IQ scores falling globally but nobody knows why

Does Zig Forums have an explanation for why IQ scores have been falling across the world? If you haven't heard

So why? Nobody has a clear explanation for this and at best merely excuses. What are we supposed to do? Is humanity done for?

Neural lace, bitches. It’s still tomorrow’s tech tomorrow afaik, but even if the full dysgenic scenario hits it ain’t gonna hit fast enough to matter. This trend still goes vertical.

Because people with stupid high IQ's get called niggers for not wanting to be Jews, and not wanting the queer squad harassing them while cunts pretend to not be piece of shit contact artists the whole time.

Basicall, you're all niggers.

The population booms in the third world have a lot to do with it.

We live in a society where intelligent ppl are suppose to prop up and support the retards who have 30 kids with our tax dollars…



A proliferation of niggers.

Plastics, fracking, and pharmaceuticals in the fucking water table; combined with atrophy from underuse. We tell kids now using your brain & questioning the status quo is wrong, so they never bother to look up from the digital crack we hook them on at like 2 so they'll shut up.

My 2 cents worth, 4 possible scenarios:
1. Mass immigration from low IQ countries driving the average iq of the West down.
2. Mass degeneracy making people dumb.
3. Smart phones and computers rewiring peoples brains to be dumber than people who used to read books (this is probably the most likely scenario)
4. It's all a conspiracy to push the equality lie. (The wildcard, but has potential)
5. Changes to the education system which have ruined it.
6. All of the above.

jews and their handheld idiotboxes.

I blame trap music.

Kids are so dumbed down they only like triplet rhyming that sounds exactly the same across multiple so-called artists.

I'll admit it's a mystery.

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Race-mixing, the domination of education, etc.

Jewish domination

poisoned food
sedentary lifestyle
modern technology
influx and influence of niggers


The racial composition of IQ test takers has changed such that groups with lower average IQs (for genetic, environmental, and/or cultural reasons) are better represented.

It's because we're now cyborgs relying on our phones and the internet to store information. They should let people take IQ tests with their phones

The more connected as a society we get the easier it is for the jews to have control complete over the populus, sure there was an an initial golden age around 90s - 2005 where we were in control of the internet. But the rise of social media has done nothing but to strength the jews stranglehold to push their agendas.

With the rise of technolegy nobody needs to think anything anymore because its spoon fed to them via the hypno box and social media platforms. Years of educational right think has turned people into brainless NPCs drugged up on xanax, while simultaneously turning themdegenerate faggots from drinking to much cool aid.

feels good

Niggers. Fuck off, retard.

Read Dysgenics by Richard Lynn.

Feminism → High IQ women have less children
Immigration → More immigrants who have lower average IQ
Welfare → Low IQ degenerates on welfare have more children
Sex education and birth control→ Lower birthrates among higher IQ white populations due to sex being encouraged only as pleasure and also there is propaganda which discourages traditional families for whites
Higher IQ people realise the earth is overpopulated and have less children. Lower IQ people don't care and have children anyway.

Dysgenics is the best argument against so called 'progressiveness'.

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That is all called r-selection in r/K selection theory.

Becaue low iq wyppo are breeding out the planet-88-91 % of the wurl pop& growing.
Pretty soon hole wurl be all 60-70 iq. honkies& SHEEEEIT.

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People are poisoned non stop and they get no nutrition. Epigenetics can cause pretty quick swings.

Also, it's an average and the dumb are being supported into breeding like rabbits while the smart are, well, smart about it.

YT fuggin up da curf!

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