in a healthy country is the family, not the individual… this is why libertarians don't understand

Yes, I understand that. That’s not the point.


Only a dumbfuck pays more for a house built in the past.
Buy land.

No. It's when freedom enables people to choose family instead of no family. "Laws" are jewish marxist talmudic bullshit.

like she wouldn't post a jpg of the letter, the realtor's name, home address, social media accounts, and phone number to have him fired


Go innawoods.


You have millions euros closets now. Housing by sq meter means shit. Housing is completely fucked because boomers 'invest' all their assets there. People need to watch our documentary on the rich. It's German but has English subs

Get to the part with banker family and housing. You will learn just how much (nearly all) of Germany's, US, and world wealth is in real estate and that is why it caused the world economic crash of 2008 and will crash again in the clown world where the youth are without a future.

alright that's funny

Fuck off niggerfaggot.

They're too long to webm. Put them in VLC or whatever media player you use then. Also your dubs are unworthy of being checked you boomer loving apologist nigger.

There is no shortage of housing, there is a shortage of available land because governments deliberately trickle it out to keep prices and taxes high. In the old days people used to buy land cheap and build the house themselves a bit at a time and stay in a caravan while the building is constructed. Only reason they don't allow this is because the boomers will whine like usual.

In Canada and Australia the Chinese have bought up property. Globalism, foreign "investment" Nothing like the physical space for a nation to rest its head to become Chink subversive capital. There's pushes to increase urban density. Can't afford a home for your future family? Just get a slave box in the city. Sorry no gardens, no water well, no livestock, no )))work shop((( just spend your slave bucks to remain dependent on the system. Also we need to import shitskins because YT isn't reproducing, me wonders why

This is permitted almost anywhere in the US outside of "incorporated urban areas". You can do almost anything. The restrictions come in the theft of "fees" and the energy code. All the other codes are solely about safety.

I can't wait til boomers die
The government should just add poison to the water in the suburbs and speed things up

What are chloramines ?

Just buy the land plots in the remote areas and build your own camp with your hands. You are not going to need the houses anyway because USA will collapse in the future, which means you may have to abandon the houses and move to bug out places.

Or just live in the innwoods but be sure to bring your guns with you for protections.

Why am I supposed to care about this again?

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There should be law: everyone who is 60 and older can't own property and have income.

My first real job back in the early 90s paid $65k/yr . Adjusted for inflation that's $110k. A few weeks ago I noticed that same company has an opening in that same position. It now pays $55k/yr.

You are a complete and utter faggot.

US 1819 was ancap libertarian paradise by 2019 standards.

Only governments can own land in US. Individuals can only rent from government.


It is hard for an honest working white man to price out niggers and spics thanks to muh gibs. We need a real gov shutdown that cuts off welfare and food stamps for a while to even things out.

Eat shit tard.

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i live next to a boomer marina club, and those old bastards play boomer top 40 jams every friday, saturday and sunday night in their live band. so not only is mainstream radio 24/7 boomer jams, but these overgrown selfish children play the same music in their boomer band on the weekend, every weekend, even if it storms, only ceasing in winter.

you will never hate boomers as much as me, a gen x'er, who lives in a trailer park one of them built in the backyard of their lakehouse, in an otherwise boomer neighborhood.

i'm going to stop here, because its not good for me to hear or read the word boomer.

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The real reason rent is so high is so
can help the god damn boomers pay the ever increasing property tax and probably even the mortgage on the god damn shit hole meanwhile tyrone gets to fuck another brainwashed skank and grammas section 8 brick fortress


Boomer boomer boomer, user, how about dem boomers? :^)

Boomers…more like

all jews should be slaughtered

What the fuck kind of shitty, oversaturated market were you working in?

Damn straight I am a successful 30 year old boomer chad. Own my own house. Bought it during the housing crash, it's already doubled in value. Can't wait to sell it to some millennial techie faggot in a few years at 300% my original investment and then buy an apartment building and never have to work again for the rest of my life.

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It's not just that. Millennials invented "The Gig Economy" and part of that is AirBnB.
Hundreds of thousands of houses and apartments across the country have been pulled off the market and turned into 100% temporary vacation rentals which dramatically driven up prices and competition for the remaining units. In some cities almost 25% of the houses are short-term rental units.

