Jewtube promotes mudshits raping

Jewtube recommends Katy Perry's 2017 music clip. Considering latest events i dont think i should explain anything else. Mudshits infestation, propaganda of raping and so on and so forth. Another evidence that it was planned all along.

So far the only one recommending this to me is your faggot ass OP. SAGE.

take this

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Oy, come be outraged goyim!

kike, go away.

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Thats not only the promotion of rape, but of cannibalism and satanic ritualistic human sacrifice. Its also a reference to MKULTRA.


thx, now go burn somewhere else. oh wait holohoax is a lie. you can make become true though. start from yourself.

Kill yourself kike

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try harder

speaking about satanism. have you heard of "Joy of Satan" website?

Shut the fuck up retard kike, not interested in becoming a satanist

i just asked you a question. interestingly enough they stand against kikes and christianity, in a very harsh way. you should broaden your mind, satanism biblical (jewish) and pagan are different things.
either way you can believe what you want, no need to call me kike because of a simple question.

It's gonna happen. Accept it.

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inb4 ban


all youll ever get is kikes pretending to be white. not big deal, you can even suck a dick before you die beheaded with a pork in your anus.

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filtered. its surprising how many kikes are there. nevertheless youre too stupid, its in your genes.

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Global Reported for Voluntary Kike Apologist self embarrassed Terminal inbreed delusion Aid Pandering. Remember to fucking hang yourself real nigger

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