Stop Killing Jews

This is so fucking stupid and counterproductive. How does this help anything? Even if the Jewish conspiracy is real, does a random old lady worshiping in a San Diego Synagogue deserve to die? Is she part of it? Was she going home every night and phoning mossad headquarters to report on what the gentiles in her area are up to? Come the fuck on. The vast majority of Jews live quiet lives oblivious to the conspiracy and minding their own business.

Unlike Muslims who most of the western world accepts(even if they won't admit it) are dangerous and conquering, the vast majority of people think the jews are innocent. So how does shooting them, especially an old lady do anything to help your cause? It doesn't accelerate.. it decelerates. It has the opposite effect christchurch did…

Lets talk about the Jewish conspiracy itself.. I don't think I can convince you it's not true. But I hope I can instill enough doubt that you psychos at least hesitate to murder old ladies while they are praying.

USS Liberty:

1. If the US is a ZOG then why would Israel attack its ships? Either the US government is controlled by the jews and thus its military is an ally of israel… Or the US government isn't occupied at all.

2. The USS liberty doesn't look like what you would expect an American warship to look like. It looks like a cheap freighter. Which is what Egypt was using.

3. Israels own radio communications intercepted by the US show them completely confused. At times reporting the Liberty as a US ship and other times reporting it as an enemy ship shelling the Israeli coast.


1. Such an operation would require the participation of hundreds to thousands of government employees at multiple levels (US military, White house staff, ATC) All of whom are going to not only be perfectly fine with killing their fellow Americans but also not leak it? The US government leaks EVERYTHING

2. Highly trained Mossad agents on an ultra classified mission to launch a false flag on an ally begin dancing in the street in full view of public to celebrate the mission????

3. Iraq was the enemy of Israel's mortal enemy Iran.. Why would Israel have the US attack Iraq instead of Iran? If the US had attacked Iran that seriously would have been the greatest thing to ever happen to Israel. Yet Iran was untouched… Bush's former national security advisers like Douglas Feith have said that in 2003 Israel was pressuring the US to attack Iran instead of Iraq. And that Israel warned that US failure in Iraq could make it harder for the US public to stomach an invasion of Iran.

Media and Culture:
Voltaire said "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

No outrage from anyone? Can you imagine the outrage if Shakira canceled a concert in a Muslim country? How can anyone argue that the Jews control the media when celebrities CAN'T EVEN FUCKING visit because the country is so publicly hated.

Some real mainstream media headlines about Israel (google them)

BBC: "Palestinian killed after Jerusalem attack kills Two"
(The Palestinian was the perpetrator of the attack)

CNN: Police Shot, Killed two Palestinians
(who were attacking with knives)

New York Times (cartoon published yesterday):

Its clear that the mainstream media are lying scum. But lying scum controlled by the Jews.. publishing such blatantly anti-israel headlines???

Religious Jews:
The anti-semetic meme is of an orthodox jew with a traditional hat and Payot. But orthodox Jews voted overwhelmingly for Trump. They are extremely opposed to leftist degeneracy. In New York and New Jersey, they even organized to take over the local school districts that they don't even attend(their children go to private jewish schools) so they could massively cut taxes and staff and any non-essential programs (LGBT studies bullshit ect)

Think about that. The main source of western culture's decline, the brainwashing of our children in cancerous public schools, and the orthodox jews are doing more than we ever did to fight it. And how does the mainstream media respond?

By demonizing the orthodox jews for doing exactly what American conservatives want to do with public schools.

It is not us vs them, its not black and white. There are Israelis, wealthy coastal elitist atheist jews, And deeply religious orthodox jews. And they are just as divided as we are. So fucking stop.

Pic related (Avi Yemini Jewish Australian anti-refugee anti-islam activist)

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The Jews are trying to create Nazis out of America because they can't disarm us. They would rather throw their other puppet govts at us to end us. 1 Jew does and it's national news -_-

There is no such thing as good jews.

