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Have you join your local identitarian group yet or would you prefer whites become minorities in there owncountries.
And before someone says these are all honey pots go back to watching Infowars and drinking your eating pills.

For us 56%

For the euro fagg's

For the Ozzy shitposters

For New Zealand
Dominion movement New Zealand
I couldn't find a website

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Yes let's scream about the Jews 247 that's worked out so well the past 25 years

Rockwell talked about your group decades before you decided to re-brand. It failed for decades before his time, what makes you think pussyfooting around the situation will work now?

“there own countries” kill yourself you fucking retard

You mean they have nuanced opinions and generally focus on positive constructive actions instead of negative destructive attacks? Being useful and providing value to our race, is that what you mean by pussy-footing?
Am I still supposed to be impressed by banner drops in 2019? Fuck off with that lame shit literally not even our own people one care about. Maybe banner dropping is what the other guy means by pussy-footing.

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If you can find me someone who has the same amount of Charisma is George Lincoln Rockwell I will gladly follow him but all I see right now it's faggety Richard Spencer

I stubbed my toe must be the Jews that your that your logic

Classic pilpul

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If anyone doesn’t currently understand how to identify shills, here are some good examples. They want us violent and atomized.

This is an example of a shill putting in minimum effort by making a naked appeal to authority.

No that's just me who doesn't want to talk about the JQ and it said that's not related to the JQ I'm the one who made the original post and and I generally don't like Richard Spencer.
I'm tired of people screaming about that 24/7 shiting up every thread and thinking that's the only thing that we need to talk about

Whites are not compatible with communism hence must be exterminated. This is the premise of white genocide.

Dughin and co (identitarians) believe that whites are compatible with communism if given some national identity. (national-bolshevism)
In other words, the jew is no longer a problem if there's still some of that identity left.

tl. dr. kill yourself faggot

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I did not argue for national bolshevism if you'd like to talk about National bolshevism might suggest you would go to a thread to talk about National bolshevism


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1 Post by this ID checks out

classic jew tactics.

really nigger ?
identitarianism = national bolshevism.
fucking jew faggot

>you should totally have a dozen posts in a

Nobody wants jewdentitarian kike dick suckers on this board. Never was the case and never will be the case. Kill yourself for promoting an optics cuck anti-violence controlled opposition organisation.

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Yes I meant to quote

Here are sticker ideas to use:

here are lots of pictures which can be used as sticker:

I was getting to the Nordic resistance movement you idiot.
Dominion movement in New Zealand are National socialists.
Since you want to derail the conversation please oh brilliant and grand Master tactician please explain how we should go about organizing ourselves

Do you know how I know you’re a kike? Try attacking the identitarian organizations in the OP directly instead of smearing them with some literally who’s statement about the acceptance of kikes in his unnamed “group”.
As far as I’m concerned, Robert Timm is a shill, that media article was written by a kike, and you are a kike spreading disinfo about idnetitarianian writ-large based on a single man who does not even claim to represent the entirety of identitarianism.
Go fucking kill yourself.

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And to answer the constructive questions that people have asked some of these groups do a lot more than Banner drops the organized community events organize jobs for people and housing which people have said we should do in the first place so I don't know why everyone's countersignaling doing something

get a load of this lying jew.

if we ever meet on the streets, you'll be treated worse than an antifa.
traitor is the word I'm looking for.

Banner drops are super gay


For the amerimutts out there, please explain to them how this in any way relates to AIM or PF.

meh, if i join anything it will be the chads at Patriot Front

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Probably because those things are actually illegal in the UK you fucking retard.

gotta hurry up now.

Time for whites is running out…

Here you ignorant lazy fag

Imagine that, a dumbfuck yank lacking a modicum of understanding of the laws of my country and trying to spout some glib bullshit without any forethought or research. Are you that braindead, or just being dishonest?

In the case of the former, here's a little history lesson of a party that had grown to half a million votes, less than a decade ago, before your saviours in the EDL and other baste optics groups had taken the limelight from their character-assassinated leader.
They are not, and have never been illegal, you incorrigible dipshit. Please, at least try a basic Google search or two before you shill to me again.

