A NatSoc long game strategy to defeat ZOG

Recently after many years watching both far left and far right politics absolutely annihilate weak centrism, and researching pros and cons of
both political wings, I realized leftism is ultimately doomed to temporarily pop up in times of weakness and shortly after kill itself, while right wing politics dominate in thriving societies.
Also notice how weak races tend towards leftist, redistributionist, even matriarchal organization.
Like niggers in Africa, Aboriginiggers, "Native Americans", etc.
All easily conquered by Europeans.

In other words, don't be frightened of losing against the commies. Right wingers always win because leftism is suicidal. Leftism is the doctrine of decadence, rot and decay.
For a time rotting wood teems with organisms feeding off what was once built ; then all the wood is gone and the organisms die.
However for rot to set in the tree must be weak and sick or dead ; this diseased state is reversible but the more time passes the less likely this scenario becomes.
The tree's immune system must recognize the threat and fight back, or some other external factor must kill the disease organisms.
Right now Western societies are in a very sick, near death stage.
The solution is making them disintegrate based on ethnicity. Destroy the rotting tree, and plant new ones.

I am proposing a campaign of subversion and accelerationism against leftists, neutralizing and turning many to our side.
ANTIFA can be subverted by setting up chapters of our own, with redpilled leadership.
Colleges can be subverted to spread redpilled ideology.
Leftist hardliners like tankies can be absorbed into National Socialist organizations, because they have a similar doctrine to our own and use much of the same rhetoric, with different terminology.
The other leftists can become beefsteak National Socialists if we make good on our claims of superiority in a way which makes us appealing to them.
Many leftists are simple opportunists, betrayed by the Jewish system and fighting back within the bounds of political correctness. We are not constrained by such bounds and provide more logical solutions.

Leftism is ripe for D&C tactics ; they are diverse and this works in our favor.
Blacks can be turned against SJW whites, Mexicans against the U.S. Government, leftist whites converted into third positionist NatSocs, and we can create a false flag communist revolution to provoke reaction.
Jews can be subverted by turning the various sects against eachother, so they weaken themselves voluntarily.
Race, religion, ideology are all fracture points, and our enemy is like brittle glass.

The 2020s will be our decade.
But we need a strategy.

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Shitposting on the internet alone isn't enough, we need to set up
real life structures of power and organizations.
Otherwise, ZOG can shut down the internet and prevent us from existing.
4chan, Zig Forums, Neinchan, Voat, Youtube…… all tenuous and anything on them can be memory holed.
But how do we set those organizations up without attracting dozens of federal agents?
Use preexisting, politically correct structures and ideologies, but subvert them.
We can set up an ANTIFA chapter, but lead it ourselves, manipulating the NPCs into third positionism, or a false flag revolution.
Or making the left look terrible, by disrupting churches on Sunday, blocking traffic on major highways, etc.
We can also subvert corporations, police departments, state governments etc.
This way, we can meet up in real life but without attracting suspicion.

Good post.
National Socialism is the future.
Communism has been tried too many times, it's over for the weak commies.

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Join the Fight for Fascism Now!
End Cultural Marxism!

The problem with internet only activism is the lack of physical impact.


Hmm.. you do know that Generation Identity supports Jews right ? you should change your avatar.

National Socialist activists need a plausibly deniable way to meet and organize in real life.
We need to be able to organize next to a Synagogue, on friendly terms with Jews, without even the slightest suspicion, without even a single federal informant, while still serving our founding goals.
This issue cannot be avoided.
Leftists have a gigantic organizational structure while we face constant surveillance, mostly post on compromised imageboards, and whenever we try setting up an actual political structure the Feds instantly flood in.

True, maybe one day we'll have headquarters or something like that. We need to organize.

Start by deciding what you are willing to give up? Should we save overweight, lazy white addicts just because they are "Aryans"?
Should we save the ideal of a United States because it has a flag and an anthem?
Also accept the possibility that China will beat the US during the Third World War, bombing the West back to the Bronze Age.

