REAL question

if the point of the invasion from savages is the lowering of the gene pool and the degradation of our values, which it is, what is actually stopping us from getting all of our wealth loaded up on ships, setting sail, and taking someone else's land to create a productive society ourselves that values independence, freedom from foreign ethnic control (jews), and strong community?

I know it'd be a tragic loss to have the sweat of our fathers be for nothing, but as I see it, it already is for naught, in a couple generations the invaders will have killed each other and squandered the tidbits of jewish credit based wealth that exists away. fuck it.

The men of America didn't take the Indian's land because they thought things would get better back home.

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If you have the will to conquer foreign lands why not reconquer our own? The point of importing these savages is to prop up the Jewish ponzi scheme that is our whole debt based economy

because they've conquered the minds of our youth, own the places of education/information dispersal, and we don't have the ability to match their firepower if we wanted to engage in actual battle.

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Step 1: find arable land that's not already claimed

Oh shit that doesn't exist. The most that exists are unclaimed loamy islands unable to maintain any amount of variety of crop. Let's not even mention the availability of aquifers for wells, violent weather normally accompanying these unclaimed equatorial oases, and everything else.

When you say someone elses' you mean to strip landowners in another country of their property, which would then have that country's military bearing down on you for trying to create a bad goy state. Enclavism is the only way this will work.

Read Mein Kampf. Borders are never set in stone and areas can be depopulated and people can be ruled over

Oh is it a larping thread?

the superior peoples conquers, claims, and it is their natural right if proven superior to own the land.

and I feel that, it would be hard to strip landowners from their property, but something in my gut tells me it's easier to strip landowners and fight a poor army, than to take those jews out of our government.

no fuk you faggot. say something that means something real not just memed bullshit.

I'm not following your logic. In my opinion conquering foreign lands is something you do when you have your own home in order. If a bunch of bad goys went off to Guatemala or something to conquer you can be sure the ZOG wouldnt allow us to do so.

You guys are fucking losers lol!!!

You can't run away from a powerful, rootless international clique that is hell-bent on your destruction. Also
Get out of this mentality. We don't own anything that we can't defend.

Because only white people are pro immigration cuckolds


Yet you feel the need to waste your time here.

Without immigration the US would not be a super power. It’s literally the only thing that sets us apart from most countries. The smart flock to this country and create.

back to fox news boomer

The east india company did it. it's not about having a home fighting country. it's about establishing yourself as a foreign entity. yeah, zog wouldn't like it, you establish as a set rule that they may not enter our realm. how are they gonna justify a war if we're down in south africa where they slaughtered the white farmers. just slaughter them back and call it retribution. who's right? you can't tell.

what's your alternative? i'd love to hear a plan to asassinate every jew with their sticky fingers up trump's asshole and puppeting every member of congress and every issue that people apparently seem to give a fuck about all of a sudden. I have yet to see one good alternative. You can't just give people a problem. You can't overtake an idea by hating the idea. You have to give people something better and spread it wide. You're not even allowed to criticize them publicly. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO THEN?

Yeah, 1/3 of Germany got depopulated and cut away, and the rest 2/3 are still effectively occupied alright. Think before you LARP.

As for migrating away, think for a moment that there is an ongoing warzone the size of Belgium in Europe right now, in the Eastern Ukraine. Yet all refugees went to Russia, EU didn't accept not a single one legit European refugee from an actual ongoing war. Yet allows niggers and mudbombers in droves from who knows where when no war is happening.

We were a super power in the 50's and 60's, before our nation was flooded with nonwhites. Since then, our country has been on a steady decline, in direct correlation with the decreasing whiteness. If you actually want to learn, please lurk more.

Yeah man the beaners pouring in from Venezuela are fucking geniuses, really adding to the workforce in a positive way

Or we could simply steal land from Africa.

Without German and Russian scientists providing technology Germany would’ve kicked our asses. Shows how much you know about missle /rocket /nuclear technology.

If you took this as LARPing you might as well call the whole board /larp/. This is what was done to North America and in most European settler colonialism throughout history.

up your meds down the caps lock lol

Learn how to reply to posts, you fucking nigger

The dutch laid legitimate claim to South Africa, an unpopulated region except for sparse African tribes. As soon as South Africa proved to be a better alternative than the rest of Africa, a low bar to be sure, look what happened and continues to happen. Rhodesia was the same. Colonizing Africa and using the proper means to secure your land will bring the world government's militaries and the UN military down on you, which you won't be able to defend from. It's a foregone conclusion.

