Appropriating Islam

The appropriation of LGBT symbols has show that when something is defined as “far right” the left surrenders it. I think that this can be applied to Islamic symbols and language. Doing this would confuse onlookers as to whether somebody using these symbols and language are actually genuine or just a hardcore shitposter. It could also drive a wedge between the progressive left and Muslims, while at the same time denying them their ability to communicate without referencing these redefined meanings. As I see it, there are two ways to do this: making Islam progressive, and reversing Islamic symbols and language to target actual Muslims with their own hostile statements.

Making Islam Progressive: This was already done with the “Allah is Gay” campaign; however, I think that this could have been taken further. Muslims love new converts, and one way to get them is to lower the barrier to entry. This could be done by making Islam more accessible to other groups though the association of those groups with Islamic symbols. Once Muslims reject this, they can be called out for being regressive and bigoted. This would work really well with Transgenders and Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs, ie: pedos) because these are the new recognized oppressed groups fighting for their “rights”.

Appropriating Islamic Symbols and Language to berate Muslims: This would not only force moderate Muslims to accept that their ideology is hostile to non-Muslims, but it could also cause state, or (((Cultural Authorities))) in the media and academia to try to officially distinguish who are the real Muslims and who aren't. If this happens Alinsky's tactics can then be used to exploit loopholes in their definitions and reduce their legitimacy.

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Here are some words that could be adopted:

Infidel: This could be turned into a general insult like nigger, faggot, or kike to get it associated with “le ebil nazis”. It can even be used against the progressive allies of Muslims; it would not be incorrect, as most progressive muzbuddies are already not Muslims. Once it becomes another word for SJW people will begin to confuse “moderate” Muslim outbursts with anti-progressive right-wing sentiment.

Apostate: This could be used against the Muslims themselves. We could dispute whether the Quran is the word of god, and if we argue that it isn't, we can consider it idol worship (literally worshipping the book). Then we can claim that these fake Muslims have renounced Allah in a few scraps of paper.

Dhimmi: Like Infidel, this can be used on progressives; it's not false so why not?

Jihad: This can be a dog-whistle for the “Day of the Rope” rhetoric. Once the left picks this up any talk of Jihad from the Linda Sarsour types would be labelled as Fascism.

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A two-pronged approach should work here:
First prong: the "Allah is gay" stuff. Push Islam as a gay-friendly religion (for bonus points, discuss the traditional tolerance in Islam for fucking twinks). Demand same-sex marriages in mosques. Push for gay Islam and feminist Islam. This has a couple of benefits. Since homosexuality and feminism are bad for civilizations, we want to push those things in Islam in order to weaken it. And it will make the traditionalist ones chimp out, which will make the incompatibility between Islam and liberal Western values more undeniable than it already is (thereby redpilling the normie against it).
Second prong: say that Muslims are an ally against the Jews. Push the Palestinian solidarity thing really hard. Portray Hitler as a friend of Islam (there's lots of easy to find material on this). For bonus points, push Islam as a pedo-friendly religion and an ally against oppressive age of consent laws. Use Muhammad and Aisha as an example of a positive adult-child relationship. The twink-fucking tradition that I mentioned earlier will come in handy for this too.
Obviously, use different accounts for every idea that you want to push.
Done correctly, we either subvert Islam or associate it with things normies hate. Hopefully both.

the state of whites when they need to act like sand monkeys to win

Our struggle is the most important thing in the world. Every tactic is legitimate as long as it works.

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Some Esoteric Hitlerists might already know this, but the Thule Society was founded by a Muslim. I believe his name was Sebbetendorf. The Black Sun symbol comes from Sufism too. The basic theory is that Sufis pre-date Islam, and they constructed that religion for their own aims. It would be pretty easy to construct an Aryan-Islam. Call it Sufi, just because those people tend to be held to such esteem by leftists. It would also be protected from censorship, relative to attempts to do this with Christianity, because Muslims are a protected class. This is best done as two different "denominations." An ultra progressive "Allah is Gay" type, and a super nazi one. That will force actual Muslims to pick one side or the other, and both will serve Zig Forums's agenda.

Is there any backup plans if this thing won't do exactly as planned out to be?

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islam already hates niggers so making it far-right should be easy.

The two pronged approach sounds like a good idea, maybe instead of just saying Allah is gay it can also be trans because it might not take a specific form. When it comes to creating a super nazi Islam, Sufism sounds like a good option, especially with its mysticism.

Ultra progressive: rainbows, traps, globohomo

Nazi: mysticism, beautiful geometric art, less diverse color palate

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Muslims burning the notes dame down was a hatecrime against Christians, and it should be dealt with accordingly.

Two groups of judaized gentiles fighting among themselves YAWN. Christianity is Bolshevism and (((Saul of Tarsus))) used the religion as a weapon to destroy Rome.

Not really. But it's not like the situation could get any worse than it is now. As far as I'm concerned, any change from the status quo is a good thing.

You're such a fucking retard. I left this place for months because so much of the board has its head up its ass. There are so many know-it-all's who are perfectly fine rehashing the exact same things over and over again, day after day, month after month. But regardless of the subject, be it economics, religion, you name it, if you say something that isn't in the pre-approved list of things to parrot, a know-it-all comes and mocks you. So little discussion takes place here anymore, and it's unfortunate because I know there are intelligent people here.

Even fucking Wikipedia will tell you that I'm right:

Yeah, you get it. We need to be a bit careful in implementation though. The progressive globohomo Islam needs to be some strawman set up for the liberals to point to as proof of tolerant Islam. The nazi one needs to be something that we can get people on 4chan to ironically support. Awareness can be spread once those feminist blogs inevitably start writing "How the alt-right is co-opting Islam" articles. Then starts the finger pointing. Moderates all need to be insulted as members of the globohomo branch. Fundamentalists need to be accused of being part of the nazi branch. This will polarize Muslims, and damage their strange unity with the left.

I've been looking though some Sufi iconography and they tend to use a heart, this could be very useful.

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This is being over thought. I'm not saying use pepe, but put a "far right" meme's head on pictures of islamic terrorists committing terrorism.

Good idea, Muslims stoning women become the thot patrol.

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Looks good. What do you guys think we should name these two branches?

Pedophilia is conservative-coded, contrary to OP’s lies. It takes fascist and/or feudal governance to embed pedophilia where it can’t be rooted out. Supposedly right-wing campaigns against pedophilia are bluepill brigades meant to make stupid angry tard ragers displace their angers against scapegoats rather than scrutinizing their own allies.

Take the ultimate redpill, and wake up to a world where violent people are slaves to impulse and true progress means opposing child abuse.

Just re-launch this movie at theaters across the country. 3 day launch, lots of promotion. Re-make the trailers and promos to cater to each NPC source code, such as "single moms are heros", "me too", "love wins" etc.

Start: FAIR, Federation for American Intelligence on Religions. Offer pamphlets outside the box office.

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