In my view, our efforts should be focused on preserving a fertile core, no matter wat, a sort of ISIS but for whites. Ruthless and mobile. We'll have to conquer new parts of the world. Perhaps invade Canada as the southern states will be browned to 99%. Etc.

Organization is good but infiltrating the US army is even better. How many far-right people are there already in the US Army leadership tiers?

Still spam even if you flavor it with swastikas.

No it cannot be called a headquarters.
It cannot be mentioned on the clearnet, or even the dark net.
We must have a complete information lockdown, without any leaks.
Leakers must be killed if discovered, without any hints of murder.
Perhaps encrypted messages will be relayed over radio, or through public vandalism.
In other words we need a National Socialist intelligence service, only known to National Socialists.

Zig Forums your thread is shit and you should feel bad.

Langley kikes trying to shut this down.
Because it would provide us with a tool against the CIA.

Yes a long march through the institutions will definitely work…

Why would we want to convert any filthy commies or leftists to our side in the first place?

They fact they are leftists in itself proves they are degenerates just by way of the people they hang around.

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for ANYONE to not KNOW and understand the kikepill in 2019. All the information is right there at your finger tips.

Communism is a weak ideology and so attract weak people. (mostly weak races )
Communism despite being a weak ideology has no future, their members are the victims of their own degeneracy, they literally don't have any penises anymore (and no muscles), they won't have any children, no children, no future.


Well where do you want us to talk ? At least we are anonymous. Should we go on the dark web to talk ?

Jews call them goyim for a reason.
You do realize the Sturmabteilung was mostly Beefsteak NatSocs (Strasserites) and without them Hitler wouldn't have created the Third Reich?

We should convert leftists to our side, and send them out against the enemy hordes.
If we promise them a better life, and prove ourselves more appealing, they will convert regardless of what we desire.

Why bother with an enormous genocide against leftists, they are just NPCs and will join us if we win. Expendables.
Many people on the right were once leftists but saw the light.

The right doesn't have enough NPC cannon fodder.
How are we going to win a war without people who follow our orders and kill the enemy?
Would YOU do this?
How many people here have ever protested for our cause in a public place?
This is why I said, we should set up an ANTIFA chapter and manipulate the leftist NPCs to serve us.

Accelerationism; when you are pushing back against your opponent, he expects that you will continue to push back. If you suddenly stop, he will continue forward with all his force and fall on his face. This is when you get the hold on him and time him out. Easy to apply in reality, just vote and sponsor the most destructive candidates and whatever institution he wins will collapse to bankruptcy. Once police have lost the manpower to work effectively, it is time to defensively kill the subs, and offensively kill the kikes. Once the kike has been eradicated from all institutions (yes, some will escape back to israel) simply fill the vaccuum with your own and you can begin deporting the subs and win. After this, it is only a matter of ensuring that this never happena again.

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I have back in aug 2018 in portland, but it was regrettable considering how boomer it was

Since this is the first time in history that Europe has been invaded like that by subhumans we can can learn from that and make sure this invasion will never happen again, we need to turn the bad things into good things.

If you saw National Socialism's current political structure in a cross section, it would look like a tiny inverted triangle.
The shabbos goy right and leftists are similar in size - massive, normal triangles with a small elite and large foundation of normies.

The Stalinists / hardline left are more similar to us.
Anti Israel Farrakhan and Malcom X type black organizations are more similar to us.

Similar to the white Russians during the Russian civil war, mostly generals, with very few goyim or lower class expendables.
The problem with this type of structure is lack of numbers.
Statistically, most whites have IQs within 1 standard deviation of 100.
The normie leftists likely have an average around 95.

Hardliner tankie leftists, Nation of Islam blacks, and National Socialists are all comparatively tiny groups, lacking numbers. But what I propose is a conglomeration, to form a normal triangle with National Socialist elites.
This triangle will naturally grow in numbers over time, being healthier and more viable and offering solutions to many groups' problems.

did they just stand around vaping and drinking starbucks?

I like how you are using medical language. It kind of fits.

