Jewish elite DNA

Jewish elite DNA

Why does the jewish elite look nothing like a normal human being?

Race mixing can't explain this. Just looking at cuckerberg gives me the creeps…

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They're extremely inbred.

Nat Rothschild

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inbreeding and race mixing doesn't explain the uncanny valley look

Zuck is propably best proof of Alien life on earth. He is not like us.

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Zuckerberg is your idea of a genetic elite?

This is a dumbass datamining thread, but I’ll bite.

That guy’s just stiff. He made a few errors, but if I’m God I’ll be as surprised as anyone. I don’t know enough his life to judge him. I heard he built a fortress of a mansion, but I don’t if it’s true. If it is true, it’s probably because he’s completely aware he built a platform that decayed the mental health of people who with freshly reduced mental health came thereafter to hate him.

He doesn’t look inhuman, not that you aren’t all ugly to me.

snerk i wish
the Zuck doesn’t trip my xenophilia

It is because they have too many races within their veins. No Jews look same.

Because they are inbred. That's the first insult you should throw at kikes, as casually as they would do to rednecks.

yes it does, inbreeding lowers your genetic quality making you look like a psychotic mongrel.

Race mizinf and a lot of inbreeding.
Or they are just evil.
Is hard to pinpoint why the jews behave the way they do.
I mean hitler tried giving them land had an ss officer to balance things out but for some odd reason the kikes 'didnt like his ideas so they assassinated, hitler hoped with a land of their own they will develop an identity and stop being parasites.
That shit didn't work.

I knew a like that grew up in Toronto and went to a Jewish school, where they taught the pupils that thousands of years ago humans used to do incest apart from Jews they were the only ones that didn't do it and that Jews told the other races not to do it and so other races stopped eventually.

Inbreeding and racemixing tends to cause the mental illnesses.

They shun anyone that has a disorder

every Jew i knew their family had been shunned from the jewmunity most because they had a disorder

and then later various govermebts tried offering them semi-nice safe lands in various countries such as Australia or the US, but no they wanted their god forsaken middle-eastern hellhole surrounded by people who hate them and that even their own holy book says God doesn't want them living in.

You mean American kikes who are mixed with Northern Euros and therefore have jewish features with pale skin
Zuckenberg looks like an elf though

He look like the "NPC" meme guy, tbh.

irony. create NPCbook because he is NPC without soul and friends.

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Jews are the ultimate NPC's. They are instances created by some demon AI made to destroy all organic life.


this guy get it

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Because they are not humans user


Ugh. Look. Being a lawful soul is no submission.

Inbreeding. Cousin marriage and uncle niece marriage is condoned in Judaism.

The most rich and wealthy jews have the least amount of jewish DNA as they're married into many white traitor families. They're still subject to the numerous flaws that affect jews such as famously poor constitution and mental well-being, but they look the least jewish and thus can blend in better.

No they are not. Incest retains recessive traits. Incest is how semites turned white so quickly.

I still like sniping threads. I still like hunting for the most disruptive thing I could possibly say. It’s fun.

What joys do you hateslaves have?

Oh yeah, that’s right. None. Nothing but the grind of inevitability.

you kind of remind of the asses and elbows guy, but less pleasant
but sure, keep thinking we're the slaves

There’s a group of people on this planet who swung right for reasons mysterious not too long ago.

You’re predictable, of course you’re slaves.

List of marriage laws straight from the horses mouth in the above link.

Number one rule for jews. No marriage outside the tribe. Being such a small tribe the cousin marriage and uncle niece marriage has effects on the Jewish bloodlines rather quickly.

There’s a group of people on this planet who swung right for reasons mysterious not too long ago. Very mysterious. Because of a kind of person “too stupid to pick vegetables”. Hmmmmmmm.

There’s a group of people on this planet who swung right for reasons mysterious not too long ago. Very mysterious. Because of a kind of person “too stupid to pick vegetables”. Hmmmmmmm.

But fascism was a blunder
Bigotry wasn’t the answer
Something was greatly reduced
And a kind of person who spends their whole life failing



Beige ain’t the color of wolves.

They are mixed with whites you idiot. inbreeding does not cause white skin
"Unmixed" Ashkenazi jews are genetically closest to Sicilians and Greeks, while 50% of American kikes have non-jewish spouse.

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You misunderstand. They outbreed if forced into circumstances where there are no Jewish females. Once they have half breed kids they inbred them back into the tribe to reconstitute the precious jew DNA. That inbreeding retains the recessive traits.

Basically they are white on the outside and heavily kike on the inside due to fucking their own relatives.


Bad spiritual practice.

