Cuckstianity Is The Cause, Not The Redemption

A Texas judge has blocked enforcement of a law forbidding state employees and contractors from boycotting Israel, declaring that the measure threatens to "manipulate the debate through coercion rather than persuasion."

Calling the law "an impermissible content- and viewpoint-based restriction on protected expression" that "imposes unconstitutional conditions on public employment [and] compels speech for an impermissible purpose," US District Judge Robert Pitman ruled that the "plaintiffs' BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] boycotts are inherently expressive conduct" protected under the First Amendment and delivered a temporary injunction, barring Texas from enforcing the provision.

Reminding the state of Texas that "the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular" is "to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation – and their ideas from suppression – at the hands of an intolerant society," Pitman reserved special scorn for state attorneys' emphasis on the fact that 25 other states also have anti-BDS laws or executive orders on the books and the legislature's near-unanimous passage of the 2017 law, calling the deference to groupthink a "weakness."

The ruling merged two separate suits from plaintiffs who have little in common aside from their support for BDS and Palestinian rights. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sued in December on behalf of Bahia Amawi, a speech pathologist unable to renew her contract with a school district after nine years of employment because she refused to sign a no-boycott clause. That same month, the American Civil Liberties Union filed on behalf of John Pluecker, a freelance writer and translator unable to continue his contract work for a state university; Zachary Abdelhadi and Obinna Dennar, two students unable to contract with a school district to judge debate tournaments; and George Hale, a radio reporter forced to sign a no-boycott clause in order to keep his job.

The Texas law required a state employee or one contracting with the state to sign a pledge avowing they "do not currently boycott Israel," they "will not boycott Israel during the term of the contract," and that they will avoid any action "that is intended to penalize, inflict economic harm on, or limit commercial relations with Israel, or with a person or entity doing business in Israeli or in an Israel-controlled territory." Texas is the third state since 2017 to stall or overturn anti-BDS legislation, following decisions in Kansas and Arizona, according to the ACLU, and a victory there is significant, given the strength of the state House's support for Israel – the city of Dickinson actually required residents applying for government aid to rebuild their homes following Hurricane Harvey to pledge not to boycott Israel in 2017, before retracting that requirement.

A nationwide 2017 bill that would have criminalized the BDS movement failed, but US immigration authorities barred BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti from the country earlier this month with no explanation, forcing him to cancel a speaking tour and preventing him from attending his daughter's wedding. Ending BDS is considered a top priority for AIPAC, one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington, and multiple anti-BDS resolutions have been proposed this year.

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Based judge.

I guess it's a little more sophisticated than your other four threads earlier today

Nuke israel. Anti Christian kike shills can fuck off.

It was unconstitutional from the start.

The Christians I know are the strongest supporters of Constitutional rights that you'll find.

Go back to Zig Forums you sub-human monkey. Let's not pretend like you give a single fuck about the constitution you want to tear apart, and in whose place you want to implement bolshevism.

A adverse court ruling is better than nothing, but it's not really what all the unhanged traitors who voted for these laws deserve.

It's another anti-white, anti-Christian thread, celebrating an action taken in one of the most Christian states in the country, ironically. How come we don't see this in Cali or NY? Oh, I know, because white people and white Christians aren't the problem. Post-national marxism, shit-skins, and jews are the problem. Not white people, and not white Christians.

I'm glad I have the freedom to choose to buy or not buy whatever I want. To me it has nothing to do with israel but it makes me very disgusted that they tried to force me to buy their products through some draconian evil law somehow. Just because of their attempt to force me to buy their stuff by threatening my freedoms with some weird law, I'm now really going to avoid their products BIG TIME! If it wasn't for this I wouldn't have cared but I'm so upset they tried to take my freedoms away that I'm avoiding products from there from now on. Take that!

*cough cough*
it's the protestants who are the problem

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Genius, that's not what the legislation was. No one can force you to buy anything. It was about disallowing businesses from openly boycotting via removing them from eligibility for state programs and contracts, I believe. No one can pass a law to make people buy things.


I'm ready for the absolute fucking Screeching from Retards

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*cough cough*

Sure feels that way to me. Why should they be immune to something that can affect anyone, and basically essentially force people to buy their stuff because "if you don't buy my stuff you're boycotting me so I'm telling on youuuu!". It's like some sneaky bad kid in school trying to get you in trouble for not inviting them to your birthday party because they're an asshole.

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Who's saying they should be immune to boycott? I'm saying you don't know what he hell the legislation was. As far as I remember, a business could boycott them, they're just disqualified from state contracts and state government funded programs. Basically, anything having to do with the government.

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Oh yeah, it was Christianity that drove them to this, not marxism. You're a nigger.

pastor anderson is a very rare type. but he advocates for race mixing

i would argue that traditional catholics have been (and probably most still are) one of the most anti-semitic forces in history.
of course the current catholic church is cucked, because of:
1) the current pope
2) Vatican II
3) literal jewish subversion ie Conversos

So what you're saying is that people who boycott them are punished.

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There's also a Chuck Baldwin sermon against Zionism posted. I could post many more. The protestant strawman is retarded and motivated by your own sectarianism.

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The sacrament rituals are spirit cooking and ritual cannibalism

Yes, stupid, but no one can force you to buy shit you don't want, so don't speak out of your ass like a nigger.