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The Strange Cases of Anti-Islam Politicians Turned Muslims


This organization will offer :

NatSoc ethnostate for whites which provides economic socialism to please leftists, and racial homogeneity + conservative social values to please right wingers.
Black ethnostate for African Americans, somewhere in modern U.S. territory and governed by black puppet leadership. Possibly with aid and protection by the NatSoc white nation against foreign invasions.

Surrender of Texas and southern U.S states. to Mexico, or formation of an intermediate buffer Mexican state.
Deportation of Muslims, and restrictions against Jewish influence with eventual deportation to Israel in mind.

Foreign aid to states like Iran and North Korea which oppose Israel. This will please Muslim nations.

Another possible option is invasion of Mexico and establishment of a Fascist state, to crack down on cartels and other crime.
This will please Mexicans and make them welcome our occupation.

Otherwise, if Mexican citizens oppose our troops, we will leave and make them beg for our return.
Also, recolonization of Africa is a possibility.

>A (((NatSoc))) long game strategy to defeat (((ZOG)))
No, i don't play these games.

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It's not a manpower problem, its a kike op problem. RWDS could focus on lost Detroit right now, but kikes would call in NATO forces, print more money to fund them, and demonize the effort on the airwaves and intertubes. The kike's lying mouths must be shut to reconquest. That's why subverting positions of power comes first. From there, new positions can be created.

We need to subvert ZOG, and possibly subvert kikes, but at the same time not give up our founding values.

GTFO with that shitty idea. A better idea is psyop the subhumans to destroy themselves through identity fracture.

Subhumans can be exploited to serve our interests after they are expelled.
The main threat is Jews, and subhumans can be used as sacrificial cannon fodder.

problem is
pure nationalism is good
(((socialism))) is shit for goyim

lurk for 20 years


uhh try posting in the next walking thread for local meetups

no, those are all fed threads

Oy vey same trolling nadzee shit over and over

no they are not. feds lack the resources and manpower to monitor every public place and local hangout in america. feds cannot know what is considered the popular local hangout, everywhere. you have plausible deniability when walking and ultimately it is up to your good judgement as an user whether to walk away if you encounter potential feds while walking.

i'm glad that walking threads get shilled against so hard it means they're terrified and we're on target.

"NatSoc" is fuckin retarded.
Neolib is intelligent.

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"NatSoc" is fuckin retarded.
Neolib is intelligent.᠎

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This won't happen until this entire civilization burns for its crimes, or you guarantee each member is fully part of the group. Something like a vid of each person taking the head of one of our enemies while they are defenseless and beggins for mercy. Otherwise its pretty much guaranteed to have cucks and cowards who are looking to garner something without sacrifice chickening out when things get real or their 'morals' give them an excuse to try and save themselves. BTW, anyone whom cannot do that should be culled as well, or you open an ever increasing number of cucks as potential weakpoints to show our enemies.

I wouldn't hold your breath for this. not until the fire rises and the sheep are burning. so many fucking enemies and those whom would assist them otherwise.

Nice post op.

ZOG will eventually run out of suckers to steal it's innovations from.

The words out, ZOG pretends to not be itself and lets illegals in to act as spies for them.

Simply don't give Zog anything. No matter how brown they are.

tens of thousands of 24/7/365 streaming cameras online…post one time encrypted message /symbols/pictures/graffiti for MASS COM anyone can access;;
****caveat on way to camera sight range must be stealthy and look out for OTHER cameras catching your face and passage/…dress appropriately /cover up to dent Race.Weight ,Height and walking gait style.
NO CELL PHONES/ Internet Watches/jogging exercise trackers CARRIED while transiting to and from

Promising infiltrate and hijack a (((legitimate))) (((NGO)) organization>>1


The main thing that needs to be done IRL is the creation of local tribes, which will mean that you do not admit masonniggers, kikes, mixers, etc. Tribes should not be 100% physically contiguous, just people living in the same area that aren't too far away. Total hard borders will draw enemy attention for now.

I recommend anyone go read Odinia for more tribal information in general. Even those in our org are decentralized and we do not share information on local groups with the command elements. In general, decentralization and independence of each small group is key. That is already too much work for the enemy to infiltrate or destroy. Secondly, adding people to any close in group to yourself should be done very carefully only with those you know IRL.