Or, your wrong about your ideals and the progressive future will always come. Race and old culture will dissolve. Everyone will keep tucking everyone and the ones who don’t will be forgotten. Life will grow and become better for more. Your old hate will fade away with your life and be forgotten.

Thank you Codemonkey and the moderation team for allowing this thread and this phone posting boomer to continue being here unbanned.

You will constantly be running.
There in no more land to conquer on this planet.
Stand your ground and die for something worth more than your life.

That you, kikey? Shoo shoo.

Kikey was unironically better than Codenigger as BO

How mad are you about losing your MOD position Turk

Only kikey thinks that he was a better mod than what we currently have. Shoo shoo.

you're already running tho. what kind of backup do you have to give yourself a fighting chance? what kind of outlet to other like-minded individuals do you have, if you're gonna get gunned down, there's no point if you're not with your brothers.

Just hide the Id and ignore. it's easy, and makes things more streamlined. I know you wanna have a monkey shit throwing contest. but it proves nothing.

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A better solution is to accept genetic replacement and bow to the Jews, because we are your superiors in every way and deep down you all know it.

Hang yourself. Codenigger destroyed this board

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A true statement. He destroyed it by allowing imkikey to have free reign for 3 years, and he destroyed it by banning the natsoc mods who wanted to fix the place afterward. Imkikey was not good. Period.

You were a terrible mod, Jamal


Hi, imkikey. Did you know that everyone, everywhere, hates you? Literally everyone. No one has ever supported anything you did, nor any aspect of your being. You will never have any support. You will never convince anyone you were good. Even now, with the board as shitty as it is, you were worse. You made it this way. It was you. Congratulations.

Then stop leeching off of us.

You are right.


Did you know that you'll never be able to prove anyone is imkikey, and you call several different people the same name multiple times a day?

What’s funny is that you call anyone who uses redtext “Jamal” and have only incidentally found the real guy.

maybe the kike was right, you are animals incapable of thinking or saying anything outside of

"no you're wrong." ….. "no, you're wrong."

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Did you have to get a real job after Jim stopped sending you checks?

Right, that's why I have a 100% accuracy rate and can make you sperg out in whatever thread I choose. You're my little dog

Reminder that these posts are allowed here now.

He’s still paid to post here.

Reminder that this is how brain damaged imkikey actually is.

100% accuracy rate. I know exactly what to say to get you to sperg out.

Weird because even after getting ousted he's still doing his multiple ID posting thing to form the false consensus. Really is a strange bird, that one. I wonder what it pays, but I guess you can get by on a mudfarmer salary when you live in Turkland.

Look at imkikey project his own autism onto others. It’s cute.
Everyone should start using redtext for mundane sentences more often. He’ll be jumping at shadows everywhere.

Who/Where will take you/us?
New Zealand?
South Africa?
Where can ppl collect their USA SSI/Pension/Retirement on make an Income and survive?
Peru looks promising, pic related

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Congrats, faggot, you turned a thread about white replacement into a thread about your favorite boogeyman. Kill yourself.

It's not your use of redtext. You have several tics that you refuse to stop using. Probably because you have autism.

Let's see if you'll change your posting style just for me, dog

What exactly have we created lately? Big tech hasn't accomplished shit other than pushing an Orwellian nightmare. America hasn't solved any problems, and it damn sure can't solve it's own problems either.

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The thread is spam, subhuman.

Sorry, imkikey. You were already told that you jump at shadows.

Thanks for admitting it.

Well that's the problem right there. Trying to move elsewhere would result in your new country being invaded.

nigger countries are invading each other all the time and no one does shit about it. they straight up commit genocide and no one does anything.

But I can concede that you do have a well placed point, is there a way to manufacture weapons of quality fast enough after establishing boots on the ground to repel invasion from a better armed country? or a diplomatic approach that would make zog piss right on off? I'd love to reclaim the U.S. in the name of it's own peoples, but that's just not feasible, unless a campaign could be actually run to garner enough support from a direct vote FROM the people due to distrust of their government. You'd think that after MKULTRA and all the various other crazy shit, people would have something to actually change. but I don't know how the hell they keep buying this two party good goy bullshit. hell, people don't even give a fuck about the giant streaks of chemical in the sky or a tower dropping without any impacts. AND I want to convince them that their ethnic composition, morality, and cultural integrity matters?

it's like trying to punch through 15 feet of concrete.