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Good goy…

Fuck off

I agree, Moishe, but once it is shown someone as the synagogue was a corrupt jew, we know you won't change your heart of which what's harder.

Hotlink to 9/11 post with video meme compilation.

nobody cares sweetie

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Excellent point, very much what we should be memeing.

This whole JE shooting seems like another FBI\CIA\MOSSAD op, too many prepared memes, too littler relevancy, no direct action against ZOG, but a manifesto that reads like ZOG edited the rough draft after reviewing Tarrant's MOSSAD accusers.

Seems no one has heard of these niggas, who were shot and killed last week while attending the Funeral of another couple of niggas shot and killed last month.

My dude, there are millions of soapless showers and lamps with no shades. We have to capitalize.

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And have you taken a DNA test? Jews have been in Europe for more than a thousand years. The chance that you have at least a small amount of Jewish blood is pretty good.

Thank you for teaching these goy scum some proper respect. They are pigs. We will fix them!

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kys schlomo. Jewish evil is genetic.

Nigger, if we're all jews, stop fucking with us.

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Fuck off, kike.

Tarrant was mossad, this guy and Bower's weren't you fucking retard. Mossad would love a muslim v white conflict while they evage mention.

A building burns for 10 hours with no firefighter's available to fight the fire.. And collapses.. And it must be a conspiracy??? Any building made of steel will collapse if you let it burn for 10 hours. Once the steel is heated to the temperature of a fire it becomes to weak to support itself.

Jews didnt havd homes they were traveling place to place.
Just because you are in europe and stumble upon europe and we let you in only for you subvert prepare to get kicked out.
But that never worked you kept coming back and trying to subvert our nation's you are our enemies for centuries and that didn't change and it will not change now but that does not surprise me since jews are sniveling cowards who cant fight their foes face to face.

If you understand the history of the satanic Sabbaten Frankists then it should be obvious that they themselves are the ones orchestrating these acts against their own people. What they are doing, using Mossad to perpetrate such acts, is they are once again trying to get the Jews of America to move to Israel so that they can proceed with their final plans. This is not the first time this has happened. They legitimately orchestrated the idea of the Holocaust so that they could scare European Jews to move to Israel. In doing this, they indoctrinated those Jews moving to Israel with Sabbatean Frankism, or satanism, in other words. The Jews who did not want to covert to satanism were left in the concentration camps, and their wealth was stolen by other Jews, such as George Soros. Look up the Transfer Agreement by Nazi Germany. Or better yet, look up the video "Forbidden History" by Robert Sepehr.

Do not be fooled, this is not our doing. They are simply using this as an opportunity to further silence the last bastions of free speech.

Also, note, kike acknowledges jewNA

Not really and its not a huge deal if you have 2% jew blood. Nuremberg laws made sense.

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Funny how this thread, and the one below are running at the same time.

What the fuck is this?

What are the chances that the rabbi that was shot has an outreach in christchurch …. ….

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How am I supposed to debate you fucks when you can't even agree amongst yourselves if this was a false flag or not??

you have no fucking idea.. half of you think it was mossad and the other half think it was one of you.

yet the one they you are united in agreement on is that an elderly san diego jewish lady is secretly plotting your civilization's downfall

fucking retards all of you

Yes yes go along to israel and pray that we europeans have enough mercy not to nuke your little shithole.

We are mossad idiot.

kys rabbi

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Its a coincidence.. The world population of religiously active jews (as opposed to elitist atheist jews that) is tiny.. Its expected that with such a small number of jews they have contacts like this.

Because we aren't plebbit.
There is no ebin leader.
This is not >>>/leftycuck/ altkike.
We each have our own mind.
There is nearly no pure group consensus on any issue of note.
The jews is one that there is, ironically; they're all bad. ironically that this is a thread about a topic of consensus, not that all jews are bad

What, do you believe in the Holocaust?

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so the limit is 2%? so does mossad have sensors that detect if your blood level is above say.. 20% and if so they send out a team to contact you to bring you into the conspiracy to destroy western civilization?

holy fuck go back to /ptg/ you faggot.

