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It's election day! Get your ass out of your faggy room and go drop some paper for /ourguy/ Jeb!
Don't let (((them))) have this one!

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Will Spain get a right wing government?

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Can any Spainfags tell me if Democracia Nacional is a good party? Some of my family who live in Spain like Vox but one also said that one of their leaders was caught with childporn or something, but I've heard a couple of DN radios and they name the jew whereas I don't think Vox do.

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So many options and literally all of them are thieves. All of them plan on milking the citizens dry and be absolved of any wrongdoing. Thanks to the aforamientos, they cannot be tried by any local judge, they must be judged by the Audiencia Nacional high court and it's common knowledge they're all fuck buddies there.
The leftovers from the PP.
Abascal never worked a single day in his life and bounced between unproductive positions thanks to Esperanza Aguirre, raking more money than then president Mariano Rajoy for doing nothing.
His fund manager Victor Guido Cuello de Portugal, was convicted for sinking Marmoleria Leonesa by embezzling funds for the party.
His VP candidate, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, has two convictions for refusing to pay for the remodelation of his 4-story, 4-million € mansion.
Open jewish puppets blocking any actual natsoc parties from rising, who despise those fucking niggers and muzzies but gipsies and legal spic southamerican latin kings are A-OK.
2 civil wars weren't clearly enough.

Catalanfag here, I want an independent Catalonia, but it will serve me no good if it's filled with mudslimes, bitches and faggots, so I voted VOX. Fuck everything.

DN has no chances, VOX does

Woops, meant for

I skimmed their program and points and they are nationalist identitarians, close to natsoc but sadly I think they aren't running in the general elections. I might vote them for the municipals next month if they run in my area.

I just voted for BOGS :DDDDDD

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Remember, you will be able to vote up till 20:00/8:00 p.m.

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((( VOX < PP < Ciudadanos < PSOE < PODEMOS ))) are the main political parties ordered from right wing to left wing.
Appart from those, there are nationalities within Spain that have their own parties, mostly left wing.

My personal opinion is that all those parties actually work for the same (((people))) and therefor today there is just one option: keeping the stablishment and the private banking system. The general elections are just an illusion of democracy.
You can vote for a party because of their political program but at the end they are not forced to implement their promises so you are actually voting for absolutely nothing.

The right wing parties want to destroy Spain's internal nationalities and the left wing parties want to bring in migrants by the thousands and work with the internal nationalities in order to destroy Spain. To me both options are equally awful and don't adress the real problems of the Spanish people which is the (((International Usurers stealing people's money))).

The only real option we have is to start a revolution like in france and work towards direct democracy after putting bankers to prison and taking the money they have stolen.

In order for that to happen I need a redpilled population and the situation to get really bad so I don't really give a fuck about what happens today.

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This is a murica 16 situation, where I have to vote to the least shitty party because voting for anyone else would be exponentially more terrible. Sadly in this case, we can only hope to be somewhat annoying for PP's policies. But anything will be better than PSOE
I will vote for something else on the future municipals and europeans, right now, blocking out these rats from the government is the priority. I experience the effects of 30 years of their policies on a daily basis, they lead the country to ruin, unironic post apocalyptic mad max esque filled with immigrants and gypsies

Hopefully soon, if France can do it we definitely can do it too. What would it take? People are starting to wake up but we're still really far from burning banks. Do they have to win again and raze the country, to make people start acting?

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What did he mean by this?

Sure, whatever you say.

Thanks for the bump-magnet, I couldn't post it myself, it was pretty effective last time.

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It means he
believes something will change by voting a political party funded by the establishment. He is a brainlet, like most Spaniards and Catalans. You can´t really blame them, growing up in this country means you get brainwashed from a really young age.

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The left truly can't meme.

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Oh my fucking god, is this going to be a thing from now on?


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Someone needs to make a game where you run over CIANIGGERS.

How to publish redpilled games anonymously?

Just use a VPN and drop it here. It'll spread itself.

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Do you know the artist?


I'm convinced modern democracy is useless, but still would like to see the least cucked party, VOX, have a chance. They can't dissappoint us until they have the chance to.

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Vote a gentile swindler and you will get the country you deserve. Did Trump teach you nothing?

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We're already shoulder-deep in shit, though.
The only actual way out of this is by using gunpowder and diligence.

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Wait don't tell me there are fucking vasques pushing shit like this. I thought they were kind of the chads of Spain.

Yes, (((basques))) are pushing this shit on "their" own soil, blame the marxist universities (in primis) indoctrinating these guillable, incestous lemmings.

