Total Collapse of Civilization Guaranteed - 97% of humans get BTFO

The complete collapse of civilization around the world is well on its way, whether accelerationism occurs or not.

The writing is already on the wall…

1. Drug addiction at record levels all over the world.
2. Depression and suicide at highest levels ever seen around the globe.
3. The U.S. is 20+ trillion in debt and many other nations are also heavily in debt.
4. As inflation increases and wages remain stagnant, fewer people can buy products or services, which will further hurt economies around the world.
5. Radicalization is increasing rapidly. The explosion of white nationalism, leftwing radicals, islamic terrorism, and other radical movements are a symptom of civilizational distress.
6. The dramatic explosion of homosexuality, transgenderism, and a whole plethora of "mental disease" at levels never before seen or imagined in all of human history.
7. The government & corporations beginning to clamp down on free speech, firearms, and other freedoms in order to contain the acceleration toward collapse.
8. Mass immigration - People fleeing other parts of the world in large numbers where collapse is already in progress, or simply moving to a new country to get free gibs which will only help to collapse that nation as well.
9. Morals and values going down the toilet. People are losing faith in law & order, religion, and their government. There is no longer a "communitiy" to enforce morals & decency.
10. The past 200 years have given us the most destructive wars in human history, the highest crime rates, and the worst genocides. This is a symptom of civilization having gone past its peak, and it is now racing downhill toward inevitable collapse.
11. The dramatic increase in distraction entertainment to keep people's minds off the slow unraveling of human civilization.
12. The world's oceans are becoming more acidic due to human pollution, along with islands of plastic floating around the pacific ocean.
13. An explosion of chronic diseases in the past few decades which has astronomically raised healthcare costs – An unhealthy populace, costing western nations billions upon billions every year.
14. Femininity is disappearing as women are forced to be wage slaves, and brainwashed to be "strong and independent".
15. Masculinity is disappearing as young boys are taught that traditional masculinity is "toxic". Being faggy is the new norm.

And the list goes on and on…

If you haven't already trained yourself to be a chad nomadic hunter-gatherer, then now might be a good time to learn how to live like a real human being.

Human civilization itself is a profound error.
Humans did not evolve to live in crowded cities.

ALL mental illness is a byproduct of civilization and the artificial city environments it encourages people to live in. The only time abnormalities…such as homosexuality…arises among other animals is when they're placed in artificial environments like zoos.

Cities & towns are human zoos, where abnormal behavior becomes common. And when the plague of so called "civilized living" becomes dominant, eventually those abnormal behaviors become the norm. This is what we're seeing today. Homosexuality and transgenderism are being normalized.

The final result of thousands of years of human civilizational "progress" is what? Faggots wearing dresses, people eating shit food and getting sick, and people depressed out of their minds and wanting to coast through life in a drugged out high.

No thank you.

There is only one correct way to live, the way our ancestors lived a long time ago before they were forced to work a shitty 9 to 5 job. The nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle is the only true human way of life.

Can there be some balance, some way to mesh the best qualities of civilization with the awesome hunter-gatherer lifestlye of our ancestors?

I've been reading some eco-fascist material lately, I think it might be the right path to follow.

(forgive me for any spelling or pronunciation errors)

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What is "eco-fascist", this is the first time i have heard that term?

Civilization being abnormal phenomena is a pretty interesting theory, so have a bump. It's also worth noting that kikes thrive in it.

Everything you mentioned started 110-130 years ago.
We're still here.


Just think this collapse as a steep cliff and the barrel roll is the society and barrel roll will roll down the cliff and crash.

It already collapsed.
It just had nothing to compare to the definition of a fictional collapse.

You mean 97% of shitskins. The only reason why any civilization is going to shit is because shitskins keep breeding retardation, while fairly intelligent whites are not reproducing. Without whites, white civilization(America) crumbles.

No it haven’t collapsed yet. Everything need to be completely non functional to qualify as a societal collapse. No government to exist so that means no welfare for the niggers and results in massive chimpouts but yet the governments is still functioning today and tomorrow.

Segregation is the answer.
The Third Reich took a natural approach to scientific advancement, so that their advance would be in accordance with the natural order. Jews are eternally at war with nature.
Do not conflate modern jewish perspectives with the Germanic/Nordic domain, which is the stars themselves.