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The same goes for identitarianism in Germany. If you were actually an honest actor you would evaluate political organizations based on their legal contexts. Germany throws old ladies in jail for making songs about the Holocaust on YouTube. The UK jails mothers for posting bad things about Muslims on Facebook. So which is more likely, that generation identitaire is a) an organization hiding their power level to stay legal or b) an organization of shills meant to deradicalize and lead ourguys astray.

>(((citation needed)))

That's the best version of a fascist burger flag I've seen. Hope you stick with this one on DOTR.

See above, and again, stop opining on things that you have no clue about. It is embarrassing.
Wow, they called out the enemy and they aren't all dead yet! Crazy right??

Proven here (((you))) insufferable jew


Like I said, you kikes tend to shut down the actually viable ones. But your laughs won't last for very long.

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This thread when absolutely nowhere


My shithole does have said organisation, but as always only focus on muzzies. Some parts make sense but other parts reek LARP. See third pic from some anti-facist shit site. IF it was real it would be a good sign. But either way it would be retarded to join the missle patsies jammering about islam while there are (((greater foes))).


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Nordic Resistance movement is NOT 'identitarian'. They are a National Socialist group and nothing less. Until very recently they used the NSDAP flag in their marches.

I can tell you have good intentions but the way you're putting this forth is coming off as immature so I imagine you're likely under-20.
Read More.
Grow Stronger.

Never come back


Be extremely careful when joining these movements never know these were set up by glow niggers,

Join your local Eurasianist fed honeypot, goyim, help advance the Zionist plot for a federate Eurasian superstate today!

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Patriot Front seem to be legit though, good guys. Lads Society also, apparently, has guys from AR in, so I guess they're good guys too. Dominion Movement I have no idea about.

Not naming the jew is what got us into the situation we're in now.

sucks that so many of NA are in jail now under those crazy bonglaws, they had Zig Forumsacks in their ranks

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Let's hang up banners twice a month!

Do what you must to network with fellow whites. For fucks sake we have an entire thread here devoted to lone wolf activism which is ten times more effective than any banner drops or whatever faggy shit these identitarian groups do. The guys in these groups are good people and if nothing else reach out to them because it is nice to know some whites who are aware of our struggle but joining these groups is not important at all, at least that is my take

patrick casey is an goofy looking and ego driven motherfucker, these people are only grifters who want to push "infiltrate GOP in 2020" as some sort of brilliant stroke because james allsup didnt beat them to that punch

Discovery: POL IS A CHATBOT. The BOTS do not respond to RED TEXT. Bumped dozens of threads, not one person has told me to stop. Chatbots just start talking in necrobumped threads


Why would any legit user join a pro-Jewish organization?

fuck off retard

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Lets make a weekly YouTube stream and invite actual faggots on it and sell merch.

Do you think our country would be so fucked up if we gave women rights in the first place!?!?! Just like at any country that isn't a Matriarchy (all Western countries) and you will see they aren't fucked up! Eastern countries are seeing the damaged in Western countries and are starting to remove rights for women and promoting more traditional valves back into their society! THE WEST IS DEAD PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!!! With open borders, they will take charge of our country in the future if WHITES don't fix things themselves and reverse things back to the way it was! A small part of me welcomes Muslims cause they know how to control their women where Islam can't be as bad as Western society is today. At least they have balls where White people are starting to show theirs in these mass shootings!

Wholesome image.

Sage identitarian threads
We have already been through this over and over
We don’t need a jew/mongrel run political group to teach us how to form volk groups
National socialism is the only way for european nations, once we learn to work together, exterminate the jews we can turn this planet around, create a system of harmony as reflected in nature and began true progression in terms of technological growth without destroying our homelands and flooding them with leeching niggers


You aren’t wrong about women. The problem is it was the western ruling class that allowed the jews the influence they needed in our society to bend it this way and that had to do with shekels
The problem really is finance.