New monthly thread - The occult symbolism of the elite

Symbolic pics of the month: 4/19
Some of you here might be familiar with the website Its subject is rarely talked about on Zig Forums: The occult symbolism utilized by the jewish elites and their pawns within mass media.
Over the next months, i will repost the pictures from my favorite line of articles on that website called "Symbolic pics of the month". Some of the comments made by the author might require some further knowledge about occult symbolism to understand, but you can research this on the website. I find the posts there to be 95% accurate, although the author does not namedrop the jew.
Its a shocking insight into the workings of the satanic media machinery run by the jewish oligarchs and serves as a warning to all of you to not consume this depraved and evil filth.

The article can be found here:

I will start with the first caption.
American Horror Story star Taissa Farmiga was recently featured in a photoshoot for Rogue magazine. And, yup, it is all about Monarch mind control. In this pic, Taissa lays on a bed surrounded by the disembodied arms of mannequins – a classic symbol of mind control representing MK handlers. Taissa holds a rotary phone while a mannequin holds another one. This kind of symbolism is often used in MK imagery to represent a slave being “triggered” by a handler (see Lady’s Gaga video Telephone).

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Here, Taissa’s hair is held up by the handlers. She’s in a position of vulnerability as the hands could easily pull her hair and cause pain.

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Taissa sits with a blank, MK-slave-stare next to a mannequin.

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Carrying her programming around.

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As usual, the one-eye sign popped up everywhere this month. This is a pic of Kendall Jenner announcing that she became the face of Tiffany Co. It seems that we need to add “ping pong paddle” to the list of stupid things used by these industry puppets to hide an eye. What’s next? A cello?

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This is the promotional image for a new Netflix series named The Perfection. Yup, that’s a cello hiding one eye. So creative. As seen in several articles in the past, Netflix is dedicated to creating content that is 100% in line with the elite’s agenda. Although The Perfection is not out yet, the trailer depicts some horrifying scenes alluding to mind control, including someone getting electroshocked.

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This is the cover of Madonna’s new single Medellin. The “High Priestess of the Industry” has one eye hidden and holds a symbolic red glove while holding Maluma in a dominating matter. For her new album, Madonna created a new persona named Madame X, which is all about mind control. Expect an article about it soon.

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Actress Taryn Manning (8 Miles, Orange is the New Black) released a new music single entitled The Light. This is the promo pic of the single. Apparently, she needs to hide one eye or her single wouldn’t see “The Light” of day.

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Satanic panic boomer levels of retardation

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This is the cover of the new album by Lithuanian artist Jazzu. And you thought that Lithuania was safe from this crap, didn’t you?

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Reported and filtered, kike shill

This is a screenshot from the music video Twit by K-Pop singer Hwasa. It doesn’t require an in-depth analysis. She basically sings “twit twit twit” while constantly hiding one eye. A perfect reflection of the music industry today.

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Hwasa was also in Dazed magazine.

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She also promoted some makeup. Wow. She really brings something new to the table.

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Very Zig Forums-related
This is a pic by clothing line named Cuck and Bull Shop. This literally cuck is hiding one eye while doing a textbook soy boy face. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s walking around with a shirt that says “Sissy Husband”. Wow.

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Wow. After posing for this pic, this guy will probably throw himself off a bridge.

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Draw My Story is a popular series on YouTube where stars tell a cute story while cute images are drawn in the background. In short, it is custom made to be appealing to young people. For this occasion, Billie Eilish wore a bunch of inverted crosses around her neck- the main symbol satanism. That is how the occult elite’s religion gets normalized to the young generation.

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Shortly after #FreeBritney began trending (read my article about it here), Britney “took a break from treatment” to spend some time with her boyfriend. She then posted a rather unconvincing video on Instagram to say that she’s OK. Some people said: “You see, she wasn’t being held against her will, that was a crazy conspiracy theory”. The pics that were taken as she was leaving the mental health facility tell another story. Dazed, confused and MKULTRA-ed.