Doesn't seem important. I'd forget about it entirely.


Yeah a totally not jew made this huge effort post about not killing jews.

It's 1 jew. Nobody cares. Except you. jew.

The limit isn't 2%, read the Nuremberg laws they are very simple. The point is that the jewish conspiracy is the result of jewish nature. Not every jew is in on it, but every jew has the rat-like genetic traits that make the conspiracy possible.

Is easy to spot jidf these days.
Kikes are tribal they will work with each other over tje goyim. That is a fact andthat is why you are considered enemies.
Do you know how war works?

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His name was Barry Chamish. He was a Jew who spoke the truth about Jewish history. The Sabbateans (aka Zionists) killed him.

They haven't gotten to David Cole yet

Yet plenty of 100% pure blooded Europeans have royally fucked western civilization. Elizabeth Warren's DNA test shows she is more European than anyone and she is a billion times more dangerous than the grandmother in san diego.

Is this an actual question you have to ask? Expelling them time and time and time again for their crimes doesn't work. We have hundreds of examples of it not working. The only way to stop jews from jewing is to kill every single one of them.

No, I don't like the fact that genocide's become a moral necessity, but there's no other options left.

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That wsnt pushed till the 80's nigger.
The plan that was abandoned after (((assassinating))) pic related?
Hello newfag.

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I wouldn't choose any other way

Your not fooling anyone.

Having European ancestry doesn't preclude you from being evil, but jewish ancestry almost always assures assures you will be.

Immediately discarded

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I literally said in the post you are quoting that the one thing you are united in is hating jews.

You all hate jews but none of you have any idea which bad things the jews did and which were your own doing. Its so retarded its comical.

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Really? Then why are the vast majority of Orthodox Jews voting for Trump? Voting to stop islamic immigration, voting to stop leftist degeneracy? Isn't that the Jews goal? Why is this massive group of American jews fighting it?

lmao I don't have time to educate you. lurk much much more.

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He is a fucking traitor and this board no longer likes him for sucking israeli cock.

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Do you know who else was kicked out of a huge number of nations? Christians. They are the most persecuted religion on earth right now. Mostly by Muslims and the Chinese…

They must have done something to deserve it right?



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Fuck off. Any attack against any subhuman (kike, niggers, shitskin or Muslim) is something to be celebrated. The more and more these attacks happen the more people start waking up to the reality as to why these attacks are happening.

Are they white europeans?

Christians aren't a race.

I honestly think you would gladly take a hairy pakistani cock up your ass and your daughters ass if it meant electing a leader that hates israel.

Vote Corbyn or Obama then.. They hate israel and love bringing in muslims to fuck us and our civilization.

I'm assuming it's a kike jurno or an ADL/JIDF kike of some verity data mining, since all their posts have been cries to be spoon fed.

Got color prints, going to distribute.

No fuck (((democracy)))
And every politican is bought out or one of (((them)))
Is accelerating or having a real leader like hitler.
Fuck off kike I dont like mudslimes neither jews I honestly think the two should be wiped off

Deflection and duality are useless with us.

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Trump is doing nothing to stop immigration you slimy kike.
Your still holding on to this right vs left dichotemy because is the only effective divide and conquer fuck clown world.
Is 3rd way or nothing.

Well hitler loved muslims. He said several times he thinks christianity is a weak religion because it is too peaceful and wished Germany was Muslim.

He brought 10s of thousands of Muslims into the SS. Enough that they were able to form entire divisions out of Muslims.

Here's hitlers 13th Waffen SS mountain division. All muslim praying in Germany

Attached: Muslim members of the Waffen-SS 13th division at prayer during their training in Germany, 1943.jpg (1200x816, 103.08K)

Shits going to turn chaotic quick. Angry white men are rising, their enemies are retaliating, Dylan Roof's execution could easily be the final straw.

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You are more delusional than Qtards. Imagine thinking people will eventually agree with homicidal maniacs.