There is no civilization at all without Whites. We are the only race capable of civilization.

No it is not. Segregation is for RETARDS. The subhumans aren't going to 'suddenly stop breeding, devouring and polluting'…basically what you are arguing for is 'more of the same thing that we have now…BECAUSE YOU ARE A GLOBALIST SHILL OR YOU DO NOT HAVE THE IQ TO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE PROPOSING.

European ONLY ETHNOGLOBE is the only viable solution. Many anons are working on this.

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It was over when Germany lost.

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It's all coming to a close

A cataclysm like this probably happens every few thousand years.
Humanity reaches a point where it can no longer sustain itself, it decays and dies then is reborn.
It was nice while it lasted and as a person who believes in reincarnation I'm not at all bothered by all of this.
I truly hope accelerationism happens.

video not available

Get your teeth taken care of, and any other medical issues. It will be easier to take care of any problems now than later.

Video isn’t available for us to view.

If any of us want to survive then getting out of cities and live in the extremely isolated islands is a good idea. The islands should be far away from the populous cities and towns. Whoever lives in the cities have a high chance of not getting out in one pieces during the collapse.

The only good way to take care of your teeth, or your health in general, is to eat a junkless, meat/dairy based diet. Dentists and other assorted quacks will only fuck your health up with their dubious practises.

Dont know about that user a cyberpunk reality is a lot more closer than a collapse.

It's Nine Inch Nails - Various Methods of Escape

I got to thinking about how just a couple years ago people were going about their lives, for example Trent had just released Hesitation Marks in 2013, which feels like predictive programming for an apocalypse.
Now everything is truly coming to a close and civilization is collapsing.
One day everything can seem so normal and fine, then the next it could all be swept away like nothing.
Our reality is too frail.

There is an order of steps to accomplish the things you are talking about. You emotional autistic faggot. And segregation is an absolutely necessary step.

It's k we have UFOs now


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Here's the magnetron :^)
Don't get hurt ripping open your microwave oven now :^)

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Let's try that picture again.

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Ethnoglobe is long-term. You can’t have an ethnoglobe if you don’t preserve yourself first.

1) preserve Aryans
2) reassert Aryan dominance (i.e. cut off foreign aid, recolonize, enact anti-natalist policies against non-whites etc)
3) Ethnoglobe soon

I like zoos. Animals are cool. I guess you could say I'm a zoophile

So check it out mein nibbas…remember that district in TX that won't prosecute anyone for crimes less than $750 dollars (as long is it isn't for 'economic gain') well….I think I needs me some WEAPONS AND SOME BULLETS…and I have no intention of selling them for economic gain, WHAT SAY YOU ALL? RUN OVER TO YONDER TX AND ENJOY THE FREE FOR ALL? SINCE IT IS FREE FOR ALL NOW TO GET BOTH WEAPONS AND BULLETS?


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I am deaf but thank you anyway. I wonder if the cyclical civilisations and collapse history ends if the Jews dies? It would be nice if we have a endless civilisation because it will allow us to develop the space technology without restrictions to colonise entire solar system and beyond. I know it’s a wishful thought.

The reddest pill is psychopathy. Get rid of it, everything else falls in place. You fuckers won't take it, though. You edgy fucks think psychopathy is "based" even though you hate kikes who are basically a race of psychopaths.

anyone of color*

they'll stop polluting when we stop propping up their civilizations that they can't maintain on their own
they'll only devour to the edges of their territory
they'll stop breeding when they overpopulate and suffer a mass die off

I agree a white only ethnoglobe would be great, but I don't want to kill of entire species of animals to do it.

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Perhaps, but if you already have cavities and such, now is the time to handle that. I do agree a meat and vegetable based diet is far less likely to get cavities though.

So, Revelations?

Japan, China, Taiwan…
There'll be no hint of empathy in the world without whites.

Our Mother Nature doesn’t care about the weaklings so the weaklings will have to figures the things out by themselves.

Mother nature doesn't give a shit about anybody. Everybody has to figure things out for themselves. Classic edgelord retard statement.

Jews are psychopathic egoists who only come together as a group in times of danger. Otherwise they are a disorganized herd. The Jew only cares for his own interest. The Aryan is driven by more noble goals: race, family, the future, etc.

How is he wrong?

