Why do we hate muslisms again?

All this campaign against muslims keeps us entertained instead of focusing on the real danger: jews. The clown that control most corporations and governments.

Why do we fight muslims instead of working with them to get rid of this cancer? Also, muslims represent the last remnant of traditionalism and strong will, and thus are a powerful force, the last I would say, against all this clown faggotry.

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Not relevant in the grand scheme of things I would.

You don't belong here.

the real question is why everyone seems to be too much of a brainlet to see the obvious solution: set them both against one another
They both dislike each other, and if we learned to play them against each other then regardless of the outcome we win.

Hmm, I wonder.

because they come into white countries with the intent of murdering, raping and replacing white people. they see anyone outside of their tribe as fair game to harm.

but you know that already, OP is a shitskin and mohamed is a faggot

If Mudshits were truly our allies then they wouldn't be destabilising and mongrelising White nations with their presence.

Cos they make a mess of their own countries and then want to move to the west and make a mess of ours.

Quickest reason to hate Islam is Muhammad's last Sermon which is pro-miscegenation and anti-White.
"All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves."
Equality is false!


you're already in bed with muslims


In all fairness to the Mudshits, they alone are not solely responsible for the state of their countries. Our governments, at the behest of (((global capitalism))), have been heavily involved in the ruin of their lands.

Trump had a rimjob when he visited Saudi Arabia

Because is normal for Muslims, and so much more.

Yeah sure they aren't the entire reason the US Navy was originally founded and were not always the scum of the earth.

Muslims are taking over Europe and it wont be long before they take over the U.S too

Their traditions are not ours. The presence of Mudshits is destructive to the preservation of White traditions.

It's mostly christcucks that have a problem with it, they know if Muslims take over and make the law they'll ban homosexuality

Christian faith is a middle eastern export, you gringoz must go atheist or pagan, some consistency ffs.

I don't hate muslims I just don't want them in my country.

you mudslimes and jews can fight each other till die. That should be better.

Pic related

Kill yourself OP you disgusting inbred mudslime piece of shit

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This is now a Saint Tarrant thread

Post your best

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Shut up and go fuck a goat,OP

Except the vast majority of Christian culture after the first century was developed in Europe. And European pagan festivals were reinterpreted in a Christian context.

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They are solely responsible for their own shit situation.
A few hundred years ago the muslims were invading Europe because they were more advanced. But they decided to bury their heads in religous books, while the rest of the world was going through things like the enlightenment, the industrial revolution, the scientific and information age etc. Thats why they are still stuck in the middle ages culturally and technologically.
Early on the muslims would steal the technology from the people they conquered. They stole a lot of stuff about numeracy off the Indians. But they even stopped doing that eventually, reasoning that if its not in the quran then its not true or useful information.

You mean the reporting of what Muslims do? Or what their scripture says?

They were burning libraries and priceless artifacts as they flooded out of Arabia. They co-opted everything from Persia and Europe was not that far behind technologically. It was the sheer fucking united front that Islam offered and all the post Roman Germanic tribes were picked off one by one.

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I hate them because for 1,400 years they invade our lands and we do nothing. I hate them because they come here and think they own everything we have built. I hate them because they are arrogant and intolerable. I don't give a fuck about their "will" or "traditions". Our will has been much stronger in the past: we're still hear and once rammed a knive in the mudslim's heart. We beat them at Vienna, twice. We reversed what they've done in Spain and other places. They are not better than the Jews, they are the same. And they will be exterminated just the same.

We don't. We love being ethnically replaced by semites.

All that are not white must be killed for existing. Jews, mudslimes, niggers, and also race-traitors. Genocide all of them.

Semites and their insane violent religions are a threat to all of humanity.

Move to a place where there are a lot of them like Sweden or Michigan and you figure it out pretty quick

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The specific advancement the Muslims had when they invaded europe was stirrups for their horses. So they could actually fight on horseback where as Europeans were just using horses to transport. It took very brave and organised frenchies to finally turn them back.

I did mention in my post that they stole their technology from the people they conquered. In the early days at least.
The number system we use today around the world was invented by Hindu Indians and stolen by the Muslims when they invaded and killed them all.

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Gas yourself.

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Reminder that anybody who doesn't sage is a shill

Lol. Exactly, it's not like every Jew out there is trying to rape and murder my family for Mohammed. Most Jews I know are funny smart asses, obviously they're not cabal Occultist Jews. I have started to figure out though, as a forethought that most Jewish people are control freaks. Why is beyond me? Lol, I fucked this cougar Jew and she was so pissed at me for being an openly expressive and liberty loving man.

Le cringe

people like you deserve to live in your false reality
Allah SWT has a special place for people raping kids. and its not paradise.

