NASA declares carbon dioxide is GREENING the Earth… reveals how Green New Death is a DEATH cult that would collapse global ecology

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Cloud formation breaks at a surprisingly low threshold, pup.

Only 12 years left.

We're all gonna die…

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Now just to get pajeets to stop shitting up the ocean, chinamen to stop smogging and throwing their trash into the ocean, and get nigs to stop having an average of 8 children per woman

You ever been to Hawaii where it's a sunny day, hot as hell and it's actually raining?

Interesting news, user, but the Nature study was from 2016; you're a little slow.

Clouds are a lot cooler than the ground. Cloudtop heating is what causes the drought effects from global warming. Hot ground climates have more low level evaporation and more heat-driven turbulence while still having cold upper airs to promote condensation. Heat the cloudtops and both turbulence and cloud nucleation slow.

People like (((Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez))) are not the saviors of the planet, it turns out: They are the death merchants who threaten to destroy all life as we know it. Carbon dioxide isn’t a threat to planet Earth, but people like (((Ocasio-Cortez))) surely are. If anything should be eliminated from the atmosphere, it’s the hot air coming from the mouths of the climate alarmists who are spewing their death cult quackery that would devastate our planet if deployed.

The extra c02 will definitely be needed to grow the forced vegan diet of the future when the planet hits 10 billion by 2050.

Wow what a surprise. The world can endure a lot more than some emissions from factories and cars. It was always a scam to bleed a bit more money from the goyim and work in propaganda towards the global communism. Same as this plastic scare going on lately.

High CO2 impairs the reproductive organelles of a number of plants, particularly grasses and grains.
An increase of biomass does not correlate to increased nutrition derived from eating larger plants.
Bigger plants have structural issues and can collapse under their own weight; a 350 pound human isn't a healthier human.
Plants don't derive nutrition from the atmosphere, they still require fertile soil. They'll just have an abundance of CO2 available for respiration, which is only one part of the process in forming carbohydrates. They still need water and their macros.
okay then

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(((aryan means race traitor)))

OP is a non white pollution loving Nigger
It was never about the CO2, it was shit like niggers polluting rivers and shit like clearing the forrests

How nice of you to mark something true as (((Jewish))), my most specifically consenting slave.

You've never heard of air plants have you?

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Epiphytes don't need soil as medium. They grow on other plants, in nature. Deriving nutrients from the aspiration of other plants. Which is why their provenence is confined to (sub) tropical jungles and rainforests.

You won't grow them in a desert.

People like OP are why we needed the Third Reich to win, where a general lack of intelligence, logic and contemplation are vacant in his NPC processes and he spews bullshit straight from a jews mouth.

The problem isn't just CO2, it's how the jews and non-whites wage a relentless war on nature.
Wrong, stupid nigger.
They still contribute to a failing air quality and poisoning the ground, water and soil. Not to mention coal processing and burning releases more radiation than Nuclear power plants do.

Are air plants thriving hardwood trees and larger fruit bearing lifeforms?
No, you stupid nigger. They aren't.

Dramatically changing the natural carbon dioxide levels which have been around for tens of thousands of years will definitely have a NEGATIVE effect on all of the plants and creatures that have adapted to those carbon levels.

This article is literally fucking retarded.

Are you calling NASA retarded? You know more than a NASA scientist?

I would think so, yes.

Good goy, the planet can totally sustain another billion niggers.

NASA hasn't been to the moon since the early 70's. I think that alone speaks volumes.

Isn't that the organized crime ring who made a fat lie about going to the moon so that they could steal trillions of tax payers money? So now we have liars lying about lies…only in clown world.

The greenies are upset in this thread.

no mate, what we need is more recycled carrier bags

We are called national socialists

I'll believe it when a group of scientists who are not beholden to jews and are made up of my own folk come up with research and publish it to a publisher that is also not beholden to jews, and is made up of my folk.

Your authority of fact, has no power or influence here.