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This is the face persona that is heavily medicated and that is not in control of her mind.

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Taking things to a stranger level, Britney’s former handler Sam Lutfi (he was around during her 2008 breakdown) posted this tweet about Britney’s “release” and #FreeBritney. Wow.

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In my article about the Sri Lanka bombings, I explained the occult timing and meaning of this horrific event. And the way mass media spun this attack is more proof of elite meddling. It is rather obvious that a memo was passed around to make sure that the victims are described as “Easter worshippers” instead of “Christians”. This weird, contrived expression is clearly the result of a brainstorming session to spin this story in a specific manner.

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Apparently, ABC News got the same memo. Is the word “Christian” being censored by mass media?

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Unless they can be blamed for something, then yes.

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Yep. I am aware, just quoting the author here. He is probably aware too, but he's obviously talking to a different audience and likely wording it to get them to think.

Do you know how much energy you provide them with by focusing so hard in their symbols?

Take your meds. This shit is the occult kikes equivalent to a gang sign or a territorial marker. Its a signal to their allies and to their enemies in the know. Its a very good redpill to get potential radicals to question the mass media entertainment, but they do it anyways because they know that the lemmings will simply scoff at this or simply ignore it / not realize it at all. Their arrogance will be their downfall.

Also, i might add that they are normalizing satanic imagery through this, subconsciously signalling to the lemmings that rejecting Christianity and, more importantly, tradition is cool and mainstream. They are making satanism acceptable to introduce it as the NWO religion.

Morphic resonance is real. Ignore that at your own peril


Sorry have to catch my breath….


Which statement of mine do you deduct this from?

Thanks for confirming that you are indeed a schizophrenic.

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If morphic resonance is real then explain niggers?


Imagine being this pathetic

You suddenly realize: oralsex can give give you throat cancer. Lesbians have life expectancy of 49 because of this. The HPV virus is almost certain to give you throat cancer if you lick a Thot vagina.

79 million Americans, most in their late teens and early 20s, are infected with HPV thanks to jews.

You suddenly realize: Anger cures depression.

I wonder what killing your mortal enemies does for your mental health?

It must be like antidepressiva, NZT and steroids injected directly into your brain stem.

I don't know if thats entirely true, especially the part about throat cancer, but that is disgusting and maddening.

It's not retardation if it's true, glownigger.

It is true, but its not entirely true. Throat cancer and HPVs happen when you are being promiscuous. Having one single partner or very few throughout your life has zero risks of HPVs or HIV. Why do gays die early? Because the feces on their anus mix with their blood due to constant tearing of important tissues there. The feces creates microcontaminations in the heart, which has to fight it and thus weaken itself. Does that mean your wife can get anal cancer if you do anal with her every third month? No, its the repetition and promiscuity. But if you want 100% safety, marry a virgin and refrain from degeneracy.

Goodbye America You Are Dismissed

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Since you are doing symbolism, I wanted to toss this out here, I've noticed it for months now and it's quite relevant now with Honkler pepe, and hopefully should be of interest to any Christian Zig Forumsacks.

This is a picture of the fag rainbow…

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…and this is the genuine rainbow, often a crude representation of the color spectrum.

Anybody who's a Christian and has even a modest understanding of scripture will know that the rainbow was God's sign of his promise to never bring a second flood. I have actually seen numerous Christians complaining about the fact that the fags have stolen this…but look closer.

Most Christians are not really interested in biblical numerology because they think it's related to divination, which perhaps it often was. Nonetheless, the universe was built from numbers, and if it has meaning…then so too do the individual numbers that comprise it, in and of itself. This rainbow, that I'm posting here, is identical to rainbows found in nature. They have 7 distinct color bands. 7 is number is often as result of perfection and completion. The universe was made in 7 days, there are 7 continents to house the people of Earth, there are 7 notes in the ionian scale that is found in every single one of your favorite songs. This is a number that represents perfection and flourishing.

