Inspired by Tarrant shooting muslims

French friend of mine sent me this, he claims to eliminate muslim drug-dealers, who sell heroin to the kids.

Kill your local muslim drugs dealer

Everybody can do something for this world

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Fucking videos are the last two in that TG channel. I cant fucking upload them here. Fucking Zig Forums

jews don't have friends.

When you are so pathetic, that see kikes everywhere. Retard.

Props to your friend, as someone who lived in France, there is a astounding amount of muslims.

But hey, 1 White is better than thousand muslims or more, a muslim (especially a sandnigger) is so stupid they can't do much harm.

How I drop videos here? Keep getting this error:
MP4 must be made up of one H264 and one AAC stream only.

That seems to suggest that your video has dual audio. You have to rip one of the audio streams out using ffmpeg or some equivalent program to be able to post it here.

To be fair here I don't think many kids are buying heroin… How would selling heroin to kids even work lel

You would know, Shlomo.

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Much respect to your friend!

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You shouldn't film yourself doing something you intend on getting away with

What the fuck shooting style is this. You know a "drive-by" usually involves more or less stopping to take a shot.


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did he shoot at anything? The first video is just gun shot noises, but no context, and the second video looks like just shooting into the night.

Absolute legend.

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Tbh i was asking myself that too

Reminder to only post shit like this through Tor unless you want a visit from Interpol.

The guy's just letting off fireworks.

Muslims and arabs (sandniggers) can suck my dick, one less subhuman

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Tarrant walked into a crowded area and shot them.
Your buddy is doing nigger tier shit.

what a shit thread then

The three shots are all at the same angle.
The car is moving.
Unless there were three guys equally spaced 10m apart he wasn't aiming at anything.

Good job, retard

Yeah the second one is nothing but maybe the first one. There was no scream of some subhuman getting hit tho

Lmao. Somebody will go to jail for shotting at trees..

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Oh boy the driver's hearing is going to suffer from that kek


Le hilarious e-celeb
Consider suicide

Holy kek

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I dont even who the fuck that is, I just saved the reaction.

Fucking faggots.

Don't show the fucking car, don't show the gun, don't talk. Just show the mudslime bodies hitting the pavement.

They'll probably go to prison for this, fucking morons.

Based, but no redpilled since it looks like the guy was just shooting into the dark. 5/10, try again

Heeeyyyy that's breddy gud

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Kill them, I hate brothers who sell drugs.

When shariah is upon your lands that'll be the punishment anyhow, so good job frenchie you're implementing shariah law prior to the eventual Islamic conquest by numbers.

"Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then [he must change it ] with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then [he must change it] with his heart. And that is the slightest [effect of] faith." - (Al Muslim) Hadith 34: Whoever Sees An Evil

mohammed is licking my nuts right now

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Upgrade the arsenal all the bases are belong to us.

Stay safe blessed legends, no quarter asked none given.

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Every mudslime in European lands is committing an evil by leaving his homelands in ruins to leech of white people and to serve the interest of the demonic jew. Therefore, everyone shooting ANY mudslime inside Europe is "changing" an evil.
Hail Tarrant.

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So you are underage?

Yep. Whoever posted this would be wise to DBAN every device in his home and throw them in the microwave for good measure. I wonder if he even used a vpn? wewlads be on the lookout for news about this

Only possible if he actually killed anyone.

there is in the media about it?

Where do i get bullets from, smartass? It would be more reasonable to just smuggle both gun and bullets.

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We should do an jihad John style video where someone dressed as a crussader kill a sacaren with a bacon knife

From the minecraft server obviously fag

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Reported for thotposting

""Because of the wrongdoing of the Jews…. And of their taking usury … and of their devouring people's wealth by false pretenses. We have prepared for those of them who disbelieve a painful doom."" [Surah IV, v. 160, 161]

Is this the new VR gameplay? Looks epic.

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Do you have any more proofs that you really killed somebody? That vids look horrible.

Pretty based. I'm surprised the mods haven't obliterated this thread yet, could be Mossad. I only say that because we didn't see him hit anything so it could just be a ruse to send the feds to the homes of everyone echoing support. With that in mind if this is real these Frenchies are totes cool and frogpilled, and even though they didn't hit anything they still have more balls than anyone in this thread.

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this is bait

Then go to Syria and help Assad fight against ISISrael, shoot some Israeli warplanes off the sky or go snackbar in Tel Aviv, goatfucker. Every mudslime inside Europe, ever single one of them, is here because world jewry wishes for them to be here. Every mudslime in Europe is good for the jew. They are meant to be the new low IQ slaves which through their mere presence erode and weaken European nations to put in place the Jew World Order.

