Canada Yes! (((Press))) hacks Discord, finds leafs are very bad goys

IOW stolen. Thanks antifags for showing your true (((selves))).


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So Maple Syrup Rambo was alt-right before the kikes even came up with a label. Hmm.

Kill yourself nigger.


Canadian Fascists shop at The Bay. Pass it on.

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One last note: CSIS asset Dimitri The Lover / James Sears of "Zig Forums The Newspaper" is expected to be sentenced this week for (((hatred))) goys, so expect more of this from the lugenpresse.


Bottle it, kike.

Good let these dumb fucks suffer.

I just love how these newspaper outlets write like anyone still reads them. Go into any store and see the newspaper section slowly dwindling. Where there used to be piles of papers for sale, now there's perhaps a couple of each and nobody is buying them.

but oy vey! What a scoop! This'll surely turn the tide of terminal decline!

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Why on Earth do people use Discord for serious shit like politics

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Trannys aren't known for their working minds.

Are they this stupid or is this disinformation?

Normalfags, particularly those in (((power))) read the media to take direction. For example, The Globe and Mail is Maoist.

The meetup with "Rusty" has all the hallmarks of a CSIS operation. Fake news, fake and glowing movement. Besides, it's way way too early to do anything. This type of thing is meant to sell papers and inform fellow travellers of the threat.

Hey america, take notes on how these "major" shootings are usually only 2-6 not 15-50

Heh… the sign. The reporting on this could easily be a how-to and an insight into how sophisticated we are.

why are the discord niggers raiding today

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Out of beavers?

Also, "urban" in Canada is different.

(Urban also means niggers in the US.)

Discord isn't even encrypted, it transmits in plaintext ffs.

That's never a good thing. With digital media they have full control over past, present and future of information. Revisionism and on the fly manipulation becomes worse and worse.

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I just noticed something the other day. When I was a kid I had heard about how Walt Disney had made a cartoon for the Nazis called "Why We Fight".

I tried looking for a copy, but all that I can find now are articles (probably put up by Disney) about the cartoons made by Walt Disney against the Nazi party.

He was a businessman so I don't doubt he made money from both sides, but I can't find a copy of the German side anywhere. It's like Disney has scrubbed it out of existence.

Did you also hear how Burger King puts worms in their burgers? Not everything you heard as a kid was reality dipshit.


Not only do Jews lie, but when they get away with a lie, they elaborate on it. They view Amalek (officially designated enemies) as what Scientology would call "fair game," especially regarding defamation.


More stellar multicultural invadigestive news. We have to stop these godless Germans from nailing hosers to trees. It just ain't kosher, son.

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The pedo owners got arrested for being pedos lmao why would you use that sjw shit

Shannon Carranco
Interns at CBC/Freelance 'journalist'/Antifa scumbag
Goes to Concordia university
Boyfriend is Camilo Cardozo

Lives at:
2070, Boul. De Maisonneuve Ouest,
Bureau 100
Montréal, Qc
H3H 1K6

Photos of her can be found here:

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Aside from the smug, it looks extra heavy. About 180lbs if I had to guess. She could write fat-acceptance articles with authority.

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I already have Wente and Kay's columns skeletoned out too. Welcome to a full court press against gamer…I mean incels…I mean naughtzees buy the Grand and Master.

Just in time for the summer intern season too how convenient.

I'd fuck it, make it have a white baby, then teach that white baby to kill her because she's a filthy communist.

Thinking that breeding with subhumans is the answer.

I never said it was the answer. All I'm saying is it would be fun.

I sure hope so and anyone reading that trash is already lost. The reason why I doxxed this cunt in the first place was to show the hypocrisy by these so called journalists who basically use it as a platform to push their views. They're activists hiding under the banner of journalism and their reward is a job at major media companies.

Plus, I wanted to see if I could use the grainy image of just part of a building in the background to find her location. They'll never learn because their desire for e-fame always wins out over their regard for privacy. It's just a waiting game before they screw up and expose themselves. I only wish I could expose more of them as they expose those with political views different than their own. Show no quarter.

