Sri Lankan Christians begin New Crusade

Mobs of Christian men in Sri Lanka have been threatening and beating Muslims, dozens of residents said.
Sri Lanka’s Muslims Face an Angry Backlash After Easter Sunday Attacks

Muslims from Negombo, Sri Lanka, being relocated to another town.

By Jeffrey Gettleman and Dharisha Bastians

April 24, 2019

There the mob caught up with him, he said, and delivered a harsh beating, begging the soldiers to let them kill him. Hours later, Mr. Zabi still looked terrified.
Despite pleas for calm from religious leaders of all faiths, tensions are rising and fear is traveling across this island nation like a fast-moving shadow. Many Muslims in different parts of the country say they are lying low and avoiding public places.

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Glad to see that, even in shitskin countries, muslims are hated. The bigger questions is how kikes are seen.



Who cares you christcuck. Go back to your containment.

Most of these countries have no idea about jews, most view israel positively as a developed nation with superpower capabilities.

Yeah….you are a hundred years too early to post here retard.

Welcome newfren

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What about the part where you're supposed to turn the other cheek? How will christcucks ever recover?

Accelerate. Genocide all enemies.

Honk Honk

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Thank G-d we fought back against the Middle East for 9/11.

7 countries in 5 years, that's based

Instability. Standard third world noise symptomatic of low standards of mental health. Sri Lanka’s baseline is akin to that which in first world nations has been chased off into ghettoes and leaderships where they can do little harm.

More mud people killing more mud people in Sri Lanka. Maybe some group which stands between the Muslims and Christians wants it all to get more out of control?

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You realize they literally do, right? Dumping brats into explosions is how muslims deal with excess children.

(I wouldn’t say this save that I know they’ll someday prove me wrong. There are likenesses that bind people of radically disparate origins. Not wanting to explode is among the likenesses.)


Alphabet agency shills need to lurk before posting.


Thanks St. Tarrant!

Toppest of Keks.

I want all muslims dead. They are all shit, same with other (((parasitical races))).

Awesome news to be honest. The Christians on Zig Forums have been saying for a long time, with many Biblical and historical references; that defending your nations and exterminating evil and corruption where its found is not only acceptable in Christianity, but also our duty. The hold that the corrupt churches have over the masses will likely decrease as they see non-white (read: non-criticisable) Christians showing that it is good and right to kick this filth out of your nations. I get that a lot of you Zig Forumsacks care very little for what happens in subhuman nations, but this can be used to rally and inspire white Christians to do what they are supposed to be doing.

Also worth noting:
That Nationalist Christian Crusade angle is just begging to be pushed. Don't let the kikes bury this. Every time we are presented with an opportunity, we should be embracing it. There will be very few times where something is 100% perfect for us, but there are aspects of many events that can and should be used to wake up the masses.

You fly direct to many countries from Pakistan, how are you a refugee when the country isn't in a state of war, hasn't been in a state of war and you are a member of the dominant religion.
All Pakistanis are economic migrants, just like every fucker who claims "refugee" and doesn't wait or resettle in the closest adjoining safe country.

as a subset of wypipo


I only wish this would happen in Western countries.

Tim (cuck or hiding powerlevel) had an okay report on it. Whilst I agree that this entire thing is an attempt to shill western christians into fighting muslims because some sandniggers are killing eachother over semitic cults, I do recognize the fact that a fight must be fought; just not only muslims but their semite siblings aswell must be fought on all fronts.

To give up now is to give up on hope, just don't be a good goy puppet and recognize the puppetmaster and don't be distracted with his shitshow spectacle.

I don't post e-celebs for obvious reasons but since this is directly on topic and "mostly" news.

Those who are that is with a blade in their hands meet those who are that is with a blade in their hands, while those who are that is in peace meet those who are that is in peace.

Gee, why would anyone be angry at these peaceful followers of Muhammad? Completely unjustified!

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Sri Lankans are based as fuck. They had a problem with Tamil terrorists literally just a few years ago… so they killed 250,000 people (bombing schools, hospitals and shit). No one even mentions it. They did the deed, the world forgot and they got some peace.

