Revengeof the Neanderthal

Revengeof the Neanderthal

ACCORDING TO A NOVEL THEORY PUT FORTH BY SEVERAL DIVERSE WRITERS AND RESEARCHERS, Nean-derthal man may not have died out after all, but his descendants (intermixed with others) may stillbe living among us today and are known collectively as “the Jews.” Not only the author but othershave independently theorized that the Neanderthal is the true ancestors of the Jews. The followingessay is an effort to examine this important and controversial theory. Accompanying the essay is awide variety of material that provides a comprehensive foundation for the thesis.

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It's a nice theory. Is there any genetic data to back it up?


There is. That's why the jew stole Zig Forums's research to write this shit.

The Barnes Review article was published and 2010, and Willis Carto wasn't a jew.

Michael Collins Piper, who edited that TBR issue, did a series of broadcasts about it, including two interviews with Michael Bradley and one with John de Nugent. The whole thing is on BitChute.

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Fuck man it's so sad that Michael was taken from us long before his time. He was one of the greats.

Zig Forumsacks have been around since before you were born, nigger.

Also, yes that potatonigger was.

So, Tard Vikernes BTFO???

This nigger was responsible for some of the bullshit muddying the right especially bringing in subversives that worked for the jew. proto-weev/anglejew if you will.

Vikeners is ashkenazi.


Reality is a racial struggle between Negroids, Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon.

We are the Cro-Magnon, the Third Reich was the first to recognize this conflict for what it really is.

If we're to gas anyone with Neanderthal genetics, we're pretty going to gas everyone of European descent.

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It's about how much neanderthal you have. Hard to choose your ancestors, but you can choose your spouse.

What are Asians? Serious question.

So if it's not enough that jews (((recreate))) a native European early human to look like a semite, which doesn't make sense as after only a few tens of thousands of years in cold climates neanderthals would be snow white even if they were semitic, some jew now comes here and juxtaposes these (((facial reconstructions))) next to semite, nigger hybrids and states "look goy, Europa always belonged to the jew"

This, I can naturally believe.

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Washee-Washee Chankoro Homos.

(Sino-Tibetans) Low, low price, free shipping.

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Nothing says neanderthal like frizzy nigger hair.

Ayylien colonizers.

I hope you're being sarcastic. If not, then consider frizzy negroid hair's purpose - to enable greater airflow and therefore increase cooling of the body. It's helpful if you live in sub-Saharan Africa like the Negroid apes that have it. It's no help at all in Ice Age Europe where H. neanderthalensis lived.

Fuck off kike. Neanderthal is literally what makes Europeans European. The Neaderthal stronghold was in France, this retarded theory assumes cro magnon completely displaced neanderthals without breeding with them, the entire race moved to the levant and then bred with smites. This psy-op always comes replete with the same infographic propaganda.

Neanderthals were empathetic, monogamous and spiritual and our mixture with them is what helped us become the Aryan race.

Neanderthal traits are positive and jews have no neanderthal unless they mixed with Euros (ashkenazi).

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