Child sacrifice and such. The bad vibes go down in history. Just look at what happened with the Abbos. They came with the know-how to make fire, but forgot to.

That's what happens when you ritually murder your second boy and the uncle - and in case of lack of one - father has to ritually rape your girl in a dark and unwelcoming place.

Happy people become beautiful.

Why do they all look the same?

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They could be literal NPCs without the true ability for introspection and self awareness, slaves to their own often self destructive impulses and unable to change course. There is a theory on the nature of consciousness called the bicameral mind; it postulates that consciousness as we know it developed as recently as a few thousand years ago by rapidly shifting evolutionary selection pressures. Prior to that, the theory postulates, humans were slaves to schizophrenia-like hallucinations, voices in their heads they believed to be deities telling them what to do. Looking back at ancient texts, supporters find that the earliest evidence of deep introspection was Homer's Odyssey. Deniers claim it can also be found in the earlier Epic of Gilgamesh - which supporters claim can be explained by translations introducing evidence of more and more "modern consciousness" as time went on and people became more truly conscious. It's interesting because Jews are extremely inbred and may not have developed true consciousness as White Europeans did. It would help to explain why they seem to be slaves to their insanity, for example replacing whites with Muslims who will likely exterminate them in the future. Still they continue. Higher rates of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses in the Jewish population are further evidence for it, as is their ideology that they are "God's chosen people" and all their strange limitations and rules they must obey.

TL;DR Jews may be literal NPCs.

Please learn how biology works before you actually make this horrible post.
jews can't choose what parts of their DNA they want their children to have. Inbreeding allows recessive traits to show up, however it won't make there more recessive traits

Artificial or engineered lifeforms. A fairly recent thing.

Jewish (whatever that is: Neanderthal, alien, demon) DNA mixed with human DNA. After centuries of inbreeding they are starting to look less and less human.

My two cents anyway.

your music is shit drake

Neanderthals. An overgrown, semi-sentient virus. Not exterminating every single one of them when we had a chance was a mistake. Neanderthal features is how you can tell a difference between the actual kikes (the so called elite ones) and those only deluding themselves to be Jews, falling for a meme identity built on lies.

This guy gets it, kikes never developed proper consciousness. They are the most primitive hominids, even below niggers.

It's the color of those who have domesticated wolves and turned them into useful animals and pets. Hmm…
Your loud and proud degeneracy isn't a new experience to anyone here, nor your wishful thinking.
So you're sniping threads in that hogwarts universe where hillary won? Look how sniped this thread is. Maybe if you got louder. Run out to the fluorescent hair dye store again?

Mirin. How this aesthetics lads?

do i achieve*, sorry was searching for my sides while writing



The greys are actually just mark zuckerberg clones from a future timeline. In that world they're the guys who come to your house and probe you for posting badthink. All the "alien" encounters we've seen in our world are just the little rat experimenting with time travel, colloquially clled FaceTime™ over there, predictably enough.
So if you see a grey, call it a kike and give it a big "Sieg Heil"

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Compare Neanderthal genome related spikes on Oase 1, well known Homo Sapiens + Homo Neanderthalensis hybrid on certain chromosomes, for example, 23% on ch. 9.
Compare that with evenly distributed Neanderthal genome admix on French and Han samples. Even 45ky old Ust'-Ishim shows evenly distribution.
Conclusion here is, in case of Oase 1, there must have been some positive selection on those aleles on those chromosomes to keep them concentrated and not deluted during millenias. One of possible factors here is - inbreeding.
Result of inbreeding would not be in highest than normal Neanderthal admix in certain population (still 2 to 3% HN admix), but concentrated Neanderthal aleles on certain chromosomes. For example, chromosome which regulate different parts of the brain. And we know, Neanderthals were big skulled half animals with big parenthal (math) and small frontal (self awerness) end prefrontal (morality) cortex.
It is very possible, jews are just HS + HN hybrid, positive selected for their sucess because of cruelty and lack of compassion.

Basically, jews are the finest kind of NPC bots ever invented. And I agree with previous anons. They are not self aware. They are in hybridisation process selected destroying code (aleles).

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user. There is no proof that the Neandethal even existed.

Fucking hell they are so frigging ugly

Because you fuckers are inbred semites. Now fucking go back to reddit and stay there.

You will never be white lowjew.

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kike not like, you gotta doublecheck those hasty phoneposts

Fix this one too man


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But they are not even that good at math, the only area where they out-perform is social manipulation.

So practically, an anti-race?

anti human

What about the fact that the see eye aye was the first big FB investor via Trump interface Theil? Where does that little jigsaw piece fit?

