Russia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Ukraine offer free citizenship, travel, jobs, and language classes to white Americans

That’s how we win

Take note Scandinavian and Slavic countries. If you want to improve your countries, offer free citizenship, travel, job programs, and language classes to WHITES ONLY.
We will do the rest

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Won't work unless you screen out the white liberals.

White liberals wouldn’t take this offer.

They’d cry about it being racist and wouldn’t want to leave their poop human friends behind.

They’d stay behind with the poopskins and become their slaves.

Go write a novel instead of making a worthless thread

Shit thread, decent idea though. If only Scandinavian decision makers browsed Zig Forums

Lol they are less white then 56%istan


Also I’d like to add to your comment. Liberals/Cuckservatives are mostly just social signallers. They like to spout popular sentiment for good goy points and also because they are intimidated by the elite Jews that run our country. They know the consequences of having non kosher beliefs can do to their lives. If their beliefs are no longer (((popular))), they’ll adapt and start integrating to our culture. Similar to how Jews intimidate the goyim into having kosher believes and doing getting the goyim to do things that are destructive to our race (e.g Acceptance of faggotry, mass immigration, white guilt training, race mixing, individualism, etc), we will intimidate our people into staying in line with ethical believes (I.e doing what’s best for our race in accordance to natural law) or else face the consequences (e.g banishment, slut shaming, ostracization) whatever we have to do to make example of people that are race traitors. Just like how the Romans feed Christians to lions because of how they threatened their empire by subverting the populace with a pathological ideology. Anything that is against natural law will be considered a sin and dealt with accordingly.


Yes, tens of thousands of white expats from Britain, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands have moved to Hungary recently.

Viktor Orban looks after white expats, he creates kindergartens and schools for them.

There are plenty of jobs for white expats at big international companies in Hungary: McKinsey, EY, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Bosch, Mercedes, PwC, FedEx.

A lot of expats in Hungary set up a business, a pub or a tech business . For example, starting an English as a foreign language school in a rented flat can warn you £300 000 per year in Budapest.









you have to try harder

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now we know viktor orban uses the chans. please fix the soros question mr orban.

I’ve done the numbers and muslims will win. In’shallah.

Silly westerners care too much about material things and having adulterous relationships or bumming each other.

We happily settle down in nice families and breed like rabbits. We will win purely on numbers, our protocols also give us a stronger character than your weak butter knives. How many far right people do you know that would die for their belief system? Yup thought so.

Racism is also against our religion so we aren't stuck in your ever dwindling so called inbreeding genetic purity.

Don't worry you can live in peace once we've won, the global power structure currently in place will need some changes: interest based monetary system will have to go (sorry Jews and banker scum, no more freeloading).

Join team Islam and help us win the game. Three wives extra free (while stocks last) XD

The Slavs are too busy letting wealthy skin skinned use their women as cum rags atm. When skinheads roam the streets of Ukraine killing all race mixers, then you can make a Slav shithole your hope. Until then, speaking as someone who lives there, they’re about as Weimar as we are. Worse even.

*wealthy shitskins
Phoneposting boomer strikes again

Remember to filter tor in every thread

Hungarians are racists, white expats are welcome though.

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Let the war of the bloodimport begin

These are some of the private hospitals in Hungary.

Fees for consultations are around €50. Operations cost around €1000.

Google Duna Medical Centre for the price list.

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Budapest has several British Schools.

One of these has built a new wing for the increased demand from new expats who moved to Hungary.

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Filthy degenerate.
Do you think russia wants to replace itself with your ilk? Why would they want gutless wretches who didn't even defend their own nation.
You would allow your people to go extinct in order to save your own skin going to russia and hiding in their strength and pretending to be one of them.
You clearly have no understanding of nations and nationalism. You clearly do not understand that there is no white nationalism. You clearly fail to understand that a mass exodus of other Europeans to russia is an invasion almost no different than what is being inflicted on Europe and North America.
Would you give up your language and culture? And what happens when the russian citizens look at your new ethnic colony with hard eyes? Will you fight for russia or your own community living in russia?
Fucking Jew, slink your way back to Israel and trouble us no further.
Your kind are the blight keeping our homelands weak and controlled by foreign powers.

How about we form a militia and march on Washington instead, cause a second civil war and the survivors get to reform the government?