On contrary, we have a number that is much better understood popularly: 6. There are only 6 colors in the LGBT flag. The missing color, notably, blue, the color of the sky…also typically respents the divine. Perhaps this is all kooky shit. I could be wrong. But I believe the observation is highly meaningful and so I'm sharing it.

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Roman Polanski's Repulsion

The anus is not constructed to withstand the friction of fuckery. It's not the same kind of tissue as the vagina at all. I suppose you could lightly tickle the exterior of a woman's anus to make her wiggle her bum lewdly but heavy fornication is, should be outside of your behavior. Also urinary and bladder infections can and do result.

It's nasty.

OP was not a faggot today.
OC of interest.
Taylor Swift - Ready For It? Music Video at 3:14
They're burning all the witches
seen writ large, while she burns by (divine?) light.

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Don't get me wrong, i hate fags as much as the next guy, but this sounds like absolute bullshit. Citation needed.

I might add that HIV is a VIRUS and infects everyone who gets penetrated anally by someone carrying it. Immidiately. It has absolutely nothing to do with shit particles entering a faggots blood because his asshole is torn up, lmfao. I think the white blood cells would take care of that easily.

Well how are fags a thing then?

This could be true, especially if the participants aren't very hygienic.

It was rather odd; in the 70's they were ready to take over the world. They were everywhere. Then AIDS came and they seemed to vanish and the dykes took over. Then the gays all came back, with new generations of faggots that knew everything about AIDS and simply didn't care.

I know a guy who does renovations. He installed a special luxury shower for a rich faggot with Harley Davidson handlebars. Apparently the faggot likes to hold onto them while his boyfriend packs his fudge. Doing in in the shower mitigates to a certain extent the fecal filth of it all.

Au contraire, HIV is merely an opportunistic virus that takes advantage of a collapsing immune system; 10% of AIDS victims don't have HIV in themselves and 10% of people with HIV don't ever get AIDS, (think Magic Johnson).

Feces entering the blood stream in combination with immune system suppression from heavy drug and alcohol use will ultimately collapse the immune system. Meth and cocaine are particularly harsh on the immune system. Repeated syphilis infections repeatedly cured with antibiotics will also act to collapse the immune system.

Nobody asked about your disgusting descriptions of degenerate faggots.

Shut the fuck up and provide evidence for this (literal) shit, otherwise everything you say has been discarded. You sound like a closet fag yourself that is full of himself and likes to larp as the expert on subjects he knows jackshit about.

Factchecked this, seems to be false

This is also false.

According to cancer.zog:

Maybe the 6 colors also have to do with 666, the mark of the beast. Jews seem to love the number 6, 6 Gorillion etc.

Occult shit. There is an Ariana Grande music video with the literal tree of sephirot from the Kabbala in it. Pic related, song is "Break free"

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Kill yourself niggerjew.

Hello kike. Sage negated.

Why did Val Kilmer lick so much pussy?

Off yourself

From the source that fag utilizes:

So what did that prove now?

You are a jew and a kike and a lying kike nigger that lies deciets. Time to prove your kikery and and then I will filter you.

The median age of death for lesbians is 45 (only 24% live past age 65). The median age of death for a married heterosexual woman is 79. The faggot life expectancy is between 34.0 years to 46.3 years generally.

The damaging effects of cigarette smoking pale in comparison -cigarette smokers lose on average about 13.5 years of life expectancy

Being lesbian is more dangerous than being a smoker. The faggots are taking out themselves. Think about that next time you lick eat out that next female with anal cancer. KEK

This study provides no evidence for your claim that the median age of death for lesbians is 45.
This study is about people INFECTED WITH HIV.

You are actually a fucking retard.

I think that lesbians and fags should either be shot or put into a reeducation camp depending on the severeness of their mental illness. But functionally retarded MGTOW cuckolds like you should be treated the same way.

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This thread has really been shit up by (((them))) and their stooges.

The symbolism is everywhere but I really wonder how there can be a large number of people that were MK Ultra programmed.

Afaik these were all small scale experiments.

