INTJ Will save the world

There is a spectrum of human personality types. The MBTI is a personality test that seems pretty fucking accurate to me. It describes me 100% and every person I know that has taken the test has also gotten a result that is damn near 100% accurate.

Even past girlfriends I have had ended up testing with the exact match for the personality type that matches with my own (INTJ)

Anyway I have been thinking that there are only a few personality types that actually read Zig Forums/pol and are able to be red-pilled. There is only going to be a couple of us that will have the intelligence, reasoning, and pattern recognition to understand the grand scope of human history and the cycles that occur in it via war, politics, subversion, etc.

I would be willing to bet that half the people on Zig Forums/pol are INTJs. We are the strategic masterminds, the architects of the future, the ones who feel the inner desire to be in balance with nature, to obey reason, to fight for truth.

We are the ones who are often alone in our self imposed solitude because we reject this disgusting society around us and the narcissistic self seeking animals that make up 95% of the world.

So I ask you to do something. Take the MBTI and then post what your results are. Then think about this - the future is going to be up to a small % of human beings to take command and begin guiding the rest. This is in our blood, in our genes. We are the ones who have the gift and curse of being so visionary, intelligent, moral, and courageous.

Its going to be up to us gentlemen. And ideally in the future we can breed out the non-effective personality types so that down the road your average man is a highly intelligent, moral, and courageous.

I think high intelligence is directly tied to the type of personality you will have.

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So autism, right?

High intelligence is also knowing that jews are behind some shit and capable of being national socialists and once you are for the truth there is no going back.

data-mining thread

Owen Benjamin is JEWISH
The JIDF are shilling him because they're trying to push this psyops onto you


>One of many 25% Jew claims:

>6% Jew claim:

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Bumping for dead Jews

A bit.

Way to spoil something good.

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Do you think they need datamining to know that 99.9% here are INT ?

The only kind of person they are worried about is an INT (outside of the trump tard gollums some of these higher level INTJs might choose to employ as pawns). The INT is the real enemy of the jew. So OP actually makes a good point here pointing this out.
Almost nobody besides an INT would show up here. The ones who aren't INT are almost invariably refugees from reddit or the dumber side of 4pol hopping the border. Bet they usually don't stay long.

INTP here. Minimum 7/10 on here are definitely INTJ. INTPs are perceiving rather then judging so they usually have less conviction to make harsh judgements on a problem, unless they are very close to INTJ.

No doubt majority INTs. But what's really needed is an ENT.

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INFP… I dont belong here

another college kid taking the first year introduction class?

what's up tinkerbell

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istj here but hitler dubs confirm.

The 'F' stands for Faggot.

White race, INTP/J personality, IQ >120 , neuro-atypical structure etc. is what defines the Superman. It's also what most people posting on Zig Forums have in common, at least the few who are not shills.

This has been done before, newfag. You'd know that if you weren't a newfag.

Been a while since I took it, but as I remember I don’t really get consistent results on that test beyond introverted. Anyway, no personality test output justifies a miserable life of obsessive disgust and dishonest outgroup engagement. World ain’t that hostile in truth. Let go of the racism.

I’m not sure I ever slung that string unsubversivsly, but seriously if you’re sounding that sunken sentiment sling your soul skywards nonetheless. Good enough to gain by glowing, aincha?

ENTP master race

Reminder that the MBTI is Jung jewish shlock regurgitated by sufraggettes.

ISTP here, girlfriend is INTP/INTJ interchangably (sixteen personalities is a meme anyway)
I've been told many times I was born in the wrong age, a natural warrior in a world without warriors…
And my girlfriend just has the 'tism and is insanely smart.
I'm the damage, she's the control, and holy shit do we make a good team.
It's been proven that a lot of Zig Forumsacks are INTJ, we don't bow to normalcy, the fact of the matter is that we've come to our conclusions through seeing the world with a logical eye, realizing that shit is beyond fucked and that a (((certain powerful demographic))) are to blame.
We go where the normie dares not tread, we ask the questions that we have been told never to ask, we ponder *why* we have been told never to have certain opinions, we realize the truth.
That is why we are here. We seek the truth.
Austists rise up


no u

The Myer-Briggs test is absolute nonsense. It's worse than useless, it convolutes things with nonsense.