Sure they would. They'd say they're only doing it for better schools.


That's actually a pretty good plan.

Russia's muslim population alone is Whiter than America.

Just why do you dipshit Americans think Russia is some sort of hwhite nationalist paradise?

Holy mother of cringe

I live in Eastern Europe.
I don't want whites (or anyone) moving here fom the West
The West to me means cuckoldry
What would I be importing with them? Tolerance? Homosexuality?
Instead of moving here why don't you move to the whitest place in your own country.
I'm surprised there is no consensus on the US State which should be the target of white flight.

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There's already millions of Russian descents in the US so it wouldn't be hard for them to blend in and be accepted.
But I don't want to live under Putin's cuck KGB rule and his neo-Soviet oligarchy so fuck that.
Also, I got trips, check'em

They're retards that think Putin is Hitler 2.0 and he's going to purge the world of ZOG and create a white utopia when they're just KGB agents doing "nationalist" by invading Ukraine, intervening in Venezuela, Syria, North Korea to give off to the Russian people that they're a powerful country again while not doing anything to actually help Russians, censoring them, holding their government hostage under a one party rule, not doing anything to stop declining Russian birthrates, letting Jews and Muslim run wild in the country and being Chinese shitlickers tbqh.

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You're onto a good start, but:

Civilizational Brotherhood does not equal abandoning your nation and land to run to another nation and become part of their immigration pressure. "I want Russian allies so lets invade them with refugees," high level degeneracy. I will never inflict my own nation upon Russia and vice versa. If a million brits showed up in my hometown it'd be fucking war. Different culture, different nation, mixing those lines means bloodshed.
Allies does not mean we make some giant super fucking empire like the goddamn EU.
It does not mean we flee our homelands to impose on another people.
FFS anons learn a little fucking logical consistency.
Cowards run and abandon their nations and resources to zionists and Islamists, and cowards cramming on the last free island like drowning rats will be the death of us.

Damn straight

They can come to their containment zone, drink all their money, and then fuck back off to Manchester.
Brits are degenerate - look what they have done to their own country.

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You mean airstrip one?

Russians in america do not equal americans in russia.
North America already has a long history of being a european refugee camp which is why our connection to our american culture is collapsing. These new fresh off the boat whites are not americans and have very little connection to the american project.
Death by civic nationalist larp, North America would be far more united if it was the project of a single european nation.

At this point more russians is par the course and better than more shitskins but not a positive for unity and cohesion. Our situation here makes it acceptable, the same does not hold true for the mostly homogeneous european nations. Adding new nations and ethnicities en masse will fuck with their national character and is the crisis of the current year.

Defend your homes, die trying, or become the slaves of your new masters. Invading a friendly people is not the answer. Accepting our extinction as a people is also not an answer.
I will not become European or Russian. I will live and die as a North American.

Call it cringy all you want, the opinion of dickless faggots is meaningless. I am correct in what I am saying and your dismissal does not change the situation.

Decent theory but it falls apart at
There's no way the commies let a white ethnostate slide, let alone support it.

Multinational companies in Hungary have a lot of white expat employees from Western European countries. As an EU national, you can work here with no restrictions. They would hire you as a native speaker of a foreign language. It's not necessary to speak Hungarian.

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I mean the part of town where I expect stag nights and general loud foreign douchery to occur. That part of town they are welcome to.
They are not welcome to shit up the rest of the place with their coarse, and obnoxious ways.
Certainly they are not permitted to move here.

You want to bring a bunch of people from a foreign culture to your country, and tell them it's okay not to speak your language.
I'll speak on behalf of the non-cucked Hungarians:

If you come to Hungary you had better fucking lean to speak Hungarian

The difference is white assimilate much faster and easier with other whites. That's why so many Russian-Americans exist among us and we can't tell. If you swapped a German and French baby, those babies will grow up French and German respectively. You can only tell via DNA test. That said, I would love for Russia to ditch the civic nationalist shit and go for pure white supremacy but I can't stand how shitty Russia really is.
But good on you, we die as brothers.

If you go you must assimilate.
To immigrate is to stop being your old identity and become the people you have joined.

To immigrate en masse is to end your old nation and assimilate (not likely or stable), or become (((international nomads))), or else colonial invaders.

