Nationalism is peanut butter to communist jelly

Brothers, Join me in


As we conquer the world with social nationalism. We do not need protection of the working peoples, we need the working peoples uniting under the banner of their homeland to defend themselves! No longer shall international capitalism decay and destroy our nations, for the working peoples know what truly unites them!

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You couldn't even just say capitalism. Nazbols are all just national capitalists.

What do you mean by 'nationalism'?

Anarchists could easily say the same about you.

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Advocacy of or support for the political independence of a particular nation or people.

Ethno nationalism is also more complex than that but you know whatever.
Pan nationalism is bad for anyone other than Africans.

They do and they're wrong.


I thought one way to understand nationalism is 'the belief that every people should have its own country'

'Red capitalism' is a better description and 'red fascism' is better yet.

Advocacy for the belief that all people should be politically independent of each other.
Why lol?

Pan-africanism is the most absurd of all the pan-ethnoisms, since Africa (being the origin of our species) is the most diverse continent ethnically and culturally.

Pan Africanism is about black identity, something the black community needs more than ever.

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Black people are held back by their race dominating their identity.

to end egoism is to make a Stirnerite your property.

Nationalism is the most retarded shit ever. If you are seriously a nationalist, you need to off yourself.

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why live in a society, why abide by its rules when you can destroy it and rebuild?

its also better to be a retard than a fag, like most anarchists are. most anarkiddies like nigger dick so that's a given.

Identifying with a group larger than yourself and related by blood and common language is the most natural thing in the world. I wish for the strengthening and development of my race to its highest potential through preserving its existence through any means necessary. What is truly “retarded” or a “spook” is belief in the spook of equality and rights and not adopting an ethnocentric worldview with those of the same blood and heritage

Are you retar– oh, a nazbol, so yes.

Good one

What is the objective, non-arbitrary number of racial categories? Where can one draw their boundaries objectively and non-arbitrarily?


If it stops you from being autistic make the term “ethnic group” would be better

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There aren't "inbetween cases", there's a continuum, and one that isn't measurable with a single value either - if it makes any sense at all to talk about genetics like of a vector, it has to have hundreds of dimensions.
The fact that you have to backpedal on 'race' to 'ethnic group' already shows it's an unscientific concept.
Here's what you can say: humans vary by where their ancestors have been geographically, and arbitrary groups of humans vary significantly in some measurable ways. Not quite as epic as muh race.

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Obvious falseflagging. Keep LARPing harder.

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