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Except the fact muslims were not invading his germany or any other european nation.
Also just because I admire him as a leader does not mean I agree with everything he said.
I still disagree that deporting jews will be the final solution.
The kikes already have their nation and in return still manage to drying nations off.

did you post this to cause more murders? serious question. if you wanted to calm people down I can't think of a worse way to do it.

are you insane? that is not going to calm down the people who visit this board. quite the opposite.

I am going to assume you are some high IQ accelerationist or some reddit fag because there is no way somebody who lurked for more then 3 days could imagine this post would achieve its intended goal. I really think you are accelerationist. If you aren't you probably just finished rewatching an Owen Benjamin livestream. If you seriously wanted to avoid causing more shootings in the future, you would delete this post immediately.

Leave and let this ecosystem manage itself without your moralfagging. you are helping to cause what you wish to avoid.

Those quotes come from second-hand account procured after the war and fly in the face of pretty much everything he said publicly. They're fake. There is nothing wrong with allying with Muslims, when those Muslims want to stay in their own ethnic states.

Weren't Germans you retard. Its obvious you're a kike who wants this to be a white/muslim fight instead of an everyone vs jew fight.

It doesn't matter that the agreement was cancelled, it was still used to populated modern day Israel. Instead of spouting insults like a child, I again, recommend you watch

Chaim Weizmann was one of the founders of Zionism. The Jews at the time were comfortable in Europe, and did not want to leave to what was then Palestine, and very much a third world disease ridden shit hole.

Let's test your knowledge, if you really think so highly of yourself. What was the Sonderkommando Unit? What was there purpose? What ethnicity were they?

Trump isn't perfect but he is a patriot and he is trying. Look at the number of muslim refugees admitted. down over 90%

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Wow OP your faggotry made me wish all jews would die right now.

jews suck

That was a fake quote he never said those things he did respect their religion.
They are multiple fake quotes of him saying praising paganism or some other religion.
At best he is a diest or pragmatic.

Patriots get the bullet too. America is a post-national state founded on (((enlightenment))) value and ground zero for worldwide degeneracy and ZOG. "I want the largest amount of immigrants to come into this country"-Trump.

What about rhe spics currently invading this nation.

Different demoi were highly segregated in the past. If you're European, the odds of having any jewish ancestry is quite low, odds of having any significant unknown admixture is laughable.
The only reason jews even exist as a demo is their cultural insularity.

And obviously, they were NatSoc, but Nazi rolls off the tongue at this point. The spirit of a word can be changed. Originally, NaZi was just the National Zionists projecting their own wrongdoing onto goyim just as they always have. But, why is it that niggers now say nigga and white people aren't allowed to say it? The point being, that the spirit of a word is subject to change, despite its original meaning. I digress, I do not care to argue about such semantics.

The courts have tied his hands and you know it. They should be deported and I hope they eventually will be. But I thank god that our southern border is Catholics and not muslims like the europeans are dealing with.

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That was by the brits.
It wasnt till they were told to stop subverting that it they were considering.
Look at the free palestine speech which was removed and hidden by (((jewtube)))

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Oops my bad friendly fire.

I declare this a Confederate pregnant Anne Frank thread

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Bullshit there is nothing stopping trump from deporting the shitkins or building the wall.

If you dont want people to dislike jews, speak up against your kind who are at the head of every movement destroying western civilization including but not limited to:

Your people have every intent to enslave all others, you call non jews goyim which means cattle. Why would I ever have any sympathy for you? You are like the 'moderate' muslim who quietly cheers when the 'extremist' muslim blows up hundreds of christians, only instead of bombs it is total and complete subversion.

Attached: 1495328982830.jpg (4408x4296 400.12 KB, 1.49M)

But then who will i blame for all the problems i have created for myself???

You're getting ovened, Shlomo. There's no avoiding it. It might not happen today, or tomorrow, or any time soon… but it will happen.

hahahahahahajahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahha rrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahahahahhahahahahHahahahHhhhhhha

Joachim, is that you?