Now the muzzies pick a fight with them… this is gonna be good.

Dudes a Puerto Rican (I think) and a Bernie supporter so I’d doubt he’d have much powerlevel to hide

Looks like they are going to use the 'fear of muzzies' to implement total control of the planet's populace.

Fight the Jews retard.

Jews have to be removed first. There is no exception to this.

Everyone knows that islam is the sword of jewry, but the point is that jews - for all of their insidiousness - are not posing an existential threat. They play the long game, the slow boil, and are content to try to destroy us bit by bit or get us into potentially nation ending wars with others or each other. They are the significantly above islam on the pyramid of our enemies, but islam poses a more direct and imminent threat. As our nations are overrun with their filth it becomes more and more important that we remove them as quickly as possible.

No one is saying to stop once the muslims are gone. If the jews remain in power they will just find some other enemy, or funnel muslims in again later on and try to wipe us out the exact same way. That is after all what they have been doing for over a thousand years with muslims. Still, it is the muslims who if not stopped soon will overrun and slaughter everyone, just like they did with Persia, the Near East and North Africa. I want the jews gone as much if not more than the next Zig Forumsack, but we can survive a few more years of jews plotting to destroy us; we cannot survive a few more years of muslim soldiers being brought into our nations in their tens and hundreds of thousands under the guise of being 'refugees'.

Something happened to Ramadan worshipers.

More like hiding that blading hair

Don’t forget, the biggest supporters of Israel are American Evangelicals. We can not defeat the Jews without also taking them.

Oy vey! All white Australians are responsible!

Oy vey! Look at the Christian response! See they deserved it!

Shows how easily the jew can make shitskins play let's you and him fight.

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nice post and nice digits


It's not either/or, you fucking frightened kike.
You ALL are going to die in the same manner and schedule as ALL of our enemies.
This will not end this time until you are ALL eradicated from OUR planet!
The next 1000 years will be our war.
We will not stop.
We are coming…

tfw nearly everyone i work with on the factory floor is sri lankan, got the christians and the mussies

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meanwhile LARPagans still jacking off in their moms basement

You faggots are so pathetic.
Get a real job, neanderkike.

Based niggers killing each other.


Those are Tamil women and children (mainly Hindu, some Christian) being raped and killed by the Sri Lankan Army (Buddhist and backed by the (((UN))) ). There are no Muslims in this video.

[Citation needed]
The kikes condemned the "Buddhist Terror" of Myanmar, obviously their pawns would side with the mudshits.

That was obvious irony, user.

Also, the Sri Lankan army has no fixed religion. They have everything from mudshits over atheists to hindus, the largest group likely being buddhist (whatever that means anymore in shitskin lands). This isn't some sort of religious conflict, its shitskin terrorists and their sympathizers against the sri lankan state and his military.

So the Sri Lankan Government, backed by its (((John Exter founded Central Bank))), was rescued by China and India after a nearly 30 year war. A war in which the Northern Tamil militant group managed to found a self autonomous goverment in the North and East which was recognized by other terrorist groups such as the PLO, the IRA, Gaddafi's Libya and more. They were the only terrorist group to have a standing army, a navy and the buddings of an air force along with civilian infrastructure like schools hospitals and a police force. The LTTE was out of the Sri Lankan Army's league and the fact that Sri Lanka needed foreign help won't be forgotten by anyone who followed the war.

The LTTE rooted out or outright killed Muslims in the north and east of Sri Lanka where they had control. Meanwhile the SLA was raping and killing children as shown in

They also engaged in dropping pornograpjy from airplanes into tamil communities after they won the war, similar to how the IDF did the same to LTTE comrades the PLO. This kikeslave Sinhala mudslime wants us to believe that the SLA goverment is somehow not on the wrong side of history.

Let's hope mommy and daddy from UN can save you again, mudslime. I'm betting it won't happen.

Inb4 history revision by this kikeslave mudskin, anyone interested should just read up on the Sri Lankan war. Only one side was nationalist. The other was backed by kikes. Pick your side.

Read up on the Sri Lankan Civil War. That broadcast is from a bigger piece on it.

