French ZOGbots malfunctioning

France’s police officers are committing suicide at record highs

Will Yellow Vests seize this opportunity to escalate the protest on a higher level?
I think this is a very interesting and useful observation, since it can give us an estimation of how much pressure the ZOG guards can take before they break.
Maybe the (((French Government))) will have no choice but to deploy paramilitary forces, if so, I hope the frogs are ready and will continue to bleed them.

And for all of those who are saying the Yellow vests are not NatSoc or that the majority of them just want free shit:
This probably is the case, however, the fact is that they are bleeding the (((System))) which indirectly serves our interests, if nothing else, we'll see the strengths and weaknesses of ZOG's responses to this.

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They are on the edge.

We just need to keep pushing until they inevitably explode. We'll never stop I told you since Act I.

Excellent! Most of the people I know are sympathetic towards your cause, there's no talk about it in the (((media))) in my country, which implies the system is afraid and you have the moral support of other European peoples.
I hope the fire spreads.


Gas gas gas

Outrage after some French protesters urge police suicides

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Can one of you french anons start shooting at them? the fire rises but someone needs to be in the wreckage

The only real value a goy has is to die protecting us Jew, just as the highest calling for a dog is defending it's master. Goyim were created by G-d to be beasts in need of leadership, and we were created to be that leadership. So these suicides are badges of the highest honor, and France is lucky.

The ZOGbots fear the Yellow cucks.

Most protesters are low wagers from the countryside, most french cops are too.
That's why suicide is spiking, they're actively being told to be extremely harsh against their own people by people of the small elite they really don't like, that literally prevent them to do their jobs (catching criminals, since most those criminals have brown skin so it's racist) the other 6 days of the week.
It's only a matter of time until they stop and go on strike, they already spoke of it in December, the government quickly gave them an entire extra month of pay to placate them, but it's not gonna be enough.

The minute you start killing them it becomes you VS their corporation. And revolution has ever succeeded without the support of at least a chunk of the armed forces. Wearing them down is the right tactic.

Cops aren't bots. They're human beans.

And an heros

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They are an heroing because of the (((faggots))) with red armbands who trained with Yasam units in Isnotreal. Many frogs think all the cops are the same.

Perhaps the reality of who and what they've been fighting for all this time has finally begun to sink in.

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>(((classified meetings)))

See, that's the place were a zogbot should consider suicide…after emptying his whole clip into the room.

French government is already deploying paramilitary forces.
Thats what the gendarmes are

I've always wondered why suicidal people dont do more crazy shit, like if your a cop or military and you want to die why not shoot up the place, kill people you hate and die in a cool shootout?
Like all those faggots here that want to kill themselves but wont go out and take some kikes with them.

One less cop each day getting in the way of the revolution

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> the (((French Government)))

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All I can say is good riddance. Live your entire life destroying your volk, and at the last possible moment kill yourself as well as a cherry on top of a worthless life. If there's a worse hell than this, enjoy your stay there, faggot

I sleep.
Fucking outrageous.

Police aren't selected for their intelligence.

perhaps they got tired of shooting their own people in the head with rubberballs?

I agree with a lot of what you posted, but I have a feeling that those who will stop/quit will be a minority of them. I expect ZOG to buy out those who will still be capable and obedient, and replace the rest with more effective bots, probably some sort of paramilitary, maybe even foreign mercenaries.

The cognitive dissonance is causing their minds to fracture. What is needed is a tipping point that shows the police that their deaths woyld serve a better purpose if they "An hero" while storming Marcon's palace.

What gets really interesting is when Zogmerica tries to get burgers to invade Europe and save the day again. This time though, it will cause a revolution in America, and probably a civil/racewar…. but you already know this don't you satan?

Hm. I never know what to think of police suicides. Are they subtle arses to each other?

Police deal with the ways society goes wrong, and I think they often demand the wrong countermeasures…

>>(((classified meetings)))
This is bassackwards.
Jews shouldn't be "advising" anyone on anything.
A few 3rd rate French and British police keep the entire Middle East orderly and stable from when they broke up the Ottoman Empire until when the Kikes destabilized things with "Israel".
They were able to do that simply by displaying common normal morality. Most people, including Muslims, don't really care too much about who is their Govt, as long as it doens't go out of the way to humiliate them and daily life functions.
Jews are all like divorce lawyers. Their game is to always try and turn a small problem into a giant all consuming battle, to creatively mismanage for fun and profit.
You could randomly select any large town's police force and put them in charge doing their SOP "treat everyone equally and fairly" and all "Middle East Conflict" would end in a day.

It's a clown world
Honk Honk

Join the fight


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Cops all join thinking they are gonna fight crime.
However, they quickly learn that the real criminals know all the tricks, so it soon becomes trying to fill your day trying to pin chickenshit charges are normies. That in turn make criminals who know how to beat that game into folk heroes of the normies, and normies hate cops.

Killing themselves, not joining the revolution and sending Macron and his sugar grandma to the gallows.
No wonder those faggots were so easily conquered by their german neighbors, frenchfags have no spine, the ones who do probably have some germanic blood on them.

I sure am counting on it.

Remember last time they tried that they ended up shipping niggers over to fuck our women whilst our brave lads fought against le mustache man? Then raped a bunch of women on their way to berlin? Even the aussies wives got smashed and slammed by mutt cock

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I think the frogs are like that quiet skinny kid at school who takes a lot of shit and one day just snaps and stabs the teacher in the eye. The french revolution was super fucked up.

The psycho ZOGBOTS could quit their job at any given time, stop being a retarded faggot

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Surprisingly, most cops aren't very politically or racially conscious.
So when they get stuck in a corner and tired of everything, they just shoot themselves, because they don't know of anything else than being the government's dogs.
They have access to semi-auto weapons and don't even go on a massive kebab removal before an heroing. Pitiful.

I guess they cannot handle their black pills.

i.e. their drug and extortion income is gone and no one likes them, thus suicides. Same in leafland.

Jesus Christ, if they were going to commit suicide they might as well do it as revolutionaries and helping the common man to immortalise themselves into history.


didn't i see this thread before? can't find it in catalog

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French kids I knew in school seemed fixated on "the French People" having some proud tradition of rebelling against authority.
USA was just against some Taxes, and restrictions on Indian Land Grabs, and Slavery, but French Revolution was (supposedly) something much more special.
Paris student riots were more serious and not just a few Niggers grabbing free TVs.
And the (supposed) French Resistance during WW2.
So all these French pigs at least are more conflicted than USA 56% ZOG-bots who don't have any connection to 1776.

PS-plus in European History it always seemed like "….and in Paris the barricades went up!"

come to think of it, shouldn't police and military be on our side?
shitting on them, for unspecified reasons, isn't going to help them help us make the shift against the parasites on top and bottom of this ship

we need to develop redpill memes for police and military

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In 99% of cases, no.
The mutiny will only occur when the state collapses from within, perhaps, through a civil war.
But for now, see them as the enemy, that's all.
Most cops are dumb, uneducated, same for army goys. They care more about their money than their race.