Le cringe

The prophet mohammed raped kids and he surely went to paradise?

Because they are the immediate threat right now. You deal with them first then you get to deal with the (((final boss)))
you can't mount a offense when you're busy on defense.
you understand now goatfucker ? Your time is comming.

Islam is the sword of jewry, and has been used as such (invasion of spain aided by kikes, modern day "migrant crisis" again aided by kikes).
Semites of a feather get the rope together.

Mohammad was a false prophet and Islam is a false religion.

If you do not convert to Christianity then you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Muslims kill us directly in small numbers
Jews kills us indirectly in huge numbers
But I've got enough hate for both

All the supposed breakthroughs of the "Golden Age of Islam" were rehashed ideas from the Ancient Greeks and Romans that they stole as they cannibalized the countries they invaded. Is it any wonder then that the "Golden Age" stopped when their advance was stopped by Europeans and the Mongols?

Islam creates countries Mudslimes want to flee from.
Mudslimes demand Islam in whatever country they go to
Rinse and repeat

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Yes, we have established that. About 3 times already.

The Muslims are bigger liars than the Jews (see OP's fucking fake map for example) and have more money and power


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We can all cherrypick things user. Im not sure what your point is.

Good. Have it a 4th time then; it needs to get through OP's skull.

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They are just another desert fucking rat that needs exterminating like their jew cousins.

I really don't care which semite tribe you identify as.


MAGA & MIGA forever!!!!!!

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I’ve done the numbers and muslims will win. In’shallah.

Silly westerners care too much about material things and having adulterous relationships or bumming each other.

We happily settle down in nice families and breed like rabbits. We will win purely on numbers, our protocols also give us a stronger character than your weak butter knives. How many far right people do you know that would die for their belief system? Yup thought so.

Racism is also against our religion so we aren't stuck in your ever dwindling so called inbreeding genetic purity.

Don't worry you can live in peace once we've won, the global power structure currently in place will need some changes: interest based monetary system will have to go (sorry Jews and banker scum, no more freeloading).

Join team Islam and help us win the game. Three wives extra free (while stocks last) XD

Can tor just be fucking banned already

Even on this board you'll be out numbered, can't you feel it?


I don't hate Muslims, I hate the neoliberal democratic world order that destroys nationalism everywhere.

OP fucks boy goats only

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Thats exactly how Jews operate, I am sick of playing their game.

because fuck muslim. especially sunnis.
they don't belong in europe. and they are generally imbred, violent, ignorant pieces of shit.
palestinian is not synonymous of muslim. and even regarding the muslims, they are probably the only ones that actually don't want to leave their sandy shithole. and they are major victims of the worst kikery you can find…
and even in that case i would not give a fuck about what happens to them if i knew that every last muslim left europe at once and forever.

Pretty much every middle eastern based race is a piece of trash - Jews, Arabs, Persians, etc

We need to use Arabs to uncover Israel's role in 9/11.
This is the way we can win.
This is as close to a non-partisan issue and reaches across the aisle.

Anyone remember the heeb bitch that lost her job in relation to the child rape gangs then got a new job with the government with even higher pay?

Can't leave the enabler jews out of the equation. They are just as responsible for these Muslim rape gangs.

they'd be more useless than italy in ww2

Muslims wouldn't be in european countries without Jewish trafficking and Zionists in government. Period.

Die in fire JIDF

which was done by jewish immigration
If muzzies were in muzzie land who'd give a fucking shit moshe

Assad is a top cunt though, as is that chick who shot up youtube

Who let them in Moishe ?
Better get rid of that (((PC brigade))) first.

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It is true that the kike push and make sure that this foreign filth interfere with our existence, and it is true that the kike is the ultimate abomination. But there can be no peace, no cordial tone with those that infringe on our territories, settle our ancestral lands and think themselves more than a humble temporary guest.
The mudape is essentially no different from the kike outside of being more numerous and less intelligent. Their intentions for us can ultimately be boiled down to the same as those the kike has.
Cordiality and peace can exist only when foreign filth is seperated from us. We are owed more than just an apology for the countless slights and wrongs done to us by the mudape before the thought of peace can even be considered. If not given us, then eventually we will take the apology in blood, the same goes for the kike and the chink.
Do not be a cuck in your desperation; learn to take your own side and think outside of the autistic binary.

The world is composed of three groups:
2.White National Socialists.

Enemies can be further subdivided into multiple and sometimes competing groups:
jews, slimes, nogs, faggots, trannies, traitors, people whomst listen to music really loudly while driving in their automobile with the windows open so that everybody has to listen to their poor choice of music and so on.


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