- high g factor, and verbal abilities

- high g factor, and verbal abilities
- strong ethnic identity, nepotism
- largely uncoscious relationship to God's hierarchy, in some cases explicit ritual practices making them subject to demonic influence
- partnerships of political and financial character aiming at the utilization and maintainance of the power structure

That's what's wrong with them, there's no Zion Elders' Council providing orders for the community. There's a pursue of idolatry and their own desires making them and many other people of influence the executors of the (really existing, foreseen amd supported by marxist theoretics like Spinelli, Habermas) demonic plan of western civilisation's wreckage.
Another thing
Making race the basis of your idenity is really fucking stupid. If I come up to a black Catholic reading st Thomas, studying mathematics he's more western than you kids. Inb5 these are explicitly white activities and no black is able to do them. That's a denial - a reaction of yours to the attack on your misguided concept of identity just as discarding me as a shill would be.

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Oh yeah? Name one nigger that can read.

low iq poster

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candace owen

sage and globalreport, we're getting more tourists again

did you miss a thread

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I know you are, but what am I? A faggot.

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Sage and report

Thought this thread was going to be about Vegeta. Severely disappointed.

People are reporting this thread because you are right OP most people that post here are losers looking for a scapegoat and something to be proud of. The only thing they can find pride in is their race and they scapegoat all other races.

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op replies to op

I’m not op dumbass

A lot of traditional Roman Catholics think pope Francis is consciously destroying the Church. The truth us he's pursuing his ride of earthly desire, laughs of the public and thus subject himself to the demonic influence undermining pope's authority.

This kind of fucking shit is why we hate you more than we hate the niggers you absolutely fucking worthless shit guzzling parasitic ass maggot.

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It's 2018 you ignorant fuck stop pretending your make believe fairy in the sky is real
He's fake and Whites are smarter than Negros due to being part Neanderthal

Holy shit nigger fuck off

Afraid jew? We will kill all of you, all over the world.
The jews will be genocided by the actions of The Superior White Race.
There is nothing that you can do about it.

That's a pretty low-tier strawman, and you're even being serious.
Yet they had steel when even the romans were stuck with iron and niggers never had metallurgy, outside of one or two tribes that could do simple shit with iron.
Are you even trying?

Op here, thank you guys for fulfilling my expectations so accurately. One retard even thinks I'm a jew. My grandfather was fighting the jews while yours were shitting themselves in Ford fabric financing their war. You guys are mostly illiterate burgeroanglos the third generation who can read. What do you know about the bell curve. Intelligence is heritable every sandeater knows it. So are the environmental changes and every 3digits iq middle schooler knows it.

Kill yourself faggot. The white man brought you civilization you ungrateful shitskin ape.

It isn't healthy to be well adjusted in a sick society.

Was medieval Europe society sick?

It's the only damn thing you ARE. You'd know, Shlomo. Nationalism for (((me))) but not for thee.

Look up Dr. Tony Martin, so you can elevate yourself to an African.

Yes it was. There were jews in Europe during the dark ages, and they traded our women as slaves to the Moors and other Muslims who were invading our territories. The dark ages were dark, because of Africans, Arabs and Jews destroyed European/Mediterranean trade and civilization which was bringing the light of knowledge to the world.

Even an African can be worthy of being called a man if he upholds the ideals of homogeneity, national segregation, and works to make Africa thrive. Good luck with that though, Africans have been the slaves of Arabs and Jews for thousands of years. It took Germans in America and Europe to end that pattern, and it began again when the Germans were punished for doing so as well as opposing other jewish influences.

Jews were expelled one country after another, didn't settle themselves up to protestant revolution establishing usury, banking and ethnic identity as primal. Poeple were aware of what's precious, were able to organise themselves and a relatively homogenous society was an outcome of this.

You forget your meds? or are you trying to get schizo anons to focus on invisible make believe demons rather then the jews?

Majority of people always were aware of the spiritual realm, especially on the level of collective behaviour. You're probably an advocate of materialism, a self-defeating worldwiev leading to the idolatry of race, genes, money or sex.

They were expelled because they have done what they have done for thousands of years, and that is to subvert and destroy the homogeneity of host nations while seeking out positions of power and influence for ungodly reasons, primarily to benefit themselves at whatever cost to the host people. Look up the tale of Lot and Babylon. Being expelled from everywhere isn't a sign that people just unjustifiably hate jewish behavior, it is that jewish behavior is incompatible with a pure race that refuses to partake in the ecological disaster that is miscegenation.