Is this just symbolism for the few in the know or is there some plan for the future?

t. confused user

Look you lying nigger kike, why do you insist on lying? Is it in your kikes genes to lie like some inbred schizoid freak that needs some sweet inhaling of gas? Oh yeah, you are a kike so you always need that, sorry if forgot your kikery while you were kiking. I almost treated you as a human there, my apologies dear kikeoid.

Btw, what does this phrase mean to you : "non-HIV deaths were distributed according to the assumed proportion of the total population "?

Does that mean anything in your kike brain? I thought jews were supposed to be more than just inbred schizoid lying deciets that needed sweet gas? But apparently jews are also mentally retarded and incapable of reading english too. Oh well, what can you do, keep shitposting and lying , maybe kiking hard enough will turn you into a human in your schizophrenic mind one day. Filtered. Only replying to non-kike posts now.

MKULTRA went into hiding after the documents were released, its now named Project Monarch and they are still doing the sick stuff they did back then, only in a more sophisticated manner. Check out the article about Project Monarch on that website.

Yes, that means they calculated the life expectancy of HIV-infected fags using estimates. You are unable to read studies. Honestly kill yourself.

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There is only one way to find out I guess.
Make sure to avoid the faggots in meanwhile, i wouldn't even shake their hands since HPV can infect hands and feet too. Avoid showering and taking baths in the same place as them.

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Get the fuck out of my thread you low IQ subhuman. Stop posting this disgusting shit.

haha so much fun when you flush a faggot out of the undergrowth. They make such a ridiculous squaking noise.

This is not Satanic it is TALMUDIC. The symbols used are solomon seals to contain Satan and the pagan gods. Contain the human.

To take advantage of the thread and the curiosity on MK-Ultra. I'll explain here some theories I have on (((their))) "treatments"

It is drugs. And blood. Both actually. Adrenochrome.
A subtance used by jews on their passover and on their holy drinks and food since forever. The root of jewry is this covenant of blood.
It is a long story so I'll explain by steps.

A Jew (Abraham) commited sacrifice somehow. He drank the blood of a tortured child probably his son. Got high. He saw "YAHWE" while in this state.
Jew didn't know what a drug is. He just saw "YAHWE HIS GOD". Drinking adrenalined blood has many effects. I'm guessing it destroys
the amygdala, empathy and much other things. This created the maximum psycopath. The jew. He shared this knowledge of "GOD" to other jews.
They became addicts to the blood. So they devised a way to keep drinking the farming the blood. Abhramic religions.
The religions based around on obeying the psycopath while high on yahwe's blood. Obeying the addiction.
This didn't work very well on the begining. Jews were sacrifing their own children because there was nowhere to get the blood from.
Ever heard the biblical story of the passover on the egypt? If a jew didn't sacrifice an animal or a goy. They had to sacrifice their own children.
So they at least had some humanity left because they cared about their children. But we are talking about jews that haven't seen "YAHWE".
Only few were in communion with him. Advance the eras. Catastrophes destroying the real religions. The jews devised ways to
corrupt the old teachings. They want to corrupt EVERYTHING. Old brotherhoods, priesthoods, rituals etc. So they can weaken the people and also
corrupt them. They would give the blood to some goy. The goy not knowing were this came from. He would become an addict.
Then they told him were the blood was from. If he accepted to become one of them. He would be exalted. If not. Killed and sacrificed too.

This is how they create their golems too. Masonry and the brotherhoods around it are corrupted. They will restrain their members. With oaths.
Give actual sacred knowledge that they crave. But always at a cost. The final step to become a Golem is drinking this blood. Some resist. Some not.
So probably these girls are on a similar treatment. They are addicts to the blood. Still now knowing where it is from. Or actually knowing.
All the children that dissapear on the US and all around the world. Are tortured to death. And eaten. By these vampires.

How to defeat them? Who is their enemy? Satan and the werewolves. Will explain on the thread later maybe.

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Robert Root-Bernstein, 'Rethinking AIDS; The tragic cost of premature consensus' The Free Press/Macmillan USA 1993, 527 pages, ISBN 0-02-926905-9.