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Just burn it down where you are. The monkeys and parasites have no power to recreate the wonders of Western civilization - you have all the time to rebuild it as their ways of life kill them.

Even if outsiders landed in America after this cataclysm, they would essentially be STALKER tier individuals to survive the destroyed nuclear power plants and rampant violence. I would welcome our new Cheeki Breeki overlords.

I think biological weapons are the only way such a country could convince zog to back off.

We've tried this many times with /namibia/, the problem arises when you try to band together in meatspace

Nazism is a religion of peace.

Alright. While we're playing around, let's play on this map.
It's a map I made for the new colonial Africa role-play. However to apply this map to your fantasy, just pick one of the geographic regions you feel is most interesting and let's pretend to conquer it and build up a White society from there.

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Personally, I think that we should conquer the Latvian Naftazeme colony region for two reasons
1. The borders are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
2. I designed this colony to have access to a lot of natural resources including some of the finest oil in the world, natural gas, loads of rainforest medicinal plants, timber, gold, and daimonds.

White flight is cowardice.

poland isn't a real country. ;)

Lithuania isn't a real country.

I've been suggesting this for a while now, actually.
The best options are in the far east. Japan, Taiwan. Both of those are nations that have the following traits.

a) declining population. The population of both Taiwan and Japan is in extreme decline and they won't mind a bunch of whites moving in to create an ethnic enclave in some of their abandoned rural territory.

b) First world infrastructure. Both nations have modern first world infrastructure comparable to any other first world nation. We gain all the benefits of that when we move in, lord knows they'll need more people to maintain it anyway considering their depopulation.

c) A lack of cuckholdery, and an ability to tolerate foreign cultures. If we keep to ourselves and maintain their infrastructure they'll leave us alone. Simultaneously, no far east nation has yet spread their cheeks for the jewish parasite. The jew cannot follow us there, not even with all the wealth in the world, because asians recognize racial realism and will not permit a foreign tribe to rule them.

d) The far east has the benefit of large unoccupied areas. Now we all make jokes about the fact that japs and chinks are packed together like sardines. And they are. But that's because they choose to be. They are a hive-minded people, it's hardly surprising they choose to live in hives. There's a lot of low-population rural land in both nations.

The biggest problem is 2A people like myself. If we create our own ethnic enclaves however, we'll need to set up our own legally recognized police task forces. It would be easy enough to do that, and then to create some system, inside their legal code, to train all our citizens to use firearms.

I think it's the best option. Asians are very tolerant of whites and white culture right now, but tolerant of no one else. They're the only option we have if Europe, and the United States fall.

You could do this, but (((international influences))) would make life very difficult. Institutions like the (((United Nations))) would be used as a bludgeon to make life hard, if not impossible, for any nation formed like that.

It's a test for humanity. Based Darwin knew exactly what future generations must do

>At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes, as Professor Schaaffhausen has remarked (18. 'Anthropological Review,' April 1867, p. 236.), will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilised state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.

Even if we cuck there's no other race that likes them especially not jews

Then we're no better than the Arabs moving to Europe.

We cannot go to another land. I'd rather die than flee, because now I know what it's like. I cannot go elsewhere. America, Australia, and Europe, and just a few other places have functioning European societies.

All other places have a people, and I cannot go there.

Asia for Asians. Africa for Africans. Middle-East for Middle-Easterners.

And Europeans invented such technology and society that we get THREE continents: North America, Europe, Australia, and a few other places that I don't have memorized.

We have enough land. Now we just need to defend it.

excellent question

Ignore them faggot.

You realize American citizenship is a fucking CURSE, right OP? Look into it and see how we're all in prison essentially.

So yeah, it's expense. Whites, game theory so what is keeping them from taking the jump is a million different variables running through their heads. Thinks like, eldery parents, their pension, childrens eduction, healthcare, a foreign language, firearm ownership.

Your staying, 'take someone elses land' is beyond naive. A multination force, lead by the UN who retake it.

Also, nothing was stolen from red niggers as they never possessed the concept of land ownership.

We need to set higher goals. We need to conquer the planet and leave no trace of the subhumans.