The Most Important Awakening Point For All White Americans Is Learning Israel's Role Behind 9/11

This needs to be the starting point of every centrist's journey. I think it's evident that most people don't believe the official 9/11 story.
This is the fracturing point we could easily exploit.
Forget the esoteric, forget White Genocide for now, we need to exploit the public's suspicions regarding 9/11.
We need to gather all evidence and turn the whole 9/11 thermite belief into the Mossad operation belief.
Once you awaken everyday Americans to the truth behind 9/11, they will come to their own conclusions about "our greatest ally".
This is the key to our struggle.
Post your Israeli involvement in 9/11 redpills

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The Muslim secret services are behind this anti semitic propaganda, they want to divert the attention of the world from muslim terrorism to jews.

Muslims did 9 11.

Sorry Mohammad but we know Muslims were behind 9-11

op is correct; when the truth of Israeli involvement is revealed, it will be over for your sort

Going to have to get them to stop electing presidents who literally employ 9-11 conspirators first.

9/11 archive


Interesting responses in this thread.
I think I hit a nerve with the JIDF.

They are obviously aware of their demise, on alert and patrol for deflecting this fatal conviction when they should know that the wise put themselves on the side of their enemies if their weakness is to be known.

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Which is to say, the wise know it is more in their interest than it is their enemies to be accused and accosted, convicted even, out of their nonsense and lies of all kinds.

But of course it seems the JIDF think they are on the brink of world domination, so naturally they are blind to the idea that they should not be beyond reproach for their own sake.

It is our duty an in our own ethnic interests that we ally with peaceful Muslims in our countries against the Israeli terrorists and after neutralizing that threat, we return them home.
Tearing our nations and ourselves apart will only benefit Israel and its goals.
What do they care if our cities burn? They get to expand their territory and they've already taken out millions from the surrounding areas and flooded our countries with them.
This also helps suppress opposition against their centralization of power and we and Muslims both lose in the end.
Muslims wouldn't even be our problem to deal with if it weren't for Israeli-lobbied wars, displacement and human-trafficking to begin with.
White nationalism can only have a future after our Israeli terrorists are taken out of power in our nations.
If we're busy focusing on the Islamists, they benefit.
This is why we can cross the aisle with Muslims and liberals both on the cause of 9/11 and this will eventually allow us to stop mass immigration as well and return them to their rightful territories.
9/11 Israeli involvement is the most important starting point.

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I like Israel though, why would I want to do that? Besides all the suicide hijackers were Muslims I feel like you're just ignoring the most basic evidence because it's inconvenient. The CIA reports blamed the Saudi royal family for funding it (by paying for passports and flight simulator lessons.)


It seems like recently SJW's have been going against race-mixing. And in the UK the Labour party has a bunch of old hands who seem to have noticed that the excesses of capitalism always have the same (((root))).
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Fuck off retard, they want the same end result of whites dead and gone. If they were going to go that way they would've already.

Get active with your fellow muslims and tell them to do this. Demonstrate literally ANY solidarity with whites and clean up your crime infested "communities" then come here and post that. We're not friends because we might share a single goal.

>(((peaceful midslimes)))

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name one


This is the common sense approach. Expect Jew shills to D&C; they don't want their enemies joining forces.

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I would trust the Fuhrer and common sense over a kike shill on the internet.

You really don't understand what geopolitics are, do you? There is no ideological reasoning behind the cooperation of muslims and german national socialists.

Didn't Ryan Dawson prove that the "unnamed middle eastern ally who sponsorded 9/11" in the 28 redacted pages is israel.

lol, shlomo is starting to sweat. Hahaha. Should of not started a genocidal war against us whites. We are a compassionate species who would of been more then happy to form a mutually beneficial relationship with your kind. Too late for that now. Better prepare yourself. The holocaust is going to happen very soon as retribution for the atrocities committed against our people and nature.

It's too late for that. They successfully diverted American indignation at the time to Iraq and Afghanistan. All the anger fueled by 9/11 has been used up haphazardly.

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The holocaust being fake is much better.

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Join the 100 handers.

Burn copies of Ryan Dawson’s 9/11 documentary and leave them around. Go out of town? Buy dinner with cash and leave the dvd with the bill.

Literally, the most effective weapon Zog has against us is the control of infornation. If we control the media we could hound the federal reserve out of existence. We could name the subversive elements of the Jew.

We have to continue to subvert the MSM by exposing alternate ideas to normies. We are on the cusp of complete delegitimization. We now need to be exposing factual ideas in this vacuum that is opening before our eyes. Subverting The Donald is a battle ground where we can gain some ground. They ban anyone for mentioning Jews, so we need to be pointing out the anti white quotes and actions of Jews without mentioning them. Dropping imgur links to redpills on Jews should be a daily occurrence. We can win over countless allies with very little effort.

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Kikes are hell bent on destroying the white race because they know we are the only ones who might, ever, possibly, oppose their domination of the western world.

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how come the jewish chatolic america is so afraid of our "scripture" is it because of jews?

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9/11 was a deserved attack on The United States for 60 years of it's unwavering support of the little criminal state of Israel. Deal with it.

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Jews did 9/11.
Larry Silverstein.
Building 7.

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It's been nearly 18 years. If you start talking about 9/11 at all, people will just roll their eyes and tune you out. The retarded fucks don't even know that trillions of dollars just disappeared right after 9/11. They are brain damaged, drugged out, mental patients. Every Jew on the planet could look them right in the eyes and say "Yeah, we did 9/11" and nothing would fucking change. This is a dead end.

But building 7 has been proven to be destroyed by debre.
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Core of corruption: In the shadows

"This war in Iraq makes millions of dollars for big corporations, either weapons manufacturers or those working in the reconstruction, such as Halliburton and its sister companies. . . It is crystal clear who benefits from igniting the fire of this war and this bloodshed: They are the merchants of war, the bloodsuckers who run the policy of the world from behind the scenes. President Bush and his ilk, the media giants, and the U.N. . . all are a fatal danger to the world, and the Zionist lobby is their most dangerous member."

Osama Based Laden

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Americans care about 9/11 which is why you kikes are trying to pilpul all over this thread
A nerve was struck
Keep the thread going

Don't listen to the shills above. The reason why they are connected to the TRUE German people (like Hitler admitted) is because of their culture and history. You cannot be allies in WW2 and then forget about it after the war.

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Americans hate Islam.. We know Islam did 9/11 and BLAME Jews.

I think the truth hurts Islam objective.
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Hitler actually wished the Germans had Islam instead of their impotent Christianity.

"ultimately not Arabs, but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire." Hitler said that the Germans would have become heirs to "a religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and in subjugating all nations to that faith. Such a creed was perfectly suited to the German temperament."

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I think you're onto something.

Most don't care Op. Which is why that somali cunt from MN said, 'some people did some things' and it hardly got any outrage. Most faggots have already forgotten and those cunts in libtard university were like 4,5 years old when it happen.


>Literally, the most effective weapon Zog has against us is the control of information. WHEN we control the media we WILL hound the federal reserve out of existence. We WILL name the subversive elements of the Jew.



^ These are lies, intentional misquotings.

jews did 9/11 is the new n word for normie.

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