Rethinking AIDS by Robert Root-Bernstein, an Associate Professor of Physiology at Michigan State University, is a heady and disturbing dose of rational discourse that shakes to its core the establishment AIDS industry of scientists, government, activists and the mass media. Root-Bernstein tries to demonstrate that our current scientific and public health approach to AIDS is fatally flawed; that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), commonly understood to be the cause of the range of diseases that we call AIDS, may in fact be no more than a co-factor, if that.

Root-Bernstein is not alone in making such a claim. First and most famous of the AIDS heretics is Berkeley molecular biologist Peter Duesberg, who first challenged the notion that HIV causes AIDS in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Cancer Research in March 1987. As a result Duesberg ended up being informed by the National Institute of Health in October 1990 that his "Outstanding Investigator Grant" would not be renewed after it runs out in 1993. (The committee that made this decision had as members the mother of one of the children of Robert Gallo, alleged discoverer of HIV and someone who holds a patent on an HIV antibody test.) Duesberg has become Gallo's bete noire; Gallo recently walked off the set while being interviewed by ABC TV's Day One "news-magazine" when they brought up Duesberg and he vowed he'd do everything in his power to prevent them from giving Duesberg's ideas any publicity. But joining the anti-establishment cause was Charles A. Thomas–a former Harvard biochemistry professor–and a society he founded in 1991, the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis, which counts among its over 40 members retrovirologists, epidemiologists and immunologists, all of whom question the HIV dogma.

Attached: 215ES0X92ML._AC_UL436_.jpg (299x436, 16.3K)

AIDS epidemiology also casts doubt on its status as a sexually transmitted single-cause microbe. In addition to anecdotal cases such as Marc Christian, Rock Hudson's lover who survived an estimated 600 unprotected sexual encounters with the dying Hudson without contracting either HIV or any illness, there is the simple fact that, despite a decade of activist and right-wing scare tactics, AIDS has never turned into the predicted plague breaking out of the initial risk groups of homosexuals, hemophiliacs and drug abusers. The official Centers for Disease Control estimate that the prevalence of HIV in the U.S. population has remained steady since 1985; around one million. (And only about 3 percent a year of these on average go on to develop symptoms of AIDS.) The much-hyped epidemic didn't happen. For a supposedly infectious virus, HIV shows an almost human preference for certain types of people and for males over females. For example, over 90 percent of AIDS cases in the U.S. are male, though in Africa the sexual distribution is almost even. What is in the nature of this microbe to make it sexually selective depending on what continent it is on? According To Root-Bernstein it is not the microbe but the nature of the differing immunosuppressive hazards in the two continents' populations that makes the difference.

The lack of massive heterosexual spread through prostitutes is crucial in showing that AIDS is not a standard sexually transmittable disease. Root-Bernstein cites many studies showing that no significant increase in HIV seropositivity (showing antibodies for HIV) among non-drug abusing prostitutes can be found in any major Western city. A study in the American Journal of Public Health concluded that "HIV infection in non-drug using prostitutes tends to be low or absent, implying that sexual activity alone does not place them at high risk, while prostitutes who use intravenous drugs are far more likely to be infected with HIV." Prostitutes in this study do evince the normal range of known sexually transmitted diseases.

As one of a small but growing group of AIDS heretics, I was very pleased to see that the recent National Research Council report on AIDS challenged the orthodoxy. It said that HIV infection and AIDS will remain limited to specific geographic areas and risk groups identified at the beginning of the epidemic: gay men and more particularly an ever-growing population of urban, drug-addicted, poverty-ridden, malnourished, hopeless and medically deprived people.

The political and social implications of the National Research Council report have received massive press coverage over the past few weeks. But it is the scientific and medical implications, unaddressed in the report, that are truly revolutionary. As the World Health Organization's working group on AIDS pointed out in 1984, if everyone is not equally susceptible to AIDS, factors other than HIV alone must govern who becomes infected and whether infection results in disease. This basic medical principle is as old as the germ theory of disease itself.