Only advance conversations very carefully. Don't be a sperg for recruits. All contacts from outsiders are considered "at risk"–in other words, not to be trusted. New joins and those you don't trust yet must be put to work on basic tasks. This makes it not worth infiltrating you financially.

tl;dr be smart about it. Organization and setting our people up is the #1 reason I don't do illegal shit. Above ground orgs MUST exist and must be 100% legal for organization purposes. You cannot proceed with any black ops without intact above ground groups.

Shut up, faggot. Adults are talking.

There aren't going to be Zig Forumslacks in your area, m8. You need to redpill and work with locals gradually and bring our people into more casual surface-level orgs for larger-scale organization. You might meet another Zig Forumslack at most, but what would you do with only two people? Nothing with staying power.

you're retarded. Right/left is fake. Its called hagelian dialectic. "Right" is the designated antithesis to "left" which is an antithesis to current thesis. The current thesis (normal) shifts "right" to address the threat of the "left". The real trick is, the right identifies counter to the left only on transient issues such as public philisophical expression and vague signals of virtue. Other than that there is no definition of the right, its merely the opposition reactive force to the left. The left is composed of academics, artists, intellectuals. The right is composed of police, mil, labor. The left is never intended to win, they are the sacrificial lamb. The right wins, but in fear of the alternative, the right sacrifices values in order to defeat the left at all costs. Meanwhile, the jews referee the build up on both sides, media, conservative media, liberal media, both have pundits, they guide the situation in its escallation then switch to the winning side. Then the process starts again. When its over youre one step further along in the long term scheme of organizing the planet into a global caste system enforced by interdependent global government, according to the law of kings, fulfilling jewish prophecy. You people need to get your heads out of your ass and understand whats going on. Nazism was a creation of jews, impinged upon germans to guide them into their defeat. The german people were betrayed by jews and all of germany understood it, so did the jews. They stood off from eachother for 12 years until hitler and nazism were introduced as the "right" to Bolshevism's left. In USSR, initial Bolshevism as compared to menshevism was sold as the tough and "right" option, which didn't really get bought, but they were still figuring it out. People are dramatically underestimating the level of data and thought jews have put into controlling and shaping society. Its like cattle farming, on dmt. If you people dont wake up soon, you stand no chance. You have to at least understand whats happening. Its all bought, the closer to the source of money a profession/individual is, the more brainwashed he/she is. Thats why liberals are in cities, big cities, federal reserve cities. To have any chance you must reorganize society fundamentally, not partaking in jewish inundation and control measures, world banking and minting/issuing has to stop.

Sounds like you're talking about unkiked (((masons))).

And now you know why there was a thread there about this for several months. The establishment totally hates this guy, who is literally a crime boss.

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Fuck off kike and continue spamming

Its a shill who has been on this board longer than any other shills.

Who the fuck are you even fooling schlomo?

Good thread, OP. I would like to see more outreach to the left, because there are certainly people there who would be open to our message. But on the topic of subversion, I had an interesting idea awhile back. What if we subverted Freemasonry? We could start our own lodges and hijack others. I believe the Thule Society used the Masonic structure for secrecy. That group's main function was to take innocent groups, like reading groups, and organize the members for political purposes. I think this would allow us to utilize the conservative/republican superstructure for our own ends. It would also eliminate the fear of getting caught that prevents most of us from taking real-life action. The main danger is that playing with masonry is playing with fire. We'd be going where angels fear to tread.

It’s not that communism (((has been tried to many times))) it’s that it’s theory and practical application are completely disingenuous. International capitalism is the womb of true communism as the jewish cucks see it. Communism is a system to hyper exploit human beings for economic gain while destroying their connection to their culture, race, nation effectively turning human existence into a quantitative and predictable value which as with nature by doing so, destroys it

This is a National Socialist board.

