Theres a new buzzword phrase going around, its "stochastic terrorism". Moarpheus was the first one Id credit with shilling it endlessly, but more recently leftist journalists and feds have used the term. Its a word that pretty much means lone wolf attacks, it means that when you speak to a million people about a car bomb - chances are one of them might be inspired to actually plant one. It is however entirely legal to talk about car bombs if youre not suggesting people plant one. Stephen Colbert did the other day, joked about Bill Barr having to pay someone to start his car for him over healthcare. Tried to get someone in his audience thinking about bombing the Attorney General.

Its something the feds are afraid of, Tarrant, Roof, Breivik, Bowers, these are all examples of the stochastic effect. They read things online, they see what the Jews are doing - and without talking to anyone, without giving the feds a chance to entrap them in a 1 - 1 group scenario, they go out and kill people. Feds cant stop that, but they want to.

So it doesnt take a long and hard thought process to figure out what their counter is to that. "Reverse-stochastics", pacifist propaganda, spreading narratives that discourage random violence. Not all people doing this are feds, but feds are doing this.

Feds dont make vague statements about encouraging masses of people into "taking action" or things like that, they propose a singular target, like for example, a specific named judge - and formulate an entrapment plot with a single person, or a group of people… where its a controlled environment, where they never actually put said target at risk. Before the "plot" gets to a stage where it could be launched, they arrest everyone and charge them with conspiracy. Exact same thing they do to muslims, Id add.

Thats not what this is. Thats the opposite. This is a totally uncontrolled scenario where millions of people might potentially act without running it by anyone. Feds dont want that one bit.

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And yea, I copy pasted from another platform without removing Reddit spaces.

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True. Which is why 8ch is so powerful. Feds can't tell who's a humble lurker and who's the next Tarrant or Earnest.

Don't forget to carbomb prank your local synagogue in minecraft brothers.

Feds and jews spam mossad meme 24/7.

They are fucking scared.

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Stochastic; Portmanteau.
A combination of 'Stoic' expression and philosophy. 'Stoa' a piece of pottery. 'Fantastic' to enjoy greatly. 'Spastic' to be a spaz, mong or tard.
Thus: To perform a spastic yet fantastic act with a piece of pottery without showing expression while guided by Logos.

Thus, 'Stochastic terrorism' would be for example to launch a one man assault on the house of commons to take Teresa May hostage until brexit happens armed only with a piece of peanut brittle and a steely determination without showing the slightest emotion.

Scholars have speculated that the depth and richness of specialised vocabulary reflects the degree of importance the subject has within that culture. As a result we are seeing an explosion lej of terms designating various types of violence.

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This is the definition of stochastic. It's a mathematical term.

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Absolutely true, based and redpilled post. Have a bump.

Regardless of the mathematical definition, its definition in regards to the social sphere means when 1 person speaks to many people and the things he says are likely to provoke a single person in that group to act on them where a normal person would not. Its like when Goebbels ordered that the press never say the word assassination or speak of plots like that, because it would put the ideas in the head of communist types.

But that is the mathematics definition. It's the fact that there is a non-zero probability of a person doing an action because someone mentions it. Sometimes you might get someone doing the whole ten yards, and sometimes you won't. There's no predictability to it at all and it is completely random; at most, you can only say the probability of such an occurrence happening and no more than that. This is why the system is shitting its pants over it.

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Well, technically they are doing Stochastic Tyranny. They are using statistics to oppress the freedom of spech because their multiculti dream is falling apart.

This type of tyranny is much harder to detect because it doesn't oppress as directly.

Ewwww also yeah
They haven’t even figured out how effective butter fly warfare is kek

It's not 0 probability. It is very low, but it exists. It works because one person talking this to another will make another person talk this to another and so on

My definition is better and more fun.
It also includes peanut brittle as an option.

they're not scared of these people at all. what they're terrified of is a population where they can have a CIA nigger massacre everyone just laughs.

of course, this place has fallen so much it's not longer capable of just laughing in their face, and will continue to react to newsbait, thinking they can outsmart it.