Greenhouses pump the air at 1200ppm for this very reason. The current level of CO2 is 400ppm, some of the lowest levels in the history of the earth.

i really want to fuck that garden

Lead, mercury, arsenic is poison. Co2 is used by plants to create energy and release oxygen. It's not a poison. I remember when environmentalists used to care about REAL poison in the environment.

get my switchblade out and make an opening. sweet sweet mud

Greenhouses pump CO2 into a closed system because without exogenous CO2 the available CO2 will deplete. Kind of like how humans need oxygen pumped into a closed space if they want to continue breathing. Only certain plants benefit from maintaining ambient levels of CO2 at certain levels. It has a deleterious effect on other plants.

More people live in Asia than out of it. Any 'global initiative' that restricts the rest of the planet while giving ASIA a free pass is an exercise in futility.

i'll have little tree children

Read nigger.
Don't just produce CO2.


This , thank you

Want to hear the most final of solutions?
Crispr a atmospheric algae that converts atmospheric gases into , oh I don’t know any ol gas will do, and inject it. Let it thrive.
We can get the population down to a manageable level of around 80 mil
It’s an idea fed niggers fuck off

Well you're fucked then.. Electric vehicles are actually worse. The production of all those batteries is the problem. The lithium, manganese and cobolt produces a lot of pollution. And on top of that somehow the electric vehicles still produce CO2.

Google it.

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What is your argument exactly? Where did I mention electric cars? The fact is that we have a problem, and it is not being properly addressed because the jews in charge don't care about nature, and have convinced the rest of humanity that they don't need to care about it either.

If the Third Reich still existed today do you really think we'd still be driving the same antiquated vehicles we are driving today? I don't.


Of course its greening the planet. Carbon is plant food.

Does this mean that they will stop spraying all night long to block out the harmful solar radiation that is supposedly warming the earth?
They start spraying as soon as the sun sets every night. Sometimes you can't even see the stars.

Turns out tossing tons and tons of plant food in the world would make more plants to grow. Who could have guessed?

NatSocs don't buy into jewish establishment global warming propaganda. You're Zig Forums shills desperately trying to hijack the environmental platform of National Socialism as means of infiltrating NatSoc circles, and you're obvious as fuck.

Has OP been in prison or a coma the past 7 years? They were public about CO2, cooling and protecting the Earth.
Or how about, 450 mio years ago it was and ice age and there was 10x more CO2 in the atmosphere than today? Shit is endless.

This whole "muh global warming" was a facade from the start. It's all a jewish corporate distraction from the real threats to the ecosphere: Oceanic acidification and dilution, megacorporate kikes dumping tons of pollutants in the rivers and their bugpeople chink slaves following suit, and of course deforestation by subhuman Brazilians and the like. All of these are vastly more important than any "greenhouse gases" ever could be.

BUMPED. The Kike Goon Borg can't fathom a reality of Naturalized formulaic eco systematic progression

Some dire alteration always has to have to occur so they can chess pivot into fucking over more people. Literally Nuke this Planet Immediately.

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look at , trees and plants are being culled by shitskin population, the earth is losing trees more than is gaining.

That absolutely is a problem but the solution isn't stop feeding the trees.
just enslave the world population for their own good.
Or if slavery is immoral commit genocide.

It's almost like (((environmentalists))) and their political backers are disinfo kikes and CO2 is a good thing, wow.

Soil, user. Soil. You're embarrassing yourself.

Trees don't use C02?
Oil is unprocessable by trees in it's natural state.

Hey dumbfuck, it rained for millions of years straight and was hotter before we even came along. It's about time white man has some new life to enjoy, shitskins were a failure.

They sell C02 generators in bags on the fucking shelf.

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Capitalism truly is a just god.

Your religion is stupid, your clergy are niggers, and you are a dopey faggot.

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this is what you niggers believe

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New scare tactic, we have to stop productivity from creating more carbon because it will create too much plant life, which will create too much oxygen, that will cause it to explode and kill everyone. Quickly adopt communism!

They don't derive nutrition from air. They use CO2 for respiration, sure, but they still need to draw nutrients and water from soil. Abundant CO2 means nothing unless it has an unlimited supply of water and nutrients.

