Why would anyone hate Jews?

ITT we provide some answers to this simple question for newfriends and lurkers.


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Fuck off nigger.

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Holy fuck.

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Antisemitism is, and has traditionally been, caused by semitic behavior.


They aren't even trying.




jews are lvl99 gypsies
who the fuck would let gypsies run their country?


Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt. How can they still say everyone else is the problem but them? We know what judaism's beliefs are. We know what they write in their little holy book.

Froh, wie seine Sonnen fliegen
Durch des Himmels prächt'gen Plan,
Laufet, Brüder, eure Bahn,
Freudig, wie ein Held zum Siegen.


Shit I didn't know this was an ironic humor thread.

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because bydlo fears (and hates) those who have a strong tradition of mutual aid

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Because jews are liars like their father Satan.

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Video at

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Einstein is a plague on physics. Where pyschiatrists were able to simply ignore Freud's psychobabble nonsense while Talmudvision promoted him nonstop and made him household name, physicists are bound to the bullshit literal jewish talking in circles drivel that is einstien physics. the entire field is a fucking deadend with decades of absolutely unprovable bullshit built on the fabricated unprovable bullshit foundation of einstein's contributions. physics needs to be torn down and go back to newtonian/aether physics as the foundation and completely start over. thats how fucking entropic the field is. but questioning anything to do with einstein is antisemitic and a hate crime that gets you defunded and drummed out of the profession and you end up a high school physics teacher as the only prospect left open to you.

getting the zionist einstein is a poison pill. islamic refugees are less damaging than getting a fucking jew.

The truth is that the (((media))) gave Einstein credit for a lot of other people's work. As one example, special relativity follows logically from the work done by James Clark Maxwell (speed of light is a constant) and Hendrick Lorentz (mathematics of the relative movement of reference frames).

If any of the work Einstein took credit for was wrong it would have been ripped apart long ago. We now have a lot of technology like satellite communication that relies on the correctness of this work.

Except thats wrong. There are numerous holes in his work, many of which newtonian physics explain. the theory of general relativity has provided no useful practice or technology in a 100 years. On the contrary it has led to all kinds of mysteries, paradoxes, fairy tales, dark/black cosmic monsters and still counting. The difference between it and older work is that it is religious dogma for all and unquestionable in practice. you must figure out the mistakes and build on it with all your might and energy. when those theories fall apart, you must then plug their holes. einstein, hawking, sagan, etc all get massive exposure and praise for contributing nothing of value to the world - only for propping up jewish nonsense. they didnt make it possible to find anything new or discover anything or do anything in observable experiments and telescope time. they only work in circular logic and only when accepting one lie as the foundation.

you can also look to his actual work and disprove everything he's done, primarily focused on Mercury’s perihelion motion and his first application of GR. this was in every newspaper and television and promoted with absurd backing by all media with no negativity or challenging of the math allowed. this literally made the cult of einstein. and it was wrong. simply look over the basic paper attached in pdf showing einstein lied and used newtonian physics to prove his formula.

einstein offered nothing new to physics. everything hes done is built on lies and people have made entire fields of physics to explain the massive flaws in GR and his work. he spent his whole life trying to make a unified theory work and failed. so everyone has spent the past century working on the same problem that has no answer. instead they must make up new untestable theories that explain other untestable theories and keeping doing so. it cant be ripped apart because they wont let it be ripped apart. they wont even accept einstein stole the work and never cited a single person in his published papers on it. not one. despite how small a field of scientists working on it and all sharing ideas and publishing work and monitoring one another. not one citation. nothing. what theyve spent their time doing is ciruclar debates on other fields spawned from his work and everyone working on various quantum based garbage with no real world applications. those are free to be ripped apart. GR is not allowed to be touched at all.


Looks like some good GR information there and that is all new to me. Going to take some time to process.

Einstein received the Nobel Prize for his contribution toward understanding the photoelectric effect, not for anything to do with SR or GR. The photoelectric effect was discovered previously and Einstein wrote a paper attempting to explain it. But he didn't even bother doing any experimentation to verify his predictions, he left that other real physicists. So AFAIK he made some contributions to physics but they were modest. The Einstein so widely celebrated today is a fictional character.


Citation is absolutely fucking needed.

Are we talking about Einstein?

"Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. This is a normal social reaction." - Albert Einstein

But seriously; Henri Poincarés, Hendrik Lorentz, and even Hilbert and Maxwell deserve their due.


Tips fedora.

Said he who was so prone to use the antisemitic defense card when people pointed out the fraud he was after he was unable to mathematically demonstrate "his" work.

>2:58 the delegations from the Holy Land, France, Russia and New York City got special ovations
These are the kikes you see standing in groups surrounding people like Trump and Putin on some pictures taken at the White House and the Kremlin.

Miss Israel talks with the "Lubavitcher Rebbe"
Pay attention to this video, less than a minute long.
You should understand (I hope) the deep divide there is between Aryans and Jews.