You are somewhat incomprehensible, I can't quite make out what point you are trying to make. Please attempt to write more coherently.

In any case, lurk another two years before posting again. It's clear you have not been trying hard enough to entertain a thought without automatically believing in it, or taking the time to consider where we are coming from or how we came to the conclusions we have come to. Nothing you say is something we haven't seen a thousand times before. It hasn't convinced us then, you won't convince us now. Think about that for a moment.

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I'm not a skilled writer whatsoever. My point is that ethnicity isn't a primal factor of geopolitics nor your identity. It was quite a revolutionary concept used to establish modern republics and democracies, it wasn't essential for civilised people in medieval times. In Europe religious identity was fundamental and its uccess stems from it. Galileo, Newton and Descartes all want to establish God's existence through their work. Newton hopes his law of gravity convinces his colleagues of God's providence.
I know I probably won't convince anybody but I could probably make another kid think for a second. I couldn't watch this one playing the piano, he was so visibly neurotic and you guys utilize them for the sense of meaning you get from the racial identity. My sister was playing this piece for a year straight and maybe that triggered the empathy for him.

Intellectual niggery of Fryderyk Nicki astounds me less as I know his father is a traitor himself and maybe justly the mighty philosopher of willpower died of syphilis.

What's this thread actually about? There's nothing inherently wrong in pursuing one's own wishes, but a lot can be learned by seeing a person's genuine wants. Naming any singular aspect of one's life as the god of one's own identity is self limiting, and narcissistic. I've never liked the notion of attacking the character of your opposition, better to focus on witnessed statements and actions. Makes you look weak and kind of cretin-ish.

And yet, it is. Your opinion holds no weight, because it simply isn't true.
And yet, it was used, and yet it was the driving principle of war, and politics, and always has been.
And yet, race was always a factor in that identity, irregardless of religion.
Spewing lies constantly, doesn't suddenly make them true. Wherever you have learned these things, these authorities you have prostrated to and accepted wisdom from, are not authorities that we here believe in. Therefore, there is no debate. No negotiation. No argument. Just difference. You cannot convince us of anything. You may as well, either lurk, or leave, or spam your drivel and be ridiculed. It really is up to you.

That's fair. It's just a conflict of authorities. You accept Nietzsche, Hitler and Zig Forums historiosophy, I accept Aristotle, st Augustine and all the guys who actually built the western civilisation, who wouldn't even think of themselves as white.

How exactly did you come to that conclusion? Sounds like projection. That's because that is what that is. And they didn't build civilization. They were a part of its development, just as German philosophers were a part of that development. To claim German's contributed less to the modern world you see today than st Augustine and Aristotle is a joke in of itself.

No the authorities I speak of, and not those you mentioned. You have a misguided notion that those you are personally impressed with, see the world the same way you do, and you couldn't be further from the truth.

The worldviews (definitely not one worldview but they were convergent) were fundamental for european civilisation and they definitely contributed a lot more to our lives than any particular German ever. Doubting it is a sign of disengagement in culture we live in. Ask any serious historian physicist or philosopher. Can't possibly proove it to you because you would doubt my descriptions as projections or change the definitions of contribution or "German". Simple citations count would prove me right if you would accept this kind of judgement. We can doubt everyrhing here because we only write words occasionally make pictures.

Nope. Idealist. Nice strawman. You are making an assertion. Make a reasonable argument. Argue that that it is more likely that invisible demons are controlling earthly affairs, rather then jist well organized jews. You are a shill. Or just someone who needs some sedatives.

Paid shill. Allowed to post here.

I gave you the reasons explaining the phenomena. Your task would be to show how they're false or not majorly insufficient for explaining the observables.

You are a retard who has no conception of logic. You can never prove a negative claim. Not even one that is absolutley retarted and written by a schizophrenic.

Sorry, here you go faggot.

Even though it is directly above this post, I don't trust you have the cognitive ability to find it on your own.

Loled at this shit. Thought you can only find that stupid fedoras on youtube. I can prove mechanical eter isnt real. Is this a "negative claim"?

I admit I just don't have willpower informations and iq points to disprove an ultimate paranoia haunting intelligent "conservatives" for at least the century. The problem is complex, involves a hella confused ideological framework of race which makes it even harder to discern.

It is the foundation of your identity you dumbfuck. you even started your exmaple with a synonym for 'African Race'; "black".
Saiyan is a metaphor for Aryan
lrn hw 2 /a/