In a theoretical world where there was an increase in CO2. Plants might grow bigger, but they would consequently deplete topsoil faster as well as trap a shitload more water. That's going to have a cascade effect on an ecosystem.

More carbon in the atmosphere means it needs LESS water for photosynthesis. A higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is why arid areas like the Sahel region are greenifying.

to be fair, oxygen poisoning is a thing, we breath nitrogen and a mix of other gases

Topsoil is created by that very process you dumb nigger.

incredible I had never even considered that.

you sure about that?

I don't know what the cascade effect will be. I don't even know if global warming is a complete hoax, partly true or true. I do know that 'Asia is greening the planet with all of it's pollution' is complete bullshit however.

earthworms and bacteria eat the dying leaves on the soil bringing the nutrients it once lost back to the soil

You should consider gardening before throwing your hat in and claiming the world will end if we plant more trees.

The plant will still draw up more or attempt to draw up more nutrients which will strip the soil causing more plant life to die to put nutrients back into the soil which the next plants will strip etc. all while releasing more and more gas in excess of what it can utilize. It takes millions of years buried to lock that carbon up.
In the meantime, shorts and t-shirt weather breh.

Soil existed before plants. Organic matter simply increases the rate at which geological processes produce soil.

arguing against a position which only exists in your head
you may as well start debating your own posts

Okay, BUT, you seem to have omitted the last few paragraphs of the original article, which state, and I quote:

modern soil couldn't exist without bacteria and fungi

Fungus creates topsoil.

Neither bacteria nor fungi are plants.

And? A lot of plants rely on ectomycorrhizal fungi in order to access the available nutrients in soil. Soil existed before fungi and bacteria as well, btw.
I'm not a mycologist, so I can only speculate on the effect of the supposed elevated CO2 levels on fungi and how that will effect a particular ecosystem.

Soil existed before fungus. Bedrock weathering is a geological process that is accelerated by organic activity. It's not dependent on organic activity.

The planet was hotter, wetter, rainer, and had a radically different balance of atmosphere for the majority of it's existence, you useless nigger. As long as we can still breathe the mixture, we're fine. Nature will do what it has ALWAYS done, which is adapt, create more flora and fauna to fill the niches of what dies off, and continue to function as a changed but still perfectly healthy machine. More carbon dioxide isn't going to "ruin" the planet.

The average shitlib is truly an amazing and artifical creature. The God he doesn't believe in made everyone equal because Thomas Jefferson and some French anarchists said so. Evolution is real and anyone who argues otherwise is a chump, but young earth theory whenever I need to sell my commie eco-bullshit. Either you believe in evolution or you don't, and if you do, and I'm sure you do, then this entire line of argumentation is straight fucked.

Tankie faggots worship stasis as a demigod in their pantheon of Satanic Jewish horseshit. All their endless whining about the enviroment is nothing more than a smokescreen to disguise the truth of the situation, which is that the planet IS being damaged: by shitskins they refuse to do anything about, and that all of their "enviromental policies" are just legal Jewry to sneak Communism in by the backdoor.

Any legitimate enviromental policy that actually cares about the future of the worthwhile humans on this planet is going to put the Asian Question front and center in its addresses. Street shitters and Chinese bugmen are pumping billions of gallons of pollution and chemicals and plastic into the ocean, and unlike CO2, that shit is actually causing real and permanant damage to both the ocean in general and the more isolated water tables that most other countries rely on for their potable water. Anybody who farts on endlessly about muh emissions and muh plastic straws but doesn't breathe a word about race or care about the fucked up tapwater people are starting to pull out of groundwater wells is a Starbucks Socialist petite bougieose fuckwit who will be the first to be strung up by their pet niggers if they ever succeed in getting the Communist revolution they prattle on about.

Everyone should call NASA retarded. What the fuck has NASA done? Gone to the moon using stolen National Socialist technology? Then blown billions of taxpayer dollars looking at rocks with microscopes and accomplished nothing for decades? What have they actually innovated worthwhile that's genuinely their own? A pen that can write in zero gravity? A few telescopes that gather data that would only be useful to a European ethnostate that actually cares about knowledge instead of a bloated ZOG daycare for niggers?