Observe the posturing. Who dominates who here? That shall tell you who is the real boss.

Leaked Jewish lobby investigation

What do you expect, Stargate portals? It's mostly astrophysics FFS. The recently detected black hole is an observable consequence of GR. There's also gravitational waves:


The ether theory was abandoned for very good reasons. You might as well defend flat Earth theory.

Secure comms? Everything is completely public, like standing on a soapbox on a street corner.

You fuckers literally have your own theo/ ethnostate, armed and propped up by diamonds, money laundering, banking and US largesse.

Why can you all just fuck off to your Zionist paradise and leave us alone? We're not even asking for our own theo / ethno state. We just want you to leave.

General relativity isn't that hard to understand. It's as air-tight as most physics theories. You have masses, which have gravity, and the gravity influences surrounding masses, who also have their own proportionate gravity.

GR is not complex but it is true that it doesn't add much to the field of physics.

GPS would not work without general relativity. astronomy.ohio-state.edu/~pogge/Ast162/Unit5/gps.html

You would need to sanction it as well, and prohibit travel to the west. Then, with no transfer of funds or people, Israel might be a workable solution.
On the other hand, if that ever happened they would find a way to desert the place.
Magic dirt theory: if Jews set up shop far away and raise their own flag, suddenly they become "white" nationalists living in an ethno state.

Your buddy (shooter in Powway going to prison for Ever! One less of you scumbags.

(((Greg Gutfeld))) and Juan Williams are talking about this board right now on Fox.

Welcome new friends. The learning curve is steep. Please read the board daily for 2 years before posting.

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Einstein was a plagerist.
Brownian motion equations stole from Theil
Special Relativity stole from Lorentz and Fitzgerald
General Relativity stole from Hilbert
Had almost nothing to do with Bose-Einstein condensates.
Wrong about Quantum Mechanics
Wrong about big Bang.
Probably fucked his daughter, who he gave up for adoption.
Cheated on his wives and treated his cousin/Wife like a servant
Thought his "thought experiments" were science" showing he had no idea of the scientific method.
Lazy butt slacker at the Swiss Patent office.
BUT he's the poster boy for Jewish superiority in science, Cuz Jews own the press

You have yet to prove that any of your phony, false-flag shootings are real!

You forgot that "his" formula was first publisher by Prieto and was developed by many others before him.

You forgot to mention Einstein married and fucked his first cousin like a typical inbred jew.

Honestly, I sort of like Greg. He called out and roasted that ugly slit eyed mongoloid looking HBO kike (((Bill Maher))) like nobody I've seen since that British guy. Plus he flipped off Shill O'Reily haha.

Legit post.

For anyone in doubt just listen to this Youtube podcast. Debunks the fraud Einstein.


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The Earth is flat and motionless. You gulluble fucktard shit for brains are dooming us all by supporting the kikes fucking lies. Fuck you!

Michealson & Morely, Sagnac, Dufour & Prunier, Airy…

Relativity was the Jews bullshit response to M&M when they measured the Earth's motion and found it was ZERO!

Drown in sauce you cucked fucking bitch!

For fuck sake y'all sound like a bunch of fucktards "the Jews this, the Jews that" The Jews arent responsible for your shortcomings in life, its you're own stupidity

That is in fact bullshit. There was a scientific publication by the number one scientist on GPS saying that contrary to popular opinion GPS does not in fact use relativity…

It was never reported in the press. Ever. It used to be on mixtape.moe but i guess that site is dead now.

of course you retards would think the world is flat

yea those filthy Jews should learn to fuck their sisters like you do, ya sack of shit

The best part of this is the progression of the Roman accounts as the expulsions for rioting begin to number in the dozens. It goes from detailed explanations of what happened and why they were kicked out of X city or Y province to just stating "Jews removed from __ for always rioting". Legit lost my shit watching the progression.

If this is the best tactic you can come up with, you've already lost. Kill yourself before we get our hands on you or you're going to wish the holocaust HAD happened.

Do you have the technical knowledge to explain to me how the relativistic effects of the motion of the satellites would NOT need to be accounted for mathematically in the calculations of position? Einstein was a plagiarist, but that doesn't mean that what we've proven observationally (relative time slows as you approach the speed of light) is fake.

Go look at an actual graph of consanguineous marriage. Europe is more inbred than America. And Israel is more inbred than Europe. Jews have a number of physical defects and chronic health problems stemming from inbreeding. Imagine formulating your opinions from engineered Hollywood stereotypes instead of actual data when it is so readily available.

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yea im afraid of some internet douchewaffle still suckling at his mommy's teet

Feds should block Tell Aviv calls

Imagine being this retarded.

Which is made even worse when you look at the records, even the ones by Jews themselves such as the comments on Emperor Vespasian by the Jews and you see the Romans actually treated them crazy well in many ways better than their own Roman citizens but still it wasn't enough. This is another repeat of history, the Jews are eternal thankless parasites.