Nah. The CNRI jew money for memes will obviously run dry after the election.
TL;DR: Literally "0.02€ have been deposited in your account"

Will never not be funny.

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son campañas sanas shur

Average (((Spanish nationalist))) niggercattle shill relying on
loli degenerate propaganda for soyboys.
He probably cries when he sees the (((penance procesions))) and was abused as a child by his local (((Christian church))) priest.

I'm not a leftist. (((VOX))) will do the same (((Trump))) did. Their political program doesn't name the fucking jew.
Or did you hear Abascal talking about doing bank runs???
Obviously not, (((they))) are the establishment.
They will say "España es una y no 51" and attack the Catalans while all the Multinationals are paying their taxes offshore. While all the political parties are stealing and fucking the average citizen in the ass.
When Abascal forms a political coalition with PP and C's they are gonna suck so much Bankers' sperm that the Spanish flag he has on the chest will become white and his speeches will sound like the average Pornhub video.

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Jeb Bush

Why is he not part of the election circus this time?

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Keep pretending VOX is any different. You niggercattle.

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What did he actually mean by this?

He's already the shadow president, fool.

Unironically could actually be a loli, what with all the fucking soy everywhere. I mean the Mojinos already knew back in 2000. Relevant lyrics from embed:

Don't ever post this garbage again, Christ.

See you later on the next thread about some underage tranny on LED displays in Jew York.

That is clearly shortstack, you uncultured swine. Neck yourself.

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he clearly wants more titty lolis :^)


Fucking reddit transplants like you are everything that is wrong with Zig Forums these days.


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Your next line will be calling me a shill

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This from Jacobinmag.
Correct? Incorrect? Information, please.

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Where's that from?

Will VOX illegalize the private banking system?

If not they are no different from the other parties

They had some candidates yeah, but they got recently purged by the Zionist top. Such as Fernando Paz, one of the most important ones got purged because he says the official Holocaust numbers are exaggerated.

PR cucks really are the worst.

whats a paja cubana?

A titsjob

There's that fucking word again.

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Yay, my vote arrived to Spain just in time. Has anyone a website to get live stats of the election?

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I never said anything of what you posted is wrong, I just said you sound absolutely retarded

wewlad, what are you doing there teaching spanish or cheap codemonkey slaving?
They start counting votes at 9 spanish time, so in one hour. Just go to any spanish newspapers website, luckily in this case it doesn't matter which one you get the information from

And when they are going to finish counting? I still need to sleep.
Is the La Sexta guy playing with the Pactometro already?

Go to sleep, they won't finish any time soon
For the government pacts, it could either be a left wing block, a right wing block, or Ciudadanos being even bigger faggots that they already are and going with PSOE

Abstention wins again baby

Is this cartoonist, dare I say, /ourguy/

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Results here

Is it true that the cucks of esquerra tried to paint VOX as "muh evul Franco"?

Watching the salt mines at forovoxes is almost worth watching my country implode. Not that a so-called right wing "trifachito" majority would have changed anything.

the whole political spectrum thinks vox are "literal nazis" and paint them as (((far right))).

This changes nothing since we know the political circus is meaningless, but it does give you a good picture on how fucking cucked spaniards' mentality is, still voting for the left en masse.

Even the so-called (((catalan nationalists))) are far left, and know their parties will import even more niggers than they already have.


Well time to get out of here, Spain was nice while it lasted. If you think that the current state of education, healthcare, transport infrastructure and overall just your life is bad now, you haven't seen anything yet. Prepare to have your children educated in trans shit, roads and railroads out of service for months and to die in a hospital because there are not enough syringes

No not just then, almost absolutely everyone was trying to paint them as nazi terrorists

As it is right now, PSOE poses a much more direct, bigger and imminent threat so I would've rather had anything else instead. Both are bad, but one doesn't fill my town with more niggers and collapses all public services

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Anything else might have delayed the inevitable day of the chimpout by a handful of years. Don't kid yourself.
The spanish left imports subhumans for votes, the spanish """right""" imports subhumans for cheap labor.

El Jebbo por presidento sí sí sí

More than eggspected.

Jesus fucking Christ on a Hyperborean saucer, this is quite possibly the lamest, most disappointing election I've ever witnessed in my entire life. It was so "low energy" I felt like the only non-fluoridated paleto in square kilometers, there wasn't even half a Zig Forums faggot or a brit shitting the thread, I want you to think about that.
I'm not fucking around when I say "go get your hunting license ASAP and buy a trusty rifle with the little money you have".
I'm so barren by this display that I can't even complete my Jeb! posting.
Holy fuck.