What about the fact that FB started the same week that a massive army datamining program to keep everyone's life in timelines ended? Where does that little jigsaw piece fit?

How does this fucking guy just happen to be in exactly the right place to steal this idea from the Winklevoss twins, then it just happens to be a massive military-linked operation? Where does that little jigsaw piece fit?

Oh yes, and then, after all that stuff above, this Zuck is very robotic in his behavior. Second only to the Terminator himself. Oh yes, and then, this guy actually looks a lot like a famous android from a TV show too. What a coinkydink.

It's more a question of weaving all those pieces into some kind of precog, rather than just simply asking the question "why he look so funny?"

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They're not homosapien. They're Neanderthals. I get so tired of redpilling you newfags on this.

Do you even know how black Jews exist? In the 13th century Jews started stealing South African gold and diamonds. They then bred with some of the niggers they'd enslaved to work the mines, impregnated them, and put those kike niggers into "tribal councils" to further enslave the rest of the north and west African populations.

DoD operation TIA (Total Information Awareness) and Congerss choke on the outright brazenness of 1984 on steroid than (((shut it down)))…or was it actually shut down …merely rebranded and launched upon the worlds unsuspecting population….and folks signed up and volunteered ALL data no scrapping or long queue's needed…the moar you know Nigger's

Elite DNA. This is a joke.

Yes they can if they keep fucking the same people carrying the same recessive traits. Incest is why Ashkenazi jews have 38 genetic diseases common within their population and why it's a literal flip of a coin (((they))) carry at least one of those 38 genetic diseases.

I only has an allergy.

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You know what (((they))) say, "Incest is best." and, "Nothing says lovin' like marryin' your cousin."

kikes are about as human as this guy.

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Why don't retards lurk more before asking questions that have been answered hundreds of times?
Answer: because they're actually shills sliding the board

As a Swiss I looked at her and she was Jew all over. How can a woman be so unaware of her… I don't know how to say, assets? We have this problem here I spot them but they are "Christian" for generations. They behave exactly like you'd expect them to behave. Weird.

you're not understanding what he is saying. He is not saying Zuck is "peak genetics" only that the elite have very different ans strange genetics.

psssh. they look practically indistinguishable from us humans

lol. no they dont. literally all of them have multiple disorders

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no. they are the main players in this world atm actually. always working tirelessly at tikkun olam. whites are NPC's nowadays. look at the way every white nation is being butt fucked. look at who believes the lies in media.

yeah jews suck and all have the same personality and all, but acting as a bloc has gotten them at the top of the pyramid.

Because they are interbred with reptilians. Take the Icke-pill.

NPC is a state of being, it has nothing to do with social status. Jews are just the most efficient NPC's. They are the goyim, just the toppest of goyim, which gives them a delusion of being fundamentally different from them, which is not the case. They lie to themselves as much as they lie to others.

If whites acted nearly as united, they would become an unstoppable force, but their individuality (some of them at least) was counter-productive for that. This is what should be worked on. Unity in difference.

Reptilian is just a codename for the Jew (dominant reptilian brain, with other portions that modern humans have undeveloped), he is making his entire message sound completely ridiculous and insane in order to avoid censorship while still getting the message across (for those able to read between the lines). There are no demons, lizard people or whatever. They are a different species though.

I'm convinced that Zuckerberg is the product of early experiments in genetic engineering.

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Neanderthal DNA is what separates whites and asians from niggers. That's going way too far back to figure out anything meaningful about what makes kikes kikes. Anyway I'll leave these chatbots to it.

What do you expect from them? They have mental disabilities and it is not something that can be fixed because it is a genetic issue.

Suckerberg is what a demon looks like after plastic surgery.

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No such thing

it comes from drinking blood

and transfusions

All kikes look disgusting. lol at there being anything 'elite' about the faceberg thief.

Say that to their face and see what happens. KEK

they were whites to start with. Many northern semites are white in appearance. They were always a small gene pool so they increased recessive traits like rufism (gingers), light eyes and blondism. Plus they are iranian (Iran_N) in origin. Same with the lebanese. Ancient jews were an insular sub-group of phonecians (ancient lebanese)

Nothing, yid.

Do it and record the reaction. See what happens.

Yes… it literally does. I think it's time to take a break from posting, bub.

But it is a factor.


They aren't human for one. Have you ever seen a jew being born or even seen it depicted on screen?

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Whatever you say Chaim.

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Nope, you Ashkenazi arent true semites. You descend from the sarmatians, an indo-iranian tribe. Indo-iranian were not semites, they were indo-europeans.
The phoenicians were semites, vandals were not. Those blue-eyed berbers on northern Africa are of germanic ancestry.