Guns and their political impact, a discussion

Welcome to the Zig Forumspol thread, your one stop shop for discussing gun politics and homemade weapons!

What are your local gun laws? How should they be changed? How can we use the gun debate to spread our message in the political arena? All of these questions should be answered ITT by serious Zig Forumsacks.

Also feel free to share homemade gun guides (which are totally legal under US law btw).

Downloadable printed gun materials:
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Grabcad for more weapon CADs:,military
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Guns are the ultimate symbol of personal freedom. The current top-tier instrument of warfare that enables an 80-year old granny equalize in power with a 30-year old MMA champion. No other instrument in the history of mankind allowed this big of a gap to be crossed. Citizens are able to fight armies when armed because occupation requires troops. Troops can die by gunfire. A .22 LR on a soldier's brain is lethal.

If you want to understand politics and want to have the ultimate symbol of personal freedom and affirmation of self is a rifle, a handgun second. UN wants all guns banned to enact world gov't plans. Left-wingers want AR-15s and rifles banned because their lethal potential is such that an organized militia with rifles can topple a city. Not with handguns.

Get a gun, even if it means giving your registers to your government. When you need to defend your family, everything else is secondary l.

Build a piece of trash like that? Why bother when you can put together a polymer 80 Glock clone with a file and a pair of diagonal cutters?

Guns empower people. The question is what it means to empower people, and how much risk we’re willing to tolerate. If people are generally peaceful, empowering them is generally good. If people are generally violent violent, empowering them is generally bad.

Deep down in their hidden heart of darkness, what do people hide?

Pacifists typically have little interest in weapons, but the exceptions, oh! They’re so much more likely to stop crimes than to start them. The problem is, how do we find them? How do we equip them? How do we resist the lies of those who would fake pacifism? Are peaceful people truly common enough to rely on? Can we as a society tolerate empowering people to do good and evil as they choose?

Will enough people choose good to build a society worth living in?

I don’t love gambling, but I do love people being empowered. I love the lighter limits and the larger magnification. Above all, at least in the matter of this question, I love the society that embraces its obligation to persuade people to peace and love.

I think compulsory gun ownership should be seriously considered as a way to ensure as nearly as possible all of society’s peaceful people are armed. It obviates the discrepancy in acquisition rates, and I do believe the numbers of peacefully inclined people greatly exceed the numbers of violently inclined people.

Also, if guns are obligatory, the most rebellious people will disarm in defiance and soar free in peace above an armed world, haha!

Just go 17th century with a flintlock. Good enough for Blackbeard? Good enough for you. That's if you live under traitorous gun restrictions, though. If you've got the liberty to do so - arm yourself with a good rifle, semi pistol, AND a "fuck you" flintlock.

The most rebellious people would get raped by Bubba and Jethro and then their TV would go missing while they're bleeding from their ass unconscious.

If you speak harshly to your woman, you lose your gun rights. Thank Lautenberg. No felony necessary.

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It's a nice caliber and shit, but come on, if you want to at least incapacitate people and not just have them die of an infection, get a hunting shotgun. A basic double-barrelled shotgun will last forever and will be largely more versatile. I don't know any single country that won't allow you to have one to hunt, so just apply for that hunting permit/licence or whatever, and get a shotgun. And if you can get a shotgun, you can certainly get a .22lr bolt-action rifle which will be infinitely better than shitty plastic .22lr guns.

I'd recommend a 12ga over-under with extractors, they're all easy to use, extremely reliable and bomb-proof. If you can get a side-by-side with external hammers, it's a good deal too, and obviously if you can get a pump-action or a semi-auto with a large tube, go for it.

A 12ga should be your absolute first priority when it comes to guns. The second priority would be, depending on your location and situation, a common caliber handgun or a .308 scout rifle: one to carry and defend yourself in the streets, one to deter bad guys from afar and hunt big game, one can be easily found in black market, the other is a hunting-grade gun and you should have no trouble getting one.

From there, it's up to you, if you want to get plastic guns go for it, but at least you've got the basics covered.

Liberator (Download, contains STereoLithography CAD .STL files) - The Liberator is a physible, 3D-printable single shot handgun, the first such printable firearm design made widely available online, designed by Defense Distributed.

“80%” AR-15 Lower: Machining Instructions (Download) - SolidWorks CAD Code (Download)

Complete AR-15 (Download, contains SolidWorks CAD Code)

Complete AR-10 (Download, contains SolidWorks CAD Code)

Ruger 10-22 (Download, contains SolidWorks CAD Code)

1911 (Download, contains SolidWorks CAD Code)

vz 58 (Download, contains SolidWorks CAD Code)

Beretta 92FS (Download, contains SolidWorks CAD Code)

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The luxury of 80% receivers may not always be available.

I'm just a retard here who know dick all about this subject so forgive me for shitty questions but how is it legal to make your own weapon? Like the ATF cracked down on Randy for sawing a shotgun barrel.

extremely lax. If you're over 18, no permit, any rifle. 21, no permit, open or conceal pistols. other than background check nothing else.