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Yes i am the one who made that message, and i completely agree with that statement, i just said it has been tried too many times because the time of Communism is over, it's time for National Socialism.

what a good thread, much better than halfchan

Yes that’s why the actual Nazis you want to larp as totally defeated the Soviets right genius

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Soviets along with the help of the brits and u.s through lend lease.
Also I wonder why the britain and america (which had nothing to do with their affairs) wanted to declare war on germany.

user please fix turth into truth. It's a great meme but that typo is brutal!!!

Just realized.
My sides!

I’m sure it had nothing to do with Germany’s ally launching a sneak attack on the US

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good post. can't wait for the leftards to be kvetching about nahtzee infiltration in their ranks like paranoid schizos. a long way to go though…

Ya it has nothing to do with the u.s having lend leasing and already getting involved in the war.
Fuck off /leftynigger/

It’s literally why the US finally joined the war you tiny brained loser

Do you know the u.s cut the supply lines?
What about you lurk moar.

Their already are.
Got one Zig Forums nigger here right now

I spend very little time on this cesspool as it is full of retards like you as for why the US would side with Britain which shares many of its values as opposed to a dictatorial shithole that’s really hard to figure out must be a conspiracy by jews

I see you jidf.

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You have no argument so I must be Jewish. Brilliant.

Leftists today are a different breed to the leftists of 1930s Germany. There are very few lefties today that are also race realists as would have been the case in Germany.

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You didnt bring much of an argument.
Surprise how you ignored the pic related.
See no arguments there at all hmm.

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Communism is very masculine though. Reds persecuted gays like no one ever did.

While it starved millions og people and materialism.
Sounds less masculine.

Population of Soviet Union was still growing during famines, compare it to the present data where millions of people are emigrating from poor hellholes bringing up a demographic catastrophe.
Materialism is in the philosophical field, desecration of the old values was inevitable at the time and considering industrial revolution impact it was the only way to go.


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That's not real communism

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Set up a PAN international NatSoc, these jews thrive because they have global connection, for example i am Indian and Jews may rile up their propaganda, not every Indian is open to the Jewish questions and Netflix and other platforms are going for muh poor holocaust here as well, the normies here watch that shit because they get to virtue signal how good they know about world stuff, jew can play the whole continent easily, one false flag like pearl Harbor and the whole continent will fight with any white skin they see, lol people here see all you guys as same,German and English or Slav any one with white skin is gora and with enough propaganda and soviet type war machine the global NatSoc revolution will be crushed, Japan is a different ball game, they are high IQ and will join the good side, but expect pakis and Bangladeshi to fight a war, the point i am making is Jew doesn't plays by rule and controls news and stuff and will incite war and ban internet if necessary, learn japanese and shit visit continent form Waffen SS smaller ones which will be a logistic benefit in long run.

Get a load of this copter baggage.

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In my opinion, any 'long-term' strategy must include some sort of relationship with foreign powers. There are only like 10-25 thousand people who self-identity as a socialist/Marxist/communist in that thing called "America." Even if we could convert all of them overnight, it wouldn't help us much. Moreover, the quality of most of them would be poor. The only reason most of these groups are even able to recruit the few hundred people they do is because they have some connection to the ZOG's Labor Bureaucracy, which we don't.
The ZOG has real enemies, despite what some of the ZOG-shills here want people to think. If war ever broke out between Russia and "America," we would want to convince the Russians that only White Nationalism has only potential to form an internal guerrilla resistance to the ZOG. Only we can motivate people to do bombings, assassinations, etc.
The first steps toward this are developing ideological material to motivate young white men to do the things we want them to. We need more Turner Diaries. We need something like a Creepypasta or SCP for the coming White Nation Liberation War. We need stories that appeal to a wide range of people, including women. We want them to identify with the characters in the stories, and when things turn bad in their life, instead of suicide, they join the armed struggle.
In this sense, there is a unity between the 'long' term and short term strategy. Both involve building an military force capable of engaging the ZOG. We are currently at the stage of lone-wolf style attacks, motivated primarily by ideology. At some point, we have to begin forming an apparatus capable of supplying our troops. We need the illegal military organization existing alongside some legal or quasi-legal apparatus, where people can fund the young white men fighting the ZOG.
I have some ideas, namely what I like to call The List. The List is a place online, on the Dark Net, where we can fund the assassination of various ZOG targets. We funnel young white men with nothing to lose there, and let them choose their own targets. Pay off would be in the form of Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency, upon video confirmation of the assassination (this also further spreads our propaganda). We could actually crowdfund this as well, maybe even make it quasi-legal as some hidden form of gambling. "Who is gonna be assassinated this week" type stuff, take your bet, but the big payout is always for the person who can upload the video.
Eventually, we have to be able to move past the anonymous stage, but that isn't going to be possible anytime soon. The ZOG's ability to disrupt most forms of political organizing are quite potent.