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30 yr olds are millennials dip slit

Its a meme, newfag

You can mortgage a house for less than 300k just fine out of the major pozzed states

The joke's on the boomers really, once the boomers start liquidating their shit the supply will spike and effectively destroy the valuation of those assets they're using today as a math basis for retirement. This of course only applies to the boomers who have any assets, which is a very small percentage.

The good news is that the illegals will beat them daily in retirement homes.

Tell me, what is it like being so obviously gay for cocks? How much fag cum does it take to quench your undying thirst for semen?

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If you are not the land owner why do you pay property tax ? Why doesn't the owner of the land pay it ? If that "tax" is a "use fee" then why is land old and not placed in the trust of another who takes over the "use fee" ? Because you do own it. Individual ownership is an American right. It is speech and is protected as such.


Just popping in to mention the Jew rat we have. Graphic references to homosex are a dead giveaway you're a Semite, fag. Sage.

Thanks to property tax you never own it anyway. So buy the house Goy so you can pay tax that goes to govt. gibs programs to destroy white people.

Even more reason to kill all boomers.
Accelerate. In all fronts.

where did all these scrotum gargling queer bundle of sticks come out from hiding

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Lifespans are expanding. So is material science. It’s unfathomable to me how cowardly modern architects have become. Regressives have abused and enslaved the architectural sciences. There are gains to be made; space has been created.

The housing market is gonna crash again with no survivors here in about 5~10 years.
Boomers took cheap houses and 'flipped' them trying to get profit. Pretty hard to sell a home when no one's buying. Probably doesn't help that the house you got for $100k you did "renovations" no one asked for to try and sell it for $400k. Once again I gotta check where the money trail is here and who benefits from this eventual real estate catastrophe that's brewing.


are these white separatists serious

Idaho is such a shithole.

This nigger is going to (((mortgage))) a house in a pozzed state, good luck with that bud.

Buy an entire city block in Detroit for 500$
Then spend the rest on a moat and put sum gator in that sumbitch


Press X to doubt that such selective death solves problems.

Please add to those systemic, these system components: (((Town, County, City, and State regulation and tax institutions))), (((Charter, Credit Union, and Bank companies))), and (((international globalist lying capital influences))). Demographic shift is an ever dividing diversity hydra ouroboros that is unified in eating whites at each transition-state-transaction in the chain.

If boomers sell, the assets are sucked up by cannibals, and will not reach the next white men. Even if those who have validity buy and maintain, their assets cannot escape parasitism. Once a good is traded into this system, it can either go 'up' into more cannibalism of varying different kinds, or it must bankruptcy-out (which again is intercepted, exiting local commune control and entering international commune control). Only high mobility assets, constructed and maintained without debt in all parts of the source labor+supply chain, can avoid these systemic effects. And, of course, if/once these enter valuation, they are still subject to parasitism.

The house that I grew up in, that my grandparents bought with less than a year of my grandfather's salary, was upon my grandparent's death, razed+modified by an international jewish brit. None of my aunts and uncles had enough capital to buy it, so that globalist got it. And that globalist, who flew the british jack and star of david on the front flag monument that I built in high school, sold the property less than 4yrs later, "to the market" for over 8 figures. Should anybody buy it, and actually live in it, it is now unownable-without-an-army-of-slaves, and has such serious design flaws that it will eat itself regardless (materials failure). Add to this the township, city, and State extraction increases, from taxes to fire marshal to water and sewer to bank and loan 'regulations' to 'schools' and 'churches'), and it is even further negative.

Enjoy your (((lawsuits))) and the corrupt mayor and nigger city council of detroit abuses imminent domain to ethnically cleanse whites from the city.

god Chad does not boast, he does not need to. Everyone already knows of his greatness, he understands this very clearly.
You may "own a home", but it is chad who is fucking your wife while your at work.
Don't ever defame my deity by associating him with a cuck life yourself ever again you fucking nigger faggot

Fire cleanses all things.

Was in Moto crash. Now have 400,000 aud.

Gonna buy a campervan.