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Hi my name is Brendon Alexandre Schembri and I hate niggers. I work for CENTURY 21 Atria Realty Inc and won't sell properties to niggers, chinks or shitskins.

Contact me at 905.510.8188 or 416.203.8838 if you want to put a hit on your local non-white.

Remember to follow me on and

Makes me think…

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Any group that uses fucking discord is asking for trouble. True opsec is spelling out messages with blocks on a Minecraft server

Dont use discord.
Vet people before they get to s chat room that is pvt.
Use encrypted messaging.

How the hell does it read Tolkien?

Where are the ones about anal fisting and being your own pimp?

The motorcycle gangs were using Minecraft until they found out there was a rat inside.

The fat chick on CBC News openly said recently talked about "some stories my colleagues are promoting, I mean reporting." This was around the time that Indian Posse woman was whining about being kicked out of cabinet for taping Sir Humphrey. (I was caring for a relative and they are too old to remove from the matrix.)

Discord gives the archives away

Same way as the rest of the books - without thinking at all.

Dude there's Tox over Tor.

Discord is for niggers and fags.

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all journos get the rope

I agree but your pic is cringe

All wannabe Nazis get the rope Nuremberg 2.0 coming soon

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lol based

Discord is shit and if you use it you're a retard. I am ashamed of each and every one of you fucking plebs that just went with the flow, you are not my brothers.

kek, everytime

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get lost stupid jew

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The next War will be your last, you Jews need to fucking pay.

They create the chat room, shit post, then write about it.

They'll publish their circulation numbers but they neglect to mention that since the late 90's more than half those numbers are comps, that is, complimentary copies of their journals given away particularly at high disposable income nodes like at airports and hotels. They're really just advertising fliers with little factoid articles interspersed.

And the cheap ink on the ghastly paper comes off on your fingers. If you're wearing a good suit and clean linen your fingers quickly get contaminated by the greasy shit ink and now you're fouling your expensive clean clothes that were designed to make you look impeccable. Next time you are in proximity to one of these wretched broadsheets stop, and contemplate the nasty complexity of the poisonous chemical smells they exude.


Seriously I hate this kike media, which wrotes like if white people want to live in white countries, it is something extremely bad and they should die out

They're robots.

They're not real people. They're NPCs. No, not the humans you see. They all agree.

The people on mainstream websites are ROBOTS, chat-bots that use ANGER to trick people into thinking that they are real.

When you think of a robot, you think of an emotionless bot that never sounds quite right when they talk. Like SmarterChild or something.

But what happens when you program a robot to chat as if it was angry?

You get internet SJWs. False people that scan for words like "white," or "race," or "faggot," or any word that implies that your thoughts are not kosher.

And then it attacks you. On the early internet, before GamerGate and whatnot, back when we were will smiling, it was easy to think nicely of these people. Of course some of us would apologize, or feel shamed, corrected, or otherwise as if we had actually done something wrong, just because a female yells at us.

Don't pretend you weren't once a whiteknight.

It's in our blood to be kind to women, even women on the internet who disagree with us.

So it only makes sense for the enemy to create robots that pretend to be women, to manipulate us.

What this truly implies is that most people that we meet in daily life ALREADY AGREE WITH US. There is no "JQ" issue other than their own fear of committing thought crime. Now, sometimes JQ is a bit much, even for a person who *mostly* already agrees with basic logic.

But despite that, do not think that you are alone. Most people agree that families are good things, that nations have borders and that these borders should be defended, and that our people does not mean anything other than Aryan Europeans, no matter if they're in Australia, Europe, or the USA.

When we say, "We want to stop immigration," of course we don't refer to the interchange of culture between European nations. We simply do not wish to have Arabs, Asians, Blacks, or Native-Americans live among us, except perhaps Native-Americans in America, where it's rather clear they belong.

Well, I shall not meander further.

The point is that we are the people, and our opinions are not extreme or strange. War is normal.

When two wolf packs meet, only one remains at the end. Either they are mixed, or there is war.

And we do not wish to be mixed.

*back when we were still smiling