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Agreed. Excluding myself, of course.

Remember: traitors first

Go back to your fucking homelands and elimiate the semites there so we can all finally live in peace from jewish divide and conquer warmongerers, until then you are a leech just like the jews, until then your god will have no mercy on you.

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I'm busy breeding with your women, I have 6 Swedish children already. Praise be.

Your men are weak, your women are converting to Islam 4 to 1, praise be. Soon we will outnumber your then wage war on the evil Jews.

Looks like you did it in multiple ways, user.

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Ma'shallah, god be praised, this woman has found the right path.

Is this how some kids get their keks? Or is it supposed to be a psyop?

LARP is my only form of entertainment at this point.

It's obvious bait

what is with all the fake dialogues?

Confirmed. Over a decade ago the "french" were basically algerians wearing linen in summer. I was told all the "real french" were on holiday since school was out. After winter came, there was no difference. France is Arabia tbh.

Hilarious Taquya, Ahmed.
In the unlikely case that you actually created mongrels with some racemixing whore, these creatures would not be "swedish" in the slightest.

This is factually incorrect. There are some converts, but they are a fraction of the general population. White people and especially white women have been duped into thinking of you subhuman animals as poor little "refugees" in need of "help". They basically see you as weak children they can use to virtue-signal for social rewards. We fascists know better though, we know that you are parasitic savages and will treat you accordingly. If you want to serve the jew, then you have chosen your destiny.

Yes, George Soros and all those other kikes are surely financing their own downfall. Lets face it, you are low IQ animals far too inept to ever succeed at Jihad. In fact, your Jihad has been entirely manufactured by Mossad to have a boogeyman that justifies their conquest of the middle east. Your role is that of the slaves in the jew world order. They need racial foreigners to turn Europe into a faceless, multicultural pulp so they can dissolve nation states and instate global government.
Leave Europe or serve the jew and await Gods punishment.

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I understand that it's bait.. I don't really understand the motivation for posting it.

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Re-watched Gojira last night.
Japs are based.
I'm happy for them to have their islands and defend them.
It would be bad if they were diluted with multiculturalism

My children have blonde hair and blue eyes, the infidels will not see them coming, in'shallah.

We know we are weak right now which is why we are breeding like crazy. Our scripture tells us to do so and it's even prophesied that our number will be many.

They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.

alah sucks dicks. how about that?
the same jewish creation to rule over you, degenerates

lmfao, may that be a troll if not that's really pathetic, mudshit.

People here on Zig Forums seem to take the bait easily. I do it too sometimes, admittedly. It can be fun to post it and respond to it

Ma'shallah Sinead, nothing compares to you.


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More blue eyed fair skinned aussies joining our religion.

This is happening world wide.

Praise be to god.

What do China, Myanmar, India, and the West have in common?
They all hate Muslims.

Perhaps this is why the Jews are trying to get Muslims and Christians to fight each other…

You are breeding like crazy for the same reason niggers and other subhuman races are breeding like crazy, because you are subhuman animals living in poverty who don't know how to use a condom. Leeching of the government is more profitable if you have lots of children.
There is no "plan" of Allah.
There is no real Jihad which would be in any position to be a threat to the kikes, only a manufactured Mossad boogeyman.
Mudslimes are inbred low IQ leeches too inept to perform even mundane tasks required for sustaining a civilization, let alone an overthrow of the global syndicate of jewish capitalists. And why would they overthrow the global syndicate of jewish capitalists?
Its who brought them to Europe, who finances mass immigration, who allows them to leech of Europeans and who brainwashes these Europeans to accept this. The jews WANT the mudslimes inside Europe.
Nobody gives a shit about the cocksucking faggot deity your pedophile prophet came up with. You are pawns in the plan of the jews. Even with their help, your little Jihad in Syria was crushed. Now your brave ISIS-fighters are begging the ZOG-authorities to let them back in. Lmaoing @ your life.

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Just kill drug-dealers. And rather than Tarrant, just be a Duterte.

((( )))

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Did he actually killed someone there? I'm French too btw

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Nice shootin frog 11/10

I'll admit it will be hard to overthrow the Jews but with the will of God we shall be guided.

Oh we will fight both the Jews and the Christians, and they know it. We are biding our time right now, building our numbers.

Islam is a common protocol with a decentalised exponential growth mechanism. You can't win.

Join us and find peace.


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discordgg/A6mxdRz you haven't joined your lazy!

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Kill yourself

First of all, he fucked up by telling you, who then went and told everyone in a public place.
If you want to do shit, you need to take infosec and opsec very seriously. But good luck, kill the mud.


Pic related just got deleted

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