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let them have it

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sure, there are protestants who are anti-zionist/anti-semitic, but i would argue that it is true that the bulk of support of israel is by protestants/evangelicals.
but sure. i'm not really setting up a strawman, i just make observations.
but i think we both agree that we should influence the current state of Christianity back to anti-semitism.

Some user should give that judge a cupcake. This is fantastic news.

You're such a low IQ monkey. You're so delusional and incapable of independent thought, and so caught up in a little echo chamber bubble that you think I'm somehow arguing on behalf of the legislation, simply because I'm pointing out what a dumb, ignorant nigger you are on the topic. Here's an idea stupid, read the legislation before going around talking about. Otherwise don't talk about it. You make yourself look like an absolute moron, and your rhetoric is so far removed from the reality of the situation that anyone reading your comments would be swayed to believe anyone taking your stance is simply an uneducated buffoon.
You're a fucking nigger. Me calling you a nigger and pointing out your ignorance doesn't make me a supporter of this legislation. You're just a fucking nigger and I'm pointing it out.

Why would u Christians be against this? This is good news, fuck kikes and fuck you retarded pagan larpfags, Catholics are the ones who suck more jew dick then anyone else

Checked. Instead , gas the planet down to 100 mil

Oh oh, okay I understand.

No, you don't understand. You're too stupid to understand or learn things. You're so deep in a hole of group-think that you think people correcting you are your opposition. You're a literal nigger with shit-tier genetics.

I have never seen anyone be so embarrassed before for being wrong. You were wrong. Just accept it and move on. If you can't do that you don't belong on Zig Forums.

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OP, why did you ruin your own thread? Was it part of your plan?

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Literal 10 IQ.

Fixed That For You / FTFY

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Funny, the most atheistic states are the ones that are the most anti-constitution. But let's keep pretending white Christians are the problem.

Kosher laws before the kosher certification tax scam was invented was the Jewish equivalent of BDS against goyim.

It's interesting to me that people still haven't pointed out this Jewish hypocrisy. If jews have boycotted gentile goods for centuries then it is absolutely fair and just for gentiles to boycott jews.


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Bowl Earnest

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FUN FACT 1: (((Breivik))) had a nose job to hide his jewish nose.

FUN FACT 2: He attacked an ANTI-ISRAELI rally or how the (((MSM))) said, a "multi-cultural camp" (because all cultures hate Israel).

In his manifesto, John Earnest wrote, “I do not care about the debt-based currency that Jews like to pretend is money. I do not care for the bread and circus that Jewry has used to attempt to pacify my people. I willingly sacrifice my future—the future of having a fulfilling job, a loving wife, and amazing kids. I sacrifice this for the sake of my people. OUR people. I would die a thousand times over to prevent the doomed fate that the Jews have planned for my race.”

Earnest claims he set a fire at an Escondido mosque in the weeks after the Christchurch shooting. In his manifesto, Earnest wrote, “I scorched a mosque in Escondido with gasoline a week after Brenton Tarrant’s sacrifice and they never found shit on me (I didn’t realize sandn*ggers were sleeping inside though—they woke up and put out the fire pretty much immediately after I drove away which was unfortunate. Also they didn’t report the message I spray-painted on the parking lot. I wrote ‘For Brenton Tarrant -t. Zig Forums’).

“Four weeks. Four weeks ago, I decided that I was doing this. Four weeks later I did it. I remember a specific moment in time after Brenton Tarrant’s sacrifice that something just clicked in my mind. ‘If I won’t defend my race, how can I expect others to do the same?’ I immediately got to planning, and I never looked back. I never had doubts. I never felt afraid. I never felt anxious—just the occasional nervous excitement,” Earnest wrote.

“To the true anons out there (you know who you are). You are the product of Zig Forums—the product of unadulterated truth. You are my brothers and the best dudes out there. You are the most honorable men of this age. Despite all odds against you, you not only discovered the truth but also help to spread it. Some of you have been waiting for The Day of the Rope for years,” he wrote.

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Remember the ACA? Think of all the care that I bought at gunpoint.

This. OP is a kike.

Some welcome good news.

1/10, you tried.

Good for Texas. Nice to see a judge finally doing their fucking job.

If you are so fucking retarded that you worship rabbi yeshua then I don't want you on my side after social collapse. Go fuck a based negro, faggot.

*cough cough*

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It's like you aren't even trying moshe.

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Thats me in the yt comments. I think he took the video down because I can't find it, I don't remember if I replied to his last post

There's a couple threads up on the front page slamming Christianity - must be because of recent events.

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Stop putting those words together like they belong. That is false equivalence. The problem isn't whites, it's christians. christianity and marxism are bedfellows. If a christian is white, THEN that white person is part of the problem. christianity is semitic, not white, no matter how much you smoosh those two words together!

straight out of the talmud, nice!

the shilling has turned into sheer desperation at this point

You're right!

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==Pope Francis Donates $500,000 in Aid to Migrant Caravans at US Border - Reports:== via @SputnikInt

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Lets check that with majority jewish SCOTUS.

Leaked Jewish lobby documentary.

>>muh paper written by (((Freemasons)))
Where do you think you are?

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He literally could have just said it was prior restraint, and been done with it.

bump bc important victory for non-jews in burgerlund
Prost this fine moment in history !!!

Its a shame I can't show this to anybody I know, because its by al jizeera, and they would never believe it. The most effective video was older, maybe early 90s direct to vhs. It has the polite, smiling couple. The the husband is soft-spoken and mostly argues from scripture. I can't use anything else, because my family and friends are all zionists.

Thank God.

What the fuck?


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