So you're saying the Tamil were the good guys? According to wikipedia, the part about them removing kebab is true, and they also apparently didn't use mass rapes as a 'war tactic' unlike the Sri Lankans military. Since this was shitskins vs. shitskins i honestly do not care that much, but i previously thought the situation was similar to Myanmar were based buddhist shitskins were driving the mudslimes out of there lands with the help of the military at times.

I would be surprised to find a Hindu in the SLA. In fact I can pretty much bet on zero Hindus. Christians, maybe, and muslims very doubtful. The overwhelming majority is Sinhala Buddhist.


where*, their*

End Leftist Occupation! End Immigration!
Join the Fight for Fascism NOW!

Its war and like you said, it does not really affect us in our corner of the world. I'm not sure who the good guys are, or even if there are any. But reading about it has made me side with the LTTE, much like I've sided with PLO despite hating the fuck put of arabs of all kinds. Are PLO the good guys? Doubtful. The lesser evil maybe.

And on a more unportant note, these isolated nationalist struggles are being defeated by UN member nations working in unison to take them down. It feels like nationalism's buggest weakness, in all its appearances in history, is that the globalist chokehold is too large to surpass from a single nation.

To quote wikipedia:

I'm pretty sure that most sri lankan soldiers were buddhist too though, although i doubt this has a lot of meaning since A. Buddhism has degenerated ever since shitskins appropriated this aryan religion and B. the majority of these will likely not be 'practicing' Buddhists. The choice to become soldiers suggests that, since todays practicing Buddhists usually subscribe to a rather pacifist interpretation of Buddhism.


Buddhism in Sri Lanka deserves its own study, as its the root of Hinayana Buddhism, one of the three major Buddhist Traditions. I think that years of war with Hindus over religious and ethnic lines have definitely impacted it and changed itn but it has always been a separate tradition from the more popular Mahayana Buddhism that most of us are acquainted with.

Pic related needs to be the answer

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If we lose mudshit lands to kikes they will descend upon Europe like savage hordes, the way its happened many times over in history. Unless we can outbreed and replace them in their own nations (highly unlikely), we will need to determine a way to awaken them to their own slavery eventually.

History does not lie and nothing is being hidden anymore. All of the East since even before the Opium Wars has been ravaged by kike colonialism and has been blamed on whites. All that is needed is the awareness to look i to that history.

I mentioned John Exter earlier to the Sinhala fellow. This man is a board member of the Fed and his estate now collects a portion of 40-60% of the value of Sri Lanka's productive capability. Foreign Economic Slavery should be the line we wake them up on.

There's no money to be made there, therefore no jews. They have no real experience of them.

I will give them credit for doing what every other white nation should do after a bombing. They need to actually kill the muslims though, not just beat them.

The biggest lie the Jew has forced on us is that money' gold and other representative fortune is what wealth is. This is not true. The product of your labour is your wealth, and Hitler understood this which is why he was able to pull the Third Reich out of the economic hell of Weimar. Wherever there are able bodies willing to work, they can be enslaved to give you half the value of that labour. All of South East asia belongs to Exter's estate, whom I don't believe is a kike (maybe married to a kike?) but it is interesting to see how even mudslime countries are being leeched from.

Wherever there is a Central Bank, you will see the mark of the Jew's enslavement.

remember to fucking roll around in gasoline and matches you fucking retard fuck

By all means, let the Abrahamites slaughter each other in the name of the same jewish demon. Afterwards, they'll both be easy pickings for the Buddhist majority.

This is one of the few places you can say something that's self-evident about why journalists are shit and have people get unreasonably pissed. Looking for your next piece, shlomo?

I wonder how much those knight helmets cost


This would be news if it were in Mexico. The only way to get a crusade going, is to get spics and mudslimes fighting each other directly.

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who cares

he's a definite leftycuck

Don't tease me

This is the end result of Semitic universalism via Christianity, Islam and Judaism
A bunch of people pretending differences don’t matter until human nature reminds them differences are the only things that matter


Checked dub dubs

It would be cool to see black or Indian crusade against the kebabs.