The cycle can be corrected from now on, since information is abundant. Never let leftist thoughts rise again.
Kill all who start showing even the slightest leftist thoughts from now on.
Never take in an enemy. He will become a traitor.
Always genocide the enemy. Kill antifags and any other current leftists. Decreasing the number of enemies is better than increasing our own.

Hail for effort posting


Were the left race realists then to?
I doubt that, but the left then tend to have more balls and are willing to kill unlike the left today.

ZOG Location


N.T. Technology, Inc.
200 Paul Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124


N.T. Technology, Inc.
Suite 5901
9120 Double Diamond Parkway
Reno, NV 89521


Race Queen (RQI), Inc.
2303 Cityland 10 Tower 1, 156 H.V.
Dela Costa St. Makati City, Philippines

My biggest fear is that the AI and Machine Learning has put us into a position where nobody can win. Leftists cannot lose because they are the system, but no matter how much they try to control it, it's always by patchwork solutions barely holding everything together.
If this goes on eventually the entire place rots and collapses in such a way that everyone except Niggers die.

Everyone was a race realist then. You need to be completely insane to fail to see the obvious racial differences. Insane or brainwashed.

Now that leads to an interesting question
how did future generations started to be accepting of other races, I mean didn't the grandmas and grandpas and parents tell them that possibly the education system were lying or was no one even aware of what they were teaching.

When the WW2 generation came home they were put in colleges by the GI bill and told that the only way to make something of yourself was to get indoctrinated there. They were taught by leftist professors and because most young adults at that time had gone into the army, they were empty headed authoritarian drones.
The army taught them one thing; Obey authority.
So when these leftist scum told them to think a certain way, they did. At least outwardly.
The self proclaimed "Greatest generation" was in fact the most cowardly and empty headed generation in history. They were almost all race realists who meekly allowed the jews and their communist professorial class to tell them what to think and how to act. They were told that everything they thought was true was actually evil and though they didn't like it, they were too cowardly and brain-dead to oppose it. Thus modern liberalism was born.

Then came the boomers. Raised by TV and desperate for some reason for living that their parents trashed in the war, they turned to degeneracy and leftism because they offered some sense of purpose, a reason to live that their parents couldn't.
As they grew older and accumulated wealth, they combined their insane leftist ideology with a desperate desire to keep their wealth and comfort. Thus modern conservatism was born.

Their children, being raised in an increasingly broken and unnatural society embraced nihilism and taught it to the later children of the baby boomers.
As society continues to decay, ideas get increasingly deraigned until you get the loathsome, self hating ethnomasochists of today.


You have to realize jews also took german last names and shapeshifted pretending to be "fellow whites" in order to have a chance at brainwashing americans, the thing about that then is that they learnt from their mistakes from weimar.
As they grew older and accumulated wealth, they combined their insane leftist ideology with a desperate desire to keep their wealth and comfort. Thus modern conservatism was born.
Hence forgetting who they are and becoming sheep in a capitalist society.
This usually tends to be opposite for people who were born out of ss officers or germans who escaped from germany or national socialists.

To bring back that soul or reawakening is through national socialism as evident through Zig Forums or people outside of this place, but chances of natsoc is incredibyl low or close cannot tell I mean the recent meme like honk honkler (parody of heil hitler) that were slowly getting there, but I doubt a solution would come any soon as people are dead inside and decaying slowly along with western civilization.