Nature wills for the strong to triumph. It’s not edgy, it’s a fact. Fuck off with the memewords


Keep calling for the end of the world, itll happen eventually. Christcucks wont shut the fuck up about it 2000 years later.

Just doing a quick search and this guy sounds fucking based. Thanks for the suggestion I'm always looking for news philosophies and ideas like this.

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Glad to help, he’s one of my favorites after Ted, Hitler and Codreanu. I got interested in his ideas after seeing Cultured Thug’s video on him abou democracy. Check it out

No collapse. Just change. Read Evola. This is all just a symptom of European nihilism trying to resolve itself. Eventually it will.

Brainwashing devices have respectable uses.

you believe it's in your self-interest to deflect people away from learning about psychopathy

psychopaths are parasites who inevitably kill their hosts
its the hosts who are strong for surviving in spite of them

Fine, you believe whatever you says but don’t whine when you are living during the collapse.

It's over yid, fuck off.

Fillings and other dental work do need to be maintained, though. I just spent $3k on dental work after not going for a decade, thinking everything was fine. Well, it was…until a chunk fell out of a molar and had to get a root canal & crown. Decay had spread under the old filling. Didn't even feel any tooth pain. Ended up having to get 4 other fillings re-done.

Anyway, my point is…you better prepare for tooth problems down the road in a disaster scenario. Even if it's just educating yourself on how to pull a tooth the right way.

Fucking kill yourself.

no u

Don’t be a dick to the user, stupid lying jew. It’s important that we have to be prepped to survive or die. If you don’t like this thread then don’t post here.

Ignore him. It’s not worth your time user.

Anyway, the positive side effect of the collapse is the population
will be greatly reduced, which means less burdens for the survivors to deal with in the clown world.

Wireless free energy?

If I just could…

Yep…I ran across a pretty good prepper page with some good looking medical/dental books the other day. Can't find the link will post it if I find in in the next few minutes…anyway one of them was about dentistry without dentists…

Also, I think that is a bot.

So does that make the Jews strong?

You can, but if you don't keep it on the DL they will kill you for it. You can have a free energy machine; lots of people do, but if you make a peep about it TO ANYONE, you are a dead man walking.

Patent by Salvatore Pais. Any relation to Sol Pais, the dead girl from the manhunt in Colorado?

If they win, yes. Hitler himself said a people who does not struggle does not deserve to live. The survival strategy of the Jew since time immemorial has been to subvert, gain equality among the gentiles before raising himself to dominance and to enslavement the gentiles through debt, denationalization and mongrelization, lowering the racial level of the Jews’ racial competitors. The Jews are in control right now but the fight is by no means over when you look at the grand historical scale.

No, they cannot survive without the hosts so any hosts better salt their skins to prevent the leeches from sucking on permanently.

You might want to tell that to wild animals, because they engage in it too

This is how it's always been.

Everything you list becomes prevalent in advanced societies. And yet here we are, more advanced then ever. As long as you niggers dont forget how to read and write we will never go back to pre-agriculture

No. Fuck off.

Bull shit

Hear, hear.

According to that theory, at least one person has peeped it directly to you

Not bullshit. I was told that it was acceptable for an individual to PRIVATELY have one as long as they don't mention it to anyone. Oh, let me guess, you are the type of user who thinks that all those free energy guys 'suicide' out or that the vehicle remote (drone) death programs that target anyone who threatens 'industry' and 'corporate profit' are not 'real as well…hahahahaha…sure faggot, whatever you say.

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts / m2.
Like a star. Sol.

Sol Pais.

Have anyone actually tried this?

He told me to be cautious if I set something up…but I have never been in a space that would allow me to set mine up so it is moot. Mine is 'sort of' dangerous at least, it needs a good deal of armor to keep it from, you know destroying lots of shit…space…need space to operate it. Don't have space and it would quickly produce too much energy and I have no where to put all that energy…can't run it backwards into the power lines for 'cash money' that would be a dead giveaway and it wouldn't be safe anyway.

I can't wait for the collapse, we are finally going to get to bring all this new technology to the forefront when the kikes and corpocratic bastards are finally dead.

What's your opinion on VTAs?

That's a good thing thou, more debt means more money to spent, more money means more resources for everyone.
We should prevent the jews from hoarding all their wealth and we should get it paying them no interest, a man with debt is a smart man.