In Hungary, there is a growing British expat community in Budapest.

They tend to live in the Astoria area of Budapest.

Yes, it's full of pubs, but the Hungarians don't mind having these expat groups.

German, Dutch and Swedish expats tend to live in the countryside or in cities other than Budapest. But there are German villages on the Buda side of Budapest for German families with children. The Hungarian government created German Schools for them.

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>There are plenty of jobs for (((white))) expats at big international companies in Hungary: (((McKinsey))), (((EY))), ((Morgan Stanley))), (((Citibank))), (((Bosch))), (((Mercedes))), (((PwC))), (((FedEx))).

The moment there is any sort of real concensus, it will start getting flooded with shitskins.

In reality, most white expats in Hungary are fine without Hungarian language skills or with very basic Hungarian, i e a few words.

The working language at big firms is English, or in the case of German companies, German anyway.

Expats in Hungary make friends and socialise within their own expat groups.

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Stay the fuck out of Denmark. We don't need more foreigners. We will gladly fight against non-whites with you, but we don't want you in our country.

Yes, stay away from Denmark.

Hungary is better for white expats. It is probably the only country where white expats are appreciated and looked after.

Look at this school, it was built for German expats by the Hungarian government.

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But … but … where are the encampments of fat Mexicans demanding free aspirin? Are there no screaming black people?

Why would you encourage this?

Seeing as how nigmerica has no culture, I would happily embrace Russian culture and learn to speak Russian fluently.

As far as ethnicity, we both look the same. You’d only be able to tell I’m not Russian until I speak.

Double whammy! Nice work chaim!

That's not how it works
There is a reason why countries in Europe exist. Different peoples, you can't just group everyone together as white, Amerimutt

Hungarians get on well with the British, German, Dutch and Swedish expat groups living in Hungary.

As long as you are white, they don't care.

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If only americans had means of stopping that, means that are constitutionally recognized…

Ahoj, you're saying you don't want rootless "white" immigrants in your ethnically-cohesive democratic republic where jews have enough trouble sowing division among you through the system of (((democracy)))?

Leafanon here with Eastern-european (Polish) roots.

For those considering moving to Poland, I highly recommend doing alot of research before deciding on a place to stay. Currently, the country as a whole is experiencing something of an economic resurgence. A lot of infrastructure, housing, factories and industry is being built as a result. The Government is currently very business and investment-friendly, and many Polish companies and firms are desperate for foreign (Europe and Anglosphere) expertise. If your looking for opportunities outside your nation, now is as good a time as ever to consider it.

Keep in mind, different parts of Poland have their own nuances as a result of history and cultural influences. The eastern part is heavily Slavic and Tatar (Asian), the western part Germanic and Czech. Different personalities and values as a result. The country, as a whole, is still very religious (highest church attendance in Europe) but that's starting to change. As far as personality goes, Poles tend to be on the Melancholic and Sanguine side. Don't take it the wrong way, just because they don't always smile doesn't mean they don't like you.

While things are getting better, problems still exist: Alcoholism (communist government used to subsidize it, at one point booze was cheaper than drinking water), drug-use, petty crime, hooliganism, domestic abuse etc.

To summarize: Poland:

PROS: Low cost-of-living, Purchasing power, Good job market, World class universities and colleges, lack of (((diversity))), general lack of LBGTBBQ-shit (for now), clean cities, hospitality, and a mostly woke (the good kind) people.

CONS: Language barrier (difficult language and accent), Cultural/historical baggage, Jews (read the history), and some people are still communist/commie-sympathisers.

Pro-tip: No matter where you go in Europe, learn at least a couple of phrases in the native language. Everywhere in Europe students are forced to learn English in school. When they see that you are at least making an effort to learn their language it makes them feel good (trust me).

sorry for the blogpost

Could work.

checks out

Good job, OP.

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Poof of this shit NOW

I’m sorry but you’re telling Brits, and true (romantic) nationalists, moreover— You’re telling the Germans, French and Brits, as an Ameri-mutt with zero birth rite really, that indigenous peoples of Europe to shed their homelands and heritage to prosper elsewhere? What about blood & soil? We’re supposed to just handover our land by rites to those who invade. They’d win then.

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the fuck you on about jacek? i'm from the eastern part and it's white people everywhere. tatars are vast minority and they just sell kebabs. russia has more people with asian admixture and russians are still predominantly white slavic.