Its just a heuristic. Its not like all of human experience is limited to 16 personalities.
Obviously there is only 2

concerning the legitimacy of mbti, i thought this was an interesting read

ISTJ here nigger. We make up the brunt of military officers / police / managmenf. Order, discipline, logic, hierarchy, tradition, honor, and duty. We are the ideal Zig Forumsack.
The Myers Briggs really isn’t bullshit because you can sum up 99% of a person’s personality based on their result. It isn’t set in stone and I’m sure experiences can change some of it but whatever your “new” personality is can still be summed up; there’s likely no one who defies all 16 types or doesn’t fit into just one.

Some famous INTJs

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I think the 16personalities test mistypes INTPs as INTJs. The major questions for people here are if they get random visions or what not, if they are top down thinkers, think in symbols and images.

INTJ here, You are fucking retarded

We'll take the chess player and the Electrical Engineer just in case we need to play chess with the devil in the dark. Keep the atheist NEETs and the actor fags.

I was getting excited until you put that individualist hedonist degenerate kikess Ayn Rand in there.

Checked dub dubs
Glass em all m8 include muds shits bugs niggers beaners and ALL adamite filth in there too and we will be off to a good start finally

Its not bait its a disgrace.

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Dumb faggot. That Myers-Briggs bullshit was discredited long ago.



Please no bully me

You are part of the problem dumb fuck

I do get your underlying point though, however this thread is just basic circlejerking on intelligence and serves no substantial purpose other than this. Actual intelligent people put the money where the mouth is, not fucking LARP around.

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I just found the pics on a website. Ayn Rand was very intelligent but her ideas of totally unrestricted capitalism dont work in reality and especially when Jews have subverted your nation.

God forbid a man date a woman.

Shes a jewess who came from the USSR if I recall correctly, Pierce did a broadcast on her and another lolberg who promoted unhindered selfish hedonism.

Having sex before marriage. Taking a womans virginity, only breaking up later and repeating the same process several times should be punishable by torture and death.

Ayn Rand IS a jew, you retard. It's wholly apparent in her pseudo-intellectual writings. The fact that a slew of businessmen in the US worship her makes my skin crawl.
The fuck chodenigger, get on it.

Who here /team istp/

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INTJ is the master race. (This is coming from INTP faggots)

You guys make good grunts. And your personality may change but you can never become intuitive. You will never have the 6th sense. Read Jung talk about the introverted intuitive. You will never gain that sense. You couldn't even understand it. Jung does great work explaining though so that is your best shot to understand 2% of what it actually means.

The 6th sense is a completely unique faculty that the INT possess. Like I said, Jung has some great work explaining it, but unless you are intuitive you could never understand. I recommend any INT read what Carl Jung has written on this topic. I promise you will understand yourself better.

Its called ESP, extra sensor perception. I know I have it, some cunt was going to call me a vermin earlier and I beat her to it, literally said vermin a second before she did. When I was younger it was more pronounced, Id regularly think of the simpsons episode that would be on that night, in school, to the point I could almost predict it when Id catch myself daydreaming about the simpsons.

The MBTI personalities are not fixed like horoscope, OP.

It's very difficult for a natural I turning out to an E type, but sensing / judging thinking/sensing capabilities are fluid.
I myself was ISFP, ISFJ, INFP and now my tests match INFJ.

Look at blood types. Japanese learned that A blood types are more organized and composed. The country itself has 43% of his population as a pure A type.

B is chaos, A is order.

Is it Psychological Types? I just ordered that book. I find Jungian cognitive functions fascinating and have been researching this stuff for the last half-month or more. I've been trying to distinguish Ni from Ne. I've read that an INTP's first two functions Ti-Ne can resemble Ni.

Also, it's not INT that has this faculty it's Ni-doms: INFJs and INTJs. Deja-vus are related to N, either Ni or Ne, Ni=Introverted intuition and Ne=Extroverted intuition

Yeah my mistake. I said INT. I meant IN

Introversion (I), Intuition (N)

ENFP superhuman here. You can all suck my feelings which make women drain for attention

It is pseudoscience and has been proven not to be accurate.
You're a step above the horoscope people.
Peoples "personality types" change as fast as 3 weeks and they're poor indicator for any long term strategy.

ENTJ = superior at execution of tasks, great organizers
ENTP = superior at finding new ways to do old things, if theres a way an ENTP will figure it out and an ENTJ will do it
INTJ = superior at whining about how much better it would be if an INTJ had done it, fuck you losers you fucked up
INTP = superior at elaborate theorethical masturbation, it works like this guys, yeah but i havent bothered to do anything empirical

Glad you accept were superior. Things make a lot more sense when you dont have a broken head.