It's old peoples fault you cant buy land and build on it. It was also old people who broke down the family unit to the extent that men and women now need separate accommodation more often than not, taking up double the housing stock.

The Jews love D&C.
the purpose of (((communism))) was to seize power by breaking societal structures using class war.
The purpose of (((feminism))) is to break western society up by attacking the family, through inter gender conflict.
Some of the aims of (((cultural Marxism))) are to break western society by importing muds and fomenting anti white race hate, as well as creating other divisions to exploit such as LGBTQWERTYUIOP "rights".

Can someone tell me what (((or who's))) purpose hating on Boomers is going to serve?

It doesn't seem like asians and pajeets are having this problem there again those groups only hire their fellow ethnics. What else can you expect from an alien group?

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When the baby boomers die off in 10-20 years, 40% of the shore population will suddenly be gone.
At the same time, non-european children and babies will have reached adulthood.
The result will be an extremely rapid flip of the proportions of whites in Europe and the other civilised countries, and non-europeans.
If you are worried about housing, don't worry, because all of that housing will be handed over to the "new europeans" and you'll be more concerned about survival.
Do something about it now, because there is no next generation to pass the problem onto.

You will never convince them, 99% of people are mindless followers and will only respond to the information, ideas and opinions fed to them by the ones in power and in the msm.
They'll continue to blame women and old people, all while out societies are destroyed deliberately from within.
Unless you take power, your voice doesn't matter, and you will convince only a fraction of a percent of people.

You should have burned it to the ground.


Boomers Boomers Boomers. What is this shit?
Can someone tell me where this fucking boomer crap came from? Was it from some controlled opposition, YouTube E-celebrity like Jordan Peterson or whatever that fucking Marxist is called?
The correct way to view the world is through racial lines.
What are we against?

Guess what race boomers are? Oh yes that's right, they're almost all white.
So the "Boomer" meme is basically white people aged 13-40 being pitted against other white people aged 55-75.
White people against white people, rather than white people against jews, niggers, pajeets, chinks, muslims etc.
Immigration is the main existentialist
threat against the white race and western civilization at the moment, not the fact that
some white guy down the road aged 70
got his house cheap in 1960.
House prices should only be discussed
in terms of jews controlling the money supply, immigrants buying up property,
and stupid planning laws by globalists and marxists.
The correct title for this thread is:

Young People Can't Buy Homes
Until The Jews Who Are Inflating
The Money Supply … Are Gassed

It's called divide and conquer you stupid fucking idiots.

>Can someone tell me what (((or who's))) purpose hating on Boomers is going to serve?


The Boomer didn't outsource your job to India you dumbfuck, that's what (((Globalism))) is all about.

>Can someone tell me what (((or who's))) purpose hating on Boomers is going to serve?


It's not that I can't buy a house it's that I would rather burn money on apartment rent than to give some piece of shit boomer the satisfaction of collecting a check for triple what they paid for their home 30 years ago, only to have the overvalued market tank and be under water paying a mortgage more valuable than the revalued cost of a home.

Housing is not an investment it is a cost now, and it will take a looooooong fucking time for home prices to normalize back to sane levels. Primarily because there are still idiots that believe homes are investments.

Generational d&c.

Don't worry grandpa, none of us are going to deprive you of your medicaid.

Yea, they've been fighting it against us since The Great Society, 1965 Immigration Act, The Cultural Revolution etc… and they dispise us for not thriving in the hell they left us.



The Boomers turned their backs on their duty to younger generations. Their constitutional duty to their posterity contained in the preamble, the moral duty to not saddle their children with their own debt, and their personal duty to provide for their own retirement.

Want to make housing affordable?
1. Get rid of the carried interest exemption that encourages Boomers to buy investment properties.
2. Change foreign ownership laws to what they have in China - foreign buyers are allowed ONE property, provided they love in it more than 50% of the year, every year.
3. Include a new test for social security - wealth and/or income, whichever is higher. If you're renting out properties you shouldn't get social security.
4. Outlaw banks from collateralizing mortgages so out of control lending doesn't shoot up house prices.
5. Tax on investment properties.

These are just a few ideas. The problem is getting them implemented.