Literally the most jewed european country since Russia in 1917

Yes, Hungary is very business friendly as well.

There are shared offices in Budapest which cost around €150 per month to use.

+ lots of tech grads and software developers live in Budapest. They cost a lot less than software developers in other countries.

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Just go Northwest Front

Only cowards do that and america is not going to be the only country that will he infected.

Just how many of you pathetic pussies are on this board? Threads like these should be banned, not because of muh hugbox, but because they belong to >>>/filthycoward/

Don't Russians beat the shit out of foreigners? Not saying that's a bad thing, in fact it's quite a good thing, but still that shows that Russia should remain Russian.

A bit of a sidenote here but what happens once the shitskins have control over America's nuclear arsenal? No mudnation has ever had that much destructive power before and we all know how good thirdies are at controlling their impulses. If it comes to an exodus it's imperative that nuclear disarmament gains legs in the US government so the coming shitskin dystopia can't wipe out the world.

The thread have quite good ideas, kike.

Russia have much more space than people. You can put everybody in its interior and still will be Russia.

Hungary is a beautiful country, Isaac.
Much better than living in the desert.

No thanks

Yes, Hungary is a beautiful country.

It's in the centre of Europe.

There are four seasons. The vegetation is green.

We don't have a seaside but we have one of the biggest lakes in Europe. The lake Balaton.

White expats from western Europe love it, especially the Germans.

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Imagine being retarded enough to believe white Americans are only 56% white.


It's hard to be a Pole in the west.
Always having to wear this fake smile, it's tiresome.
Though funnily enough, everybody thinks I'm a native. Would assume it's the same for you. Ever thought about just returning to your home country?

I mean sure, we can all get along, far better than with completely foreign peoples like Muslims at least.
Though in Poland's example, there are problems with Germans and their territorial claims. Honestly, I don't even know how to feel about all those Ukrainians coming in currently.

Good post!

americans arent white, dont bring those plastic looking ones

t. Balkannigger

Don't be a faggot you refugee.
America has plenty of culture. If you do not see it it is likely due to your own personal identity issues(cough cough fresh off the boat). Join the nation and be a civic nationalist larper until you tie your blood to the nation or fuck off back to where you already have those ties.

Ps: if you can't tell slavs apart from other europeans at least most of the time you might be braindead. As for Russian culture, my roommates all speak Russian you'll run into the problem of them all generally being egotistical drunken barbarians. I hope you like repeating simple sentences to frothing drunks about 'respect' and how their understanding of it is nog tier.
Other than that those bastards are legit and having them in the coming crusades is going to be awesome.

Things that will never happen, the post.

Can't wait to live in the aryan homeland again.

Then why don't you fuck off to Yukon territory or Northern Alaska. These are even warmer than most of Eastern Siberia, and there are no people there.

t-that's all we got going. oh right, no shitskins

Also my plan was always to marry a ukrainina or russian girl since im from kiev us citizen tho and have lotsa family there if shit gets hairy stateside

If that was a real offer, I might take it. Its isn't, so you're gay.

My great great grandfather Johan and his brother Edward were draft dodgers. They were simple peasants and hated Prussia. Most of the adventurers and all the settlers who came here were running from something. They weren't cowards.

American here, I visited Budapest a while back. I liked it a lot. Very pretty, and great food. Very nice modern subway (better than many in western europe). Nice people too. Everything smells like smoke though (but that's the same for all of central europe).

This is objectively wrong. Czech here. You wouldn't fucking believe how many French and Anglos are living in Prague, and the number booms every years. When French last voted president, there was a 3 hour line (across two streets) just of a French voters who live here. And you can bet your ass who they voted. Not only they run away here from degeneracy and filth they created, they also still spread that filth from here.

All the middle eastern countries are doing it. It’s time for Eastern Europeans to start feeding their homeland economies and obviously bringing with us the spirit of the Reich in a cultural and racial revitalization
I think even if it isn’t real it’s a great idea. Aside from Czech bro said about the French. Degeneracy should be stomped out

You know which countries to choose.

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foolish waste of pixels.

They will only let shitskins in, not whites, silly rabbit

Trix are for kids.

Looks like there is only Ukraine left

and denmark