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they all fucking laughed when i built my hideout, i can outlive 4 fucking chimpout cycles

I'm glad the democratic process isn't working out to put into power a tepid democrat on the "far- right". The Spaniards are too based for pussyfooting around with useless half solutions.

I wonder why.

At least two years, don't skip days.

But yeah, Spain was fucked a long time ago. And with empty promises of raising pensions or more free siestas for everyone, the gullible naive young fresh voters will do anything to get their lazy utopia. I'm quite baffled that Spain hasn't collapsed yet due to its corruption and the rise of hedonism. Maybe it's due to their mandarin exports.

As a catalan nationalist it's sad to watch. I don't hate Spaniards, just the political elites they elect. PP and PSOE have been stealing since the transition (in Catalonia too) but I believe that smaller states can address their problems more efficiently.

But this is just another level. Absolutely all the Spanish media is left wing. Fake news are rampant. Feminism is mainstream. 99% my social network consists of SJW's that are so blinded by this conflict that cannot see the real issues, even my whole family is like this. If I were to speak publicly about my beliefs I would be laveled as a nazi even though I'm not even NS or fascist but just an ordinary citizen that wants the best for my people and language.
Barcelona has more and more drug issues. Kids start drinking when they are 15 or 16 years old and I think this is a trend in the whole country, weed is being legalized everywhere to keep people retarded. In my city there's even a mosque and in some streets all you can see are muslim women with lots and lots of kids.
In TV3, which is the public TV of catalonia there's even a muslim woman on the election debate wearing that head scarf thing in the name of tolerance.
I just can't even recognize my country anymore.
Lots and lots of crime are happening, I'm uncomfortable travelling by the train because groups of muslim guys and other weirdos roam the streets while being degenerates. You can feel the poverty rising.

And we know for a fact PSOE will bring lots and lots of migrants. He even invested something like 200M € during his 9 months of presidency to "save lifes in the mediterranean".

And now half of Spain is focused on the circus they created with the 1-O. The previous PP government staged this whole thing in order to hide their corruption cases. They just had to illegalize the referendum but they decided to hurt people as a distraction. So pathetic.

I hope someone out there can understand my position. I will probably leave the country anyway when shit hits the fan.

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Franco left a very solid foundation for the socialists to fuck up for decades.

I'm afraid the violence is going to escalate in a couple of years max.

People believe the media way to much in Spain, literally every time some mentioned VOX on TV they called them "the extreme far right party".

The Spaniards are brainwashed by mass media, even more so than in the US. They are afraid they wont get laid if the don't agree with the left.


Vox is the jew, actually.

That's actually quite shitty and degenerate.

Losing additional bits of hope as the day progresses.

We are officially on par with Sweden on terms of cuckery

And the worst part is we have this gun laws in spain

You sound like a sissy.

not even close. In fact, our fields of citrics are dying of disrepair because we can't compete with nigger african oranges. Because unlike the spanish citrics, Morroccan, Egyptian and other citric exporters have preferential treatment with the (((EU))) and need not pass half of the costly phytosanitary controls.
The Kalergi club needs Spain to not collapse because that would mean an actual identitarian government would rise from the ashes and block the biggest beachead in the EU for the shitskin invasion. At the same time they need Spain to be a failed country with no industrial or research might to surpass the France-German axis of evil, hence why the Spanish govt sued to not overtake France ever in industry in exchange for the post-2008 crisis bailouts, why leftism and feminism is shoved into academia to spectacular degrees in Spanish universities pushing serious R&D efforts out of the budget, etc. The only real things we still have going are some automotive and naval industry, which have been going down already ever since before the motion of no confidence, and some overseas oil rigs in spiclands which get nationalized every so often.
Everything's fine though because tourism will fix everything, and we have sun, beaches, beer and soccer.
TLDR: hulio, deja de fliparte con conspiranoias xDDD por cierto m llevas mañana al centro que tengo que pedir el bono social de la luz putos politicos verda?

Same here. It's a shame independentist parties are so cucked.

As an independentist who didn't vote I think our only option is to start a revolution. Something like the yellow vest movement is our best bet. But we need things to get uglier in order for something like that to happen. I've been redpilling my friends lately and it's not that hard if you use scientific data.

I've met my fare share of right-wing larpers in here and all were pedophiles.


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You just don't have the artistical proficiency nor the IQ to appreciate this.

You are fucking dumb as fuck. This situation is only an extension of what we have been living for 15 years already.

Anecdotal evidence, but still evidence.

Show the proofs then.

Your tale is sad but I believe you are exaggerating. My father voted for PSOE but complained about the moor in the TV. My mom is also antisemitc.
Such cases.