What message is it? Gun control? If so mention urban crime and Chicago's gun bans even though its been done to death.





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The people = good, Totalitarian government = bad…

If the people = Bad… then why the fuck should we bother disarming them for their own good?

If totalitarian government works… Why hasn't it ever worked before?

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Like women on the cawk, everyone gets comfortable. Then complacent. Then come the reasonable requests and allowances, yadda yadda yadda.

that's even worse than 9mm

one of those things Clinton signed into law. You can have your rights to buy firearms for tons of things now. It's not even a right anymore, it's a privilege.

I've gone back and fourth many times about what I'd suggest a first gun should be for someone, especially if they have a tight budget. 12 ga mossberg pump is really hard to beat. I said a 22lr auto rifle for a long time because it's a nice training weapon, it's ideal for small game, and if you really had to shoot someone, you could have 30 hollow points ready to go and you can shoot it really really fast with almost no recoil, but now i'd have to say just keep saving money until you can buy a full sized 9MM pistol like a glock 17. You could even build one to learn exactly how it works, train with that. Now that times have changed, I think a concealable, more portable gun is more important. Its something you can defend your home with, or keep in the car too. A battle rifle just isnt necessary for everyone for most situations. Things are so bad and of course going to get much worse that I think dads should let their kids cut their teeth on a pistol instead of a 22lr like the standing tradition is.

what does that even mean?

100% legal, and you don’t have to register shit or do a NICS check. Just make yourself a homemade firearm and take it to the range. The NFA stuff is all kinds of fucky but follow the golden rule of don’t be a dumb bitch and you’ll be fine.

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Holy shit, you've got no idea what life is like outside the U.S., do you?

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I live in Australia and I have been approached by a state police security and terrorism officer accompanied by an ASIO officer. I had applied for a gun license at the time but my marriage had just failed and after 5 months it still hadn't been applied - I presumed at the time it was because my crazy wife talked to the police about a restraining order to fuck my chances of seeing my kid.

What is the likelihood of actually getting a gun license here… I just want to go hunting for fuck sake?

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Stupid nigga. Always include expedient homemade firearms.
It is literally the best homemade gun book going

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Gif is not what i got.
Spoiler for lewd.

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its easy to build homemade pepper spray too. Just mix some pepper and alcohol, and use the liquid in any spray.

Easiest defense ever.

Its easy to build a home made tazer too. There are youtube videos on this.

Homemade Shotgun ammo

Professor Parabellum's DIY Scrap Metal Weapon guides Vol 1-5

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Professor Parabellum's DIY Scrap Metal Weapon guides Vol 6-8

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Allowed to post here by the moderation. Never forget this. Zig Forums is long dead.

Professor Parabellum's DIY Scrap Metal Weapon guides Vol 9-13

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Professor Parabellum's DIY Scrap Metal Weapon guides Vol 14-17

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dont ip hop

Professor Parabellum's DIY Scrap Metal Weapon guides Vol 18-19

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1. Kill yourself for defending jewish spam.
2. No one IP hopped, retard.

Professor Parabellum's DIY Scrap Metal Weapon guides Vol 22

Volume 20:

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Expedient Homemade firearms pt 1

100% accuracy rate

This thread is shaping up nicely. Very informative.

Lurkers: be sure to check out and post in in order to keep the gun related material there in the catalog.

How reliable are 3D printed guns nowadays?
I'm mostly wondering about pistols, because that's what I need the most.
I can buy some type of raifus and most type of ammos (or maybe all type of ammos, too lazy to check the laws of my country), but im not allowed to buy pistols.

If you have anonymous safe access to a 3D printer, why not try to make a Liberator one shot and the washbear revolver in OP? Best way to know how good it is is to test it.

Useless & impractical.

That's true in a lot of cases, but not always, in my case I can get raifus and ammos but not pistols.

I don't. And seeing the price of a 3D printer, im probably better off with black powder revolvers…

A high pitched oy vey echoes in the distance

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Hey Zig Forums, do you know of a method of trapping pneumonia in a small but breakable container that’s incased by a small but breakable container with bleach in it that could be shot out of a paintball gun?
Asking for a friend

Guns are the best for politics, cant implement draconian laws and import niggers if your citizens would shoot you for suggesting it. The US doesnt count, they have the most armed citizens yet they still bend over backwards for the jews, real shocked they didnt shoot up the goverment as soon as the first gun law got put in place, now they cant own automatics!

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You can still make your own ammo, and if you dont have any ammo why not just make some bombs instead?

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How effective would that actually be?
Why not just create a gas grenade? Its not like most people have gas masks lying around and the police probably wouldnt have enough for all their officers.