Basically everything the Jews are at the center of, except the plastics thing.

ZPE research is a valid acceleration method. Change my mind!

Like Floyd Sweet's VTA…I am going to have to look into that more. No opinion yet. Can't wait to see what someone else is getting up to (sometimes it helps to refine an idea of your own project). Cool thx

I tried to post a link to a David Paddock video (of Stephen Paddock family)…I guess when they fuck over a family they fuck over the entire family and it won't post here…instead let me see if I can post this esoteric David Paddock video…the other one is more interesting but if it won't post, it won't post. David Paddock is sweaty jojo the monkey boys son.

I wish I had saved more of David's videos YT deleted everything they could get their hands on.

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Later sterilization
Have gene editing and clones

giving his famous jojo the monkey boy interview.

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I built my credit score super high when I was in the service and bumped my limits on multiple cards way up. When I got my dd214 I basically financed 5 years of my life on credit cards, maxed them all and walked with away from over 20k of debt. I've just passed that statute of limitations and it hasn't impacted my life at all. I have property and everything and they can't even sue to get a lien or anything. My boomer parents would shit a fucking brick if they knew.

Noooo user…kill them all using targeted bioweapons…then whatever else we do we will do for ourselves. None of the subhumans should live for what they have done to and against our people…also, if they live it means the likelyhood of kikes living as well (hidden in the mixed race subhumans) are too high for comfort. 'Comfort' in this situation means that if ANY OF THE KIKES ARE SPARED it will cause this cycle to continue all over again and we will continue to live in Hell. None of them should live and we should not even spare one child if the odds are in favor of it having kike DNA and reproducing. Kikes and subhumans are a disease on this planet.

Yes, the Floyd Sweet page is the one I'm referring to. Really interesting stuff. But they'd never let this stay on youtube if it actually worked, right? :^)

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Schizoboomers need to leave this board now. All these are scams aimed to make money off of gullible boomers like you.

My experience is that YT deletes anything that is relevant, remotely interesting, viable or effective.

BUT (and that is a huge BUTT) I haven't looked into it yet…so I can't say. I have seen a couple rip offs of something very similar to my idea but they never work because the people pimping them don't understand the system and so they don't understand why it doesn't work…it is a source of amusement for me to watch them blunder.

I got a full ride at a tech school for my Masters for my project, but I lost interest after I solved the problem and wandered off to do something else…c'est la vie. Now I sit and wait for the government to collapse so that we can advance the HUMAN race without interference from fucktard ZOGlodytes.

I would never give anything of value to subhumans…they are worse than animals. European ONLY society or I will fucking die with my ideas in my head…I was capable of learning SOMETHING from poor Tesla's experiences.

Keep telling yourself that Shlomo. Tick tock!

Galt's Gulch bro's.

The collapse is literally Agenda 2030. They knew a need for a huge reduction in consumption would be necessary and they have planned for it in hopes of keeping civilization alive, albeit at a much lower level of consumption per capita in the developed world. Within the next 20 years everyone will be moved to mega cities. Personal combustion engine cars will be illegal. Meat will be illegal. Standard diet will consist of carbs and bugs. The Donkey Bitch's Green New Deal was suggesting all of this as well, trying to sell it to the younger generation.

Civilization will collapse, but it won't end. Europe and North America will just be forced to live like a shitty Chink or Poo mega city with only walking and trains for transportation where everyone is a fag.

It will suck very bad and large amounts of First worlders will commit suicide because it is such a downgrade in their lifestyle. Niggers will rape and kill whites without consequence. The richest will still be rich and not experience much decline in quality of life. Homesteading in the Midwest might not be that bad, but it likely will not be allowed unless you go full Amish with zero combustion engine use. Considering this likely shitty future in North America and most of Europe, you may want to consider escaping soon to somewhere in the world outside the immediate target of the UN.


Oh yea much more believable that infinite energy machines that defy all laws of phyics can be made by anyone in their backyard as long as they only power a toaster or else. That doesnt make any kind of sense please take your meds vlad.

The laws defined in the 6 millionth edition of Dr. Greenstein's textbook?


Marxism has hitched their wagon to the star of ecosocialism.

The only people who thinks its le BASED ALPHA CHAD to be a amoral piece of shit are election newfags.