MBTI is just mental masturbation, There is insufficient evidence to make claims about utility from MBTI testing

i don't think INTJ are 7/10. The vast majority of Zig Forums on both 8 and 4chan are INT, but the INTP/INTJ split is closer to even than 7/10. Personally I tested and I am INTP and all the descriptions, etc match me and how i think almost exactly, reading about INTP was like someone knew me better than I ever knew myself.

INTP are here because they are truth seeking, but ultimately we lack motivation, we aren't self starters. INTJ may be better self starters than INTP, but the people who ACTUALLY effect change in the world, who are the visionaries that inspire others to follow them are INFJ. Hitler was INFJ, Only the chad INFJ has the animal magnetism required to lead a revolution.

So basically this thread is just "My horoscope is better than your horoscope."

You are completely ignoring what I said. My main point is that these labels are irrelevant to a truly intelligent being, because they do not act intelligent, they are ingelligent. Therefore, this is all just LARPing. The only people who would have use of such as scale are professionals, for professional work. People adopting a label and act according to it, rather than being themselves, just hurt themselves in confusion.

inb4 >retard did typos, that disprove all he said

No, Hitler was clearly INTJ based on he handled those whom he cared about. This is painfully obvious to anyone who's read Kubizek's biography. INFJ are more in tune with others' emotions and seek to help them in social situations and are often warm and seen as sociable and seemingly extroverted despite being introverts.

during the Snowden leaks, Bill Binney testified to the German govt that 80% of NSA were ISTJ and that they selected for that type. this is now an NSA recruitment data mining thread. go on goy, dont you want to join the fun and virtue signal to your NS peers that you just took the test and you too are an INTJ mastermind autist sperg? NSA recruiters will be in contact with you if you are deemed dukb enough to just follow orders, yet smart enough to ve technical janitors operating the NSA's vast portfolio of spy programs. you could earn 6 figures in cuckbucks, goy, although you will have to stop loitering on Zig Forums and you will have to hide your power level and maybe see the base therapist to deprogram your NS conditioning. did you know NSA has hundreds of social clubs which you can join and make friends in? we here at NSA are not only about wielding secret totalitarian power to serve the bidding of our ZOG masters' Empire in Tel Aviv, and we are so much more than 50000 perverts who hoard the biggest cheese pizza collection in the world. all you racist sexist misogynist homophobe nazis need to ask yourself is this: "why shouldnt i work for the NSA?

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I'm ISTJ and so is my wife. Gimme gimme gimme.

Why do people value anything this bitch has to say? She sounds like a miserable bitch that wants everyone else to be just as depraved and miserable as she is.

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You aren’t special

INTP are good behind the scenes, we are more analytical and less emotion-driven in thinking, although can be prone to more intense emotions when they come, often too harsh and unforgiving to be figureheads. INTJ is more reactive, more likely to be religious, more motivated to be right. INTJ will play the social games while INTP doesn’t give a fuck. They can be a good combination

Not the point at all, it’s just a way to categorize people by their bahavioral and thinking patterns and can help you recognize and understand your own behavior

INTJ are deliberately retarded because they refuse to tolerate ambiguity and come to conclusions prematurely. Since the universe is fundamentally probabilistic instead of deterministic, this is a serious handicap. INTP master race.

INTJs are a bunch of virgin losers, ENTJs will fix the world while they fuck the INTJs best friend, like always, even in a white ethnostate, INTJs will still be losers.

ENTJs are literally idiots. They're only good as useful idiot frontmen.

Meanwhile INTJs masturbating in their basement while fantasizing about doing stuff

This rings true as an INTP, I yelled at my friends yesterday because they can't seem to piss in the toilet and always leave a puddle on the floor. They were clearly shocked because my demeanor is usually calm and analytical as you say, but fuck dude, how hard is it to piss in the fucking toilet?

Also known as astrology for dudes. Get a life.