Thats not what i said you illiterate nigger, im saying that the US has the most kiked politicians and laws despite everyone being armed, any other country and those politicans would have been shot years ago.
Doubt they will happen in our lifetime unless a large group of commies declares war on the rest of the US, remeber waco, ruby ridge and all those other times the people of USA should have started an uprising but they didnt?
As I said, guns do have an effect on politicans, its just that USA is the exception to that rule because the same people with the "dont tread on me" flags and the fuck big goverment this and fuck CIA that will still defend those same kiked institutions when some liberal calls them shit.

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Except the Bundy standoff with the armed protestors that allegedly "pointed their weapons at feds" and thwarted the extortion kikery and won resulting in district judge dismissal of all charges of "conspiracy" and "ill intent" towards glows with prejudice. The only reason those citizens won that standoff was display of weaponry i.e equal force.

The point is there's plenty of people out there, even boomers charged and ready to go when a breaking point occurs and they decide the treason has gone far enough, not just people on our side and it should not be underestimated. Because of the fact that nobody ever voted for their jewish immigration acts and cancerous policies.

The boomer/truth faction is huge and many of them know that there's treason going on, probably more so than your run of the mill millienial brainwashed trash out of college, Both of them just don't know the kikes are responsible yet for the most part.

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Zig Forums already has a massive PDF compilation of that

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what guns are proper for conservatives? What is a proper nationalist gun?

Reminder that nearly all of these books were written and published by "boomers". Whenever are you fags gonna write or do something that this huh? Are milennials useless non thrill seeking non-alpha cucks?

If that's the case then fucking undo it and make better books than these guys

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The ones that use the same caliber if not parts as those who you are up against

A baseball bat or heavy metal object to the back of the head works wonders. Or a nail gun available freely that makes little noise and can be concealed in one of those enviro cloth shopping bags.

Or just a thick belt around the neck if you are sure of being able to over power your target. Just pick a location without cameras or wear a sun hat tilting your head down with sunglasses.

And for our incel friends a women, girl or boy target can be ass raped and dumping your load into their rectums during the death throes for added enjoyment. When finished, using a Fleet or other brand enema filled beforehand with bleach, insert into the rectum and anal area to avoid forensics.

Happy Hunting NatSoc.

How effective are some everyday items for killing people? Why use a baseball bat or similar object instead of a knife?

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As generic as it is, AR-15. Easily accessible ammo, rather common, and very easy to modify.

Pro-tip: you can bend a coat hanger into a certain shape to act as a drop-in trigger which turns an AR into an auto.

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You're right, a knife or an ice pick would work as well. Quiet and effective.
Or poison, electrocution(dump a plugged in device into the bathtub). A large truck can be used to just run them the fuck over.

Machete + Tomahawk is best for brute force

Double edged dagger pulled through the neck Cpt. Price style is best for silent kills

Push daggers best for style points and multiple attackers

Anyone have that image of the places you should hit on a persons body?

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You should read the manual though. Also do some shadow sparring with your knife.

This is for a stiletto type knife like the fabian sykes.

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its not much better when they are legal
Shit sucks, getting a full auto SMG or AK is far easier and cheaper than getting a legal handgun, and your handgun choices are quite limited and the price is really high

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Reminder for UK anons.

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Anglos are so kiked.

dear anglos, sign up for the VPN beta at

Unlimited traffic, decent speeds but you might need to create a new beta account after 30 days.

It is run by the founders of Bahnhof.


You will be subject to Swedish censorship on youtube and the daily mail, but that is not the fault of the VPN.

Fuck off shill. Dont tell people VPNs exist or recommend good ones, we need this censorship, because once the bread and circus is taken away the people will finally look towards the emperor.

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Psa ar15. 300-400 bucks. Then a glock 17/19
Assuming this is for go to war shit. If it's for a hobby just swap it.

Reminder for US anons.

Why not Botulinum Toxin?

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Page 14 of this pdf.


Washbear looks pretty nice

pol is a board of peace. I do not want to accelerate things.

Thank you for your feedback. I will take it to corporate.

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Dont do this!!! It creates Dihydrogen monoxide!

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A short barrel shotgun is illegal, which is what the atf was using as an excuse. If you follow atf rules on length, caliber and not automatic you can build whatever. Don't try to sell them though, lots of weird laws governing that and all of them end in atf raids. That guy with the 3d printed guns got nailed with international weapons dealing for publishing the plans.

If you can't obtain ammunition for a rifle/pistol then make a shotgun. Shells can be made with paper and beer cans, filled with clipped nails and black powder, and set off with a pop cap primer. Use your imagination on how you might acquire a gun after you have that.

Lel. Faggot is in trouble for "muh dick" and all firearms charges are resolved. They are "name your price" and downloadable. Blueprints are not arms. What a nigger you are.

This…also the USA is the largest military in the world. We have never taken advantage of that, but we should start.


Just because he beat the charges of weapon proliferation doesn't invalidate that he was charged with it you nigger. Selling your homemade problem solvers will draw attention to your funs factory and the laws on what's legal vary wildly and require you to survive the atf raid so you can argue in court.

Does that gun in the first pic fire BBs? serious question

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Not today CIA


Where can I get one of those?