There is absolutely no doubt that some people are much more susceptible to HIV and AIDS than are others. Perhaps the most striking data concern female prostitutes in Western nations. Early in the epidemic, it was assumed that female prostitutes would become the vectors by which HIV and AIDS would be spread to the heterosexual community. A single, HIV-infected female prostitute might, it was thought, infect dozens of heterosexual men, and equal numbers of women through these men.

In fact, between 5% and 10% of female prostitutes are HIV-infected in major U. S. cities such as Los Angeles and New York. But there are two striking facts about these prostitutes. First, HIV-infected prostitutes, with only a few exceptions, are intravenous drug abusers. Cases of sexually acquired HIV among drug-free prostitutes are almost unknown. Second, in literally only a handful of cases are female prostitutes thought to have transmitted HIV to a client, and drug abuse by both the prostitute and the client has been documented in almost all of those cases.

Rethinking AIDS by Robert Root-Bernstein, an Associate Professor of Physiology at Michigan State University, is a heady and disturbing dose of rational discourse that shakes to its core the establishment AIDS industry of scientists, government, activists and the mass media. Root-Bernstein tries to demonstrate that our current scientific and public health approach to AIDS is fatally flawed; that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), commonly understood to be the cause of the range of diseases that we call AIDS, may in fact be no more than a co-factor, if that.

Peter H. Duesberg (born December 2, 1936) is a German American molecular biologist and a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is known for his early research into genetic aspects of cancer. He played a pivotal role in the AIDS denialism controversy as a proponent of the belief that HIV does not cause AIDS.

Duesberg received acclaim early in his career for research on oncogenes and cancer. With Peter K. Vogt, he reported in 1970 that a cancer-causing virus of birds had extra genetic material compared with non-cancer-causing viruses, hypothesizing that this material contributed to cancer.[1][2] At the age of 36, Duesberg was awarded tenure at the University of California, Berkeley, and at 49, he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. He received an Outstanding Investigator Grant from the National Institutes of Health in 1986, and from 1986 to 1987 was a Fogarty scholar-in-residence at the NIH laboratories in Bethesda, Maryland.

You are spouting retarded shit which makes us lose credibility.
He says after uttering vivid descriptions of fags and their disgusting depraved lifestyles.

You should kill yourself too. Reported.

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Now come back here and tell my why we shouldn't listen to these two prestigious scientists and why I should be subjected to your foul mouthed abuse for simply stating a legitimate scientific line of enquiry.

You really are just too emotionally tied up in this subject buddy. Your hysterical temper tantrum on me is not a normal reaction. Think about it.

Lmao, faggot kike confirmed. Also, there is no proof for the shit particles stuff in here.

So you have not rational reply to it all except "JOOOZ".

You demand I base my arguments on legitimate scientific papers. I have.

Let's see what you've got…oh wait, all you've got is vicious foul mouthed ad hominems on me for even daring to suggest this point of view.

I have asked you for a citation for your unsubstantiated bullshit 3 hours ago. You failed to deliver. I am simply writing you off as a low IQ retard now, which has somehow decided this would be a good thread to derail the discussion into his obsession with fags and aids.

this is some schizophrenic shit brah.

I didn't post it three hours ago. I posted it two hours ago. I posted Root Bernstein and Duesberg and many other well established academics and many many more who have asserted doubts to the HIV theory.

You have posted nothing but vicious foul mouthed abuse. And you know what? What faction does this? What part of society reacts to the questioning of the HIV thesis with violent anger?

The gays do. That's who.






In abhramic tradictions. The "holy of holies" is the sacrifice room. Where the altar is. This is where "GOD" presence is.

What is the filthy of the filthiest to the jew? A baby. Or a mother that gave birth recently. Because they have the true spirit in them. The original spark. So they corrupt it with circumcision.

AIDS is an allergic reaction to smegma. The STDs are diseased created by the guilt these people give to themselves.
Guilt, shame, fear and revulsion with the sex act mostly causes STDs.