The Boomers will fight these changes tooth and nail, but Millenials would support it and might coalesce them into their own voting block.

A Millennial voting block could dictate - literally dictate - policy and usurp the Boomers.

Found the Boomer. Fuck their Medicaid and social security. They bankrupted us. Let them rot in the fucking street and end the free ride.


It's not the Jews that did all this it's those old rich White boomers homeless or working at Walmart.

Non stop JIDF propaganda

They did not bankrupt you, you fucking imbecile.
(((They))) bankrupted all of us.
Stop this D&C bullshit.

Oh, this asshole finally found nein.
Can we start gassing these filthy kikes yet?
I'm tired of being tired of this shit.
They are nothing more than highly annoying fleas.
"Chosen ones" my ass. They're worthless to humanity.
When lads?

I make jokes about boomers sometimes but come on, you're conflating them and kikes since the latter weren't done undermining the WASP establishment yet back in the boomer era so there are a lot more white faces to remember from back then.

In the end, only bullets are the real math.

Here's how you save millions of dollars, one boomer at a time. It'll add up quickly.

anyone got some better music? went with that song from The Purge movie

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Remove non-Whites and you'll see how suddenly homes become affordable. Leave the boomers alone.


You won't afford one when they do. jews want it all. They will never give up profit to give anything to the goyim. Even empty property is better than goyim happy for those fucks. They will just turn all the property into income siphons from minority programs.

It's almost like you're excusing Boomers owning their own homes at the expense of teens and 20-somethings.
It's almost like you're implying that 50 - 60 years of non-stop work from the age of 16-18, somehow entitles these Boomer fucks to own homes while teens and 20 somethings (who did the responsible thing and did an approved degree for the next 5-10 years, instead of taking the easy way out, instead of leaving school at 16 and walking directly into a trade or technical work and producing things of value like buildings, oil, power distribution etc).
It's almost like you're implying that our degrees are worthless compared to actual tangible objects?
How fucking dare you suggest that houses shouldn't just land in the laps of graduate professionals?
We are a generation of professionals, don't you get it? Not like the uneducated Boomer fucks who somehow think that making shit, outdated shit, which isn't even virtual or on the cloud, somehow fucking entitled them to high earnings without a fucking degree.
It should be fucking illegal for employers to pay more than minimum wage to anyone who doesn't hold an approved degree from a higher learning institution.
How the fuck can you justify Boomers (and even Gen-Xers who somehow failed to learn the 'degree is essential' message) earning 6-figures before they're even 30?
How the fucking dare you justify Boomers and outdated, tech-illiterate, behind-the-curve, DEGREE-LESS Gen-Xer's buying their homes outright with cash, because they took immoral jobs in oil, power distribution, mining, aviation etc industries?
Ok, so employers pay for them to take degrees if they wish, but how the fuck can you justify these lazy fucks who didn't go to university straight from school? Who by pure chance had their laziness and lack of academic rigor fucking rewarded with high wages, while the true heroes are those of us Millennials who ignored those temporary high wages/salaries and did the right fucking thing by studying for a degree?
We were promised that any advantage that "trades" retards had, would vanish by 25. That companies wouldn't promote them, that they wouldn't just judge their value by their productivity and skills, but without a degree they would stagnate at the bottom rungs while we become their bosses.

What the fuck happened to my friends and me? We got our degrees and finally get a job in a multinational, and find some uneducated degree-less fuck is our manager, or out manager's manager?
Ask how the fuck that's possible without a degree and the fucking boomer/gen-xer story is always the same:
So basically laziness and academic ignorance is rewarded, and some "experience" bullshit ends up 6 figures while the intelligentsia, the digital natives and internet-generation languish on minimum wage because our degrees are discriminated against.
Who gives a fuck about results and "knowledge", what is that compared to AN ACTUAL DEGREE FROM AN APPROVED INSTITUTION ??


No, gas all (((d&c shills)))

Your not a niggle
no gibs for you

drive up and down MLK BLVD/AVE and tell me what you see

God damn auto correct is offended by my texts THANKS GOOGLE

wwii never ended
we all boomers nao

Experience beats a degree everytime you leftynigger.
Also. less is more

There are more vacant homes than homeless people in the US.