NASA is a waste of fucking time. The fact that it took late stage Capitalist oligarchs like Musk or Trump to start the wheels turning again for space travel is living proof of how much of an abject fucking failure NASA really is.

This is absolutely correct. An enviromental policy that isn't race based is worthless. Any enviromentalist who doesn't open up with "embargo India and China and blockade their ports until they sort their shit or starve to death" is Jew puppet. The tankies always out themselves when they try to wear hippy clothes because they never, ever bring race into it, they always ignore real pollution issues and problems, and they always blame the dwindling minority of white people for the damage a billion chinks and pajeets are actually responsible for.

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Guys, you need to throw away the last remnants of boomer (((conservatism))) from your minds.
The damage this (((civilization))) has done to the environment is self evident.

You say it will crash the economy and drive the world to war and chaos. That is a GREAT THING. You cannot call yourself redpilled and still believe in a political solution. ACCELERATE- the only solution

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Believing in NASA? What happened here?

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what a horrible convoluted way to say "jews are behind this"

Opinion discarded. They're about as credible as the "we only have 12 years" crowd. Source? One of the authors of the paper naturalnews misrepresented.

CO2 also turns H20 acidic you dumb double nigger.

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OP, shouldn't you be on Zig Forums with these clickbait titles and naturalnews spam?

It's called a sun shower. Happens in tropical regions.

this post is far too correct to be allowed on the internet

'Pup', is that the new 'sweetie' or 'kid'?

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NASA might as well declare that cancer is curing the lungs.

It was increasing before the industrial age too, a spike in temp aint a big deal, sea levels have been rising at the same rate since before the industrial revolution, and the antarctic is expanding

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Your pro-flat Earth rhetoric didn't fly, obvoiusly

It's been changing since the agricultural revolution when we started killing nature to produce "food"


Good thing it wont fuck with your soy right?

nah soy is a nitrogen fixer.

NASA misses the main point, of course.
Every major food eaten by our recently assploded human population are very recently created strains, all of which were (unknowingly) bred to take advantage of higher CO2 levels.
The reason it takes over 100 units of water to produce 1 unit of food is to get CO2 plants must exchange their 99% humidity internal air with outside air that is 1/30th of 1% CO2, and is also maybe 60% humidity (on a good day).

If we now have 40% more CO2 than in 1800, and we go back to 1800s levels, all these new Miracle Crops of wheat, rice, corn, soy etc that are all "dry farmed" are gonna be needing an extra 40% or more rainfall. That sure as fuck ain't gonna happen. 10% diff is a big deal, and 20% is an "anomaly".

PS-dense atmosphere, temperate regions near the poles, and high CO2 is what makes Venus IDEAL for massive sudden Terra-Forming via microbes and algae. With a little GMO, we could seed Venus with lifeforms that would explode exponentially, and crash the CO2 into bio-mass a mile thick, which would in turn support larger plants.

both DNC and GOP are now controlled by two competing suicide cults.
Jim Jones and People's Temple org is what swept liberals into SF city hall and Jim was made SF Housing Czar in charge of Niggers & Projects. The org has been growing ever since, in the shadows and their motto is "stronger than ever". That is the reason SF, not much bigger LA, rules CA, and why SF has had two US Senators, with Boxer handing off to Kamala, and why Pelosi is Speaker, and why CA Gov is from SF, and why we might have POTUS Kamala.

On the GOP side, the Evangelical "waiting for the rapture" ZOG-bot crowd is now a vicious mob that will attack and kill anyone who questions them, with Jewish managed military precision. No one in GOP is allowed to even talk about "conserving" anything. It all about topping each other to serve the Jews, with some idea that those 1st in line for "Rapture" will be able to grab the best neighborhoods in Heaven.

moAr Oxygen PaHleeeeese! Cannot wait for three foot Dragon Flies!!

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Is the climate change movement a ‘cult’?

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Didn't you guys hear?


Thank the pretend "Beto" for that.

Yeah, right.

Today you realized that Zig Forums is a chatbot

Tweaked slightly.

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