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worship your local german goth boy

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Kiked first post. Sad!

wut. how is it kiked?

Kill yourself

God, I love Zig Forums.

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Fuck. Is that a femboy or a girl with no shapes?
Fuck trannygen.


Wish I understood French. Still, figuring out the political feeling of a crowd is fairly easy enough. It looks like the leftists have no actual conviction and have had their fun so they're steadily dropping off.

I'll check that

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Day of the Guillotine.

Hasnt it become basically libcuck riots not?

Hasn't this movement basically been taken over by commies and leftists that demand better material conditions? Fuck them, let them rot with Akhmed while working 32 hours a week for the same shit instead of 36. Materialists are cancer, Macron should shoot those communists already.

Too many links don't know which one to watch and why to watch.

There are some communist grouos trying to coop the Yellow Vest, but for the most part it is a nationalist movement.

Worship your voodoo mammy juden.

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To whoever's compiling these; you have my sincerest gratitude.

What's the feeling about Notredame's arson among the frogs? Does anybody believe the official version of the facts?

That was way, way back. It's been at least 4 months that the left has disowned the protest as a right wing insurrection. Every single commie, from jewish intellectuals to the last teacher in every primary school has been busy smearing the yellow vests.

Bumping for interest

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Bump, any froganon to update on the situation?

Based frogs.

Is there any leadership or are they just a bunch of random guys still?

Random guys, but the movement has its personalities.

"Roundabout" Gilets Jaunes are still going in the countryside (where it started) but now, the Saturday "protests" in the cities are essentially marxist scum, far left rioters (under zog control of course) and degenerate boomers. And this is what all the (((media))) are "covering", trying to shove the idea that GJ are just a bunch of Antifa in people's mind.
That said, even if (((French Republic) is trying to say it is over, it is clearly not the case. We are just in a transitory moment right now.
But it will bounce back on ZOG HQ in the next months.

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The problem came when they were fired upon and never shot back. They opened up incredibly strongly with torching refineries and gas stations, but they needed to strike directly at the police. They didn't do it.

Indeed. But it is just a matter of months now. ZOG will not give anything. Where I live, the average lemming was truly shocked by the violence deployed by ZOG.
The idea that violence is necessary is growing up.

One man with a gun can control 100 without one.
-Vladimir Lenin

but remember:

You must have your heart on fire and your brain on ice.
-Vladimir Lenin