Yes, that is what non-zero probability means :^)

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Sounds like that book "Siege"…. I thought that was a LARP?

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did you know that if you stop paying attention to the literally fake news cycle, you suddenly have spare time to do things that are actually productive, and you don't end up feeling like shit all day?

This seems similar to what you’re talking about (sorry for using wiki):

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It's not new. It's been coined a while back and has existed since time immemorial before it was named as such. Letfies, muzzies, etc. engage in it all the time, so it's not wrong for us to use either.
This is broadly related to groups silently supporting other groups but able to denounce them at whim when things get too hot, e.g. antifa - media has been on their side relentlessly but when word of the fact that they attack random innocent people on the street, frail women and the elderly they could quickly go to saying "uh, we have nothing to do with them".

Pretty much, yea.

Maybe they really like steak… and coke.

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"a well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state"
i knew the second amendment was evil but i didn't know it promoted terrorism
"the tree of liberty needs to be watered from time to time"
oy vey!

Decentralization makes the system piss itself and always has, did anyone not already know that?

Stand Alone Complex

why don't they just say random, or lone wolf instead of using this 'new' big brain math term? are they just retarded?

1) Big words make people think the person speaking is more intelligent.
2) If they admit plainly that these events are the results of multiple, individual people who have independently come to the conclusion that going on a rampage is a good idea, it implies that Something Is Wrong.

so your idea is that they are using a more specific and exact term to actually be more vague and disguise what is actually happening due to normal people not associating the word with 'people independently coming to similar conclusions' i.e. lone wolfism

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This is a fed thread encouraging us to commit crimes

Feds and kikes are their own worst enemy. By and large, most anons here don't advocate for violence. Most posters just blow off steam and shitpost memes. It's usually the glowniggers who are shilling for violence, trying to smoke out the next shooter. They are the ones generating most of the stochastic noise, not us.

Posting a weird opinion online is terrorism tbh

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stochastic is just a fancy way for mathfags to say "random". more interesting than random is Ergodic, which means over cosmically long time spans that random samples converge to global ensemble averages. Ergodic means there is a greater order in the chaos of the small, and that no matter what random. choices you select, there are hidden forces which will attract you like gravity.

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How can you enforce that? That can literally mean anything. The left is a huge violator of this because of the 2017 Congressional Baseball shooting and Covington.

Why not use "haphazard" instead of "stochastic"? I guess lefty journos want to feel sophiscated.


Transparent method.

All examples of hoax attacks.

tl;dr OP and his shitty replacement term for "long wolf attack" is an attempt to impose limitations on free speech, and to spread the responsibility for actions beyond the actor.

What's this lone wolf shit? Do they think these alleged attacks happen without direction or leadership? They fuckin don't. Basically nobody here could point to someone else here and call em their leader. I don't know who my boss is. I could be some other idiot's boss for all I know. It doesn't matter. The Islamic State actually has quite a few similarities here, but notice how much quicker your average person will be to condemn IS as opposed to just "Muslims" in general. They need names and they need faces. Get rid of your name, get rid of your face, you still exist, you still got influence, you're just a bit harder to find. There's power in enigmas.

If "right wingers" keep attacking Jews and whatevers, if people decide to google right wing politics they'll get all kinds of different results and different groups come up. Whereas Islamic State pretty much just means "terrorist" to most. Too easily defined. Does this make sense/

you are sooooo dead on. You guys should just vote for Trump 2020 and this will all work out. Remember that Q is taking out the deep state! Trust the plan.


After Trump wins 2020 we can restore Liberal Democracy and focus on getting our liberties back slowly through the court system. Then we make a deal with the Federal Reserve so we only have to pay them half of the interest we are paying them now. This plan is too perfect to fail! Don't let a few lone wolves ruin it!

Jej, Igor

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We should use this buzzword to describe every anti-white article, tweet, etc posted.

They want to meme us as terrorists for shitposting, let's meme them first. They'll regret it like they regretted saying "fake news"

Necrobump that the bots ignore! AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Bump. user speaks true.


Already a term for this:

This, it was very inorganic. Just as most threads shilling for pacifism, inaction, etc.

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