Everybody in this thread is a kike.


…b-but everyone else is the problem, goy!

Bumping good jew hate thread.

Good thread


Call me a faggot, but II don't hate them. I just have an insatiable passion to know what it smells like when millions of them are burning on innumerable pyres as vengeance for being the malignant cancer of mankind that they have always been, despoiling all that is good and beautiful
But maybe this thread will make me hate

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Reminded me of 1st pic and second, haven't looked into it yet but for anyone else who wants to.

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Better men than you saw the Jews for who and what they are. Argument invalid.

ask the pigs

We need a list of European journalists and media persons who did this pro-migrant propaganda in European countries in the past 20 years.

Why shouldn't you hate the Jews? Why shouldn't you hate the Jews? Look at what they did to our buildings, our nation, our people. Look at what their wars in the middle east did to America and the Aryan Super Saiyan race. Look. I hate the Jews i hope they all go extinct. We're better than them.

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>tfw (((Shapiro's))) shitter is shattered

astounding jewry on the left.
The only reason Ben isn't antisemitic himself is because he's jewish.


All Jews belong in ovens.

There were no "ovens" retard.

Jews have a method of behavior that can be described as nothing other than parasitic, and is documented going back thousands of years.

Read Race & IQ and learn about race realism and you will understand that behavior is genetic. This is well supported scientific fact. This in turn means that jewish behavior is genetic, which explains why they do the same thing again and again in every host nation that allows them to burrow their fangs into its society.

The jews have never built a civilisation of their own. They ALWAYS weasel their way into other peoples civilisations and do the following things:
- Engage in corruption, bribery and blackmail
- Engage in usury and rent seeking
- Engage in the manipulation of otherwise sound laws for their own benefit over the host population
- Promote race mixing and attack nationalism
- Promote homosexuality, pedophilia, pornography, divorce and abortion.
- Degrade social cohesion, community and the family
- Take over the monetary supply of the host nation thus also controlling governance
- Critiquing and undermining healthy societal norms and replacing them with diseased unhealthy substitutes
- Driving down wages and utilising slave labor or slave like conditions where possible
- Manipulating the economy to create booms/busts and sieze wealth

These jewish ratial behaviors lead eventually to the death of the host, just like any other parasite that is left to swarm and devour. They are a vile little creature that deserves no treatment better than that of a common tick or tapeworm.

Are you sure?

There goes the jew with his fecal fetish.

I keep having to nip this one in the bud because, like all black propaganda, dolts can't stop repeating it. I looked into his genealogy (publicly available, you're welcome to scrutinize it if you have conflicting data of course) and he is ethnically Russian. As usual, unsubstantiated claims regarding so-and-so being a crypto-Jew are disinfo meant to make you look like a fool.

Our cause is just; there is no reason to spread lies to further the cause.

Though the list is much more complete than other it does practice revisionism as of the cause why jews were killed / persecuted in many cases. It makes Jewry look worse than it already is and is in some cases deceiving. Which is a shame because the list is quite complete otherwise, actually much more complete than others. Many do not know of the relationship with Rome of Jewry, since they were kind of a minor fraction. Egyptian cult of isis was seen as a much bigger threat in 19 AD for example and was persecuted heavier than jews (though they also were) for similar reasons. Some are just flat out stupid (e.g. the one with jews opened gates in 1453 byzantium, is not true).

It's a decent list of dates and locations but you have to do your own research on almost every single point for the causation since it's very heavily biased, and in some cases revisionist or outright false.

I used to be somewhat of a leftie. I cared about people being oppressed, butchered and stuff. Naturally I had sympathy for Jews, because they've always been oh so oppressed. However I began to notice how it in the media narrative it was always worse to kill Jews than any other peoples. This meant according to the media, kike lives were either more valuable than others, or they were simply a retarded endangered species we had to protect. History is full of various kinds of mayhem, but mayhem towards Jews was always the worst crime. I began to hate them, because of their special victim status. Because they took attention away from the suffering of others.

For a long time it was mostly a feeling, a nagging sensation that Jews are not what we are told. Then I learned about their treatment of the Palestinians, eventually the Holohoax and kike control of the media and other institutions. I suppose I owe Palestine a favour, because when I criticized kikes, I was afraid whether I'm a raycis Nazi for doing so, but the looking at the Palestine/Israel conflict allowed me to see the whole thing from an objective perspective.

for the life of me I have struggled to understand it and I don't know why myself

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You'd think a people that claim to be high IQ would be able to hide it a little better.

When someone is in banking/blacksmithing is suspected to have a conflict of interest/is no longer employed who also does not directly farm the land or does not at least project a strong desire to pilgrimage to the land to appease the kings desire for all to participate in production of food in order to avoid an inflammatory situation involving handout interactions or quarrels. In this situations I imagine one makes a choose between money, a new property settlement or hunger through trade refusal.

Land Surveying City planning can help to avoid these hypothetical scenarios

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