You can keep your Steins and Bergs to yourself. I explicitly asked about proof for the following claim:







Apart from that, you were only posting a bunch of stories about faggots nobody asked for. Why do you feel the need to inform everyone about depravities like that in an unrelated thread? Where does that obsession come from?
You are a closet faggot, like i initially suspected, and you are now projecting because i rightfully call you out for derailing this thread with your cancer.


The next schizophrenic faggot has arrived. Is this a shill tactic?

The discussion of STDs and gay behavior had already begun long before I made my post on HIV/AIDS..

But hey go run and tell mommy. Your vile ad hominem abuse is far more outside whatever rules this place has than whatever I said.

The claim mentioned above was mentioned, i doubted it, and then you came and confirmed it. That was 2 hours ago. Ever since then you have posted your faggot obsession stories without delivering the source for the claim i demanded.
You should be banned for your low IQ redditspacing cancer posts. Stop derailing the thread.

MKULTRA is trauma-based mind control. Please do some research before posting dumb shit.
Also, why are you replying to yourself?

This thread seems to attract the mentally ill.

No. These are arguments backed up by science and intuition. I've been stuying Dr. Hamer's new german medicine for some time. A german doctor that actually cured cancer.

I'm telling this so this fag can stop spamming the thread with unrelated shit as you pointed out. Talk about the OP please.

Dumb nigger. I'm replying to myself so to add an argument to my point. MK-Ultra is just one treatment. There are others. The BLOOD sacrifice and consumption is a VERY important subject. Related to pizzagate too.

Aka pseudoscience. But whatever. I'm done talking about crap like this.

The next guy who does not talk about the OP or occult symbolism is getting filtered and reported.

it's self-perpetuating

think of it like a meme embodied in behavior

MK's MK others who MK others who MK others… and so on

a rare few are given specific traumas who do most of the work traumatizing others

a lot of MK behavior is normalized as "abuse," "bullying," "threats," "stalking," behaviors that make people feel unsafe but it's often highly coordinated, triggering MK's to abuse others

OP, don't watch this filth, it's unhealthy.

MKULTRA is not a treatment, its a CIA program to create mindcontrolled slaves. These slaves serve as sleeper agents, sex slaves or hollywood stars. There is only one way to achieve a mindcontrolled slave and that is through severe physical and psycholigical torture combined with drugs.
In the end the person breaks and the created split personalities can be programmed.

Completely overlooking the pantyshot, wth man.

Off yourself degenerate

Also, ass is less protected from diseases than vagina/penis because of its structure (even if the tissue is not damaged in any way)

Indeed, image creating an agent who is not even aware that he or she is in fact a sleeper agent who is just waiting for a code word from the CIA.

I have heard about an op/organization called "MAJESTIC-12". Is it just a hoax or does it really exist?

Go ahead and me a crackpot, but there's certainly nothing GOOD you can expect to come from injuring the anus/colon.
If we know that the tissue trauma caused by constipation increases your chance of cancer… Why do you think it's within the realm of reason to pound that tissue with another person's dick and introduce seminal fluids??
I dunno I never attempted to look for studies to back this up here, I've always presumed that the funding for anything that makes homos feel bad is going to be anemic. But my gut tells me this seems credible.

It's likely a mental illness and/or caused by a microbe since some microbes are proven to be able to affect the behavior of its host organism ( The chief reason why homosexuality cannot be explained by genetics or evolution is that the fitness of a faggot is very, very low as they don't reproduce, and being a faggot doesn't have any unique benefits (by which I mean being a homosexual doesn't have any benefits when compared to heterosexuality). In fact, being a gay makes you more likely to get STDs and parasites due to the very nature of butt sex. There are also the social subversion programs that are trying to make being gay/bi/trans/queer MORE desirable than being heterosexual.

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Humans aren't insects. Fags get created when young boys get abused. Look it up. Literally all fags have a history of being abused in some way as children.

Also. Stop derailing or i will report you. Post about the OP or something in relation to it. If you are unwilling to do so, make your own thread.