You’re actually retarded

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INTJ here, the main problem with other personality types is precisely what you outlined in that they can't hold as many variables explicitly in their minds at a single time. Most people don't understand (or need to understand) how concept formation works, now daunting of a task it is to fascistically purge contradictions from your own worldview so that your concept of reality (in total) can be as complete and effective of a tool as it needs to be not just for survival but for the achievement of goals (and happiness). In order to be guided by facts you need as many of them as you can get both present and historical, but also analoges for how similar scenarios have played out historically so you can navigate present and future simulations probablistically. You're not tasked with predicting the future as a leader, but you are tasked with learning from historical errors and taking action in the present. INTJs are the only combination of abstract intellect and practicality that actually have the capacity to effectively lead.

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The idea that INTJs will play social games is only true if they see it as a means to an end; otherwise, they take the same stance as INTPs because of tertiary Fi dealing with values (and identity).

ENFJS will fuck you we are the PROTAGONISTS

God I hate reruns

So, whenever there's a drinking party.

Or whenever he takes a line of adderall, yeah.


Seems like a reasonable expectation to me

Sure, I’ll check that, INTJs more willing to kiss ass confirmed

An important thing to realize when someone classifies as an INTJ is that these are dominant traits that do not preclude flexibility and growth in other aspects of life. Personal anecdotes I could provide are clearly not arguments but stereotypes are not always true, and personality typed are not rigid.

That isn't what is happening here, what is happening is discussion about openness to "redpills" or "cultural unorthodoxy" which not all personlity types have. INTJs have zero respect for information they cannot independently validate, and will question and argue until a given issue either makes sense or they will discard it. There is nothing sacred about "beliefs" for the INTJ, which is why questioning things like "climate change" and the holohoax were effortless for us. The concept of "intellectual play" we are perfectly comfortable with exposing our core identity to a fact for consideration knowing (hoping) that it will be a transformative overthrowing of our own previously held dogmas because this process (if engaged in authentically and with rigor) constitutes "building character" and becoming more aligned with reality.

The cliche, "Information is Power" 100% encapaulates how we regard maximizing the accuracy of our concepts of reality.

No, it's more in line of "being right". I'm correcting you, nigger.

Oh man I'm gonna cum

The "J" is there to contradict this depiction of "analytical paralysis." The INTJ will freely issue a Judgment with the permanent caveat that "this is the conclusion given the current set of information, which is open to review always."

Or you could read the replies in this thread you spoonfed faggot

The 16 personalities shit is a fantasy. This thread reads like fucking tumblr.

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(1) if you don't count the one word reply after. Lets hear it nigger, provide what information you have about it being "discredited" or is that just code for some random psych kike tweeting, "I don't like that" like usual fake news trash that shills post here?

But they still issue definitive judgments, still prematurely, and still act on their own judgments like they are the highest truth. Even if they are willing to change them they are rigid with whatever they have already decided at the time. So yes, still handicapped, but also more motivated

It COULD serve an important purpose though, if you think about how we might in the future reconstruct class stratification in a caste system so that people (knowing that the genetic enertia of their lineage, and reversion to the mean) will remain in their suited caste. It COULD serve an important function in classifying leaders who are incorruptible vs. the current paradigm of leaders who can spew platitudes, conduct fundraising, and then suck isreali cock for 8 years. We could talk about, "within a civilization what personality types are your advisors/priests, who are your leaders, who are your mechanics/engineers, who are your laborers?"

What once emerged naturally as a bi-product of the aryan racial soul's understanding of "as above, so below" will hsve to be rediscovered and imposed if we are ever to have a GENERATIVE civilization again instead of perpetually dysgenic and degenerative materialism and individual-worship.

You can't have it both ways. Either
A) INTJs are paralyzed by permanent information gathering and never make judgments for fear of incomplete information
B) INTJs pass "definitive" judgements (ignoring the caveat completely) and in that way operate pragmatically.

The fact there is absolutely nothing supporting.

Owen had thought one of his grandparents was a jew, but found out that it was a great grandparent

>tfw outting a (((narcissist))) and watching their "I've been found out" amygdala highjack in public always makes me kek
If we have to live in Clown World, might as well have a sense of humor.

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No, I mean what flaw have you identified? Spewing, "I'm uneducated" is not an argument and doesn't "discredit" anyone but yourself. I figured you would at least link some jew "debunk" article from psychologytoday.

INTP here. I also agree that INTJ is the best personality type with INTP close second. I'd be willing to bet this board has close to the same amount of INTP and INTJ's.

Without a doubt INTP and INTJ are the most intelligent personality types, with INTJ being a bit more knowledgeable, and INTP a bit more creative